I love college football...SEC that is.

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Yes I believe it it was a situation created by the losses and the coach's of the field conduct. Those Title IX problems did not help. Let's face it... coach "O" loaded up the staff for that 2019 Natty Magical season & when the brain trust left the bldg.=it all came down hard.
Play the remaining home game w/o fans. Hurt the fans, a $$$ penalty does not come out of their pockets.
Getting the Vol program back to being a competitive team in the SEC seems like something their fans are standing in the way of. Since 2008 they've acted the same way.
Vol4Life...Sounds like you do not care for Lane Kiffin (or) butt hurt because your team lost ?
Dan Mullen's best coaching was in Starkville, Mississippi.
Booches...We disagree ion most everything but I actually want Mizzou to play better and be a competitve SEC East football team. 2020 with a new coach=lots of enthusiasm produced some victories for sure. But in 2021 the real reality of SEC football set in, plus it looks like a lot of Barry Odom's "D" players are now gone. Best of luck to finish the year.
Prior to the season I posted that I felt the Mizzou team would take a step back this year...but I did not envision it as four(4) steps back. Come on Mizzou...the SEC needs you to be competitive in the SEC East.
SECHomer...Are you sure that the Gator boosters & fans would give Will Muschamp a welcome in Gainesville ? If so...You have a very, very short memory. He is viciously hated by most who have an interest in the program. Look elsewhere to boost your "D".
If there's any truth out there concerning the current 2021 Dan Mullen it is that he is a lazy recruiter. He merely assumes that all that talent in the State of Florida will flock to Gainesville automatically. Well they do not. Recruiting for any elite program now is nationwide.
Dan Mullen's best coaching of his life happened in Starkville, Mississippi.
"Proved Corral mortal" ? Obviously you did not view the game nor read the box score.
Matt...What an amazing game for you. You what you needed to do & did it. Congratulations on the victory !
Ghost...So you now an advanced degree in Human Psychology ? Congratulations !
Ghost...but we Tide fans do not live in a glass house. Tennessee does and has since 2008. Just think prior to posting if that's possible.
Ghost...You and the Vol fans are still butt hurt because Lane left Knoxville ? That's a long, long time ago. Tennessee's numerous cycles of horrible coaches is not Lane's fault...those decisions lie with your AD's. The abyss that has been Vol football since 2008 belongs to the Tennessee decision-makers not anyone else. So just accept the facts and move on (or) will you Vol fans allow that haunting-past to keep destroying your football program for years to come. The NCAA is not going to be easy on the Vols, so positivity & hope is all your program has now.
Great Win Ole Miss. Glad you had no players injured from falling water bottles.
Footballisrigged.....Have you signed your membership for the Snowflake Club yet ? You already qualify.
gwhite...There were bad calls vs. both teams last night. So throwing the refs under the bus is not the answer. My answer to the Vols is a Question...Why did you not score one(1) more touchdown in the 1st of 2nd half ? If they had=a Vol victory. Any other questions ?
I like the "empty Vol stadium" idea...for the rest of the season. The fans are the ones that should be punished. No $$$$$$ fine of any amount will stop this insanity, as the fans do not have to pay the fine. The Guilty must be punished, to not ever be allowed to happen again. Neyland Empty has a nice ring to it really.
Bamalicious...I am a Tide fan thru-n-thru but the 2021 edition of the Dawgs is for real. Roll Tide !
I read that Satterfield's offense is complicated & is that what a team with a depleted roster needs ? Probably not...the team needs simple and hopefully effective schemes. Lots of luck Cocks.
The Cocks almost lost to Vandy ? I did not know the program was in this state of affairs. Hopefully Shane can get the ship righted and moving forward. I wish the Cocks success.
Concerning JT's health and the number of games he's missing. Stetson Bennett IV has played well & now the team believes in him. I'd continue to play him even If/When JT can play. My opinion has changed concerning IV...he can win a Natty for the Dawgs. Yes I am a Tide fan, but reality is reality.
Nash...Mullen seems to ignore certain games in the team's preparation, but it's the SEC and you cannot do that.
Dan Mullen did the best coaching in his career while at Mississippi State. He accomplished far more with far less talent.
The Dawg fans are ready for the cocktail-party in Jax. Looks like they'll turn the town red this year.
It's the era of the transfer-portal. What a breathe of fresh air the portal has brought to the game of college football...right ? Not hardly. This rule has to be one of the absolute worst new twists to transferring ever enacted by the NCAA. It brings the ME-ME-ME athlete new power. AR15 will probably leave the Gators & he surely could have helped the team far more more than Emory ever has..
Tennessee fans are hopeless hillbillys & rednecks. Get your checkbook ready as Sankey is going to make an "example" out of your fans actions.
Tennessee...Sankey's gonna spank you hard financially & you deserve it. Golf balls ? Bush League.