I love college football...SEC that is.

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Now...If Only A New Home Uniform can make Kellen Mond a more consistent Quarterback for Texas A & M...that would be great ! Seems like he's got the talent, but those lapses in concentration or whatever sure have hindered his development as a Quality SEC Quarterback. And you know Jimbo can calm unstable QB's...Note: Jameis Winston.
The Vol Fans were calling Jeremy Pruitt "Potato Head"...after the team lost to Georgia State & I recall.
Whatever happens to the 2020 SEC Season...The Dawgs needed the Spring Practices a lot...breaking in four(2) new O-Line players and a new Quarterback. Without the new o-line guys working together, Newman will have to use those legs, if the 2020 Season is played...and I for one truly believe that the season will be played(the early games may be a little rusty)...but the Show Must Go On....Hopefully.
I surely hope that Jake Fromm can sign with a team that he can have a good NFL Career. It's sad that the 2019 Season was a down season for him, as far as stats go...but he is a smart Quarterback, and many times that can make up for some other qualities. Good Luck Jake !
The outcry is about many, many people's lives being totally changed and very this time. And Everyone on Planet Earth wants their live to return to Normal...and in September in the U.S.A. that means Football. In the South, it's SEC Football. so actually what Herbie said may or may not be the reality well all face this is a possibility. I for one...want Life To Return To Normalcy...Who Doesn't ? So let's all Hope & Pray this all passes and "The 2020 SEC Football Season" can begin this Fall.
Great Idea ! I prefer the idea of a luscious, blond bombshell type of nurse...wearing a low cut blouse. It's a great boost for the ratings. GameDay has surely had some "famous" pickers who bombed...A good Time To Try this ! Go For It !
If Feleipe Franks had gone to LSU & become the Starting QB ? Anyone remember one of the reasons Les Miles was fired ? Remember his 3 yards and a cloud of dust Offenses ? He would not allow the OC to open up the offense, so my thinking is that Franks would have stayed there 2 years and said adios to the Bayou Country. Since he has a big arm & would have felt under-used. One thing is For Sure, what is between the ears of Joe Burrow is far more stable than what is between Feleipe Franks ears.Any way, that's my thinking.
You cannot create something out of nothing ! As I remember...many desperados in the Old West were hung with nooses & 99.9% of em were white ! End of story.
I saw that photo online the other day & laughed out loud ! Some people are looking for ways to be "offended". Great Stuff coach Leach ! Keep it coming !
What a whiner datboi is...he spews Blah...blah...Blah. It's True that I do not like Clempson & dislike that whiny HC even more....He is merely a cheerleader, no more.
Irregardless of the opinion of the author of this article...Let's face it...Clempson is the "Poster Child" of ESPN. They tippy-toe through that cheesy ACC schedule every year and skip into the Playoffs, w/o even playing the first team more than maybe a half of every game & are completed rested when the Playoffs begin. As far as ever being "underrated"...let's get real...Even though they lost four(4) Offensive Linemen...they'll be ranked at #1 Preseason, and unless a ranked team loses, the "Incompetent Committee" will keep em there. Clempson gets a pass in every way from the NCAA, PED-Issues, etc. Ireally do not care about past-under-ranked College Football is a game of today & now.
Hopefully both can move on with their lives. One thing is sure....$$$ will not be a problem for either one of them. Money may not make you happy, but it can make life real nice.
Mizzou fans will not ever let it go...they go berserk if anyone, ever says anything that could ever be construed as a negative...toward their program. If you're caught=you're caught. Grow up Mizzou Fans.
All I care to say is this.....We All Will Be Glad When The 2020 College Football Season Begins. Gotta remember that Herbie is paid by ESPN and is expected to make some controversial keeps the ratings up, you know.
