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Get the best possible players nationally and make the schedule more manageable. hmmmm? Who does that sound like?
excuse me I was just now praying at the alter of Fbaum. He is making fun of somebody's schedule? Give me a break !!! The almighty Bamer has the easiest schedule of any ACC team. Fbaum doesn't speak for all football fans
By not expanding the tournament the NCAA forces programs that want to compete nationally, must recruit in the top 5 in order to compete. Why on earth would we allow a tournament that at least 16 teams compete? uh ???!! the people who are paying all the bills want it? NCAA is a joke.
Good points. But we all know money talks and BS walks. It's about easier and the bottom line . As far as easier road for the coaches etc. (job security)
Expand the playoffs. Then a team will not have to finish on top in recruiting. Duhhhh! NCAA is a joke.
well CLEM aint in the SEC. But, you get where I'm going with this? Fbaum smells like CNS's bunghole.
Fbaum needs to lighten the F up. Who died and left him in charge of all narratives in the SEC.
Its true half of Ala fans couldn't even find Tuscaloosa on a map. Half of them probably couldn't even find where they are on a map. But its all good. I really mean the about Clemson. The highest paid coach is at a school that most of the country don't even know its in SC
That's pretty good!! I don't happen to agree with the column BTW especially don't think CDS is the end all.
I know all about the QB's and the coaches. I actually think all that works against Florida.
Wants to see real football , and how its played. good for him.
Got Florida losing against Miami. Not betting the farm , but hey , stranger things have definitely happened.
CUM is not at Ohio State because of this guy. He just won't go away. Prbly haunt CUM forever.
I look for Tennessee to move up to at least #15 in a few more years....maybe.
What I can't believe is Mike Bianchii is able to write his column from the insane asylum?
Coach Dan Mulligan is Bat Shift Crazy and everybody knows it. Even recruits. See all the 5 stars not sign with Florida.
BREAKING NEWS : Coach Dan Mulligan and Jones are both arrested at practice. CDM was put in a a straight jacket and lead away. He kept yelling something about UGA as they lead him away!
Coach Dan Mulligan is obsessed with UGA. He is Bat Shift Crazy. He's never been able to beat CKS and its driving him over the edge.