I love college football...SEC that is.

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No...Four **** talent is fine. Three *** talent plays like three star talent...ask the South Carolina fans about their 2020 team filled with 3 *** talent. Let's face it's gonna be nasty for a while for the Vols & the NCAA has not even begun really sniffing around. Facts are facts. We are all fans, but reality has to sink in at some time.
Diesel...We all know Butch could recruit, but not coach em up and game day decisions=Oh my !
Maybe Brick-by-Brick & the infamous Turnover-Trash-Can(still laughing on that name).
The $$$$$ from a Power 5 job will entice Gus(that multi-millionaire ex Auburn coach) into leaving Orlando. It's called money & ego. He's happy to be out of Auburn...Maybe Tennessee after the sanctions & Heupel flames out on Rocky Top.
To me...the head-scratching hires in the SEC are Harsin, Heupel & Beamer. Beamer seems to have a better upside than the other two, not much talent in S.C. but has his father to lean on for advice.
UCF's huge enrollment numbers are because a large % of their students are commuters. It's mainly a commuter-school.
The NCAA with all of it's genius in full-bloom created the transfer portal. Now maybe they understand the firestorm that they've created ? No...the NCAA cares about only one thing...$$$$$
I for one would like to see some more of the dominating-defenses that we watched a few years ago in the SEC. Yes, the spread offenses, pass-happy to say the least do stretch the field and are much more difficult to defend. This may or may not happen, but currently it would be refreshing. Our Tide defense needs to improve & so does the Gators defense.
From the games I've seen Bo Nix play...he's got all the tangibles of size, arm, legs but his brain just does not process information fast enough to be a top-tier QB in the SEC.
Negan...Are you aware that football is a game...not life & death.
Gus needed a change of scenery...out of Auburn. Now he's in Orlando with the great weather & does not have to face SEC West teams every year. I wish Gus the best of luck at UCF. He should feel more relaxed & might even call some great plays again. The Gus-Bus has been repainted & has a chance to shine once again.
rolltide75...Quite true...these are really strange times in which we live. That little phrase politically-correct has evolved into a monster that is out of control.
Herbie's Draft show...I'll pass. His Clemson undies and Ohio State socks are a bit too much.
TDOW...that's a quote that should be immortalized forever. Marry the first time for $$$ & marry the second time for love.
As time progresses the offense should develop slowly but the big problem now is the Vols defense...the roster is very thin...the linebacker corp...oh my !
Usmc...Quite true. Fame & fortune bring certain restrictions in living your life. She can go anywhere unrecognized, but Trevor...well imagine him at your local McDonalds...a PR disaster. Enjoy the $$$$$ Trevor & Marissa but your lives are changing dramatically very soon.
_olitically-correct arrives on the college baseball scene. Idiotic. Baseball fans have always razzed the visiting's part of baseball. Players grow a pair or give up sports.
"Not right for political office ?" At lease Herschel's got his heart in the right place. Run-Herschel-Run !
Frankly I'd draft Zach Wilson ahead of Fields & Lawrence. We'll see how they all three pan out in the big bad NFL, where former college stars fall from the sky.
I do believe that Will's agent, Jimmy Sexton created that playbook...The man's got his own private jet. Big buyouts are his specialty & he sells them to Athletic Directors like a used car salesman, but Sexton makes a bit more $$$ than the used car guys do.
Clemson needs a backup Quarterback from the portal...but datboi frowns on that sort for thing. Clemson it's a family-thing.
Rooster...It's Fort Myers, Florida. Sammy Watkins home prior to his playing days at Clemson.
Ray Tanner should have been shown the door with the Will Muschamp blood is needed in the Athletic Department for the Cocks.
Sounds like Ray "Big Buyout" Tanner is setting the table to fire him in a couple years. Why not now ? It's only $6.5 Million for the buyout. You paid ole Will what $15 Million. Former coaches should not ever be Athletic Directors, as they do not like to fire coaches.
From what I hear the enthusiasm at South Carolina is now up & the program is heading in the right direction...finally. Might be a tough first year but success is on the horizon.
Heupel's trying to get more interest in the Vol program by allowing the fans to be more involved with the team. He has a lot of work to do in Knoxville. From all I've read most Vol fans are currently in a "wait n see" mood concerning the Heupel hire. Best of luck Vol Nation.
Yes...Be patient as it's going to get much worse.