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Tim ran a very similar at Florida, and if you've got a Quarterback with Plumlee's's a great offense. Rich Rod's been running it since West Virginia, Michigan & Arizona. With the right recruits=it is fast, explosive and tough to defend against. LSU's defense concerns me, as when the Playoffs begin...they'll face a team or two that can move the ball.
Bcreek....agreed...that song sandstorm ? After it's played, then there has to be a kickoff=game over !
45 Rushing Yards ? When has any SEC Team EVER won a game with that few rushing yards ? I cannot remember one. The Clemson game will probably be closer than most people think(Note: S.C. vs. Georgia this year). But Georgia played a very uninspired game, remember ? Clemson will not be uninspired. The Cocks may get a pick off of Trevor...the D Line can move some people(if Muschamp has not lost the locker room). The very-uninspired play vs. Texas A & M seemed to me like the players had written off this season. Yes, a few will speak out of their support for their coach, but the majority...who knows ? Clemson wins this on big...on talent level alone, and figuring their skill players in space...Oh My !
cola_cock...You have about covered it all....all I can add is why would any AD hire a guy, whose temper is out-of-control on his good days, but on game days...Oh my ! If Tanner does not fire this failure, The S.C. President needs to fire 'em both(Tanner & Muschamp). One thing that I know is that the loyal Gamecock Fans deserve better, much better. At leas ta coach that'll give the team a chance-to-win. Gamecock Fans have stuck with the program through thick-n-thin and need to hold their heads up again. They need a coach that will at least give them HOPE.
Ray Tanner only cares about filling the stadium for the Clemson game, so the fans will buy a lot of hot dogs/burgers/sodas...all that adds up you know. A $19 million buyout is a lot of hot dogs & sodas. After Clemson destroys the Gamecocks, the obvious decision is to FIRE MUSCHAMP, to stop the it's not gonna get any better next year. Will is extremely hard-headed and is not really gonna change much. What's hiring a new OC do if YOU DO NOT HAVE SEC CALIBER PLAYERS ? His recruits have been sub-SEC talent and of course it shows on the field. Appalachian State was not lucky, THEY ARE A MUCH BETTER TEAM, WITH BETTER RECRUITS AND WELL-COACHED in addition. You've gotta blame Ray Tanner...he hired Will. Time for the S.C. President to fire 'em both.
Good ! 'Glad to hear that she has only a concussion...gotta put her into "the concussion protocol program" and she'll be fine in a few days.
BlackAndGarnet...Kirby was too smart to come to South Carolina. He knew that Mark Richt ran a good program...but the Dawg fans just wanted to Win the East Again....and rightly so. Nobody really wanted the South Carolina coaching job...think back...the job was turned down by 3-4 coaches...and Muschamp was hired(and nobody else wanted him). Hiring will goes down as the single worst Financial $$$ decision that any Athletic Director at South Carolina ever made. It seems to me that most South Carolina fans want to place the blame on the refs...or anyone else, rather than their own Athletic Director, Ray Tanner. And remember you guys were excited about Will's coming to Columbia. I have a friend who is a strong contributor to S.C. and he liked the hire. I told him this..."look at his record at Florida...he failed horribly...even went into the stands to fight with a fan..that temper has no place in a Head Coach's head". It seems that I was right about Will. He was a bad hire from day one. Fire him & Pay the $19 million(it hurts to even type that number). That's more $$$ than it cost Notre Dame to fire Charlie Weiss($16 million.) And for what ? recruits, horrible assistants(who wants to work for Will ?) He has driven the program down to the point that they do not even compete anymore. From the looks of the execution in the A & M game, the players have written him off too.
