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Yeah that's concerning. Some of these dudes have such goofy careers.
It's all mizzou is really good at anyway so protest away.
The game was passing him up both in recruiting and in scheme. The decision to move on wasn't wrong. How they went about it that was wrong. Hiring Lane train wasn't a bad decision. Hiring Derek Dooley after Lane left that was a bad decision and every decision up until they hired Danny White was bad. Time will tell if we finally have the right administrative pieces in place. It looks good so far.
Didn't read your diatribe but I am replying with, I'm sure what you said made no sense.
I like A & M, but 1 NC at a time when the forward pass was a novel idea, doesn't make a blue blood.
It's not how many Jackson St. can afford. It absolutely matters how many Tennessee, Texas, Miami, and USC can afford. Does Nebraska have the booster base for a collective to get NIL deals together? Time will tell.
A "program" is only elite because of elite talent. Take the talent away and facilities, stadium size, culture, and fanbase don't mean much.
It helps to level the playing field more than any other device that has come before it. For example: Jackson St. just signed the No.1 player in the country.
"The signs are everywhere. NIL isn’t further separating the elite from the rest of college football. It’s bringing more teams closer to competing for it all." Correct.
Harsin at Auburn never made sense to me. They would have been better off with another year of Malzahn.
I don't talk any smack to Florida fans for this very reason. Winning that 3rd game the way UT did though was awesome!
If you can take care of Georgia the rest should be a piece of cake.
He was there friday but seemed to disappear after that first game.
They just swept 3 SEC baseball teams back to back to back. They can crow all they want. In the words of slick Rick, “If you want to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.” Right now UT baseball is the man.
He wasn't going to class so would not have been eligible to play at UT.
"The Vols don’t have a championship in 2021-22 from a major sport yet..." I guess you already forgot about the SEC Tournament Championship in basketball.
Ricker all I said is it explained his behavior. you're the one who said his behavior was dumb.
Being a UGA grad at the very least explains your behavior in the comments.