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because losing to kentucky in football is unacceptable
Chaney put Nathan peterman in the NFL. Weinke made an all pro QB (Jared Goff) look stupid. Who do you think is the problem between the two?
Because JG throws late. Can you tell me what happens when a QB throws late over the middle?
UGA's offense has been pedestrian since Chaney left so...
Don’t forget he also tried to pick a fight with mike gundy.
Can't spell Citrus without... well you know.
Florida was trying to hire Chip Kelly. When he turned them down for UCLA they went with their second option Dan Mullen. Dan Mullen was Currie’s first choice, thought he had it wrapped up, and went to the Bahamas with the basketball team. Not surprised that you didn’t hear about that down in cow town.
If Fulmer were part of some good ole boy system he would still be the coach. If John Currie weren’t an incompetent boob he’d still be AD
— Former Vols coach Phillip Fulmer led a coup to get Currie fired, get himself named AD, and then hired an assistant coach (Jeremy Pruitt) and paid him $4 million a year (see: incestuous). — Currie, who was one of the top young AD’s in college sports This is a complete mischaracterization of events and Matt Hayes you are a complete dullard. Did you forget Leach was like the 4th or 5th coach he tried to hire? Did you forget he tried to hire Greg Schiano after going to the Bahamas while Florida hired Dan Mullen out form under him? Did you forget that he tried to hire Dave Doreen before going off the radar before trying to hire leach? Oh but he was "one of the top young AD’s in college sports"...
Just a little bit of ribbing. Hopefully we'll get to find out!
LOL! Auburn sucks! Have fun getting beat by Tennessee for the second time in 3 years!
Let me guess. Your a bama football fan and a kentucky basketball fan?