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I agree. It doesn't matter who the OC is as long as the QB play continues to be subpar.
The barners have to find a glimmer of hope somewhere
Oh man this is great those back to back wins over Bama will probably be vacated
Nice try... the hammer is about to be dropped a self imposed Bowl ban isn't going to soften the blow.
I agree with that. I think he's seen everyone telling him to run the ball and that's his way of saying "I did run the ball".
Could you actually give us some examples of Saban "using a 1 year renewable scholarship" lol. He out talents teams because he's locked up the #1 class in the country for the past 7 years.
Just as irrelevant as the barn lol. Bama gonna beat Auburn twice this year.
Aka beat everyone in the SEC West lol. Bama decided the West. Iron Bowl wasn't going to be a game anyway.
If scoring 10 points is losing a majority of the time, what does scoring 0 mean?
You should be worrying about Va Tech. Lol
I wonder how many years in a row you've made that prediction?
I feel like it's easier to write a positive article about a national title winning team opposed to writing about a 7-6 team.
Oh yeah I feel ya. Those ignorant Auburn fans bothered me with all the "fear the thumb" non sense. Probably why I love seeing bad things happen on the plains.
Great hire! He's gonna do wonders for UA lol
Man this is hilarious to me. I hope the Barn signs Gus to an extension. Roll Tide barners. Seeing the Tide competing for titles every single season must suck. Roll Tide Roll!!!! #ReadyForARepeat?
Amen.. Sims is the same guy they ragged on all year saying he wasn't a playoff caliber QB.. And honestly he wasn't Kiffins play calling led to his success.. I don't care who is under center the offense will be fine.
Lane Kiffin could get a pop warner Quarterback and put up numbers with the talent he has on offense. Amari Cooper is one of a kind but as a whole the receiving corps is far more talented.. And Henrey may rush for 1600 yards.. Alabama will have no trouble putting points on the board.
Dobbs is going to have a Dak Prescott type of year and Tennessee comes after a tough road test at A&M. UGA will be a super tough game I'm not saying it won't be I'm just really not that worried about it.. UGA always finds a way to fuck up early in the year and if the Tide stop Chubb they pretty much have the game in hand. Tennesse is going to win the east while Georgia drops two games to the state of Alabama.
A&M and Tennessee are the ones that worry me. Tennessee is going to be hungry. I think they are going to win the east this year. Dobbs is a gamer.
I love how he compares Alabama's schedule to Auburn's last year and claims that's why they drop 5 games. He just doesn't realize Alabama isn't auburn. Auburn didn't lose 5 games because their schedule was tough... They lost 5 games because their defense was atrocious. The Tide will field the best D this year that Tuscaloosa has seen since 2011.. And just keep doubting the offense I doubt very seriously Lane has any trouble putting points on the board. Tide going 8-5? This cat must of teleported back to the Shula days.