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A computer science major from the University of Florida, Kevin enjoys watching SEC football and reading about technology trends that impact media and business.
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Florida is super average. Can't beat the worst LSU team in a decade at home. Yikes.
If Bama has one loss and wins the SEC, they still get in.
SDSU, Utah and Oregon all got in, but Vandy didn't. Bummer.
Tennessee INT on the goal line & 3 missed FGs. Wow.
Big win. Finally a SEC East team gets a marquee W.
I'm skeptical this is going to work that well. Feel like 50% of the crowd will do white.
Certainly an individual choice on how to view it. I'm not advocating for an absence of consequences. Just thought that throwing out the idea that not piling on with regards to the "Freeze is a hypocrite" narrative is worth considering for a variety of reasons. That said, I don't blame colleagues or fans for being critical. Freeze obviously brought everything upon himself. Thanks for the comments.
AndyVFL, we had a team of 8 onsite at SEC Media Days for four straight days (plus a few others covering the event from offsite), and we pumped out literally 100+ articles and 15-25 podcasts and videos spanning all 14 teams from the event. I'm sorry this 'article' from one person that's intended to be fun offended you. I see you went to the Jim McElwain school of sensitivity.
For those who haven't been to Media Days, really the only fans who show up are Alabama fans (the event is in Birmingham, in the middle of the week).
Not really a comparison. Previous incarnation was an experiment. Check it out. If you don't like it, you don't have to listen. :) We have some good stuff planned, however.
Good read which gives clear evidence why "cupcake" games are critical to these smaller programs. The media wants the P5 conferences to cut off FCS schools, but fail to recognize that these games essentially keep them afloat. Let the teams schedule who they want. If their schedule isn't strong enough overall, the polls will punish them. Why must we try to legislate everything from a top-down approach?
I believe the least respect a back-to-back division winner has ever received still goes to Missouri after winning the east in both 14 and 15.
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What a waste of a life. Very sad. Many lives destroyed as a result in recent years. Just sad.
Love Chad Kelly on the field. Guy plays tough as nails and competes til the end. Would be super fun to watch in the NFL if he can make it. Big if, it seems like.
Interesting. That guy could be a monster in 2017. Hope he's healthy mentally and physically.
Sumlin has his flaws, but I'm of the position that Texas A&M would be nuts to move on from him. Two main reasons: 1) the confidence that his replacement would exceed what he's done is low for me considering just how difficult the SEC West is, and 2) Sumlin has presided over a ton of success around the program outside the win-loss record: fundraising, facilities, recruiting, etc. Sumlin's worth the money. He might not win a natty, but the Aggies will always be relevant with him.
Well done, Mac. Much needed momentum for the Gators.