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uh regress? Phat Phil before Tenn was forced to hire him as AD shopped everywhere , to no avail. Then Tenn hired him out of desperation cause the fans turned on the guy at the time , that wanted to hire somebody they didn't want. They could have had Pruitt for half of what he makes , but they had been through at least 3 names already. Heck Gundy turned them down. And, Tenn was gonna give him bank. So fire Pruitt and let Phat Phil coach , they already fired him once. They obviously know what its like?
How did that team lose to Wyoming? Time will tell about their consistency.
I think we find about about the so-called fans than the team. All we have heard for 5 years , is how big their stadium is etc. Now we find out the REAL fans and who they are. My guess is they will lose half their fan base if their not winning. But who is gonna fill that huge stadium, the opposing team?
Time will tell about the Tenn fan base. Can the fan base please enter the transfer portal? The recovery will be painful will anybody even be in the stands of their 105,000 seat stadium that we have heard so much about.
they're putting together a good dominating home win today. against a pretty good opponent.
the biggest need for Mizzou is winning all the non-conference games.
NOTE TO ALL VOL FANS : support your team!! don't leave after the first quarter. Who the heck wants to play in that atmosphere?
you'll be spelling it right after they kick your tail
they should kick the player off the team for the whole year. Make up the game if meaningful and move on. We can get over this
thats pretty good! I personally feel a whole lot dumber.
I think also their need to recruit nationally plays a part in UT recovery also. So firing the coach is not going to do any good. He has surrounded himself with football guys, that knows what its like in this league (and CJP) We'll see?
until he's in a real league screw him. And the road to the Natty was easier. Well not ALA but, everyone else
Dabo 's team is in the ACC. nuff said! who listens to an ACC nut anyway?
whatever dude your in the SEC kinda sorta ....I hear the sunbelt is looking for teams
Vandy should quit football or get in another league like the Sunbelt or something. When an opposing team literally takes over your stadium? You've got serious problems. Although Vandy might be the 2cnd best team in Tenn behind Memphis.
they got nothing to "step it up" with
Mullet and everybody in the east should pay for getting their butts whooped (see Tenersee) Mullet really had the team prepared....NOT! Auburn might go to a bowl but will still lose at least 3 games. LSU , UGA, ALA are the cream of the SEC. The rest you can put in paper sack, and draw, cause it don't matter.
Observations after week 1 : All of the coaches in the East save CKS should be on the Hotseat, especially Mullet. Tenn should quit football, (can't get any worse) and re-group. UF looked like crap (Mullet really got his team ready to play). Kent, Mizzou should find a highscholl team to play first game (cause the teams y'all played? aint workin for ya)
UT should give Ga State their million dollars for whooping they butt's at home and quit football! How do you torture a Tenn fan? : make them stay the full game in their stadium.
There is so many Tenersee loses , they can't be all mentioned.
11. Kentucky must at least have 50% of fans in the stadium. geeze
You mean Colonel Rebel? He was retired about 5 years ago. It's a bear now, the student write in didn't work.