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Fbaum is not the total authority on everything. He has ONE opinion. When did he become the 'know all and end all' as far as college football?
Everybody does realize , he will get more export at Missy State
Jake will do good in the NFL. He was polarizing at UGA .(not by his own fault). Heck some have already picked his replacement? I wish him well.
Well lets be floored forever. I'm sure "the dad" had something to do with this. Frankly, kinda wondering why he came to UGA in the first place? (understand the Chaney, Pittman thing) I wish him nothing but the best. UGA will be fine.
AS long as they finish ahead of the Gaytors, all is fine in my world
That's about what playing a home game gets you. Will CML survive? will his coaches stay , if he does?
If Ala wins the Iron Bowl with the back-up , Mac Jones good deal. If UGA loses they will fall, but if they win : sorry Ala
UGA just beat the best 2cnd place team in the SEC west. TAMU will never win the west. They have a chance to upset people though, TAMU has great players it was a good win. I think they can beat LSU.
I agree, saying all season if UGA gets by Fla: TAM was the hardest match-up. UGA has already proven this year( it is my opinion) they're better off on a neutral field , GO DAWGS!!
Let's overeact together. LSU has been around the top for a while. How AL comes back will reveal a lot. It's early yet.
CDM was totally out coached Saturday. The offensive mistakes land solely on Mullet. He blew it. The offense was confused during week 10? Come on!? With Perine as your RB you couldn't run the ball? Florida was out-matched. CKS could have won Saturday with Florida players.
Cheney is really earning his raise. Whats their record? What I thought
Step away from the crackpipe! There is NO WAY Dan Mullet at Florida can be ranked that high. His team barely bet a bad Miami team , the Auburn win does not make a Resume. We'll see Halloween.
89 to 99 don't add up to 8? but, all good. Haven't gotten my question answered though? Im going with the longest winning streak for or against UGA
Just looking at the series 90-99 UT owned the series. Thats the longest winning streak, I know of that UGA has?
I hear Tennesee's has got a huge stadium with over 100,000 thousand seats!
I would certainly like to hear how Neyland Stadium is so big one more time
GA 33 Tenn 9 , Aub 39 Fl 17
Away game tickets is easier to get that one in Athens for sure. Unless they're playing a cupcake.