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“If you think players are going to sit by while billions of dollars are thrown around and not want some of it, you’re out of your mind,” another Power 5 athletic director told me.
I count 5 total, thats more than the rest of the so-called power 5?
So what else is new? If those players come back ? Just shows the Hypocrisy of UT.
UGA recruiting and the quality of players from the state , will always keep UGA near the top.
Good Article. Thanks. I think UGA will always be around the top. They dont have a coach that will get them over the hump. Perhaps nobody does? but with the brand of football in the state and just recruiting alone will keep the around the top.
So Pickens is a little high Strung. Get over it !! You got something that will shut him down? What I thought . No. Go Pickens!!
Head case? We got plenty. He's right where he should be.
How do you define any player at Florida? Coach won't be there for three years and neither will the players.
SOMEBODY will take a chance. Agree, like somebody desperate that puts winning above everything. I wonder whom that is?
A 22 million dollar buy-out? Holy Cow!!! I hope Awburn got their man.
the kid from the Atlanta area that ended up at SC. Shaw
Deshaun Watson, josh Hypel (played on the same team at ok like Huepel) to name a few.
The state of Georgia produces 5 star QB's all the time. Nothing new