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Georgia may have the most insecure fan-base in the SEC
I can speak for Big Blue Nation in saying that our support has never wavered for Coach Cal. He revived the program and is our best coach ever behind Rupp. LSUMC is just upset that LSU's season will be vacated here shortly
Auburn got hosed with seeding. You can tell the committee had its mind made up before the final
Jay and Jalen and everybody else over at ESPN just blow hot air
Don't worry, I forget Kentucky has a football team sometimes too It's all a popularity contest
Great to see Snell get the recognition he deserves.. He was a no-show on the preseason teams and he did a great job of shutting those critics up. Snell Yeah
Awfully lazy viewpoint about Kentucky here.. do some research instead of nodding off to basketball season
Apparently there's "no way" Kentucky beats Louisville at home.. Need I remind you U of L was favored by 23 points last year and we beat them on the road. It'll happen again
When will the "experts" realize Kentucky will 100% be going to the Liberty bowl.. Belk and Music City are the same day as UK/UL in basketball. Taxslayer won't have us back this year either, and I dont see a January bowl in our future.. there's really only one option
Why would the SEC network put Vandy/UT at 4 instead of UK/U of L?? There's a lot more to play for in our game, not to mention two teams with winning records will be playing.
I was nervous with Boom declaring early last year but Benny has been noticeably better than he was last year.. going to be tough to break his records when he's done here
This kid should stop wasting our time, it's Mac Jones all over again. He'll go to a blue blood program and ride the bench until an untimely DUI arrest, then wonder what it would've been like to be "the man" at an up-and-coming program like UK. It's okay though, he needed us more than we really needed him. On to the next one
Sounds like a case of OSU not really doing its homework and jumping on to what Kentucky's got. There are a lot of good uncommitted QBs out there, this just shows how insecure they are about Kentucky and Bama
That's a shot to the guy for Saturday... IF Butch actually walks the walk
Our fans are crazy if they really expected a win this week honestly. Dissapointed they couldn't even hang, but nobody had that marked down as a win. We better beat Tennessee if we want to make something out of this season.
Knocking on wood because I would love to have my team be the reason for Butch's dismissal this Saturday night
Once again SDS proves they know zero about Kentucky football. It has not been 40 years since we've had a winning season. UK posted a winning record every year from 2006-2009, but nice try.
Not only did USC lose to UK, they also have one more loss on the season and are still ranked ahead of us. I understand their schedule being more difficult, but the playoff committee would put a one-loss team in over a two-loss team every year, so I don't understand USC at 6 or UF at 7. Let's not forget how bad Florida has looked
John, had you even heard of Josh Allen before this comment thread? Maybe if you did your research based on legitimate stats and not mock drafts you would gain more respect. Leaving Josh Allen out just proves you don't cover 14 teams.. you cover a few. Leading the SEC in sacks even after coming off a bye week is pretty fricken hard to do.
Michigan always seems to lose to little brother. Honestly the most predictable upset every year
Not sure if there's a way to justify putting USC over Kentucky off of that game. I understand UK's wins aren't the prettiest, but beating Arkansas at home when they're slumping in front of such a great crowd isn't that earth-shattering. Still scratching my head with Florida so high.
The opinion of the UK-MU game is clearly that of someone that looked at the final box score.. Both teams played very well. It was a great game if you actually watched it. Hats off to Mizzou
ESPN is so humiliated for the showing at U of L that they've convinced themselves "this is what the fans want." No, it's not. It removes the meaning and spirit of the show. I only watch SEC Nation anyway.
Preparing myself for an Alabama win but man it would be something if Vanderbilt won. While I want Bama in the CFP I would love to see Vandy pull it out Saturday. I didn't think anybody could replace James Franklin but Derek Mason is doing a heck of a job. Anchor down!
You mean to tell me there's a reason they PLAY the game? SDS had me drinking the kool-aid and I just assumed all week that USC had already beaten UK! Really happy with what happened though. The Cats look like a real football team. Prayers for Deebo
This website's love affair for USC and overwhelming loathing for UK football never fails to amaze me.. why even play the game this Saturday? Kentucky 27 USC 24
Why don't we just GIVE South Carolina the championship? How about they mold another Heisman and then just GIVE it to Bentley and Deebo, because it sounds like they've already earned these accolades. Lord knows a team that has beaten USC thrice in a row has NO CHANCE against a team that had a WORSE RECORD than they did before! Their name is Kentucky, so they're going to lose anyway. Right?
Tennessee died when they no longer had Fulmer and they will continue to be a joke with hires like good ol' Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, and the champion of life himself, Butch Jones. With Notre Dame, I'm sure that NBC really regrets ONLY covering the Irish. I'm glad Matt Jones has the courage to give people a dose of reality. UT will hit rock bottom (again) when they lose to the Cats at Kroger Field this Fall.
Greenberg is the epitome of an egomaniac. It's awful seeing Golic get screwed like this. We get closer to ESPN's impending implosion by the hour.