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Just a little bit of ribbing. Hopefully we'll get to find out!
LOL! Auburn sucks! Have fun getting beat by Tennessee for the second time in 3 years!
Let me guess. Your a bama football fan and a kentucky basketball fan?
I don't think that word means what you think it means. Yes, I'm aware of the lawsuit. Yes, you are disgusting.
Pruitt’s going to have to win something if he wants to coach the bammers.
Until Saban retires and then you’ll be happy to “bring him home”.
P5 league Championships are not under NCAA governance. They govern transfers, player eligibility, and recruiting. Maybe some other little stuff.
Yeah I'm super excited about the recruiting because you have to have the players first if you even want to have a chance to win. Whether that turns into wins has yet to be seen. Heck, Whether they actually sign these guys remains to be seen.
Please! Do it! Although, I know it's just Jimmy Sexton floating his name around to try and get him hired.
No we've already had that with Florida for a long time. I was willing to give a win up to kentucky in 2017 to get rid of Butchy boi though.