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We? Are you a coach or a player? Maybe you work behind the scenes as an administrator? Or ballboy or wash uniforms person?
I agree. They had no-where else to go but up. Holy Cow!
Tenersee sux must blame Dooley. Must blame Dooley. Must blame somebody? Oh must blame Dooley.
Georgia produced 5 , 5 star athletes and UGA signed 8? That says a ton right there.
How is that a shocker?? I have been reading all week he was going to go to school at Alabama.
They used to be I guess??? I have no reason what so ever to mention them. You know what I mean everybody UGA has played 2cnd fiddle too these past 50 years or so.
which Bobo didn't recruit. How Connor Shaw wasn't recruited and the kid at Clemson. But Smarty seems to get big lineman that they seemed to get away from also.
So we'll see how good of an 'on field' coaching staff Smart has put together? He's now got the talent. Only time will tell, if he can run with the OS's , Michigans and ALA's of college football. Richt is bringing in more talent down in South Florida as well. Should be interesting , if he keeps calling the shots.
What UGA did under CMR : Is got away from going after big lineman, or controlling the line of scrimmage. Sure UGA has always recruited well (always top 10) But, it seemed CMR recruited skill 5 star athletes (other than Shaw and the Kid at Clemson) like Moreno Murray and Stafford. It is my opinion that CKS is also recruiting big name lineman and controlling the line of scrimmage. Something they sorta got away from at UGA
I don't know about you? But it would be kinda of weird just knowing a butt whooping lay in store fore for me. Just sayin?
Why is it the top 10 in football, always recruit in the top 10 nationally. It might have been different in Old Nebraska days etc. Boise State had a way of making an exception in modern football. They managed to finish in the top 10 in rankings while playing 2&3 star athletes. But at Udub . Recruiting is very important. And they do. In the SEC during modern times it is the lifeblood of any program. FSU, Clemson, ALA , Auburn all must recruit at a very high level , or they will drop off. Coaches these days have to be able to recruit or they aren't hired by top level programs. There are very few exceptions but they are few and far between. Take USC for example. They recruit very, very hard in California. They get the best players each year. It's just the way it is these days. You can dismiss it. But it's similar to denying the obvious.
Georgia will get Alabama on the football field in a meaningful game, before it's over. Smart will get Saban before he retires. Take that to the bank. period. UGA will never be the dynasty of ALA , we all know that. But CKS will beat CNS at least once.
So McElroy was right by a stroke of luck what 39% of the time? I like McElroy but, like I said all the predictions he and Bianchi (who's a UF homer) Kanell (who melts down when he hears SEC) and Fbaum(who smells like Nick Sabans bung hole) should stick to sports news.
Reading this made me smile. So Auburn and Florida's biggest concern is their Offensive lines? (happen to be UGA's biggest rivals) Then right under that the column states that UGA needs to dominate other teams Offensive lines. So my biggest 'take-away' is they will offset. Just sayin?
Danny Kannel, Mike Bianchi. Fbaum, McElroy should simply report the news, and not make any predictions. They always make themselves look like total idiots. Mike Bianchi especially. Anybody that takes their predictions seriously is stupid in the worst way. Their predictions are simply their opinion. And you know what they say about opinions. McElroy does a good job of reporting the news on his show. But THEY !! have no idea the outcome of a season or a game.
Copied right out of Bradleys AJC column on Sunday. Perhaps I got it wrong?
Of the 16 qualifiers for the four-team tournament, 12 have begun the season ranked among the top 10 in the Associated Press poll; 10 have started in the top five. In 2014, Year 1 of the CFP, all four participants were ranked in the preseason top five. Each field of four has featured at least two from the preseason top five. In the season just completed, three playoff participants began in the top seven; the exception was Georgia, which was No. 15.As much as the selection committee likes to ponder its Data Points, it winds up with chalk on its hands. Eleven of 16 CFP slots have been claimed by four schools – Alabama (four); Clemson (three); Ohio State and Oklahoma (two each). This tells us what we already knew: The playoff hasn’t so much spread the wealth as rounded up the usual suspects.No team unranked in the AP preseason poll has made the playoff. No team ranked lower than No. 19 – that was Oklahoma in 2015, when nobody knew much about the walk-on transfer Baker Mayfield – has gained entrance. Alabama can lose a regular-season game and still make it. (It has been a one-loss qualifier three times.) Central Florida can go undefeated and not crack the CFP’s top 10.That in mind, we’re limiting our capsulized entries to 10 – because not much outside the top 10 matters. That top 10 begins where we left off.
Some interesting off season facts.: 16 of the qualifiers for the 4 team tournament at the end of the year have been in the preseason top 10. 10 of the qualifiers have been in the preseason top 5. In 2014 all 4 participants in the tournament were preseason top 5. Each years CFP field of 4 has featured at least 2 teams from the preseason top 5, . In 2017 3 of the field of 4 were in the top 7 except Georgia who was 15. 11 of the top 16 slots in this years preseason poll (all polls APP, Coaches etc..) are claimed by 4 teams AA, Clemson,Ohio State, OK. No team unranked in the AP preseason poll has ever made the playoff. Plagiarized from Sunday AJC. Thought it was interesting.
fortune 500 ranks them in the top 20. but their about 35 in recruiting. that aint gonna get it in the SEC
Superman himself couldn't do crap at Tenersee. Hell everybody coaching now turned down 8 mill a year for a real good reason. Watch Pruitt who's a football guy will wish he never set foot in Knoxville. I give him 4 years. But, I doubt the so-called fans will.
Good luck to him and Dooley. They will both probably do good.
Wonder what color pants Pruitt is gonna wear? After going through 12 or 13 candidates and the guy at NCs turning down 8 mill a year? Just goes to show you all the money and the so-called great facilities don't get you crap.
How was your seat watching it? That's what Tenersee does you know ...especially meaningful!