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As usual, hype the Longhorns and dog A&M. What a predictable garbage piece by this hack.
And amazingly, Matt Barrie mentions the Longhorns and has video at the ready. These guys get mentioned even when they are not even in the top 25. What an over-hyped and over-sensationalized program they are. There were five other Big 12 teams to talk about but nope, we have to get reminded that the Longhorns still exist.
I would suspect that the takeaway is that it isn't easy to win in the SEC, particularly in the West with the powerhouse built by the best college coach in the history of the game as well as the insane year the Coach O had with Burrow. Building a team that can sustain takes time. People love to bag on Jimbo, but he's building something that will be a consistent winner at the highest level.
A moronic response, typical of a Bama fan. Football has 11 guys on offense and 11 guys on defense. ONE player isn't going to "win it all" for you. That defense was full of future NFL players. Pull your head out.
Um yeah, I believe it was your boy Nick that did the initial whining. Then Jimbo wasn't havin it and Nick backed off. Jimbo knows where the bones are buried.