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The only way he went to Clemson in first place is play right away? Fields already committed to UGA.
Good assessment. If memory fails me (could be wrong) but the kid from Cartersville who's at Clemson now. Took Clemson because Fields was going to UGA? Fields graded out better as a dual-threat. Fields first committed to PSU as a 3 star? catch me up
whatever?! hit close to home hoss? Will try to treat you little fellars with gentle hands in the future.
You are wrong. CMR won the East in 02 and 03. UGA won the conference outright in 2017. Just to set the record straight. But, point taken.
Well get out your 'protesting' and 'take over' shoes on then , cause you got an up hill battle big boy. I won't be BTW now which one is ignorant? hmmmmmm?
All the UCF fans and Alums should maybe get mad at the president of UCF. Get in a Big Boy league. Somebody might respect you.
SECCG twice in a row. I'm a CMR guy but seriously doubt he would have done this. UGA is really way ahead of schedule. Do I have delusions of grand jour : No But, CKS can recruit as well as coach and if he keeps pecking around the top enough , he is liable to find a nut?
next move for Taggert is the bricks. he's in WAY over his head !
Snell wouldn't even get on the field in Athens. Maybe for about 5 carries a game .........maybe?
Sell is a serviceable back on a better than average team. About it? Herschel was a champion that carried his team to championships, and played on the games biggest stages. Snell will not accomplish any of that. And, not even come close to Herschels records. What is the comparison?
Would much prefer Holyfield and Swift than Snell and anybody. He couldn't even break the line-up in Athens.
@Cody where you at man, did you change your team allegiance ?
Can we officially stop the Kentucky football insanity now? And yes Missou is the 6th best team in the conference. Ya
Kentucky plays Duke. You had your 15 minutes. Better than normal year in football. But the world is not upside down yet.
to the victors go the spoils. not so much for Tenersee and the gaytors.