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Mullen is a prototypical college coach, like Saban and Spurrier and many others. There is more to being a "coach" than coaching. Very few can make the jump. The rare exception is Pete Carroll who ran USC like a pro team, but he came from the pro ranks. He was a long time assistant. If you look at most successful coaches, past and present, they came from the assistants ranks, not college head coaching. I don't see him as a pro coach. Sometimes ego, and money, though make good college coaches make bad decisions.
No, they went pass heavy because Pippi Longstockings could have thrown for 300 yards against them.
Every team has looked suspect at some point in the season, except perhaps Alabama. But even they gave up 48 points to Ole Miss. ND won 12-7 against Louisville at home. Florida under Mullen has had a tendency to play up or down to their competition. It doesn't matter what they look like from week to week. Because they had a great game against Georgia, doesn't mean they will have a great game against Vandy, and because they were just okay against Vandy doesn't mean they can't compete with Alabama.
That would be akin to becoming Darth Vader and killing your fellow Jedi and younglings.
Georgia has too many athletes. Florida needs to put together a few top recruiting classes. But you never know. No one would have thought SC could win between the hedges. I think Mullen can compete with Smart on a coaching level, so it's possible to make it to Atlanta. SC and Missouri will not be as easy as some Gator fans want to think, especially if Greenard and/or Zuniga are out.
I liked a few of the times when they brought in Emory Jones, but at other times it was baffling.
If Greenard and Zuniga are healthy, then maybe.
Florida has nothing to be ashamed of. They played well. Losing Greenard was key. LSU is an excellent team. Baton Rouge at night is a very hard place to win. The game was closer than the final score. I think they are a year away from being a playoff team.
Lots of trolls on these boards. Two good teams. Two great defenses. Future looks bright for both programs. Felt a bit like an old fashioned SEC game. Best of luck to Auburn the rest of the season. And Go Gators!
UCF is 3-3 over their last six games. They are 1-2 against Power 5 teams. They lost to a pedestrian Pitt team that almost lost to FCS Delaware. They lost to Cincy that got beat 42-0 by Ohio State. They went undefeated in a year they played absolutely no one except Auburn in a bowl in a game that they didn't show up to after missing out on playoffs. If you watched one of their games during their "National Championship" season, it was like watching Super Tecmo Bowl in the 1990s - absolutely no defense. Anyone could score from anywhere on the field at any time. It was an absolute joke. Why are people still talking about them?
College football and the SEC are better when the Vols are competitive. Sad to see a Vols team play with such little emotion. I hope they can turn it around. I want to beat a goos Vols team.
Their 2 losses were to Ohio State and UCF, two top 15 teams.
They did mention Florida in the last line. SDS logic.
If you dig up enough dirt on every program you will find something.
Mullen sure seems to love being a Florida Gator and what he is doing. It's contagious.
Florida-Auburn was a much bigger annual rivalry than Florida-LSU. That's worked out alright. Times change and the game changes. They need to do what is best for the schools and the conference.
It was obviously a joke. But I can tell you from experience, I have a degree from UF and have worked around the country, outside of Florida and the southeast, degrees from Florida aren't considered as good as from well known northern schools. For example if you ask someone in New York, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, California, etc what school is better between UF & OSU or UF and Penn State, most of the time they will tell you OSU or Penn State even though they are ranked lower than Florida. Again, that was my experience both professionally and in conversation.
Jokes on him. He could have had a degree from Ohio State University and now he'll have one from Miami.
You are just sore because their best defensive back over the last decade was Donna Shalala.
I hate to say Lane Kiffin is right, but... Look at Dabo's record after this first 3 seasons as head coach at Clemson and ask yourself how many SEC fan bases/boosters would have run him out of town.
What a load of crap. OSU wouldn't score 42 points on the Gator D. And why is Hue Jackson coaching the Gators? LOL
Someone should nominate this article for a Pulitzer.
SDS should just write a story that says "Every successful college coach is being considered for an NFL head coaching job" and be down with it.
LSU did just about everything they could to give away the game. Missing 8 starters on D, ejections, sloppy football, terrible penalties...and still they dominated every facet of the game. LSU could have scored a lot more points, but since UCF couldn't stop LSU, they were happy to run clock and shorten the game. UCF may not be in the top half of the league if they played in the SEC. At minimum, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU, A&M, and Kentucky are all better than them.
He oversaw the worst defense in the history of Texas, if I remember correctly.