I love college football...SEC that is.

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Florida had a number of talented QB's but during the McElwain & Muschamp eras in Gainesville...but they chose to transfer.
Bcreek....You've got me laughing on that one ! Keep up the great word-smithing.
It sure does not sound like the protocol at Notre Dame. They tend to dot the i's and cross the t's on everything.
What's going on at A & M ? Whatever it is...doesn't sound good.
I have been on the Sam Pittman bandwagon since the day he was hired. The Razorbacks' program right now needs stability and his guiding the team in an upward projection will be steady & I truly believe that in year three(2) he'll have the hogs rolling again. That O-line is gonna be on that.
Simmons...they sure kicked your Quiet in the back of the class. Remember you played in the ACC(Always Cushy Conference).
We've gotta love these SEC's been along while w/o SEC football.
I believe Drink will tight the ship in 2 or 3 years at Mizzou. His specialty is offense and he'll recruit in that direction strongly. The fan base just needs to be patient.
Will said...We'll continue to look at what our best combination of guys is ? Sounds like a plan right ?
"The University wasn't sure how it was leaked"...hmmm...maybe trying to get out of that h-u-g-e buyout ? That hot-seat is burning right now.
I read "fan base" in that article...Vandy actually has one ? Maybe when James Franklin coached there there was one...yes there was.
It's going to be a tough climb to get back up from all the player-losses and coaching'll take time. Gotta get hungry again.
The poor tackling is strange since the head coach at SC formerly was a defensive coordinator. The poor angles in tackling have continued with the Cocks...year after year.
Clemson has a head coach that changed over time & has hired very good coordinators and assistants...and has allowed them to do their jobs without any interference.
Looks like a 2-8 year for the Cocks. That Texas A & M game vs. Vandy...they just did not show up.
A starting QB is not chosen because his family moved to SC from California. The starting Quarterback that is chosen is the one the OC, Mike Bobo, believes can give the team the best chance to win. Will's poor coaching decisions are legendary just like his time at Florida. As an old saying goes "tigers do not change their stripes".
For the Dawgs that first half was real ugly. The new OC/new scheme/QB carousel will haunt Georgia until they get it all meshed. The "D" is elite.
Kudos to any team that beats Clemson(that cheesy schedule of theirs is a joke).
That first half was like watching a bad movie.
Mathis looked lost was apparent he had not played much in while...and I felt Bennet played a pretty good game. The Dawg's QB carousel seems to continue down the road. Jake Fromm is surely being missed.
Yes it has been and will continue to be be a very strange year. But conference rules should not be altered because of the virus. These athletes should have to sit a year. We do not need to re-invent the wheel because this year's been very atypical.
The "Air Raid" looked real good...those LSU defensive backs were totally worn out by the end of the 3rs qtr...that's what they were telling the MSU wide receivers.
Jaylen Waddle is himself...a good route runner and a baller...period. Roll Tide !
Their record in 2020 will not be .500 A record of 2-8 or 3-7 is more reasonable to consider.
It is surprising to see Joyner not on the field...that kid can run and has some great moves. He should have gone to Dabo-world. At whatever position...the most talented players need to be on the field playing. Putting your team in the "position to succeed" is what needs to be done at any school.
Pitts sure looked good to me...mid-season form in the first game.