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College football and the SEC are better when the Vols are competitive. Sad to see a Vols team play with such little emotion. I hope they can turn it around. I want to beat a goos Vols team.
Their 2 losses were to Ohio State and UCF, two top 15 teams.
They did mention Florida in the last line. SDS logic.
If you dig up enough dirt on every program you will find something.
Mullen sure seems to love being a Florida Gator and what he is doing. It's contagious.
Florida-Auburn was a much bigger annual rivalry than Florida-LSU. That's worked out alright. Times change and the game changes. They need to do what is best for the schools and the conference.
It was obviously a joke. But I can tell you from experience, I have a degree from UF and have worked around the country, outside of Florida and the southeast, degrees from Florida aren't considered as good as from well known northern schools. For example if you ask someone in New York, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, California, etc what school is better between UF & OSU or UF and Penn State, most of the time they will tell you OSU or Penn State even though they are ranked lower than Florida. Again, that was my experience both professionally and in conversation.
Jokes on him. He could have had a degree from Ohio State University and now he'll have one from Miami.
You are just sore because their best defensive back over the last decade was Donna Shalala.
I hate to say Lane Kiffin is right, but... Look at Dabo's record after this first 3 seasons as head coach at Clemson and ask yourself how many SEC fan bases/boosters would have run him out of town.
What a load of crap. OSU wouldn't score 42 points on the Gator D. And why is Hue Jackson coaching the Gators? LOL
Someone should nominate this article for a Pulitzer.
SDS should just write a story that says "Every successful college coach is being considered for an NFL head coaching job" and be down with it.
LSU did just about everything they could to give away the game. Missing 8 starters on D, ejections, sloppy football, terrible penalties...and still they dominated every facet of the game. LSU could have scored a lot more points, but since UCF couldn't stop LSU, they were happy to run clock and shorten the game. UCF may not be in the top half of the league if they played in the SEC. At minimum, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU, A&M, and Kentucky are all better than them.
He oversaw the worst defense in the history of Texas, if I remember correctly.
So Manny Diaz accepts the head coaching job at Temple. Doesn't have a change of heart overnight, but begins the job. Makes a commitment. Sells recruits on coming to Temple during the early signing period. And then a little under a month later leaves for Miami, abandoning the University and players. Miami ran a guy with high moral character out of town (trust me that's what happened) who played for the Hurricanes and replaced him with a guy that apparently lacks the same high character, never played college ball, and has never been a head coach. Sounds like he will be perfect at Miami. It's a perfect marriage.
Richt is a good guy and a class act. I think he learned Miami is not the same place he played out so many years ago. He's only 58 years old. I hope he takes a year or two off and goes somewhere he will be more respected and appreciated.
Mark Stoops would be nuts to go to Miami. Worst fan base in the nation. They'll be calling his head after the first loss. He's got a good thing going at Kentucky. Stay there and continue to build the program or wait for a quality job to open.
This was predictable. They treat like the Hurricanes like a pro team in South Florida and the "fans" (which mostly has no connection to the school) was merciless, especially towards Richt. They were attacking him for being religious, calling him a "bible thumper". I don't know why any coach would want to coach that program.
An 8 team playoff would resolve this. The current format hurts the SEC. With an 8 team playoff, 2 SEC teams would be possible every year. But the 4 team playoff will result in 2 SEC team rarely getting in, even if they are 2 of the 4 best teams in the nation.
This is not the first time Harbaugh acted with little class after a game. He did it at Stanford (to Jimmy Clausen vs ND), he did it at the 49ers (to Bruce Arians and other), and he did it at Michigan to Muschamp when they played South Carolina at last year's Outback Bowl. Players always celebrate on the field after a game they win and coaches don't have a problem shaking hands. In fact Harbaugh was in front of Mullen when he walked away. So maybe, sometimes, fans on SDS "through that word around" because it's true.
This is the best the Gators have looked since 2009. Even the year under Muschamp that they won 10 games they looked average. The future is looking bright. Mullen out-coached Harbaugh by a mile.
CGJ is proof you can play in a bowl game after declaring and improve your draft position. Pro teams that watch this tape will be salivating. That was an incredible game he played. This INT was sick.
I hope he goes wherever he feels will be best for him...except FSU, don't go to FSU.
It's how it works for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA Basketball Tourney, NCAA College World Series, NCAA Hockey Tournament - basically every American team sport pro and college, except for NCAA football.
Honestly, I don't see any losers in the SEC.