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Good point. I definitely think Lock is more valuable to the Mizzou Tigers. But , its an MVP of the whole SEC not a particular team. Who is the most valuable to the whole league? Something to think about.
Good column , enjoyed it. Herschel Walker is the sole reason I got all "caught up" in Georgia football. Their run to the NC that year and the come from behind win at Florida, had me hooked. Herschel was superhuman and the rest of the team responded so well to his talent. He was so suited for the team Coach Dooley had put together. UGA was where he had to go. Vince Dooley in my opinion would have been just an above average SEC coach, but with Herschel Walker he was everything. All Georgia fans look for the "second coming" of Herschel but it is never, ever gonna happen. But, we are hooked now. And, it doesn't hurt that he seems to be a great person.
If all the teams in the SEC went on probation? Arky still wouldn't win the league.
Read opinions on this website about Georgia not having a RB go in the 1st round. WRONG!
Read opinions on this website about Georgia not having a RB go in the 1st round. WRONG!
We're all in denial!! Phat Phil was FIRED!! by UT for no longer getting the job done. So lets not run from the facts. UT has been the laughing stock of the East for 20 years. Phat Phil kicked this butt and that butt. But, he was still fired! He peddled all over the country trying to get a job. But, not one program wanted him. Those are facts. His alma mater came calling after they fired (sorta) the AD after he embarrassed them to a point that the fanbase couldn't take it anymore. Face it
Is Phat Phil an insult? Only from a sensitive Tenereseer.
This has to be the first time I have ever agreed with anything you said. But, I've credit where credit is due. Pruitt knows how to coach defense. That is a proven fact. Tennessee probably could have gotten him fo a fraction of what their paying him. Had they not offered a half dozen the job before hm. And, some of the guys like NC State coach REALLY? Keep Phat Phil and the administration out of his way, and give him 2 or 3 years and he'll have them back. I bet in a year or 2 you will not want to play in Kville. If nothing else their going to play some D.
Spring game should be: Lock don't get hurt.
I like Pruitt. Always have. Football guy. Will football only, matter at UT? Does there always need to be Drama at Rocky Top? I say give him some time (Jones was an idiot) keep Phat Phil away and the administration. And, I really do think Tennessee will start winning ballgames. They're a few years from competing for an SEC championship. But that's coming in my opinion. Given some time.
UGA basketball is a weird or rare bird. They don't seem to recruit like they should in a very talent rich environment. Could it be facilities? Or playing second fiddle to football (which will always be the case at Georgia) But, the coaching salary seems competitive. Mediocracy seems to be what their willing to put up with at UGA as far as basketball? I just don't know why? Half full buildings and killer instinct is missing. I give up !!
I have always liked Tubby Smith as a coach. This story proves he's a good person, as well. Thanks.
I believe Bruce Pearl. He always speaks the truth. Whatever he says is the 100% truth.
Maybe I didn’t make myself clear ( to all of tenersee in first post) My point was Auburn shouldn’t be suprised. Right coach?
First of all I have lied but certainly not to the NCAA!! Pearls so-called transgressions got him fired from his over million dollar a year job. Not to mention his family , coaches , recruits, fans that were let down because of his transgressions. Maybe if he would have just come clean about the "outdoor BBQ" he would still be at UT? Maybe there was something going on at that party that needed a lie to the NCAA . Not to mention risking his job over? COME ON MAN!!
Auburn is in first. At what cost? They knew Pearl was a liar when they hired him. His recruiting has come under fire from the FBI. Heck someone on his staff was arrested. They are the laughing stock around the SEC. And, will be tormented especially when they lose on the road. But, Auburn brain trust had to know what they were getting? Pearl may know a thing or two about coaching , but his methods of obtaining players are suspect to say the least. And he's a known liar. He already got the boot at a rival school and has fell under NCAA scrutiny before. What was Auburn thinking?
We? Are you a coach or a player? Maybe you work behind the scenes as an administrator? Or ballboy or wash uniforms person?
I agree. They had no-where else to go but up. Holy Cow!
Tenersee sux must blame Dooley. Must blame Dooley. Must blame somebody? Oh must blame Dooley.