I love college football...SEC that is.

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Lane Kiffin's Ole Miss team (or) Eli Drinkwitz Mizzou team=Biggest jump in year two of SEC head-coaching.
"I anticipate us having a starter during the course of week 1 for sure". How intelligent a comment from a SEC Head Coach ? Ah Come on Josh, let Maurer play the first series, then Hooker the 2nd, Milton the 3rd and then 4th play your real QB, Harrison Bailey.
The word "pods" just does not fit in the game of college football...sounds like a space capsule. I still like the term divisions, like East & West in our SEC.
Two(2) years and full SEC membership is probably what will happen...If so 2023 season begins with lots of "horns down" from the fans in every away stadium for the longhorns.
Tough to hear this for Myles...but he's a tough kid and will be back. Quick healing & a return to be LSU's QB Myles.
DUVAL...You're creating a lot of disrespect for Duval county & Gator fans...Troll.
APT...Clemson's offensive line is in flux with a new Blind Side left tackle to face the Dawg's defense. I expect Clemson to have a drop off this year.
Has one of datboi's choir boys actually committed a no-no ? PED University does have problems from time to time. Clemson fans do swear by that datboi.
As long as the offensive line can keep JT Daniels healthy...Georgia has a very high ceiling this year.
Georgia ranked at Number 5. O.K. Dawg fans, let the games begin. Clemson at Number 2...not hardly, they will be down a bit this year. On Sept 4th=Go Dawgs ! Hammer em !
Corch, I tend to agree with you...factoring in many years of running backs...but most people(including writers) only remember the past few years. But you know, from the days of Johnny Musso to Najee Harris, the Tide has not been lacking in great running backs. I'd rate Georgia @ a grade of 95 and the Tide @ a grade of 90.
Coach Saban, thanks for coming to Tuscaloosa to coach the Alabama Crimson Tide & thanks for staying. Roll Tide !
The 4 team Playoffs definitely need to expand, as there are 3 teams that generally get in every year. And maybe some team will knock off Clemson before the Semi-Finals.
Go Najee ! Here's wishing you a long and successful NFL career.
This is good for Mac...He can watch/learn and be brought into the fray when he's ready. Obviously with Cam's broken body he will not last another year or two.
Longhorn fans...Oh yes, let's just play the games. Roll Tide !
Nash...400% agreed ! I've been to those stadiums and experienced it.
I'll bet we see no "Horns down" penalty in the SEC. But if we do, it means Sankey has let the Longhorns have their way and that would be a huge mistake for the SEC conference. As far as admitting Oklahoma=that's fine...but Texas=Yuk !
Unless the Longhorns upgrade their talent level and actually coach-up the players, they will be left in the SEC dust. As the saying goes...Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.
Conner Bazelak has a high ceiling & Drink is a good offensive coach who gets the most out of his players. As long as his receivers step up, Bazelak should be off to the races in 2021.
That dirtbag Skalski takes cheap shots every minute he's playing.
Skalski=dirty player. Hopefully the refs will be watching him & his 100% helmet hits. Dawgs let's kick some Clem butt big-time in this one. Bring a victory back to the SEC. Go Dawgs vs. Clem !
A wise decision young man...Now work on a real career off the field. Best wishes for your future.
Saint Urban Meyer's got a big learning curve in the NFL. The success rate for college coaches going to the NFL is dismal. Plus Urban's accustomed to controlling so in the NFL.
I have a feeling that Texas & Oklahoma to the SEC did not merely happen overnight. Lots of tight-lipped people and some private jet flights that were not tracked by us fans. It was a closely-guarded secret for sure.
ShadowGator...Yes the 12 team playoff may produce a few upsets & give a team like Cincy a real postseason.
Texas will have tough sledding in the SEC *unless Sarkisian can actually recruit/coach-up & stay sober, all at the same time. **Oh yes, fight off the Longhorn boosters too. Oklahoma will need to strengthen the defense to be successful in the SEC.