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Vandy is an original member. They aren't getting kicked out. The only way they leave is by their choice. They are weak in football, but have a good basketball program and an excellent baseball program. All-around, they are third in the SEC behind Florida and Georgia in the NCSA Power Rankings.
Each SEC school this year will get about $55 million and each ACC school about $30 million. The SEC payout is projected to increase the next few years. It's all about $$$.
At this pace, soon there is going to be one conference with 124 teams.
I think the analysis of Anthony Richardson is fair. He has all the talent in the world, but he has to show it. Gone are the extraneous obstacles. He's the unquestioned starter. He will be given every opportunity to succeed. The theatrics of Mullen are gone. If he is more consistent and avoids injury he has to potential to be at the top of the list. But those are big ifs right now.
This one seems like a no brainer. You'd have to really dislike Florida to not see it.
Preseason he was projected as high as 5. He's now somewhere in the 25-32 range. The swing in money is 25 to 30 million or so in guaranteed money. If he believes he can get back to the top 10 range and where he is projected now is his floor, it's incentive to come back. He can take out a $10 million insurance policy against injury and with NIL money could live pretty comfortably this next year.
Wait, Wasn't Wink Martindale a game show host in the 1980s? That's quite the career change. :-)
I'm not sure if he was being sarcastic or pushing the UCF agenda that in 2017 UCF and Alabama split the national title because Colley Matrix, whoever that is, ranked them #1 in it's final poll. They even had a national championship parade in Orlando. It's just one of dozens of alternate national championships that were awarded by some publication on any given year that no one takes seriously.
Just want to point out that in the last 15 years, Florida has won 2 national championships.
clearly this site does not allow to post links, and it stripped it out of my post. Here is the site it is on with spaces. "w w w . n c a a . c o m / h i s t o r y / f o o t b a l l / f b s"
That's a logical fallacy. Whether UCF won a (3rd rate) national championship or not is not a criteria for them being a rival of Florida, any more than Texas or Michigan's national championships qualifying them to be Florida's rivals. Here is the list of National Championship winners on the NCAA website. Please show me where it lists UCF has a national champion.
UCF is a rival of Florida the way Louisiana Monroe is a rival of LSU, UAB is a rival of Alabama, and Middle Tennessee State is a rival of Tennessee. Win or lose, a minor bowl game with an interim coach isn't going to change that.
I could name a dozen jobs off the top of my head that are harder than a University president. Probably 3 dozen if I sent 5 seconds thinking about it.
It's a shame you didn't read the original post. "Fulmer did run Spurrier out of UF." The comment was about Florida. I don't really care what happened at South Carolina, just like Bryant at Kentucky was not the same thing as Bryant at Alabama. You guys should stop. It's embarrassing. Spurrier has a better winning percentage at Florida than Fulmer, he has a better SEC winning percentage. He has more division titles in fewer seasons, he has more SEC titles in fewer seasons, He never had a losing record and never lost more than 4 games (Fulmer had two losing season and a 5 loss season). Spurrier had a better head to head record. He won 5 games in a row against Fulmer. There is not one single significant category that Fulmer was better than Spurries at. It's a total knockout. If Spurrier was Mike Tyson, Fulmer was Michael Spinks. It's funny how Vols fans romanticize Fulmer now, when back then you would criticize him for not beating Spurrier and eventually you ran him out of town.
To Fulmer's credit, few coaches in the SEC back then were consistently competitive against Spurrier's Florida teams. Florida dominated the SEC in the 90s. From 91-2000 they won 6 SEC titles, the same number as Alabama won in the 2011-2020 (although Bama won a lot more natties). Fulmer had some great teams when Peyton Manning and Tee Martin were there, plus won a national title. If I remember correctly, UT fan's didn't treat him very well at the end of his tenure. I remember thinking it was wrong the way he was treated at the end.
I like all the people saying Fulmer ran Spurrier out of Florida. He was so scared of Fulmer that he high-tailed it out of Gainesville to go play a cupcake schedule against inferior competition in the NFL. Makes perfect sense.
@SweepTheLeg The original post is about Florida vs Tennessee.
7-2 as head coaches 7-3 if you count the year Fulmer coached 3 games while Johnny Majors was out with a medical issue. Fulmer won as head coach in 98, 01, (92 interim coach) Spurrier won as head coach in 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 99, 00
That's pretty funny considering that Spurrier left Florida after the 2001 season. Fulmer won as head coach in 98, 01 Spurrier won as head coach in 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 99, 00 But, sure Fulmer owned Spurrier and ran him out of town. In 1992, people forget that Johnny Majors was the head coach and Fulmer the OC. Fulmer coached that game because Majors missed a few weeks because of a medical issue. It was Majors' team. It was not a victory during Fulmer's head coaching tenure.
Although Stoops was a great defensive coordinator, the suggestions that Spurrier's success was tied to Stoops is patently false. Stoops was there only 3 of Spurrier's 12 years. Spurrier won the SEC every year he was at Florida before Stoops arrived (in 1990 they finished first but were on probation). He went 12-1, won the SEC and played for the national title the year before Stoops got there. The 3 years after Stoops left, Spurrier won the SEC East twice, the SEC once, and his final season they finished 10-2 (same record as years 2 and 3 with Stoops as DC) and won the Orange Bowl.
You comment is inaccurate. First of all, although he grew up Johnson City, he was born in Miami Beach, FL. So he had state of Florida ties. Second, he's mentioned many times that he chose Florida among other reasons because of the weather. He was also considering Ole Miss but was sold on a recruiting trip down here. Third, as someone mentioned, Tennessee didn't have much of a passing game at the time. They ran the single wing and plus they had an interim coach and lots of uncertainty. Finally, Spurrier was very impressed with the Florida coach Ray Graves. If Spurrier had played today, he would have been a 5 star recruit. They didn't have stars or ratings at the time, but everyone wanted him, including Tennessee.
LOL SDS has some serious comedians. Thanks for the laugh.
I was speaking in general, but in his case, it still comes with meals, swag, and who knows what else they set up for these kids.
Now that is an awesome name. Would be sweet if his brother's name was Dewarmest.
I wonder how many of these kids take official visits to schools for a free trip (and all that entails) without having any intension of signing with them. I'm sure the coaching staff doesn't mind because it's an opportunity to sell the kid. If I was an 18 year old kid, I'd take every free trip and perk that was (legally) offered to me. If that was the case, I'd probably also put off signing until February, unless I intended to enroll in January.
They mentioned in the SI article from September that Gundy contacted Florida through intermediaries in 2017 about the open Gator's job, so this could be legit.
I think at that point, there would have been lots of debate. At this point, there is no debate, except by a few people that like to cry about the SEC.
There is no one else. If Notre Dame played in a conference and won their conference game, it would have been a different situation. They want to keep believing they don't need a conference because they are Notre Dame, then pay the consequences. This is probably why Kelly left. Now if Oklahoma State had scored that touchdown at the end of the Big 12 championship, it would be a different. I think you could make a case that a one loss conference champ that beat Oklahoma and would have avenged their only loss of the season was probably going to get in over Georgia and seeded 3rd. It really is a game of inches.
Don't like where this is going. Looks like they are trying to put together something special down in Coral Gables.
The way Miami handled it is no surprise. To quote Dennis Green, "they are who we thought they were."