I must be feeling cynical today.....but this game featured Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt. Two(2) generally-considered bottom-feeders in the SEC East. O.K. Kentucky is mostly better with Stoops at the Helm, Vandy is Vandy(gosh they went to a Bowl Game a couple years ago w/5 wins plus their high graduation rate factored-in). I actually thought Bowl Games were for decent teams that won Six(6) I wrong ? 'Must be, since they did go bowling on a five(5) win season. Concerning Vandy's firing of Mason. Well, I do remember a Good coach that had Vandy firing on all cylinders. His name is James Franklin(at Penn State now). Mason was the D coordinator at Stanford & if a school hires a D coordinator as it's head coach,'re gonna get a vanilla offense and a decent defense. Note: South Carolina. A coach's job security is defined as "having enough wins to decently satisfy the fan base", right ? So the pitchforks and torches are not brought out. FSU wants a more splashy-hire than Stoops, you can believe that. But I still feel that there are some very good, young Head Coaches out lesser conferences, who will put in the long hours of recruiting and maybe even enjoy it. Plus no Huge Contract & Unbelievable Buyout Clause.
'Looks like Alabama is out of it for this year. Paul's top six(6) look reasonable. My only change would be Clemson, they would not be in my top six(6). Most fans do not realize how many Five Star-firth Year Studs they lost from that D-Unit...a total of eight(8) players went pro...and since they play in that jr. college league, ACC, they play not a single decent team...I am not biased against Clemson, but it seems that the category called "strength of schedule" has been forgotten by the committee, and Paul too. Put 'em in the SEC and they will lose 3 games a year ...every year...even in the SEC East(which is horrible right now).
chiefgator...Will's tenure at South Carolina mirrors his time at good year=contract extension, raise, big buyout, then falls off the cliff. South Carolina needs to stop the the loyal Gamecock fans need and deserve a better coach.
BlackAndgarnet.....You Gamecock fans are still complaining about the refs ? No ref ever cost a team the entire season, period. Anyone with a brain can deduce that. Your Head coach (or) defensive coordinator trying to mask his identity as a head coach...get real. Will Muschamp failed at Florida and has miserably failed at South Carolina. Gamecock fans are extremely loyal & I respect that...but let's face the facts. Will's only "claim-to-fame is that he was the D Coordianator under Mack Brown at Texas(and with all that Texas was not a difficult job). Being a Successful Head coach involves a lot of things: Hiring the right assistants/coordinators/strength coach/etc. and getting these men to mesh into a winning combination. Recruiting, yes...without talent, you're not going to win. Most recruits since Will has been there have had offers from non-SEC schools...does that tell you something ? He is a failure as a Head Coach, so no excuses. He over-practiced his teams at Florida=lot of injuries=ditto for South Carolina & he won't change. S.C. President...please fire Ray Tanner first, then immediately fire Will Muschamp, as the loyal Gamecock fans deserve better, much better.
As I recall when Steve Spurrier coached the Gamecocks, his teams recorded a record of 11 Wins & 2 Losses for three(3) consecutive years. Will Muschamp failed at Florida and has mkiserably failed at South Carolina. Losing by 24 points to A & M. ? The Gamecocks do not even compete anymore. Mediocrity, yes...he can accomplish that. He over-practices his players greatly=too many injuries(note" Florida and South Carolina injury patterns). As a Head coach=A TOTAL FAILURE AT TWO(2) SEC SCHOOLS. If he does not get fired after Clemson destroys 'em....Ray Tanner(AD) will be shown the door first and Will's next. Behind the scenes, the groundwork has been planned and laid. GOODBYE WILL & GOOD RIDDANCE. You will not be a head coach, ever again...thank goodness. No school deserves that. What a horrible hire...nobody else wanted him.
Yes, these kid do want to play...period. But we all mad decisions when we were 21 years old that we probably regretted and definitely would not do today, right ? And yes, it is the responsibility of the coaches to make the decisions that is in the best interest of the player(s) health. We have all seen coaches who routinely play injured players 7 downplay the extent of an injury....but after all, the young athletes who play will have to live out their lives...way after their football careers are over. The Bottom Line on this one is....he should not have played in this game. Alabama would have won anyway. "Style Points" for a big victory ? This injury has cost Tua a ton of $$$ which will not come back. Bad decision...whoever made & approved it.
