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Coach Mullen hasn't done too well in the state of Florida. 2cnd year in a row he hasn't signed a 5 star from the state. Last year and this year there have been over 10, 5 stars go elsewhere from the state. Way to go Mullen. Can't spell Citrus without UF.
Can this Florida's first in state signee possibly, that means something since Mullen?
dude, looking over your shoulder? seem a little worried. just sayin
I know it upsets many to play in the Citrus Bowl. But just think how bad it would be?
Last time I checked the Gators where behind UGA. Cant spell Citrus without UF.
Last time I checked Tenersee was 82 in the country. With aspirations to be 80th in 2019! Way to go Tenersee.
FAKE NEWS!!!! Tenersee still holds the record for most coaches in the last decade.
Fake News!!!!!!! CKS was supposedly gonna give up complete control of the offense. GIVE ME A FRIGGING BREAK!!! CKS aint giving up control of anything at UGA. Tenersee would like to think their not the only people that have a coaching graveyard. But, good try.
Is this fake news? Like UGA offered Gran the OC position at UGA? And, besides I thought Tebow was practicing alternative lifestyles.
preach on brother. the whole world knows Tenersee can't hire any coaches. It's a coaching graveyard. Good try though?!
Tenersee is the only coaching graveyard , I know of? Tenersee is preaching this stuff now. Since they are on about their 10th coach in 10 years.
Read a couple of his BIO's and basically a Resume. I heard CKS talk about UK being well coached, but didn't pay much attention. This is a pretty good hire and if he meshes it could be great. He's likes physical football. So he and Coach should get along well. Go Dawgs!!
at least UGA was in the game. Unlike Tenersee that was watching from a couch somewhere
" How to survive Clemson" - an Alabama story
Benn says UGA wins for the next 5 years. Lets see: Fromm , Swift , Cook, Herrien solid O line good young receivers , last year best recruiting, this year 2cnd in recruiting. For no QB or Line or RB? Hmmmmm? You think there's more to the story? OBTW UGA was 110 inside the Red Zone. Great Hire.
that's what I say too. Great hire. Tenersee has made great bounds. They have stepped up and become mediocre.
Fromm , Swift, Herrien, Cook the O line is solid. For a real special QB like Garuantano and no RB or O line to speak of? More to the story.
That's easy Tenersee fans can't write. There's a lot more to this story.
Fromm coming back for his Junior year and Swift. Or Tenersee's crap . hmmmmmmm?