I love college football...SEC that is.

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This number of NFL draftees bodes very well for Our Conference, The SEC.
Uh oh ! Does Tennessee(in a rebuilding phase) really want a kid like this ? A total locker room the problems he'll probably have "off the field" ? He seems more destined to Texas A & me, at least. Jimbo has had success with this type of player, in the past.
1hogg...I tend to agree with you. Somehow coach Pittman will bring some old-fashioned coaching to Arkansas. It may not happen fast, but I really believe that(if given time) the Razorbacks will be a good fundamental football team....and that usually creates more Wins than Losses. Here's wishing Sam Pittman Great Success at Arkansas.
Now John Daly needs to send Sam some of those wildly-printed slacks he wears while playing golf. The players will love em. Then Coach Pittman will really be stylin'
I remember hearing this phrase...Son, just throw the ball to guys wearing the same color jerseys as you. For him, maybe a West Coast/Pass Happy Offense will bring him some success.
I Love the Orange-Color Posts ! Great job, posters ! The Hits Just Keep-On-Coming.
cmgator...Everyone needs to "play the cards you are dealt". Win-em-all and everything takes care of itself. With that 2020 schedule the only possible loss could be at Notre Dame, but I have no idea what players ND has coming back. And I agree that the Clempson coach needs to drop the whining-schtick and act like a Head Coach.
Hernandez documentary...oh, that young man had some major mental problems...heckuva player, talent/size/desire but a bad boy from day one. A $40 Million contract & he's out shooting someone=??? Yes, Urban Meyer was portrayed in a non=flattering role in that saga.
How much $$$ is Arky still paying Bret ? These fired-SEC coaches still work, but are paid they can still collect those "totally-insane-buyouts" ole Butch Jones for Tennessee. Will AD's ever stop agreeing to the Unbelievable Buyuouts ? Probably not, as the checks do not come from from their personal accounts. It is ezzy to spend someone else's money, right ?
1hogg...I agree that Feleipe Franks is definitely a step-up from Newman. I am not a big supporter of Franks....BUT he has played in the SEC and knows the speed of the defensive backs in the SEC. Franks can provide some firepower for that horrible offense with his legs as well as with his arm. As long as he knows that this is probably his last shot at the NFL...maybe, just maybe he will settle down and make the throws that the Defenses give him. this time is a box of ???
During the Florida games that I watched...when Emory came on the field, the Defense knew it was a run & defensed it accordingly. His running style seemed kinda jerky, trying to fake 2-3 times per carry. He may have all the talent but as a QB you still have to translate that talent into game-time-action.
Coach "O" deserves this big raise & hopefully he can keep-the-ball-rolling toward those Wins. He paid his dues at Mississippi & Southern Cal and now IS a Head Coach. Great job coach "O".
boss hog....Hiring Bret Beliema turned-out to definitley not be a big hire...right ? He left your program in a double-dumpster-fire state. It's gonna take years to right the ship(excuse me, that ship already sank)..for Arkansas, time to build a new ship called a Competitive SEC Football Team.
Corch Irvin....totally agreed. I lived in Knoxville at the time and the local newspaper printed the long-distance phone call records of Phil's calls to the mega-donors(printed em years later). He campaigned big-time for that job...but it did work out in Tennessee's favor,as Phil Fulmer's record guiding the Vols cannot be denied. Plus, a mega-donor was run off the practice field by Johnny Majors...after suggesting changes in the practice routines. So Majors got a big-buck donor PO'd and Phil started his coup to oust Johnny Majors.
Agreed...that South Florida atmosphere of bikinis & parties just "might" get into a young athlete's mind a little bit. The "U" sure has had their share of mal-adjusted players recently, but it is the "U". Also they've had a drought of Wins too.
Bad boy...Bad boy..what ya you gonna do...when they come for you ? If he's done at Last chance U=he's gone from college football.
TIDEPIT...A bit harsh aren't you. This young man, Jalen Hurts, will be successful in whatever venture he chooses to explore. He has handled whatever situation has been thrown at him. You may want to lay off the meds a bit...and you actually have an Alabama logo beside your name ? You're trashing that logo...sad.
A wonderful young man ! I hope you have a great career. You'll be successful in the game of life...a total class guy.
NashvilleGator...Agreed, that's what the tougher SEC schedule does to a team, bruises/injuries/flat worn-out at the end of the season. It takes a big toll on any team, facing a difficult schedule of quality teams.
Joe Burrow spent time in two(2) top-tier schools, Ohio State and LSU. Such a bad analogy.
Newman is a big kid with all the tangibles..strong runner, big arm...but how about the intangibles like reading a defense and making the right decisions at crucial times in the game. A first Qtr. pick is a pick but a 4th Qtr. pick while driving for winning Touchdown is not just-a-pick. I'll wait and see how it goes with him. I am wishing the Dawgs the best, but it seems like there are a lot of bridges-to-cross before the season even begins.
Kirby made the needed hire & we'll all see how he works out. Hopefully the receivers can develop into premier players. I feel that he will open-up the offense.In the Head Coaching world & in business, you do what needs to be done, to win. I do hope that Georgia can keep winning & thus continue the improvement in the SEC East.
Dooley ? Please wash your mouth out with soap.
One thing seems certain....most posters on this site agree that Clempson's schedule is cupcake-city every year. True they are in the ACC and for that's great=Victory, Victory, Victory...with very little effort. A few years ago the ACC had a really good Florida State(National Champions) team and a pretty good Louisville team & Pittsburgh beat em once. But now that cupcake-conference is zilch. Oh well.
Cody..You understood the point...some posters only read the first 3 or 4 lines, then hit the keyboard.
Dooley...oh my ! They must be desperate...but NFL teams always recycle coaches from one team to the others. I believe he was a position coach with the Cowboys, after his debacle in Knoxville.
foamfinger...I agree with you...datboi is a whiner. His "lil-ole-clempson" monologue got real old...real fast. He lost a lot of respect in the national media for those continued rants.
NC-Dawg...True. I remember when a coach named Phil Fulmer switched to a spread-offense & he was fired that year. It is a drastic change for everyone, especially the lineman. Tennessee was so confused that year, the O-linemen were running into each other.
Amazing...why did he end up on scholly at South Carolina ? No FSU interest ?
When Gus hired Chad Morris I did not think that he would have come, if he were not allowed to call the offensive plays. He installed the offense at Clempson, and those guys would not be where they are now, without that offense and the players it attracts. I believe it will be an improvement, as Gus became really predictable in his play-calling...gonna be an improvement. Chad's failure at Arky had a lot of factors involved(from the tales I've heard) that program was a double dumpster-fire after Bret Beliema left. Lots of luck as the OC, Chad !