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Kinda sounds like another CB with a first-round projection from Florida. The "played not to get hurt" part.
So, you complain about a conference being too dominant but drop weaker teams from the SEC and add teams that have won national titles in the last decade? I read that article because college football is far beyond addictive. I am so ashamed.
Georgia has three marquee matchups. They have to play Alabammy, Auburn, and Florida. Florida has two marquee matchups. We play LSU in the Swamp and Georgia. For a team that is hungry and on the rise, we have a much easier schedule. Georgia is more talented but I like our odds. Newman was decent at WF but did he feast on lesser talent?
I won't begrudge another person's opinion. We are the aggregate of our influences and exposures. Ask yourself: Do I spend time gathering information from both liberal and conservative sources? If the answer is no, how do you know that you are not a sucker? How can you be certain the information you accept as fact is nothing more than propaganda? I can look back over my lifetime and see the outcomes of leadership in my community and conclude that I was misled and misinformed. I can review legislation and the votes of those that we elected and determine when I was lied to. I can review statistics and trends to determine the effect of the policies put in place by Congress. BUT I can't for the life of me believe that I would buy a Georgia Bulldog a drink. @Tim Rupert
When people buy into narratives without checking the facts one can be easily manipulated to believe that a certain person or institution has your best interests, but in reality the opposite holds true. One single sheep can become millions flocking to a belief if the right conditions are met. The idea that Hitler and Trump are in anyway alike is akin to saying Martin Luther King Jr. was the embodiment of Idi Amin. We need to stop with the hyperbolic rhetoric.
He took kids with questionable character, and it caught up to him. How many Hernandezes and Newtons and Jenkins can you take?
What happened to that dominant defense in the 4th quarter? Allowing three TDs in a quarter screams dominance.
Interesting take. If the conference wins another Natty the SEC is weaker? Methodologies for winning constantly evolve.
Remember the first championship was with Zook's players. He has shown that he can be successful with all types of players. Keep the faith. If he displays a functioning offense, those recruits that leave Florida for out of state schools will start staying home. Kids need to see success before they buy in. Once they buy in, Florida will be a dynasty.
There was a time when great coaches (Spurrier) beat teams with more talent (Georgia). Those times have returned.
I thought Franks was decent, but nothing spectacular. The units were designed for the ones to look great. I think it was a disservice to Trask to have him line up against the number one defense with a back up offensive line. In fairness, Trask and Franks should have alternated with the first and second string units. I believe Franks would have had similar results playing with the second unit. Trask looked good with the first string unit, but got pulled immediately after driving the offense down the field for a score. Franks has a strong arm, but will he dial it down when the bullets are flying? I think Mac will start Franks, but end up with Trask before it's all said and done.
Where was the power? I thought he would run a 4.55, and I thought Quincy would run a 4.49. To follow up a 4.63 with a 4.68 is baffling. His second attempt was painful to watch. This kid needs to hit the track and work on speed intervals until his pro day.