I love college football...SEC that is.


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Kirby Smart is not going to the NFL. Note Above TDOW's post.
Ole Miss vs. LSU..I'm looking for a great offensive show from both teams. Should be a good one to watch.
Lane...As one who uses social media a lot you should understand that it is a two(2) edged sword and cuts like a sharp one too. It praises and denigrates all at the same time and coaches and players must realize that's how it is. Any social media post is merely someone's mor & no less. Coaches coach players but the players play the game. A loss is carried by all concerned. A win is celebrated by all concerned also. It's called the reality of social media in today' hyper online world.
Even though at Alabama we definitely have our share of problems this year Joe Milton III is who he is and is your Quarterback. Hooker ran that offense close to perfection with Tillman, Hyatt and a #10 NFL Pick at Left "O" tackle. Great players are not easily replaced as we Tide fans now realize. So hang in there Vol fans. We Tide fans are so glsd to see our defense play with physicality and shut down Ole Miss.
SonoftheSouth..Yes that backward spike by Bo Nix was a play that lives on in everyone's memory. How the refs blew that call is unbelievable. It must have been some of that Jordan Hare "magic dust" sprinkled on the refs as they walked on the field that day. Stranger things have happened there...Kick Six.
The Hogs played this one to win it. Great effort by the team. But a pick is a pick & yes it counts as a pick. Go Hogs ! Beat A & M !
Obviously in Tuscaloosa we need our defense to step up and bring that physicality that they showed vs. Ole Miss in every game this season. Our offense is not what it's been for a seeming eternity with Jalen Hurts, Tua, Mac Jones, and the incomparable Bryce Young as our Quarterbacks. It's logical that the Dawgs defense steps back a little bit as newer players age into the system. Dawgs just beat Tennessee in Neyland. And I am sure both of us will do it this year.
Stl...As a Tide fan in 2023 we'll take any win any way any time.
mrtruth..I believe the offense mirrors Billy's personality. He seems to be an introvert. Still happy for the Gators win. Go Gators ! Beat the Cats !
Well Paul's a TV personality and changes his narrative about teams as they win/lose & rise/fall. It gets attention and that's why he does it. He'd been all in on Georgia since the 2nd Natty. Roll Tide !
It's great to hear that Tua's playing well. Hopefully he can avoid the injuries and have a great NFL career.
That defense reminded me of pre-Pete Golding defenses. They played with physicality, heart and grit and basically shut down Ole Miss. Plus Milroe played well enough to win the game. He throws a good long ball but his decision-making on the pick(he had a wide open receiver at the 1 yd. line and did not throw to him=?) He had those touchdown-eyes. Roll Tide !
The Hogs played a good game(minus all the penalties). I was cheering for the Hogs but the team could not close it out. The team played with pride. Go Hogs !
Day's post game Holtz comments were classless. Just win with class Ryan.
Snope...Agreed 100% Dabo's and his staff all got lazy after winning that 2nd Natty and eased off on recruiting and it's very apparent that they do not have those elite receivers of a couple years ago & without Brent Venables running the defense the "D" has drifted. I have a good friend who lives in S.C. and he says this about Clem..."I don't wish them any bad luck but hope they never ever win another football game". The SC vs. Clem hatred is real.
Glad to get the win vs. Ole Miss. Our defense played lights out. The "D" kept Ole Miss from getting into any offensive rhythm. Roll Tide !
Spencer Rattler's playing super, his passing even while scrambling is off the charts. Anderson runs hard and he played at Newberry ? Hmmm someone surely missed him in recruiting. MSU returned to a pass/pas game to score since Zach's run offense sputters. Go Cocks ! Beat the Vols !
Question: What are Stetson IV's problems he's dealing with ? I haven't heard a word as to why he's away from the team. Just interested.
Mertz is olaying much better than most thought he would. Go Gators ! Beat Kentucky !
How about that dress code for the Charlotte coach ? Or lack of a dress code ? Did he not realize he was playing in a SEC stadium ?
Napier commented last week about lackluster practices & it showed in the game. But they got a win and Pearsall's catch=Wow ! Go Gators !
G8R...Yes it is a strange year in the SEC. Lots of ??? in many areas of teams. We Tide fans are impressed with the defense's showing vs. Ole Miss and hope the offense continues to improve. The Arky vs. LSU game was a surprise, especially since it was in Baton Rouge but a great game. MSU went back to a huge passing game, abandoning the coach's run/run offense.
That defense was awesome, kept Ole Miss from establishing their offense all game. Roll Tide !
We Tide fans are happy to have won. Our defense was the story of the game. And Milroe well enough to win. Roll Tide !
FSU beat Clemson in Death Valley. It is wonderful to see Dabo's team lose.
Any time Dabo's Clemson team loses it is priceless. It was almost like in the overtime the FSU team said "We've toyed with these guys long enough, now let's win the game".
Most Vol fans merely thought Heup could "Reload" players like Hooker, Tillman & Hyatt, plus that Top 10 NFL Drafted "O' lineman that was lot. Hooker ran that offense close to perfection and the elite receiver talent was obvious in 2022. Yes we have major problems in Tuscaloosa and both teams 2023 seasons are a work in progress and TBD.
Bobo has called a vanilla game plan so far, but he's breaking in a new QB and wants to bring Beck along slowly. We'll see how he calls the plays as SEC play begins but I expect the offense to be more conservative than Monken's was.