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I'm biased as well, but it seems way too high to me too. Auburn won big by hiring Muschamp, but they are losing a lot of talent this year. ESPN has them ranked #14 in their Way-Too-Early Top 25.It's crazy there is such a discrepancy.
No matter what the rankings are people are going to complain when their team isn't ranked higher. In my opinion, these are actually pretty good, though Jeff Long doesn't do a good job of explaining the committee's logic.
That's pretty funny. Pretty sure Johnson meant that as a compliment if anything.
Media also said that Georgia would destroy Florida. I think the lesson is that you can't sleep on any team in the SEC.
Todd Gurley, Sr.?I wish we got to see Gurley play as a senior.
This is great news! Welcome to UGA, Jeremy.
Good for him. He's making sure that both schools are committed to him and he is taking his time to make a good decision. The schools make a lot of money off their football program so I don't think it's too much to ask for Malone to make sure he's happy with one school or another. Unless he goes pro this scholarship, and his education, is what he is getting out of the schools.Good luck Malone - I hope you become a Dawg.
It's been great to see Vandy improve over the past few years. Franklin seems to be doing things right in Nashville and I hope they can continue their success (just don't beat GA again).
Muschamp is an amazing defensive coach. I'd love to have him paired up with Richt. Their personalities would compliment each other well.
Great article - I was cracking up during the GA/FL part.
Seems like a non issue to me - the selection committee should be made of people have significant experience with football. I don't know much about her, but it doesn't seem like Condoleeza Rice has any real football credentials.Plenty of women know a ton about football, and some of them would probably be qualified to be on the committee. Rice may be a huge fan of the game, but that doesn't qualify you to make the determinations about which teams are selected. I know I'm not qualified.
This game looked like a easy W at the beginning of the year, now it might be one of the bigger stumbling blocks going down the stretch. I think Aaron has it in him to lead the team, but I agree with you - this game could end up going against us.
Unless something comes out about extra long turf, or voodoo curses, there isn't anything here to indicate it was TN fault.Two of the injuries occurred without any contact from a TN player.
Florida has a lot of tough games ahead of them. If they win out they'll be in Atlanta, but that's a tough road with GA, SCAR and Florida State.I can't wait for FL/GA it's going to be a great game.
I'm still torn up over UGA's loss, but since I live in Jacksonville I'll definitely be attending the capitol one bowl.The Sugar Bowl is going to be hilarious, poor Louisville.