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thats pretty good. UGA hired from with -in, didnt even crack the papers.
worst thing ever.......UT winning the championship. Now 20 short years later, they can't even fined a coach who is willing to take on that big job.
Ohio State's 0-9 bowl record vs. the SEC.
whatever? Must be a a slow news day. CKS has got recruiting down to a science. Just wish he would get it together on player development? UT has got a problem that even a football guy couldn't even help them out of? Don't look for UT to be any good anytime soon.
Who I want pulling for me and my NCAA eligibility ... Bruce Pearl.
they have a very good record vs SEC teams : 1 and 9
Like I always say: If you can't stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen Dan
The media/comittee is gonna put ND and OSU in the play-offs even though all of America knows it's BS. But what are they gonna do? Not have any representation up North? I love seeing ND get their ass handed to them. AGAIN!
SEC is no place to grow up. We've got the best of the best. Ole miss knew what they were doing? Now if he just can get some help on D
YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: CDM prbly screwed that kid out of the Heisman , with all his crazy BS.
Cinci was a worthy opponent. Lick you wounds back in Ohio coach lost. The story (I thought) was UGA's shut-down D in the 2cnd half.
roll on DAWGS!! If CKS continues to get 'hred guns' opt outs and seniors are gonna be no more at UGA.
He sucked at UGA as the D coach. Un-disciplined, people still walking around not knowing what to do , before the ball was snapped. Didnt like his Defense at all. Glad hes not at UGA!
Why does the media/comitee keep putting ND in the playoffs? They sux and they're not even coming close. GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!!
All I got to say their arse out of town. Back to Ohio. GO DAWGS!!
Thats what I noticed when he coached at uga. Un- disciplined players walking around while the ball was snapped. Pitiful