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“We’re not perfect. But I’m not going to cheat. I’m not. I’ll lose but I’m not going to cheat.” - lololololol
Mizzou fans going to get heated over this one. Tennessee will lose to Florida AGAIN this year but finish strong. Biggest question I have - If UT doesn't win the East, does the faith in Butch Jones go away?
I am going to be doing nothing but watching college football this weekend. I just have to figure out the logistics of it all.
Stay hot, Alabama! These pissing away millions ... for what?
Interesting. I'd actually say the Gators are a big sleeper, although it's hard to say a big program like UF is a sleeper. Tennessee figured to win the East. Bama or LSU in West. I would say Florida in the East but Ole Miss probably in the west
FSU fans are the WORST fans in the country. And FSUTwitter is just so hateful.
Maybe Stoerner should leave the state of Arkansas and watch some damn football games. LSU and UGA have a much better pro-style running game. Alabama is certainly better, too. "Well if Arkansas had a passing game...." They don't and they won't.
This video his hilarious. Chavis can take the drills, but he sure can't take the quality of player with him. Wonder how many yards Leonard Fournette will run for? Goodness.
I'm really starting to like McElwain, and if you watch the pressers and listen to what he says, he gets it. He's going to be successful at Florida.
Kanell? Ah, crap. I used to listen to Ryen and Van Pelt. Will be tough for me to listen to Kanell spewing anti-SEC garbage everyday.
You best believe I'll be drinking that Bud Heavy before Gator games.
Y'all, seriously, take time to read the article before you make a dumb comment.
Gheesh Will Muschamp probably lost 10 years off his life last night. Seriously. At this time, Jeff Driskel just is what he is, and UF will have to navigate his deficiencies in the passing game.
I'm so glad FOOTBALL STARTS THIS WEEk! Now, I'll be hitting up the site every week. It's been a long off-season, and my Gators are ready to surprise everyone like AU and MIZ did last season. #GOGators
I really do like Muschamp. I think he'll win as a head coach....I'm just not sure it'll be at Florida. If the offense improves, look out. With so much parity in the SEC East and really no clear frontrunner, the Gators could be 2013's Missouri, get healthy and win the division.
Georgia's code of conduct policy or whatever they have works against Mark Richt too. We went through this crap with Urban, but we were also winning championships.
Tennessee should have another 5-7 team this year. But that game at Neyland scares the hell outta me.
I really think Florida could have something special. The best thing Florida has going for it right now is that there is no dominant team in the East. So, because the overall division may be perceived down with less talent, Florida will be in the conversation.
This kid's a beast. Sorta a shame he plays in an offense that doesn't really show off his talents. He could be one player who the country knows about, but they just don't know how good is he. Then, BOOM, he goes top 15 in the NFL Draft and has an incredible career.
The only stat that really matters when talking about quarterbacks is championships. 'Nuff said.
Call me a Gator homer or whatever, but this will be Jeff Driskel's best year yet. The offense fits him perfectly, and finally some receivers should emerge. Maybe Hutson Mason is a top eight QB. Mason also has better players around him. I maybe would have ranked Driskel lower, but this seems about right.
Poodles fan who got his feelings hurt.... That header photo is of a UF QB that won 11 games in 2012 and had last year's season cut short due to injury. Oddly enough, Driskel had the same number of wins against top 10 teams in one year (2012) than Aaron Murray did in four...and that's three more than Hutson Mason has as well. Kentucky, Georgia Tech and Nebraska is a hell of a sample size for Mason, huh? Common. Just because your QB isn't ranked high the rankings are terrible. Typical Georgia.
So, obviously, Brad thinks Ole Miss beats Alabama this year? That's fine. He'll have to answer for that at that time. If this ranking is based on potential, I like Gus Malzahn at No. 1. You can also make a strong case for Steve Spurrier at No. 2. I'd have Saban at least in the top three, and I'd move Gary PInkel up ahead of Muschamp, although the Gators have as much/more talent than anyone in the SEC. Just have to have a pulse on offense.
Bert runs his mouth more than any SEC coach. Respect isn't given in this conference; it's earned. And he has yet to earn ANYTHING. Guy was 0-8 last year in conference. Lost 9 games in a row, including against a terrible Rutgers team. I get he won three Big Ten championships in a row, but damn, that league sucks. Is he a villain? It's sure looking that way, among the coaches at least.
Really flawed when you think about who BUILT Alabama's program. It wasn't Shula. It was Bryant. McElroy is essentially saying Saban built LSU's program. It's very applicable.
If this is true what McElroy said then Nick Saban owes everything to Bear Bryant. Les is continually the most underrated coach in the conference, IMO. Great recruiter, terrible clock manager, winner, has championships. What more would LSU want? McElory's notion is silly.
Oh, look! Georgia has the most players in the NFL's top 100, but they were the only 'powerhouse' to have never won a BCS Championship. Weird. #MarkRicht