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WWE officials tonight. We even had the outside camera shots of an ambulance.
This article almost got me excited for the game. almost...
Ya know that OC y'all couldn't wait to get rid of? That's where it went
4 1.kiffin 2.dooley 3.jones 4.pruitt. Dawgs can't count or spell.
You guys lost to Wyoming. With the talent you guys have, there is no excuse for that. It’s not about finding a guy who can win you 10 games, it’s about finding someone competent enough not to lose to Wyoming. That shouldn’t be hard to do.
Dave, this is dumb. you're nor cut out to write about UT football you should step down and let someone with better opinions take your place.
I just went back and looked and Mizz did play Indiana in those two seasons and lost to them in 2014
That's what Mizzou did their 2nd and 3rd year in the conference
Him coaching the Raiders is just a smokescreen.
I guess you wrote this before kelly bryant was injured.