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A graduate of the University of Florida and founder of Saturday Down South, Kevin is a college football enthusiast.

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Just be thankful you aren't a Miss State or Texas A&M fan. The special edition Adidas shoes that came out for those fanbases were $190!!! ha
Well thanks for the nice comments. For the record, I don't necessarily want this outcome either. I kinda like how CFB is today. But I also kinda preferred the BCS, so I'm usually in the minority.
The SEC isn't going to kick out teams. Teams like Vandy are grandfathered in and will continue to benefit.
While I understand the temptation to always liken where college football is going to various pro leagues, I don't really think that's a proper comparison. XFL and any other non-NFL pro league can't compare to brands like Alabama Crimson Tide and the history of 100 year old stadiums like Vaught Hemingway stadium, regardless of what the conference structures look like. Just my opinion...
An incredible talent, and she seems to be getting more dominant as Alabama progresses toward a national championship opportunity. Pretty awesome.
I watched the game with my daughter who plays softball. Fouts was lights out. So impressive.
Most popular guy in football is always the backup quarterback.
Another option. Find your group that you "quarantine" with and watch football with each week. Have a Saturday football group that you do Saturdays with. Keeping the same group might be a way still get the camaraderie and fun of football season while minimizing risk. As someone with a high risk mom that is around our family quite a bit, we've tried to be social but within a similar circle of friends & families.
The Kiffin vs. Leach comparison is going to be with us for a while. It's great that both Mississippi teams are interesting and will be fun to watch with coaches that have personality. I'm excited for it.
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It actually makes a ton of sense, because now you are much more in control of a lot more things. This gives the conferences flexibility. They are no longer having to coordinate potential delays in timing with teams across the country, etc. Need to delay a couple weeks? Much easier now. I view this as a move that INCREASES the chances we have football played in the fall.
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haha. this is a safe space. no shame in the nerdy content. we all can nerd out from time to time.
I also thought Chernobyl was excellent, and being only a miniseries, it's an easy commitment.
We follow AP style guidelines which calls for "A historic" but thanks for being the grammar police. :)
He seriously always played lights out against Florida. He was so good against us.
The game was moved due to 9/11. Gators lost b/c they couldn't stop Tennessee's run game that day.