I love college football...SEC that is.

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coach Boom is a do not want him ever.
It is at least refreshing to now know that the name Jeremy Pruitt is not longer associated with any SEC program & may that continue in the future. I am glad that the Vols bank account will not drained again by this firing.
Billy Napier was a very hot name in this year's coach-firing-cycle, but he was not hired by anyone ? Wonder why ? Other schools have passed on him.
Looks like the Tennessee program is on a equal level with South Carolina. Hopefully a young/energetic/offense-minded new head coach will be hired.
Hiring Steele was definitely the sign that Pruitt's time on Rocky Top was ending. Pruitt had a real problem communicating with people & if you can't communicate=you will not be a good head coach. In any business communication is the key to success & Jeremy did not have that ability. Now it's upward & onward for the Vol program. the SEC East needs a competitive Tennessee football program.
LSUMC...We agree on that. Who'd you hire ? I'd hire Jamey Chadwell of Coastal Carolina(If he can make a winner there, he can do it anywhere). He's a young/energetic/offense-oriented/successful head coach, plus you could won him on the cheap @ $2.75 Million/year & and one(1) years salary buyout.
Kevin Steele has developed into a good defensive coordinator, but his records as a head coach at Baylor & I believe Sou. Miss were not good. Interim-coach only.
Esso...agreed...Hugh Freeze can afford to wait for the right opportunity & the Vol opening is not it.
Jamey Chadwell of Coastal Carolina is a young/energetic/offense-oriented head coach. Everyone who has succeeded in any business got a break along the way...why not ?
Why ? He's done what he needs to do in college. I would not chance any injury in that game...he does not benefit by playing. He's an amazing receiver, but got some bad advice on this one. One injury can cost him Million$$$$$
Clemson's defense was young in 2020 & was overlooked by many...because they are Clempson...their DB's were weak also. Ohio State brought all that to the forefront and torched em. Clempson now has drifted into a state of complacency & their annual trips to the Playoffs should result in more defeats...just like 2019 & 2020. Very few head coaches & coordinators still have that fire inside, once they're rich. Dabo's living in his 15,000 sw. ft. lakefront mansion now & has made it to the big-time.
Life for an assistant/coordinator in the off-season means you work only every other week plus the pay scale is higher.
I have a feeling that Mullen "needed" the exposure concerning his possibly taking a job in the NFL. That exposure overshadowed some of his 2020 season antics & horrible finish to the season. So let's face it...Dan Mullen benefitted from that publicity. A PR guy could not have scripted it better.
Understanding the Supply/Demand is the easy part...Pay the coach the commensurate salary, but not the insane buyout $$$. If any coach wants the job, he'll take the deal. If not keep there are some very good young head coaches out there. Note: Jamey Chadwell at Coastal Carolina. Every person who has ever achieved success in any field got a break of some type along the way.
Head Coach Nick Saban has been a very good investment for the University of Alabama. Roll Tide !
Other assistants are actively courting jobs at other universities also...looks like Good Ole Rocky Top is currently burning.
It seems like a lot of players have transferred or opted-out this year if things were not going the way they envisioned. I guess a free-opt out/transfer year opens up lots of possibilities for plyers that have not reached 100% of their potential. But why would anyone transfer into the Vol program right now ? So much uncertainty remains on Rocky Top. Many questions there & no answers coming out.
That Arkansas/Auburn game still raises a lot of eyebrows. I was thinking...this cannot be right. Auburn di get their share of calls in 2020.
What's truly Insane is the fact that these Athletic Directors even agree to these unreal buyouts. A sports agent is the negotiator for the coach, so a college that's looking to hire a new coach needs their own negotiator too. Not an attorney, they work by the hour or minute$ they bill. To me, the two(2) schools that jump off the page in terms of buyouts are Florida & South Carolina(the buyouts for Muschamp at both schools total $21.3 Million(not bad for being a totally failure as a head coach right ?) The Universities need to consider hiring a coach a business, not a multi-million dollar whim.
So are they buying an air conditioner for the visitor's locker room...maybe clearing out the mold too ?
Anyone here remember 2nd down and 26 yards ? Tua throws to Devonta Smith=Touchdown=National Championship ! Roll Tide !
No true LSU fan would remember 10 favorite moments in the Tigers 2020 season...maybe the kickoffs ? LSU will be back in a few years. One thing is certain...that 2019 season was magical.
Kiffin's now ex-wife, Layla is a California girl and did not like the weather in Knoxville and the job was Southern his choice was simple. I believe he could have done well on Rocky Top.
Shane Beamer needs a lot of new players...With the roster gutted by quitters more troops are needed fast. Defensive secondary & wide receivers...Oh yes QB's too. Recruit-Recruit-Recruit.
It's sad to even type this...But Tennessee's once-proud program currently is about equal to South Carolina's. But South Carolina has stopped the bleeding and now has a new ambitious/energetic head coach to recruit hard and to bring the program back to some respectability...and Tennessee does not have that positivity.