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The last 3 stories under Florida on SDS are: 1. Jesse Palmer who hasn't been on the team or associated with the team in a decade is maybe getting sued by Nicki Minaj. 2. A DB who was on the team 2 years ago is transferring from a JUCO to USF. 3. The father of a recruiting target was photographed wearing a Gator's uniform.
UCF was my safe school if I didn't get into every other 4 year university in Florida and several JUCOs.
LOL. UCF was my safety school (if I didn't get into UF, FSU, USF, FAU, FIU, UNF, and a couple of community colleges).
It's like a divorced. Some times you wind up despise a person you once loved because of their actions at the end of the marriage.
It's complicated. Gators appreciate the two national championships, but remember he was never loved at Florida, even when he was winning. There are many reasons why he is not liked, but 2 that stand out is the way he left the program, and the negative recruiting against Florida when he went to OSU. He told Steffon Diggs' family he wouldn't let his kids go to Florida (because of the negative locker room culture he left behind). He openly admits he left Florida broken program and says one of his biggest regrets is how he left.
I remember in the early 90s when Frank Beemer was building Virginia Tech, they would play away teams like FSU all the time to get paid and build their reputation. Eventually it lead to better recruits, and invites to the Big East & then ACC. They took their lumps and eventually became a really good program. UCF wants their cake and to eat it too. They want to play in the AAC, schedule crappy opponents, and then be considered like a team from one of the top conferences.
So does every Saban assistant, including Derek Dooley and Jim McElwain.
Simple, if UCF wants to be taken seriously as a group of 5 team, they need to load their non-conference schedule with quality power 5 teams, including 1-2 elite programs per year.
Doesn't matter. Great coordinators don't necessarily make great head coaches. Mullen has 8 years worth of resume that says he's a pretty good one while the jury is still out on Day.
He has to win next year at home against a first year OSU coach. I can't see him back in 2020 if he doesn't.
Ohio State should be happy that he didn't come back next year, check out, leave the program in disarray, and set the program back a decade. There is no doubt he is one of the all time great coaches, but when the wheels start coming off it's not pretty. Hopefully, OSU's athletic directory will have more foresight than Jeremy Foley if Meyer changes his mind and tell him thank you, no thank you.
Have you seen UCF play? If LSU shows up (unlike Auburn last year), they should beat UCF by 30. In AAc games, running backs have holes a truck could drive through and receivers are 5 yards open. It's like Super Tecmo Bowl in the 90s.
Tough game. Kind of opponent that Florida doesn't match up that great with. Would have preferred to play UCF.
I wonder the stats on how many kids that commit 2 years out actually wind up signing with that school.
In his second year he had Georgia in overtime in the national championship game and in his third year has gone 11-2 and almost beat a team that many are saying may be one of the best teams of all time. He's also a beast at recruiting. The only thing you can say about him is he can't beat Saban (so far). But hey, if they want to run him out of town, that's fine with me.
It was a bonehead call, but it did not necessarily cost Georgia the game. Alabama had all the momentum and Georgia wasn't stopping Hurts. Alabama didn't go 15 yards and kick a long field goal after the fake punt. They went 50 yards and scored a touchdown. There is a good chance Alabama was going to win either way. That being said Smart deserves all the criticism he gets for the call.
Great question. Looks like the answer would be Boise, Idaho at Albertson's stadium on the campus of Boise State University. The stadium holds about 32,000 which would have been perfect for a PAC 12 championship game (if they wanted the stadium to only look half empty and not 90% empty).
The best line was "Jachai Polite" looks like a middle aged man with 3 children. It's true. When I was a Junior at UF I looked like I was 12. hahahaha.
Can't argue with that. Obviously nothing compares to winning the NC. I was thinking regular season. It was a very satisfying win because of the 5 game streak, bowl streak, wining season streaks, and more importantly I think this win will have a tremendous effect on recruiting. It wasn't my favorite win though. That would be 1991 when we beat them 14-9. I attended as a student.
All kinds of wrong. That's something you tell kids in their living rooms, not a press conference.
Two issues I see with Tennessee. 1. They are going to have to be very patient and patience is non-existent in big time programs these days, especially in the SEC. 2. Even if fans are patient, the problem with hiring a first time head coach is that you don't know if he is capable of turning around a program with so many issues.
Harbaugh was more successful than Saban in the pros. Saban is still a better coach than Harbaugh. Saban inherited an awful 4-12 team. Miami had a terrible GM and has had a crappy front office since the Shula years. Saban spent 2 years in the pros. Hard to judge on that. Belichick had 4 out of 5 losing seasons in Cleveland. He wasn't a terrible coach, he was in a bad situation like Saban in Miami. I'm a Dolphins fan and no fan of Saban, but it's hard to argue with his success.
Remember Colin Cowherd said Harbaugh is a better coach than Saban.