Tua's not returning for another year at Alabama. I wouldn't, would you ? Although his Draft Stock took a hit...he'll go pro. Overall a very sad situation for a very talented Quarterback. Wow ! The speed of his release is just amazing. I wish him all the luck in his recovery. But we all know one thing...Every player who suits up for a game is ONE PLAY AWAY FROM NOT EVERY PLAYING A DOWN AGAIN.
From everything I've seems like a "freak injury" I do not recall many injuries like this. Hopefully he can have a full-recovery and enjoy a full Professional NFL Career. I hope the team that drafts him has a good offensive line. He was allowed to play in the game =why ? Was still in the game to complete a 2 min. drill=why ? He did not look rusty to me. I have a feeling that the OC, Sarkisian mad this decision, not Coach Saban. Nick knew that Alabama's season depended upon Tua playing. We'll probably not ever know the inside-scoop on who decided what, but whoever made that decision=It was a major bonehead decision.
Coaching a football team is about winning. Coaches that win are normally employed and those that do not win...are fired.
I agree with Jesse Palmer...Alabama needed him to maybe get into the Playoffs, but without him=no Playoffs. Jesse Played Quarterback at Florida & understands the "Why" he was still playing. Bad decision no matter who the Head Coach is.
Tua should have not ever played in this nothing-game. Looked bad...hope not, but he is done until the NFL Draft. Lots of luck in the draft...hopefully your draft stock hasn't taken a really bad hit...but "injury prone" for a QB is a big draft position changer. The D line of Miss. Statre was getting some pressure on him, and there is no legitimate reason to have played him, at
Sad to see a truly Great Quarterback, from any team, suffer an injury like this. This young man has about the fastest-release that I've ever seen. The Tide is out of it now, the Playoffs that is. Really sad for his draft stock is definitely falling(and that's a lot of $$$). I have only questioned a few game day calls that Nick has ever made... 1.Firing Lane Kiffin cost Alabama a National Championship. 2.The Kick Six at Auburn(had zero chance of making it). 3.Tua still playing in this game(cost Alabama a chance in the Playoffs).
I have traveled through Yulee, Florida(quite small & a quaint town, friendly)....and this tribute is a well-deserved award for one of the great running backs for The Alabama Crimson Tide. May the future hold further success in whatever direction your life takes, Derrick.
cola_cock...When one thinks of Will's contract at South just brings the absurdity of these mega-contracts that these stupid AD's are agreeing to. Totally insane to say "YES" to a buyout for Muschamp like that. How many coaches can you name in the country that would be a guaranteed-success when hired ? Currently only one is available & his name is Urban Meyer. And he has three(3) National championships to his credit.And he would not agree to coaching at let's say Arkansas or any school that did not have decent talent. At Florida...Ron Zook loaded up the talent, but was a horrible coach...and at Ohio State Jim Tressel had a great talent level, always..but a scandal cost him his job. So Urban is a very smart Coach, not ever going into any dumpster-fire situation. How many other sure-hire coaches are out there ?
He'll probably sit in the Miss. St. game and the Western Carolina game. He needs to properly-heal prior to Auburn. He'll play at Auburn, that's a sure Auburn at home can be a great team...with that D-line of theirs.
Go back to the BCS days, as I trust the computers much more than these committee members. The computers actually valued something called "Strength of Schedule" and the members of the committee do not even understand what it means. There are guys that are actually employed by Universities..a la "conflict of interest". BCS actually meant something and if there are two(2) SEC schools in the national championship..or two(2) other's O.K. Let 'em play...somebody's gonna win it all.
