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Not kicked off, that seems extreme. Plenty of pro and amateur athletes do stupid things and stay on teams. Although, I DO think he should remain out as long as the young man he injured stays out and maybe even a little longer to set precedence. I don’t understand people who defend the behavior but I also don’t understand wanting to end his career either. There should be a middle ground.
I hate OSU but they should if ND wins(over Clemson). No reason Clemson should get a third opportunity to beat a playoff team. That being said, I think TAMU or UF, even Cincy is more deserving at the moment than OSU.
Truly, has been a fantastic year for talented athletes showcasing in SEC competition. Of course, I want Trask to win it but its been amazing to watch this year unfold.
Jones had more impressive TD's but lets not act like Trasks 49 attempts didn't drive them down the field in the first place.
I call it Bama being a really good team. I don't mean it as a bad thing either.
Bama fans seem to forget how blessed they are. With your RB, running the ball isn't necessarily taking your foot off the gas. However, I understand what you mean. As with LSU/GA/FL, when they have good years Bama is always the measuring stick. Also, do think however Mullen plays conservatively when the game is clinched.
To be fair, very few teams do well against the Tide
You're right. The only difference is UF has a chance to prove themselves where TAMU must show improvement without any stakes such as a championship game. As unfair as it is, it is sort of true. Mond puts up the numbers, no one would be even questioning that TAMU belongs in the 4.
So..... names is right because clearly a club team at Vandy shouldn't be recognized as their men's team. I have friends who play club soccer at UF but that doesn't mean they are good enough to play D1, obviously.
Im not big on tOSU either. Id probably give them the benefit of the doubt because of Covid but that's about it. I do believe TAMU or UF should have a top four spot right now over them. Additionally, I do not care if LSU played better or not. Just like UF, if TAMU wants to play for a natty that gameplay wont cut it. If you look at the playoffs, the teams who win it all most of the time put up huge points. TAMU needs to be capable of doing so regularly as well if they want to be successful. LSU is not a measuring stick I'd use this year.
Don't use reason and proper thought! Seriously, TAMU and UF have great teams this year. If we lose to Bama (considering we get there) Ill be pulling for TAMU to get a spot this year. The SEC is fun when there is more than Georgia and Bama in the spotlight, as seen with 2019 LSU which was the most fun I have had watching SEC football in awhile.
This rant sounds almost as bad as when Gators try to justify the 3 point loss. You guys beat UF, congrats -- No Gator should try to justify the loss. Still, you guys have had some unconvincing games. You can't say your two worst performances were because LSU and Arkansas had their best game of the year, there has to be some accountability. The truth is that TAMU has to win out convincingly, and last night was not a good start to it. The CFP committee will look at the close games realistically and you should as well.
Marco shouldn't see the field again this year. Hes a good 33% of our problem in our secondary if you look at coverages he's blown throughout the year
If you want to talk about cherry-picking, then let's talk about how you're justifying that his touchdowns are only higher because Bama has a fantastic QB and RB. The Heisman is based on individual achievement and I would agree with you that Bama's split of production puts down Mac's numbers. However, that doesn't mean that because of this, Trasks TD achievements should be overlooked. An individual award doesn't work on "what if Bama threw more" scenarios. They play similar to the similar competition. The QBR is so close that when it comes down to it, I am sure the committee will look at TD's. Between Mac and Trask, points on the board are all that darastically separate them.
Looking at the rankings, they probably won’t get the chance to play UF. Nice try though
And thats why they avoided playing Washington, right? Give me a break. UF has a lot to prove but beating BYU is not on the list of those things. Neither is beating Ole Miss by the way.
For being a fantasy football god, you're not very good at making predictions, are you?
Yeah you're right. It honestly doesn't matter because if UF wins out and beats Bama, they're in the playoff. If not, then we are out regardless. So these rankings for UF won't mean anything. TAMU deserves the higher ranking and UF needs to deal with it and handle business to get in the top 4.
Chill man, its a rivalry that Georgia has owned the last three years and based on your QB room it looks like the Gators will have the next two. I say that half kidding of course. We heard we would regress this year too bc our WRs left for the NFL but here we are. You talk about this "it" factor as if Kirby literally can't win big games. Being a good offensive coordinator wins games. Or maybe Georgia was just trash and you got beat by a mediocre HC. You choose. In the meantime, take the L. Georgia will be back and Florida will be ready. The SEC East is more fun when FL GA run it.
To be fair, he was a two-star recruit (As SDS also reported 21 hours ago) but I think he earned the third star after he committed to UF. So technically a three-star but recruited as a two-star.
UF has to beat Bama. I dont think that should be questioned. If we cant beat Bama in the SEC championship, why would we deserve another chance in the playoff? I feel bad for TAMU because even if they win out, they probably wouldn't get in over Florida if they win out as well.
Gators werent playing nearly as well as they should have but SC didn't do all that bad against "us". TAMUs win was expected but the blowout was not. Give credit where credit is due.
@Negan, injuries are a part of the game. I always hear about how much better Georgia is on talent. If what Georgia fans say is correct, you should be fine with your "depth". No excuses for either side when it comes down to it. Hoping for a good game!
I guess an old dog cant learn new tricks. If you consider UF 1-D thats on you. I assure you Kirby isn't telling his guys that our offense is something that can be considered as trivial. Lets see if Georgia can handle this "1-D" offense or else you'll just sound worse than you already do. We shall see this weekend
18 TD's on 4 SEC teams is an accomplishment worthy of praise whether you like it or not. I am the first to admit when Georgia has a good defense, and they do. The dogs are good. Dont be a delusional fan and say Florida is 1-D just because you're praying Trask doesn't drop the yards Mac Jones did
If its so 1-D then teams wouldn't let the Gators put up the points they have. The only thing blatantly obvious is that UF knows how to score. Idk where you get your opinion from.
Their stat lines were similar except Trask played a normal game for him this season and Mond played one of his better ones. Gator Defense was the real issue. Trask deserves to be in the conversation whether you like it or not. But at the end of the day, to deserve it he needs to do well in the SEC championship if that is in his future.
Honestly it is hard for most gators to understand too. My understanding is Franks was a better athlete and was more involved in the system when Mullen arrived. Additionally, I believe Trask was injured when he was being considered. Mullen is a QB whisperer with his success at QB but his decision to play Franks above Trask is still up for question. These things happen and I believe Georgia is having similar issues. Also, practice vs. games may be an indicator. Trasks biggest asset is how calm he is in the pocket. Franks might have shown the same attributes in practice but obviously, he choked with poor decisions during games. The world may never know.
Yeah, I am taking your word on the status of Georgia as I don't follow them as much. Georgia is still good and Im sure Kirby will find a solid QB soon enough. Unfortunately, it may not be the year you have the defense you do.