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Not sure the taunting had anything to do with the final score.... That being said, CC has been taunting her opponents from the start of the Tournament, Reese had every right to turn it back on her... Quit whining, it degrades the excellent play from Clark and Reese and the LSU bench...That's who won the game!!
Good Hire, Way to Go Ole Miss! Don't let the court of public opinion overrule the Real Court.. Jan's has the Bulldogs Ready, Swept the Rebels I believe, now we have to take on a tough Pitt Team!! Go Dogs!!
A Cheap Shot is a Cheap Shot and if you don't think it was a cheap shot on the QB, your a Dumbass!! Mullen was railing the Refs for not calling a Cheap Shot!!
The Head Coach is called the Head Coach for reason...You either want to play a 10 game SEC schedule, which is brutal, no patsies so you can PAD your stats, or you don't because you think you might get hurt...Leach has to have kids that buy into the program, and the young ones will because they get to play...nothing really mysterious, you either want to play or you don't want to play
We had Cowbells when we played Wake Forest in the "Music City Bowl!!" I don't think anyone got hurt by a Cowbell then!!!