Paul, I tend to agree on this one. Georgia has more to lose than Auburn. The game just means more for the Dawgs. But...I am sure that there are some new Auburn fans this week...that's those that wear the ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE COLORS. The rankings are very uncertain at this time and there are some teams that can make a major move in the polls. As the saying goes..."THEY REMEMBER NOVEMBER". Although the "committee" put Georgia ahead of Alabama & Georgia's loss was an ugly-played game vs. a horrible South Carolina team...and Alabama lost to LSU(the new #1 ranked team)=??? Do these guys actually watch college football ?
MAN...if all employees were held to the very-low-standards of football coaches=MEDIOCRITY WOULD REIGN SUPREME IN THE WORKPLACE ! So things were not good at Nebraska when he arrived(they never are when a new coach is hired, right ?) But "showing progress" seems to be the buzz phrase for these AD's to keep a so so coach. He did great at Central Florida, but Nebraska is not Orlando, Florida. These two-year "new major college head coaches"...what has happened ? Maybe they have hired a staff that does not mesh...(or) these assistants/coordinators are not very good coaches, or maybe the job/city/fanbase is just not a good fit...kinda like Rich Rod at Michigan. There are a lot of factors in play when a New Head Coach does not produce. Examples: Will Muschamp(South Carolina), Willie Taggart(FLorida State), Chad Morris(Arkansas)...and today with the $$$ these head coaches are being paid, the Universities are just not it'll cost 'em more in the long run to keep a poorly-producing Head Coach. Major College Football Programs have to cut their losses and move on.
The thug-mentality. I say remainder of season suspension w/no pay ! And ban him next season w/no pay. Plus I do hope Mason Rudolph files criminal charges...jail time is what he needs. Doing 2 years in prison may teach him a lesson & when he gets out. he'll be so badly out of shape=no more NFL.
Texas A & M will beat the South Carolina Gamecocks by way more than 11 points. The only thing left the Gamecock players have to look forward to is the Clemson game. They will not get a bowl game and the fact that they all know their "Head Coach" is a 95% bet to get fired after Clemson lays 70 points on 'em. The Georgia at Auburn game is an interesting one. I believe that Georgia is a better team, but ole Gus is always under pressure at Auburn. It seems that no matter what he does there...his seat is always "HOT". Honestly the Auburn fan base seems to be the "most restless" on I have ever seen. This game means more to Georgia than Auburn(like the Florida Game)...and as long as Georgia's young wideouts can shut out all the noise...and Auburn's D-line does not live in Jake from's yard...the Dogs should emerge with a Victory. Alabama in Starkville...should be a ho-hummer, even without Tua playing. The Tide will probably not be hugely motivated, but again...the talent level and general level of play execution should put another "W" on their schedule.
The Mizzou game for Florida involves an away game & a team that has played well at home(Mizzou) and could not beat a High School team on the road. Also I believe the weather will factor in somewhat, with the logistics to even get to Columbia, Missouri. I favor the Gators in this the skill-player talent level at Florida is a mountain ahead of anything that Mizzou has ever had. Plus their Clemson-transfer QB, Kelly Bryant hasn't really lit-up the scoreboard at Mizzou.
Frankly I did not think that Bob Stoops had an interest in returning to the "pressure-cooker" of big-time college football. When he resigned at a young 55 yrs. old...that smacks of burn-out. And now he's "involved" in football, but not with the recruiting and pressures of winning the conference every year. As in any profession, it'll grind you down...if you allow it. 'Been there and done that(not coaching, thank goodness). "IF" I were an Athletic Director at FSU, Arkansas (or) South Carolina(oops, their AD is probably getting axed like Muschamp). But, anyway...Hire a young, energetic guy as Head Coach...and someone from a lower-tier conference. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just because a current head coach at a smaller college hasn't done it, does not mean he cannot coach at a big-time college program. Merely hiring another "recycled head coach" will not bring any long-term enthusiasm nor guarantee wins at any program. There are some talented, good young "coaches on the rise" out there. Let's give one a shot at the big-time.