I love college football...SEC that is.


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10 on-field assistants ? Is that a record number ? Hydration assistant ? In-Game Nutrition assistant maybe ? In-Game Personal Problem assistant ?That number just sounds big.
Great stuff, Gators & Dawgs ! Keep up the good work.
The Rose Bowl is the Powerful Rose Bowl and that will not change.
Clemson to the SEC=not happening. It's really all in-flux now, so we'll have to wait n see what happens.
As long as Texas is not favored by Sankey, they will get their just-rewards in the SEC by way of many lost football games. All that money & pride will be lost in a veil of tears...hopefully.
Napier ? With the under-whelming recruiting class many Gator fans are nervous already. I hear "over his head" and other phrases like that concerning Billy.
BamaTime...Datboi will not ever be the HC in Tuscaloosa. The past 2-3 years -via- poor recruiting he's let his program slide. Their last two(2) Playoff games, they got manhandled.
Imperial...some of O'Briens plays-called inside the 10 yard line were a bit unusual but as you stated, with a Heisman QB and great receivers calling plays is a bit easier for the OC. Roll Tide !
This young man prizes a Degree from Vandy more than lots of SEC victories. Have a great career and life after you graduate from Vandy.
That video is full of irony. Jimbo's rant vs. Coach Saban was personal, not business. And now the video surfaces. Pie on the face, Jimbo ? Yes and it's a gooey-sticky pie that's difficult to wash off. I can see the new A & M recruiting video..."Come to A & M where we pay more".
The winds of change are blowing in College Football. Excuse me...the hurricane-winds of change are now blowing throughout the Power 5 conferences. Concerning Clemson, I know that Dabo does not want the SEC schedule, as they would be forever eliminated from the Playoffs, but the Big 10 might work for them, once the Playoff is expanded. The Transfer-Portal/NIL and now the explosion of the conferences. It's going to be very interesting.
SEC Coaches on the Hot-Seat...Harsin for sure & Drinkwitz might leave for greener pastures to a lower-tier school to get his resume pumped back up.
No A & M fans today ? Wonder why ??????? They are in hiding, trying to avoid what they know is coming.
MUTiger1...The SEC is already a Basketball-Power, Auburn Tennessee, Arkansas.
Notre Dame's Holier-Than-Thou, Arrogant, Prima Dona attitude has always been despicable. Any time they lose=happiness for me. Their recent coaches totally encapsulate those attitudes...a la Charlie Weiss & Brian Kelly.
Notre Dame has not been in the mix for a Natty since the 1980's. My feeling is that they do not have to join any league but the time might just be right to jump into the ACC. They would not join the SEC for any amount of $$$$$.
Yes it is very big news that Southern Cal & UCLA are bolting to the B1G. But since the Transfer-Portal & Name Image Likeness have arrived, nothing in college football really surprises me anymore. Stay tuned for more "Seismic events" in the game we all love. Clemson will stay in the ACC no matter what happens around them. The ACC is their ticket to greatness, so to speak.
Those road games for the Eastern B1G schools will be faraway-road-games.
There was a time when the Dabo-to-Tuscaloosa thinking was deemed to be possible by a lot of people, but that time has passed. He will retire from Clemson & will not coach into his mid 60's age-wise. He's busy trying to rebuild Clemson now, as they were lazy in recruiting for 2-3 years and last year it bit 'em. I'm not sure of his age now, but he will not be on the sideline in his 70's.
I firmly believe that Coach Nick Saban will coach as long as he wants unless a health situation warranted his retirement. We Tide fans wish him great health forever.
It's gotten so difficult for any defensive player to win a Heisman. The Quarterbacks are the glamour-guys of football especially since the offenses are wide open now. Receivers get a lot of love too, but the "D" players perform but get little glory.
Major college football was cruising along nicely & then BOOM ! Texas & Oklahoma want to join the SEC & the other conferences began thinking "What's gonna happen to us ?" Plus you add the Transfer-Portal and Name-Image-Likeness into the pot and that's some flavor of soup that's being cooked. The question is...What flavor is the soup going to be ? *Clemson is not ever leaving the Always Cushy Conference for any amount of $$$ since they've got it made in the ACC with little or no competition, every year. Yes I know they had 3 losses last year.
For obvious reasons Alabama is my #1 but LSU for a night game is electric. I have attended a couple games at Clemson & to me there's no comparison to game day at the SEC campuses(excluding Vandy of course). Roll Tide !
"Jeremy Pruitt Explains" is a tough way to title any article. Could cornbread ever explain anything ?
His "Touchdown Tennessee, Give Him Six" is a phrase to remember always for Vol fans. I actually lived in Knoxville during Fulmer's best years & it was a special place on football Saturdays.
YouWorship...Agreed. When Riley became the head coach at Oklahoma he was young and will look for upward mobility toward the NFL. But with the salary at a Sou Cal or any major college football program, would it be wise to be a rookie-NFL coach ?
Famously...The word "Permanent" does not mean the same as it did 30 years ago. Very few things other than death & taxes are really "Permanent" now.