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I’ll believe this kid when he signs his papers.
Champions of Life? I've never heard this before. What does it mean?
Fat Phil huh? Never heard that before. What are you going to do in 2 years when Pruitt is still the coach, whipping the gators and cousin eddie is still bleeding recruits every spring? Where's Corch when you need him?
I get the feeling here in Knoxville is more apathetic than anything. I don't know anyone who thinks the off-season hires were anything but a great improvement. He's bringing in quality recruits and recruiting will improve if he can win a couple more games this year.
Butt still sore from all the times the Great Pumpkin kicked it I see
They very well may have medical issue's, but UT also has to lose a couple more players to get to 85 scholarships.
Ba na na na na na na na na baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
This shows how screwed up Jones' priorities are. Instead of focusing on recruiting and the bowl game, he takes time to complain about some stupid article. if it's not true then why not just laugh it off. When you get butt hurt and offended it shows just how close to home they're hitting.
John... appreciate your enthusiasm but Alabama would have been a much better choice for Trey Smith. CBJ has shown that his coach Mahoney can't develop O-line and is unwilling up to this point to hire someone who can. Before he committed I couldn't think of one good reason why if I were in his shoes I would come to UT over Bama or Ohio st. Glad he did but can't figure out why.
Dooley Noted is a troll user. 1. Trey Smith is an OFFESNSIVE tackle and will not play at DT. 2. No one and I mean no one has any aspirations of greatness in K-ville after this season. 3. It's ok to rub it in just be smart about it.
i heard Ga fans saying "I think we're gonna surprise some people". 7-5 with a loss to georgia tech...shocking.
Can't wait for Barnett to crush his confidence.