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If I'm Cristobal, I stay at Oregon. Oregon has shown that they can compete for the national championship, plus they can recruit regionally and nationally and Cristobal has built connections now that are paying off. There is no way I go to USC or especially Miami. I think Oregon is a better job than both of those. I don't see him as a fit for LSU. What about Billy Napier? Seems like a natural fit and has developed good connections in Louisiana.
Another good recruit Florida could have gotten but didn't.
4 national championships. 3 since 2003. 16 SEC Championships. Perennial top 5 recruiting class in the country. Of course LSU is a premiere job. What kind of nonsense is this?
You are right, Mullen is what his record says if you take away the games against FCS, group of 5 schools and Vanderbilt. 22 - 13 (63%) Not a bad coach, but not an elite coach.
There is no doubt Mullen is overrated. There is more to being a head coach than calling plays and coaching QBs. I don't think they should fire him after this season. But he should be held more accountable, and if he left this offseason, I wouldn't be sad.
If these kids want to play immediately and not have to wait their turn behind a other high four/five star athletes who are older and more experienced than them, maybe they shouldn't go to Alabama. You know when you sign up at Alabama the competition is going to be intense and everyone else is going to be at a very high level. This is kind of mentality is because of the transfer portal, which in some ways is ruining college football. 20 years ago you redshirt, backup, and then start two years and are happy. Now if you don't start from day one your threatening the coach and school.
They could probably get Mullen for the right price. He even comes with his own defensive coordinator who will be there forever.
Rivalry games are rarely easy games. Look at Michigan/Michigan State last season. Michigan was favored by 3 touchdowns and lost. Smart not to overlook Louisville.
Kentucky has no reason to hang their heads. They are a good team. They just happened to play a great team. They are clearly the second best team in the East and have a great coach. I don't think there is anything to shrug off and I'm sure the team doesn't either.
Have to say going to miss coach O. He’s straight out of central casting. If you asked a Hollywood screenwriter to create a coach at LSU they would probably create coach O. He’s a throwback. Not many like that left. Best wishes.
He only has to fool one person at a time. I guess that’s not hard to do. I’m not sure about great recruiter. They seem lose lots of blue chip defenders from Florida they shouldn’t.
8-4 is ceiling. I wouldn’t be surprised if we finish 6-6. We are not a very good team.
Florida at 8? Clemson at 10? Is this a joke? Where is the rolling eyes emoji.
You must be thinking of Evan Stewart, who is 3rd in 247. They have a chance, but Texas is leading. Even if they get his, you have to look at the totality. There are tons of top recruits in Florida, especially the I-4 corridor and Jacksonville area that are not choosing Florida, and instead are going to Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. That should not be happening and wasn't under Spurrier, Mullen, and even Zook and Muschamp, especially if you consider that FSU is down.
1. We have to stop blaming Grantham and Jones for this loss and this lost season. Grantham is a bad defensive coordinator and Jones is a nice kid but not up to par. But the loss is not in them. Ultimately, the fault lies with Mullen. He hired Grantham and didn't make a change when Grantham wasn't working out. He started Jones even when Richardson looked better in spring ball and in in-game play. The Gators look underconditioned. They are lethargic. They are error prone. They are unprepared leading to penalties. They miss extra points. They get kicks blocked. They muff multiple punts, which luckily they haver mostly recovered. They are middle of the pack recruiting in the SEC. You can blame the QB, the coordinator, the assistants, on and on, but ultimately, it's institutional and that points to one person. Mullen is stubborn to a fault. I'm not saying we should get rid of Mullen, we all remember how bad things were with McElchamp. But he should be held accountable. Mullen's aloofness after a loss stinks and it shows in his players. 2. I don't care if Tom Brady or Iron Man plays QB for the Gators in two weeks, they don't have a chance against Georgia. Congrats to the Bulldogs. You have an excellent coach who seems to have built a program over the years the right way. Whether or not you win it all they year, you have a great team. Relish every moment of it, because every sports fan knows the good times don't last forever.
Calling him an OK recruiter is a compliment. He's about on level with McElwain, if you look at the rankings, other than that by far the worst recruiter Florida has had since before Spurrier.
I don't think they will fire Mullen this season. But next season his margin of error will be very small. It's hard to win when one of your biggest rivals has passed you by a mile and is recruiting a top 5 class every year, and your other top rival is out-recruiting you even in a year that they lose to an FCS school.
I watched the entire interview and I feel like that comment is being taken out of context. I don't think he is very media savvy and it came out the wrong way. That being said, if Mullen puts EJ back in and plans to start him next season, even if he is not thinking about it right now, AR15 will be gone in the off season like Justin Fields left Georgia.
In their last 10 games: Orgeron 6-4 overall 2-3 vs top 25 teams 4-3 vs SEC opponents Mullen 4-6 overall 0-3 vs top 25 teams 2-5 vs SEC opponents I commented in one of the other stories a couple days ago that for LSU to win (and caught flack for it) they need to do the same 3 things as last season: 1. Win the turnover battle. 2. Run the ball. 3. Keep it close going into the 4th quarter. They managed all three and won. Florida is a very mediocre team without an identity. I hope Mullen can turn it around but I'm not so sure he can. He isn't a good recruiter, he can't seem to put a good staff together, and he's stubborn to a fault.
Boy this was the most accurate post I ever made. "Win the turnover battle" - check "Establish the run" - check "Keep the game close in the 4th" - check
Last week it was a guarantee that Alabama and Georgia were going to play two games, the SEC championship game and the national championship game. One week later Alabama is so bad they have no chance of beating Georgia? Is it possible that Alabama just had a bad night but is still pretty good team? They lost by 3 points to a pretty good team on the road in a very tough place to play. Ohio State in 2014 lost to Virginia Tech, which finished 7-6, but still managed to make the playoffs and win the NC.
I feel this is probably the most important game in Mullen's tenure at Florida as far as needing to win. If he loses this game the negativity in the program, the fan base, and the press is going to be intense. I think last year was a blueprint for LSU if they want to win the game. The have to win the turnover battle, have to establish the run, and have to keep the game close into the 4th quarter.
No one in college football motivates like Saban, that quiet but powerful presence like Michael Corleone.
Doesn't matter how many stars. He seems like a good kid. He will get an excellent education, and we are happy to have him.
He did alright with Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, Dak Prescott, and Nick Fitzgerald.
Oh no, Alabama lost one game in 20,000 years in a hostile environment, at night, to a team that was pre-season top 5 or 6 and played their best game of the season by far. Clearly Saban can't coach, can't recruit, and Alabama can't play defense. His unparalleled success over the past 3 or so decades must be because of his assistants. Imagine the indignity of not being perfect every single season.
I'm not concerned if they have the desire to be great. I'm concerned if they have the personnel.