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Newton was a very good player on a bad team. Don't discredit him as a player just cause it's Howard. Little different style than Cam, but still I think could be a starter in the SEC.
It might stand, but I wouldn't say it's a guarantee by any means. Fields threw for 41 last year. Definitely possible someone like him could (keep in mind he sat out a lot of 2nd half's) if they play for 3 seasons or someone who does stay 4 years in a pass happy offense. Hell, I could see some Miss State QB doing it if they start 4 years for Leach.
Kind of surprised he would choose Alabama with Hurts firmly entrenched as the starter and one I foresee being a 4 year starter. While it's possible he waits around, I see a possible transfer in his future.
I guess Bennett's Seahawks must be below average then, considering they lost to the Rams for the second time this year. These guys talk way too much, even after they lose. I hope they get punched out round one.
While not as good as it has been in recent years, I don't think that the quarterbacks are completely hapless. They do some good things and show some nice flashes. I'm not sure that coming in with more quarterbacks would have necessarily been a better move. So far, Georgia has just been shuffling to try to find the best option. As far as Dobbs and Watson go (and Nick Marshall when he went to Auburn), those guys are also excelling in spread offenses, which are suited to their styles. Unfortunately, Georgia doesn't currently run that, with their focus being on the ground game (and rightfully so given their constant stable on running backs). So while it is tough to see those guys succeed elsewhere, Georgia would need to change its identity to attract those types of QB's.
Josh Robinson definitely seemed like the biggest loser today, especially after his decision to not return to school. Mike Davis may have hurt his stock a little bit too.
Diggs is off to the NFL. I think his status needs to be determined. I'd consider him as living up to the hype. Same with Benn and Rueben Randle. Think you could also put Treadwell there based on what he's done up to now.
"Most other quarterbacks were head and shoulders above Brian Griese" -Myself and most analysts