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Did Updike ever have a sanity test? I know collegiate football is all Alabama has but, dang!!
the bump in GA counts for more than Gan claiming an offer.
Why does it seem like : Kentucky won't let this story go. Its like they will gain some kind of relevance by claiming that 'their coach turned down UGA' Who cares? I hope UK enjoyed their 15 minutes , because I will be a long time before they ever get more.
Are you serious?? Who is gonna have a better running game. This aint real
Tenersee might be ready to overtake the Gators for 2cnd place. This has the Gaytors nervous
TOTAL!!!! BS!!!! So the heat gets turned up a little or it gets a little uncomfortable , we should change it? This has invaded every aspect of our lives. Why not , we’re so used to it?. I got an idea ……lets make it easier for all concerned. BS!!!
Jb security or approval wins out over something that has been for 100 years? My motto: Lets change it to make it easier. Baaaaaarrrrrfffffffff!!!
Not once did I ever like a Grantham Defense. He had some pretty good (on paper) . My opinion is they seemed to be undisciplined and confused half the time. I was glad he got on the midnight train. He may have seen the writing on the wall as far as Richt? But he's a definite good ass riddance.
Almost got through a blog about the Gators without mentioning a bulldog. ALMOST! GO DAWGS!!
The whole same color jerseys thing has got to go.
In this conference we have a long history of people 'acting' on their own. Happens ALL the time.
all I know is the Gaytors are looking at the rear end of UGA in every way. Bring me beer honey!
Kentucky has a good team in Basketball. Really!?
Honestly at Georgia , CTG's D was un-disciplined and usually walking around while the ball was snapped. Kids looking confused on the play call etc. Always gave me fits. I'm glad he left on the midnight train to Louisville. CMR wasn't going to fire anybody, so Grantham took the money and ran. Where is CBP now? He's a good D coach , I guess? UF can have him. Not right for Athens.
Can't spell Citrus without UT.
Give um hell. NCAA is AFU beyond belief. Hey NCAA have a friggin standard!
Exactly! I don't think anyone is saying Mizzou didn't do anything wrong? They should be punished. But, in hindsight they shouldn't have even cooperated. They probably received a dagger unlike North Carolina , who got a lesser sentence for basically the same crimes. jus sayn
This so-called ruling is very important , to our conference and the short lived NCAA. Was that a last ditch effort for them? I predict Mizzou will win the appeal and the NCAA should graciously bow out. PERIOD! Mizzou shouldn't have even cooperated with the NCAA. They threw the book at them. The precedent was set at NC (flagship of bb) dealt them completely different. What the heck is going on? I no MIZZOU fan but it is obvious to the most casual observer they were dealt a harsh and bad hand. ALL in the conference should watch this.
Two things that will improve in 2019; Goal Line offense, pass rush.
Dude I think the article talked about the OC going to UT? And Saban hired another coach. Not that I owe a stupid a@# Bamer an explanation. But UGA's offense will be better in 19 , I know that scares a Bamer. Go Dawgs!!