I love college football...SEC that is.

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I'm glad to see Briles staying the course at Arkansas. The Hogs are a team on the rise & should stay that way with the steady hand of Sam Pittman. Best hire in the SEC in a long while ! *Considering where the Hogs program was when Sam arrived.
If ND has a decent O-line and some receivers who can catch the ball JT could be a superstar at Notre Dame...playing ACC teams and Notre Date is a high-profile school with a huge fan base.
Is there a NCAA limit to the number of assistants/coordinators/special analysts/etc/etc/ a head coach can hire ?
Humper...True that the Dawg defense played lights out in the 4th quarter. They played like they had played in the first 12 games.
Humper...Yes especially in the fourth quarter. Your Dawgs won fair & square...Congratulations ! Enjoy it.
Negan...Do you really think Kirby will open up the QB battle ? If so he will have to change his history of managing QB's.
GatorPhil...One National Championship in four decades & the Dawg fans are spoiled now...Yes it sounds like it. But it's only one(1) Natty in all that time...only one(1).
I recall a saying..."You can't catch lightning in a bottle twice". Stetson Bennett IV's decision to return surely complicates the Georgia Quarterback room in a major way. We'll all have to wait until we see what happens with all the talented QB's there.
Yes Kirby will receive a big raise and the Georgia Athletic Derector will do his best to make it a mega-multi-year contract...a "Lifer" contract so to speak. I believe Kirby is happy in Athens, played there and now is the head man of the Dawgs...which is like being a production-line worker who has ascended to the position of CEO of the same company & made it more profitable. Lots of mileage for a young head coach who wins a Natty. But my feeling is that the mega-salaries are so far out of control in terms of the value received by the universities. Some college head coaches are making the same $$$$$$$ as NFL head coaches...think about that & the total number of dollars a university receives each year -via- football vs. the dollars a NFL team receives. There is a point of diminishing return in every situation involving money. Concerning some current head coaches salaries, we are now there.
How he was behind Milton on the depth chart is a mystery. Lots of luck Harrison.
Deebo has always shown great hands & speed and has a great vision of the field in front of him. Go Deebo ! Make all Cock fans proud of you.
Coach Nick Saban will not return to the NFL. He likes the college game as a Head Coach.
Tiger TD...I posted when Drink was hired that I wondered if he moved to the SEC too soon(after being a Head Coach at Appy State for only one(1) year. Plus that program was very talented and on a roll when he took over at Appy. During Drink's first year 2020 he brought a renewed enthusiasm to the Mizzou program and was received well by the fan base. But year two, 2021 arrived and the "No Defense Mizzou team" showed up and the program took some major steps backward. I believe Drink is a good offensive coach, but this is the SEC Conference. 2022 will be a make-or-Break season for Drink I feel and best wishes for a better year than 2021 was...or else it's pay his buyout and move on.
Transfer Portal News is about the only game in town now for the writers to type some comments for SDS...tis that time of the year.
Congratulations Bryce for a great season ! Thanks for coming to Tuscaloosa to play your college ball. Roll Tide !
I can't wait till the 2022 SEC Championship game. We'll be ready. Roll Tide !
Wherever JT Daniels ends up I wish him much success. It just did not work out for him in Athens...Good Kid, Good attitude, Great arm. He needs a team with a good offensive line in front of him.
Not Oregon...forgot about Bo's West Coast committment.
JT will not go to Clemson...too many QB running plays called there...he's fragile.
I have a strong feeling that JT will head West since he's from there...Oregon maybe ?
Peak...Troll Troll Troll. I'm sure there's a Dr. out there that might be able to help you...maybe.
Best wishes for your future Paul. To Auburn ? You know that was not ever going to happen.
303Dawg...Out thinking is the same concerning Clemson. They lost so many coordinators(2) plus the o-line & d-line some off-field analysts, all went to Oklahoma. Dabo's always been a very good cheerleader-coach & now we'll see how they fare in 2022.
darthA...Mizzou fans do not admit that they are/were/will be's just in their DNA. But you know...they are just being Mizzou fans & can't help it.
Clemson plays in the Always Cushy-Conference and a team does not have to be that good to have a great record in that ACC Conference.
If JT goes to Ole Miss...all those QB runs will be eliminated from the playbook for sure. I just do not see that happening in Lane Kiffin's playbook.
Tidefan...Yes Dabo fired Steele after a West Virginia hung 70 points on em in the orange Bowl. But who else has he fired ? Clemson is in for a difficult stretch here. We'll see how the near future works out for Dabo's Clemson team.
It's been expected to see JT hit the portal. In order to get to the NFL & early in the draft he has to have more games played with good stats. Locks of luck JT.
Every defense in the SEC does not want to see #19 ever again. He is an "El Primo" tight end.