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A computer science major from the University of Florida, Kevin enjoys watching SEC football and reading about technology trends that impact media and business.

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The Kiffin vs. Leach comparison is going to be with us for a while. It's great that both Mississippi teams are interesting and will be fun to watch with coaches that have personality. I'm excited for it.
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It actually makes a ton of sense, because now you are much more in control of a lot more things. This gives the conferences flexibility. They are no longer having to coordinate potential delays in timing with teams across the country, etc. Need to delay a couple weeks? Much easier now. I view this as a move that INCREASES the chances we have football played in the fall.
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haha. this is a safe space. no shame in the nerdy content. we all can nerd out from time to time.
I also thought Chernobyl was excellent, and being only a miniseries, it's an easy commitment.
We follow AP style guidelines which calls for "A historic" but thanks for being the grammar police. :)
He seriously always played lights out against Florida. He was so good against us.
The game was moved due to 9/11. Gators lost b/c they couldn't stop Tennessee's run game that day.
What a wild game. UK/UF has become an annual must-watch game. Exciting, controversial, maddening, fun.. wild finishes, etc. Kentucky was the better team for most of the game. Florida D did enough late and of course TRASK! Also, Mullen had a bad game. Going for 2 twice, the time out situation late... seems like some iffy decisions.
Are there any Tennessee fans that think Fulmer being in charge is a bad thing? I'm generally not a fan of this kind of scenario where an old coach comes back to take over as AD.
Florida's fine. By fine, I mean 9 or 10 wins and not winning the east. They'll have a couple nice wins this year and probably a couple very frustrating, ugly losses like Missouri last year. It's not a championship team, not sure where that even originated. But they've got some good players.
I thought Franks was an embarrassment and not because of his average QB play.
Florida losing to Miami doesn’t impact SEC East race.
Thinking outside the box here... did Jalen's "draft stock" improve over the course of the 2018 season? Some would probably say it did. What if he had a similar season in 2019? Sometimes not being available to get picked apart can help out your draft stock. I'd still be surprised if he didn't transfer, but his scenario with Alabama is a bit unique.
I think we're years away from the 8-team playoff. The BCS held up for its entire length of contract despite even more heat than the 4-team playoff. Dan Wetzel's not writing "Death to the 4-team playoff"... ignore the noise. The 4-team playoff is here until 2026 in my opinion.