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I'm glad he's being allowed to face criticism.
If Joe Milton starts this game we're losing to Florida.
Well then I hope your team is a miserable failure and you lose all your fancy foosball games.
Here's to both teams being undefeated when we meet.
But bringing him into the QB room wasn't meant to be any slight against the other QB's. riiiiiiiiight.
Joe Milton. Now put your mind at ease. Unless he sucks, then panic like crazy!
I like Sam Pittman and think he'll be a great coach for you.
And they haven’t won 10 games since Petrino. Talk about a self own.
If you two are think I’m serious you’re really dumb.
LSU, bama and UGA could all easily beat them. They have trouble with Missou as well. Fla st. might give them a scare if they're worth a crap this year.
There's not enough bang bang in Columbia to make me that optimistic. I'm just here to troll you.
The people who get through on finebaum are the crazies from every fan base because a fan who calls in with reasonable ho hum takes don’t move the ratings needle. If you listen to local sports talk in Knoxville like I do everyday, the people here are all expecting around 6 wins. If the coaching staff can squeeze every bit of juice out of the big orange they might get 7 or 8. Again that’s if everything goes perfectly.
Yeah we think it’s 98. Greg McElroy really has his finger on the pulse of the UT fan base.
My favorite QB on the roster is mauer. I like Bailey too. I think Milton will have to really screw up to not be the starter though.