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UT at 2? Wow. So wins and losses don't count anymore I guess?
Coming from a Bama fan I really like coach Freeze, and I commend him for wanting to be a better father. Football isnt everything, and some people need to realize that *cough cough... Harbaugh*. Also I love how he didnt snark back at Harbaugh. I agree, kill him with kindness. Cant wait for the Crimson Tide to play the Rebs in Oxford this year. Should be a great game.
We know that our players excelled at beating BullDAWG butt this year. Just playing! Hope yal like Kirby! We will miss him at Bama.
Ummmm, I think technically the number 1 team can troll whoever the heck they want. Isnt that what the playoff is for? To create an undisputed number 1?
Mark Ingram was a 3 star from Michigan.
I think it's 3-2 saban up. Didn't saban beat him sec champ 2009 one in t town and one in Florida?
For real, let us know when you get to Atlanta. Best of luck to all SEC teams in the bowl games. We need a good showing this year to shut the likes of Danny Kannel up. RTR
Wait, you are saying Temple is overrated? Temple is just a mid-major doing their best with little to no talent. They have wins over Penn State (7-2) and Cincy (5-3 but nearly beat Memphis and BYU). They may lose to Memphis later on, but still 10-2 for Temple is dang good. Also they are the lowest ranked one loss team in the top 25... Behind North Carolina who also has one loss (which was to a TERRIBLE South Caroline team).