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I know Walker went with DT and the USFL after Junior year year. But he was also taken by the Pokes in the 1st round when he was eligible for NFL draft.
Tod Gurley, garrison Hurst, Rodney Hampton, Herschel Walker, Knowshon Moreno, all 1st rounders. Moreno was a red=shirt sophmore. Michele and Chubb came back for senior campaign because they were both projected 1st rounders. Somebody will lose a few dollars if they are not. Watch!!
I was putting out : Take Mizzou and 31. against UGA ,last week. But I'm not gonna take UT and 36.5.
No Nick Chubb or Sony Michele in the first round? Come on man one of those or even both are gonna be taken in the 1st round. What the heck are you smoking?
His punishment is directly proportional with how much he plays. Saban has proven that, many, many times.
UGA is finally back in the conversation. For fans that's all we want. Shakin in their boots? Kinda doubt it. But definitely in the discussion now. It happened sooner than I thought actually. BALANCE it seems to be all about balance at this point on Offense and 'Lights out Defense' . Only a few teams have this. Look it up. GO DAWGS !!
Swift is real good and almost agree with that. He definitely comes in and sparks play. However, it just seems to me that when UGA desperately needs good back play Sony Michele delivers almost every time. He seems to have the ability to turn a little into a lot , and sometimes nothing into a big play.
Fromm started in his 2cd game as a bulldog. This happens tone true. Eason started the 1st. I had to read that twice.
Fbaum smells like Nick Saban's Bung Hole.
BS !!! I'm not imagining what he says. Fbaum smells like Nick Saban's Bung Hole.
Predicting UGA rolls is really bold! What's the line 31?
Not a fan. Way too biased toward Ala. If he would perform his duties without bias maybe? The callers are funny.
Was this column written in secret by Fbaum? He's the only one who licks the boot of Ala. We know where the best running back resides. Its about 250 miles east of Tuscaloosa in Athens GA.
Junkyard dawgs! Erk Russell's defense. Even Donan had a pretty good 'lights out defense' with Stroud and Seymoure on the line. The Thomas Davis years were pretty good on D . Could go on and on and on but I don't want to date myself. Dooleys D's were pretty good and UGA knew how to finish a team
Will Mizzou get a win? Can't see them getting an SEC W this year.
Does any SEC fan take Fbaum seriously? He is so biased toward Ala , it gives everyone the Gag reflex.
I was going to say.....who has Auburn beat?
Killer instinct! That's 1 of the things that UGA has been missing for years. They used to have it, maybe it's back? Teams would comeback because we left yardage on the field, or we couldn't put other teams away. CKS is changing the culture in Athens , for the better. It happened in Jacksonville, a couple of years back, when UGA had them down. Florida simply ran out of time. It happened a lot ,for whatever reason they would take the foot off the pedal. Hopefully not now.
I seriously doubt UGA fans fill up Auburn Stadium. But, Home Field advantage , especially in that series doesn't exist as much. I've been told if it's even the home team gets 3 points. However, the one is building up to be a barn burner (no pun intended)
The numbers speak for themselves. And to answer your question NO. But numbers don't lie
In the last 25 years UGA has beaten Auburn 12 times. Seven (7) have been at Auburn. (un-scientific) Just can't see the Home Field advantage?
Fbaum smells like Nick Saban's Bung Hole.
I don't think most of those blue chip recruits actually end up playing for LSU. Coach O is always talking about LSU's lack of depth. Of course he says anything at this point. Go Tigers ! They can pull this one out.
I hope you see they don't have the players even FL has. I don't know about the recruiting class? but, they obviously don't match up. And I'm no coach o apologies , just call it like i see it.