I love college football...SEC that is.

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cocky...You Cock Fans know Will is a horrible head coach, but you're just stuck with him(massive buyout). The day he was hired...I told a friend of mine who IS a Cock-Fan..."Bad Hire" and I'm sticking by that statement. No spamming here...It Is the Truth. Cock Fans Are Loyal and Deserve Better than What they've got Now.
Did I Just Read Twenty(20) Million $$$$$ Per Year ? If he sits out, he'll get badly out-of-shape and be fortunate to have a Career left. Shrink that head a little and play ball.
Mack Brown Is Recruiting "lights-out" in Chapel Hill. He's making His "last stand" a Memorable one.
Looks like Arkansas was the Only Other SEC School that offered. Three *** guy=He'll Fit Right In.
Got a Feeling that H's Sitting-Out 2020. But the NCAA has made Stranger-Decisions before.
It's Wonderful News that Any College Football team has Zero Cases. Let's All Hope all this is Behind Us Real Soon.
Marcus we're Gonna Miss You. You'll be Great whatever show you are on.
Pawl...Pawl...Pawl...You Surely Seem to be "Reaching-for-Straws" in attempts to get some Publicity or Headlines. Yes We All realize that this is gonna be a Different-Football-Season. Who Knows How it will play out ? Maybe he's not taking his Meds again ?
LG61...I know what you mean concerning Coaches showing up and cheering for their rivals back in those days...mainly at B'Ball Tourneys. The World is More of a "Me Me Me" Mentality. I have always cheered for Any SEC Team in a Bowl Game...Yes even Auburn.
I was Cheering for Shaun to get the Position on the SEC Channel's Game Day Show....He Would Have Been Great ! Roll Tide !
LegHumperU...those ClemGooberU Players are "Real Close"....Sure seems like it. Of course they are Practicing together...but the NCAA would not Dare to Investigate the chapel of Dabo and all his minions.
Booches94...That First Quarter Was Good. Duke's Defense was Wired and Stopped the Tide...Mid-Way thru the 2nd Quarter...We started to Play Better...little by little. Sark mixed-up the plays well in the Second Half.
Marsh...true...not a lot of Good Football on both Sides that night...but a Win Is a Win...I'll Take One Every Game.
Feleipe Franks is Indeed a Talented-Athlete...He's & a few injuries that hurt his Progress also. But With that Arm & His Mobility...He seems to have made his situation worse by what's Between-His-Ears. Don't Get Me Wrong...I'm Really Pulling for Him to Have a Great Year With the Hogs...but It Seems When Things Are Going Well for Him...Boom ! Some Kind of Blow-Up.
Bill...that's What I wanted to post...but I tried to put it in a kindler/gentler way. I have enjoyed attending games with a few Dawg your "downtown' area. Go Dawgs ! *Unless you're Playing The Tide.
"IF" Cam can Concentrate on Football....That is the Big Question...Just keep Quiet and Play Ball...then maybe a Good choice...Frankly I prefer Stidman for the long-term.
Just thinking about those two(2) guys getting "Hired" to Coach in the SEC still amazes me. did Jeremy Foley hire mac ? The S.C. Athletic Director was over-his-head the day he was hired, that's the reason Will was hired. What Horrible Coaching-Choices these Highly-Paid Athletic Directors Made. *And Will-n-Mac got Wealthy by Failing ?
LegHumperU...Been to that place...nothing there but ClemGooberU. They're all sitting on the same pew at the church of Dabo...No Doubt. Odds of 8 to least. The PED "Capital" of college football does it their-way. No NCAA around such a Saintly-Program.
Death....sounds like you sleep in clempson tiger-paw PJ's...Sure Bet that's a sight ! Your team plays in the Always Cushy Conference...ACC and sleep walk into the Playoffs w/o breaking a sweat....what a Sham ! You'll get a surprise or two this year...just wait.
V@ls1998...Agreed concerning South Carolina. Will's not ever going to allow any Offensive Coordinator to Just Do His Job. Will's micro-managing every aspect of the program failed at Florida & South Carolina. He won't change now, even though he's on The-Hot-Seat Big Time. We all wish we had a buyout of !3 Million $$$...right ? S.C. Doe Not have the Playmakers.
I gotta put The Gators over Georgia & LSU. Georgia-totally New Quarterback & Offense. Florida has more Offensive Stability. LSU's gotta take some steps backward w/all the new Assistants & Coordinators. A & M Should be a Surprise(that Schedule sets em up nicely).
Gotta Wait on Monken & Jamie Newman. No Spring Ball...It's gonna be Rusty at first...kinda like that Ice Cream called Rocky-Road. Flashes of Brillance, but Steady, not sure ? Hopefully the Offense Meshes. We'll See.
Not...FrozenHawg...Get Over It. Bielema Destroyed Your Program....not Chad. He Inherited it & then discovered How Really Bad It Was.
I recall Taj Boyd at Clemson...running Chad Morris' Offense. Guys...Most People have forgotten that ole Dabo was close to getting Fired in 2010(before bringing in Chad Morris). That Offense Made Clemson an Attractive Destination. A Receiver named Sammy Watkins showed the football world what a talented Wideout can do with that Offense...then the Talent Began to Arrive. It was definitely not because of the divine-personality of Dabo...What a fake !
Chad Morris Did Not Create Arky's Mess...You can blame a 300 pounder named Bielema for that one. Chad Morris Inherited a Dumpster-Fire created by a Coach with a 40 Yrs. Ago Offense.
King...try easing off the Meth a little O.K.
If Nick Saban Offered=Great. If Muschump offered=Yuk !