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Yeah I'm super excited about the recruiting because you have to have the players first if you even want to have a chance to win. Whether that turns into wins has yet to be seen. Heck, Whether they actually sign these guys remains to be seen.
Please! Do it! Although, I know it's just Jimmy Sexton floating his name around to try and get him hired.
No we've already had that with Florida for a long time. I was willing to give a win up to kentucky in 2017 to get rid of Butchy boi though.
I think making the tourney would have been a good season even with Uros.
Schiano has no connection to UT. The fans made sure of it.
Kentucky could be undefeated and lose this weekend.
You'd think that this week would be the week that UK fans wouldn't have ish to say yet here we are.
Reason they won’t win out is because Kentucky gonna Kentucky
WWE officials tonight. We even had the outside camera shots of an ambulance.
This article almost got me excited for the game. almost...
Ya know that OC y'all couldn't wait to get rid of? That's where it went
4 1.kiffin 2.dooley 3.jones 4.pruitt. Dawgs can't count or spell.