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Whatever Dude everything doesn't revolve around Alabama. What was the latest Clemson score again?
Soon NM will be on the "Longest Yard" team. Isn't there an Auburn of the NFL?
What goes around comes around. Make bowl game for goodness sake.
UGA is waiting on a NCAA ruling mandating this action. Meaning all the schools will comply not just Georgia. Maybe some 'sour-grapes' on Missouri's quest to even make a bowl game.
Strange decision in my opinion. Undersized (5-10 170LBS), disappeared in big games (Ole Miss) , need receivers at UGA (senior leadership), big boost on special teams (sure - hands a question?) big armed QB returning with help at RB this year (best QB to have throw to you) , was it academics or what (been suspended a couple of times). All in all strange decision.
What is an East title? There is no trophy for so-called winning the East. What is a a troll? Can't anybody who's a member of this conference comment on this page? If you took the time to read all the way back my words were Go Mizzou. Don't be so defensive or butthurt over lack of recruiting. My point was the short leash on Odom. UGA fired Richt after 15 years. They made a business decision. My secondary point was made about 'the business'. Don't be so butthurt.
So hat your lying is TT has better stats than Walker? BS . and nobody thinks Pollack was better than Herschel. guess you missed that part?
Pinked didn't compete in the highly competitive league at first like Odum. Maybe the reasoner the patience. In the SEC East and West you HAVE to go to bowl games and represent. That's why the give out SEC money at the end of every year. Alabama for instance brought in Millions and millions in 2016. Bowl revenue brings money to the league. Mizzou is part of that now. Gotta compete at a high level. We'll see though. All those "old rules" sponges etc is fine when your not in the SEC.
Okay William McFadden first off WHO in their right mind would EVER think David Pollack was better than Herschel Walker? Pollack was a great player at Georgia but he was never anywhere close to Herschel. And , Tim Tebow ahead of Walker? This article needs more work.
Pinkel overcame Mizzou's lack of recruits , by developing players. Only a very few coaches can do that. And, he's gone. Throw in some social issues (which I think sped up his decision to leave) and you've got a struggling football program. Mizzou being competitive and continue to play a good brand of football, only helps the SEC and especially the East. How long of a leash will Odom have? How long will Alums, Fans, AD tolerate nothing to a bowl? All remains to be seen. I say go Mizzou!!
WOW!! Guess we'll see how he pans out?
I'm not sure if there is a more un-exact science than college recruiting? However, I do know the programs that consistently recruit well usually win, or are somewhere near the top when it's all shaken out. There are always exceptions to this rule. Boise State. MIZZOU (in the past), UCLA (rears it's head now and again) . I'm sure there are others from year to year. But, for the most part recruit well , finish well. You HAVE to have play makers and difference makers at the college level. You just have too. Georgia has been the exception in another way. Coming from a talent rich state where High School football is King. They recruit well year in and year out, but never seem to win big games and play in a 2cnd tier bowl game , most of the time. Hopefully that will all change under Coach Smart? We'll see.
When most Tennessee games in 2016 were luck, you see an idiotic post like this one? Life is tough when you are a loser , I guess? Supposed to be Tennessee year? How frigging funny is that. Get back in the clear where you belong and let the "Big - Boys" handle it okay.
YES!!!!! Bobo is worse and if you think UGA is gonna lose 6 or 7 games in 2017 ,, yes your are either an idiot or you're not paying attention. Florida is the only team in the East right now other than UGA with talent coming back. COME ON MAN!?
Since 1902 UGA has lost 7 games 3 times. 2010, 1961 and ??? . My money says they won't lose 6 or 7 in 2017. Could be wrong I doubt it. Chaney is bad and Bobo was worse , but looking at the other teams in the East UGA has a chance, with skilled players returning. Rick34 is an idiot.
Lets see Ga hasn't lost 7 games in well ver 30 years , that I can remember? And, they certainly didn't have 2 All=Americans and Freshman of the year in the backfield returning. Don't bet the farm big guy.
Butch Jones should stay at Tennessee. He's a 2cnd tier coach who's not ready for the SEC. UT will always be mediocre as long as "The Excuse Man" is there.
And Tennessee wishes and hopes that losers and 2cnd tier coaches can coach in the SEC. The fans all seem to buy in , but player development and gamete decisions are horrible.
I have always contended that the only fool proof way to judge recruiting is to see who else recruits the player in question. Big programs with player evaluators could not all be wrong. Their jobs depend on it. Auburn, FSU, Alabama recruited this player. UGA got him and they also have a defensive minded coach. Well see? Welcome Aboard!
Uh ? I went to 3 home games and 1 in Jax. Think I saw them run the ball up the middle many times. Maybe you got 'pixie dust' in your eyes?
My bad forgot UT scored beat UGA more than1 on the Hail Mary. Pixie dust play.