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A computer science major from the University of Florida, Kevin enjoys watching SEC football and reading about technology trends that impact media and business.

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Thinking outside the box here... did Jalen's "draft stock" improve over the course of the 2018 season? Some would probably say it did. What if he had a similar season in 2019? Sometimes not being available to get picked apart can help out your draft stock. I'd still be surprised if he didn't transfer, but his scenario with Alabama is a bit unique.
I think we're years away from the 8-team playoff. The BCS held up for its entire length of contract despite even more heat than the 4-team playoff. Dan Wetzel's not writing "Death to the 4-team playoff"... ignore the noise. The 4-team playoff is here until 2026 in my opinion.
SDS produces dozens of pieces a day (sometimes more). Occasionally we throw in a "light hearted" piece. If you can't have fun w/ college football, I don't know what to tell you.
It's just analysis. LSU has arguably the best resume in the country after 3 games. The writer's not doing his job if he just leaves it at that. There are some concerning offensive numbers under the hood if you actually analyze it. Does that mean LSU is screwed? No, but it's worth mentioning. I love seeing LSU win. It's good for the league to have them be in the mix. I'm skeptical that they can get through this schedule though with the current offensive #s. I think Burrow can improve though.
My rebuttal to this is that IN THE MOMENT they all mattered. And in sports, that's everything. Yes, how seasons unfold, some games will have had their impact marginalized in how the playoff field develops. This is true in all sports. But, college football is the only sport that in the moment, the loss is devastating. The assumption with that loss is that you're done. If we move to 8 team playoff, then that is gone for a number of games. There will be losses in the moment where the fans say "Eh, we'll still be good for the playoff." To me, that changes everything.
It's not sexy, but it's a good hire. Florida fans should be happy with it. Major upgrade over McElwain.
If Florida lands Kelly, Tennessee should get Scott Frost. That'd be a fun annual matchup in the SEC East.
Cool. So instead of NFL, let's make college football just like college basketball which is unwatchable except for 3 weeks in March.
IMO, it'd be better for UGA if McElwain stayed. UF pulling the trigger quickly on Mac is a good thing for UF longterm. Regardless, UGA is rolling right now, so what UF is doing isn't really relevant for the time being.
It's rumored that more ESPN layoffs are coming... This is going to make Tennessee people go crazy.
There is an issue with that system. We've deactivated it until it is fixed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
You've got a guy who handled silly questions about a nude guy on top of a shark about as bad as it gets, and the UAA basically throws him under the bus and says don't look at us, ask him about these so called death threats. Beginning of the end in Gainesville?