Tennessee vs. Oklahoma at Norman ? Does anyone(not including the orange-kool aid drinkers) even remotely believe that the Vols have a chance in this game ? Yes, I know the Sooners have lost games to the SEC...yes, but this is a rebuilding Vol team. Sooners all the way on this on. Florida & Georgia in the Cocktail Party...that one's gonna be interesting...I gotta give the Gators the edge this year...oh yes the Dawg's Defense is loaded, right ? But there are a Lot of Questions on the Offense: O-Line, Un-Tested QB who has not fared well vs. Quality D-units(see last year's stats. in game vs. Clemson) ? It's looking like a Great Weekend that I always enjoy...but the Gator Chomp should be on display big-time this year in Jax. No disrepect Dawg Posters, but we gotta be objective some time. We'll see.
wolfman...Drink does not have a learning curve...He has a REALLY-BIG-LEARNING-CURVE. The SEC is not the conference that Appy State played in. I have hopes for him in the latter part of Season #2 & Season #3 but this year...well, most transition years do not go real well...I believe long-term he may develop into a Quality Head Coach, but lots of challenges at Mizzou right now. Lots of Luck in 2020. p.s. Why do you Mizzou Fans get so angry when someone posts anything that even remotely could be considered negative concerning the program ?
The Golf Match sounds great ! Hopefully fans will be allowed on the course by then.
Bojangles...that's a good one ! Sometimes they seem to tackle ghost-wide receivers too. Social-distancing has been a practice w/S.C.'s "D" recently.
Let's all face it...When an athlete is choosing which school to attend and play College Football...Would he be wise to sign at a school where the Head Coach is sitting on the Number One Hottest Seat in College Football ? It's just reality, no disrespect Cock Fans.
Go SEC ! The Best College Football Conference Produces The Greatest Players ! Thanks to All the Coaches in the SEC.
LSU...I think about South Carolina like you...not many real changes in the Wins & Losses Column until a New Real Head Coach is hired. They will probably eke out another win this year, maybe two(2) and that buyout is a biggie...but the fan base has mostly turned on the HC, according to friends I have there.
NashvilleGator....You totally nailed It ! Best Post I've ever, ever read on SDS. You write it like a player Sees it. Keep up the good work !
Wow ! Amazing footage Here ! Lots of Memories...Can we extend it to 30 mins. ? SDS Thanks so much for this. Right means more than you know to all of us.
The Question may be "Will" Cam Newton play in the NFL again. As a Professional Quarterback in the NFL...the longevity of a playing career is greatly dimished. Rememeber RG III ? After a few years his body was so battered & he just could not physically play the game anymore. Cam is a bigger, stronger QB than RG III, for sure...but those DB's and an occasional hit from a Defensive End are brutal, and the human body can only endure so many tackles. He's 30 yrs old, maybe 31 and like a running back, who has endured years of hits...that body is aching. I hope he can land with a team, even just carrying a clipboard or Ipad now, as he's got five(5) children to support. Best of Luck Cam.
there's no doubt in my mind that Auburn had the most talent on any College Football Field that year...a Star*Studded*Cast from top to bottom, but sadly the team with the stars does no always Win It All. There have been a number of teams that may have deserved to be in, but if a team above you in the rankings does not lose...moving up is just not gonna happen. This article is about the Big "What If ?"
NashvilleGator...very true about Dillman, but from what I've heard from friends in S.C. is that Will over-practices the crap out of all his teams always...which make small injuries big ones. it'll be interesting to see his fate after the 2020 season(big buyout).
Clemson has to replace four(4) Offensive linemen, so they might lose a game this year...but with that cream puff schedule...they'll be ranked, based upon the past 3-4 years.
One interesting factoid coming from all this article is that One Head Coach has led two(2) different SEC schools to Identical records of Four(4) Wins & Eight(8) Losses. That Would be the current South Carolina coach, Will Muschamp...Interesting tidbit.
Sluva Luv...Great point ! I remember that team well. Best recruiting & coaching job Terry Bowden has ever done....He was acting like his Dad.
tonytiger....I hope you are 400% correct on this one. I'm ready for SEC Football now. The cases in China have dramatically dropped, after this virus ran it's course there. The rest of the world is ready to see the numbers decline. SEC Football ! SEC Football ! SEC Football !