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Gurley is the best in my opinion. Saw him play Tennessee 3 times. Had he not been suspended he would won the Heisman in 2014.
Tennessee's checkerboard comes from the Bell Tower on Ayers Hall built in 1921. Definitely more concerned with 78-24 though. Go Vols!
Didn't know Bob Stoops coached at Kentucky...
Wolfman is just mad because you said that and A&M always gets more love than Mizzou.. It's definitely understanding for us Vol fans because we haven't played them yet and won't very often. With that being said, feeling for you Aggie fans. I'll root for A&M over any old rivals in the west any day!
Athens is definitely a nicer place to retire in my opinion. Bruce Pearl still has his house in Knoxville even though he's coaching at Auburn now. Richt will always have a place there I'm sure.
This whole article should make us all question SDS, seems to me they're just trying to get views on their page. Anyone who is slightly informed knows that he was told by the coaching staff to take time off to get some rest. Peyton Manning is one of the classiest people in the sport. When he had his neck injury he did everything he could to help the Colts all season from the sidelines. C'MON SDS.....
As a Tennessee guy I have to agree with you on Dobbs. You can't win big time games with a one dimensional QB. His inability to throw down the field has cost the Vols all season. As for Kahlil, he's the real deal. He has been getting double teamed because of injuries on the line. It will be a good game tomorrow in Knoxville as usual in this series.
Good thing that Lane Kiffin is on the coaching staff. They'll have to promote him to head coach if Saban leaves haha..
With all due respect for Coach Fulmer. You got to go with lil Jon, the guy is all about Tennessee! 3rd down for what?
What's up with Mizzou fans always having chip on their shoulder? Kirk Herbstreit is about as objective as you can be in the sports world. Just last week on Twitter he defended the media hype around the SEC for years. If anything he's giving the power of the conference some credit here, by including teams that weren't even relevant a year ago like Tennessee and Arkansas.
Being arrogant will only get you so far. Tennessee is on an upward trend. I agree though SC had a historically bad defense last year. It will be interesting to see what Dobbs is able to do this year.