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A computer science major from the University of Florida, Kevin enjoys watching SEC football and reading about technology trends that impact media and business.
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I believe the least respect a back-to-back division winner has ever received still goes to Missouri after winning the east in both 14 and 15.
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What a waste of a life. Very sad. Many lives destroyed as a result in recent years. Just sad.
Love Chad Kelly on the field. Guy plays tough as nails and competes til the end. Would be super fun to watch in the NFL if he can make it. Big if, it seems like.
Interesting. That guy could be a monster in 2017. Hope he's healthy mentally and physically.
Sumlin has his flaws, but I'm of the position that Texas A&M would be nuts to move on from him. Two main reasons: 1) the confidence that his replacement would exceed what he's done is low for me considering just how difficult the SEC West is, and 2) Sumlin has presided over a ton of success around the program outside the win-loss record: fundraising, facilities, recruiting, etc. Sumlin's worth the money. He might not win a natty, but the Aggies will always be relevant with him.
Well done, Mac. Much needed momentum for the Gators.
Understood. Though, that can be applied to pretty much any major fan base.
Crazy finish. Probably good for Hurts' development. Can't have things too easy for the young quarterback. Clemson's receivers are incredible.
Except that Lane Kiffin single handedly trolls more people on twitter than any coach in college football. Plus his history of verbal jabs, etc. The timing of the tweet is why it's kind of funny, and there are few coincidences when it comes to Lane Kiffin.
Saban changed his mind based on the Washington game and I guess on how the team has been preparing.
Completely agree. If the media didn't exist, Tennessee would still have underperformed in 2016. It was year 4 of Butch Jones, Florida and Georgia were still rebuilding. It was inexcusable for Tennessee not to win the SEC East regardless of what was said about the team in the preseason.
Clemson looks... dangerous. I'm leaning Clemson in the rematch.
If you can't call the 2016 season as disappointing for the Vols, then you're either not watching or you're naive. I'm not saying they were a playoff team, but they should have won the east no doubt. It only gets harder to do so next year.
Love Kelly's competitiveness and toughness. It was late in the year with most season goals already in shambles and he was out there diving for extra yards and taking big hits. Sure he's made mistakes off the field, but on the field, he's unbelievably fun to watch. I hope he can put it together and get on the field at the next level.
"It’s no coincidence that Browning’s worst game as a passer coincided with an uncharacteristically dismal rushing effort against USC, which held Gaskin and Coleman to 57 yards on 3.4 per carry in the Huskies’ only loss."I think that's the key. Alabama will completely bottle up the Washington run game, and grind out an easy victory. I'm not sure the 4th quarter will be very competitive.
It's an interesting scenario. I think like the author states, the mid-tier programs like Kentucky and other schools that rely on 3-star talent in Florida might get hurt more than the big boys like Florida and FSU. That said, can Strong pull an elite defensive player out of Tampa? Can Kiffin pull an elite WR out of south Florida? Possibly.
Agree. Florida-LSU every year is just awesome. Even though it makes things difficult for both programs in terms of having another tough game. Florida gets LSU and FSU every single year + the usual east slate. Not easy.
College basketball is unwatchable other than three weeks in march.