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Actually he did have a meeting with his team before he left, but don't let facts stop you from spreading misinformation.
I could see Chavis possibly going as DC if he isn't retained at A&M
I wouldn't be so down on him if I were y'all. He is highly thought of by many in the coaching community. By the way things have been looking (especially UT), both schools could do much worse.
He's adding $10MM (minus taxes) to his bank account this month. He can (literally) afford to wait and see what happens.
There's no indecision. He's going A&M, he wants to finish the season.
Are you aware his buyout is only $7MM max if he chooses to leave? Or you are just ignorant?
Not at all, they will just flip the script. Jimbo is past his prime, FSU is fed up with him so they don't want him, etc, etc.
Bob Stoops? Not sure how we fell off when he was competing for NC's his last years?
Our AD and Fisher worked together at LSU and still have a good relationship apparently
I think in his 6th year it's pretty evident we aren't getting where we want to be with him. If he wins out I would hope we keep him but if we lose to LSU again he's gone and deservedly so. He's been a good face for the program though, I respect how he has represented the university.
History has little to do with program potential, ask Clemson and Washington. I'm convinced you have no idea what you're talking about.
UF's downside to be honest seems to be the fan base loyalty. It takes time for a coach to build something at a program and idk if UF will ever let that play out.
Texas is fighting for bowl eligibility... Please expand on how that is "on its way up again" Lmao
This is why Battered Aggie Syndrome is a real thing. We have all the pieces there (recruiting area, fan base, wealthy alumni, good facilities) just can't put it together with a good coach for one reason of the other.
It was not "obvious" at the time. Sumlin was one of the hottest coaches in the country the first three years and that is the price of keeping a coach these days. Can you imagine the outrage at A&M if we let him walk?
Don't make me drink the kool-aid again please.
I don't like him either, but that's a bit excessive.
Ignore him, I have seen his comments for a couple years now and many of them have been dumb. Hopefully not an actual Aggie.
"vs. Auburn, Nov. 4 The visiting team has won this clash in each of the five meetings since the Aggies joined the SEC. That doesn’t bode well for Texas A&M since the Nov. 4 meeting is at Kyle Field." Yeah... that is not correct
Dude you are so annoying. I sincerely hope you didn't graduate from A&M and are just a t-shirt fan.
At least put an aggie that can throw a football in the picture
Ease up there bud, not sure what you were reading
Lmao even I laughed a little at this. It's alright I'm excited for y'all this year, may even make the trip up