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I can't front. This year's Alabama team is the greatest of all time. They had no cupcakes to pad stats with an all-SEC schedule. They played 11 SEC games and followed that with two wins against top-four teams. Make no mistake, I don't like y'all mothersuckers but respect has been earned.
Kyle Trask with Josh McDaniels. Not a Patriots fan, but I could see instant success in New England.
All the listed receivers had pedestrian numbers before Trask. I argue that it is Trask that made the receivers valuable and not the other way around. The receivers are talented but no one would have seen their talent without Trask. The only sure-shot receiver was Van Jefferson.
Saying it here first. Mac Jones is a great story but he will be an NFL bust. The talent around him made him look good. It's easier playing QB with an uncoverable WR and an all-world RB behind a dominant O-line. Once you step up in talent... Check back with me in a couple of years to see if I'm right.
Put Mac Jones with Florida and Kyle Trask with Alabama. Who would have the better season? No shade, just curious to know what everyone thinks.
I wouldn't call Toney the fastest receiver. I would say that he is the shiftiest receiver.
My guess is irregardless got mixed with irrespective and regardless.
I respect Kirby's willingness to call a spade a spade. The Dawgs will be in good shape for years to come. I am glad that Newman left them hangin'.
I am a little disappointed. I never pegged Mullen as a Dark Lord. He's more like Obi-Wan.
A few days ago I said, "So far, Trask looks better than Wuerffel." Some cat was like, "No." Yeaaah, about that.
I feel you. I never said he will end up better than Wuerffel. I said, "So far..." I can't place a QB that has yet to take a snap above those that are playing. I get that Justin Fields is incredible but what has he done in 2020? Get me some stats and I will adjust accordingly. We have seen Franks play with a decent line and he made the same types of decisions he made with a lesser unit. I understand you think Franks was good. He got better but I don't think he is better than Trask.
What you said is true. I would add that his timing and ball placement is a big factor in YAC. Not every catch this year has lead to a Toney touchdown.
The seasoned version of Wuerffel was great. So far, Trask looks better. If we are talking about elite college QBs in 2020, I would rank Trask third behind Mac Jones and Trevor Lawrence. Trask has the acumen of top pocket passers. Imagine if he had the arm of Franks.
The thing that stood out to me in your post is championship teams don't fumble when the game is on the line. Malik Davis is talented but he has a history of not securing the football. I don't trust him.
I approve this message. On an aside, it is estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide have already contracted the virus. I won't say fun fact because facts aren't fun to some. I wouldn't want to offend sensibilities.
Actually, I believe in science. I believe science should not be politicized. I believe that scientists making contradictory claims should be scrutinized. I believe that scientists are not infallible. I believe that people that do not wear N95 surgical masks are just as likely to contract the virus as those not wearing a mask at all. I believe that masks can help to prevent the spread of some germs and are useless when it comes to micro-particles. I believe suckers are born every minute.
Since we are on Covid-19... Fun fact: In 2005 Dr. Fauci said masks won't work on SARS-like diseases. In 2020, wearing a mask is just the right thing to do. Scientist or Bureaucrat? You decide.
That's the kind of speed that will have the U.S. Track and Field suits and coaches hounding him. I hope he doesn't fall for the okey-doke. He needs to play football to maximize his earning potential.
Although we (Florida) have lost more games to Mizzou than Kentucky, Tennessee, and Vandy since the expansion, I am glad Missouri is in the SEC. I don't want any other teams to join the conference. Maybe we should change the name to "The Conference." Everyone will automatically know which one.