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I want the best for UT also. It only makes for a stronger conference and our case east. But dang was that a 'shift show' from the beginning? I mean really? Who-s in charge up there? Hire a football guy not some dumb a$$ like Jones, sit back get out of the way and let him coach. To many fingers in the pie up there. And like I said and I think was written on SDS ..Fulmer did what he was supposed to do now he should buy a hotdog and get out of the way. Hire a youngish AD to run all the other programs and go. UT will be fine. And OBTW the series with UGA is about tied.
For not getting the job done "no less'. Then he went on a country tour trying to get hired with no luck. She went back to Tennessee and hung around until , low and behold , he was needed. And, if you believe what you read he undermined the AD that was there Curry. The GUY at OSU turned down a reported 8 million a year. Rocky Top makes everybody else look real good. The hatter , coach O stuff is nothing.
Pruitt is a football guy. They probably could have had him for half of what their paying him. But, since they went through about 10 or 12 before hime who knows anymore? Fulmer will screw it up somehow though.
I gotta a Franlin that says Tenersee doesn't't win in sec next year.
I don't agree. What if Ala wins the NC? They couldn't be about the same could they? Didn't CKS win the SEC coach of the year? How was this omitted. That is quit the accomplishment with all the competition. At least in Alabama.
Every year there is a Cinderella story or team to rise up and be real good. But, they soon fall back down without a sustained recruiting process in place. That's just a fact. The top 20 football teams are the top 20 recruiting winners year-in-and-year-out. Just a fact. Player development is about 20% of the player process. Recruiting is about 70% with 10% going to coaching and or preparation week to week and on the field. Successful programs and coaches recruit , that is also just a modern fact.
I think anybody with half a functioning brain realizes UT is going to have to recruit nationally to remain relevant in the east. Despite the crazed rants of fans. Pruitt may do that he may not? Remains to be seen. UT has great facilities and plenty of money. Pruitt is more low key when working with the media. At least that's what I saw in Athens. Now that Phat Phil should fade away after the hire. I really don't think UT wants him meddling with their football program. And he will. He's tried to get back into coaching for years. He came in hired a coach. Now UT needs to hire an AD to run the other programs and keep his hands off football except to promote , buy Phat Phil a hotdog , coke and be done.
I think he's at OS. Are in hiding? Even though there is no evidence he did anything wrong.
So let me get this straight. Ole Miss is reeling from going on probation for things done on Hugh Freeze's watch. And they may even lose some of their players? Matt Luke has a frigging mess. While Freeze takes another job making a million a year as OC at UT. Wow!! There has to be something wrong with that. So when UT plays Miss and wins (this is hypothetical of course) because Miss is overmatched because they have no depth at all, because of what happened under the OC's stint as HC. That has to be some crazy stuff right there.!
Lets wait and see if the fans revolt. Pruitt has sinned in his life you know.
I'll give you that.The defense did improve. But it's more than obvious the OC was very talented. He's now a millionaire who's running his own show. And if he's successful there he will be into crazy money.
Good article. I disagree completely however. I think it's probably a mixture of Offensive coaches and Defensive coaches. The last people hired while Offensive coaches , the Defensive coaches are fairing very well. (Saban,Smart, Muschamp) Just to name a couple off the top of my head. People forget while Mullen did good at Hail St he wasn't overly successful. (Iknow all about winning at Missy St) Fisher had his ups and downs at FSU and 1 player went down and that ruined their whole season? (head way more problems on offense than 1 player) So in conclusion i personally don't think Offensive minded coaches necessarily do better. As a matter of fact lose one cog and they go down ala Kerryon Johnson etc etc. My 2 cents.
Huepels salary at UCF $2.35 million a year. For coaching football. Barry Odoms salary $2.35 million a year. Nuff said!! his grand children will be rich even.
I've been to both actually. UGA is not a dump. Say what you want. And by the way enjoy losing all the frigging time!!
iT doesn't piss me off at all. I take my Dad's mentality : Don't let a 19 year old dictate what kind of mood you're in.
I wasn't so much talking about Mizzou's OC as I was Freeze being mentioned as OC. Heupel is a great hire for UCF.
So correct me if I'm wrong here. But a DC is going to leave the same position at a national power to go to a perennial loser. I just can't see it. Clemson SC isn't exactly a destination city but anywhere in Arkansas sure isn't. And from Clemson you can get to Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte , Savannah etc somewhat easy. Is it totally money or is it reunification with a friend? I really want to know.
WOW! Welcome to the SEC. Coaches and recruits come and go with regularity. Freeze (if you believe what you read?) is a good football coach. Mizzou could do a lot worse as far as offensive football is concerned.