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I think they would’ve done everything Baylor has done with less losses, so yeah gimme UGA over Baylor.
@AUforverer again, that was aimed at cmgator And for the record, I don’t care which program has the more recent Natty, I definitely wouldn’t trade places with Auburn. UGA >>>Aub
Baylor? The same Baylor that lost to a bad TCU? Conference championships are definitely a part of, but it’s not a pre-requisite to make it in. UGA would have won the same conference championship game Baylor did if they had played in it. Take off your rival glasses and use some sense.
Why would they want to put two SEC teams in it? What would a committee comprised of people from all over the country, including ADs from other conferences, have to gain from that? UGA had been the dominant team pretty much all season. You don’t just wipe that all away after one loss to the #3 team (at the time) in the country.
What day of the week was it when Kirby fu*ked your wife?
Who would you put in over them? Notre Dame? 2-loss Ohio State? 2-loss Baylor? Please enlighten us
Maybe, but playing like they did against some of those teams would have gotten them an L against better competition
How does UGA being at #3 make more money than them being at #4? And when exactly does the playoff committee see that money?
My eyes almost rolled into the back of my head after seeing that suggested POD alignment, especially the one with Bama/UGA/Auburn/UF. Would make more sense balance wise (and still work geographically) to make some tweaks and put them like this: Oklahoma Texas Arkansas Mizzou LSU TAMU Ole Miss Miss State Alabama Auburn Vandy Tennessee Georgia Florida South Carolina Kentucky
No offense to Arkansas, but I’m not seeing how they have a shot at a NY6 bowl game with an 8-4 record and sitting ranked in the 20-25 range.
Not sure who at SDS needs to hear this, but you don’t have to work so hard overhyping the Iron Bowl every single year? In what world is a game with a 19-20 point spread the “Game of the Week”. Seems like the Egg Bowl should get that honor this year.
If only tech has any fans to enjoy that history. The sad part is most of the ones that experienced that “storied history” is just like tech’s trophy case....dusty. Now go back to your hollow in the woods and don’t come back out until Tennessee beats Mizzou and South Carolina next year and starts thinking they’re gonna compete with the big boys again.
He glanced a little too quickly lol
3rd or 4th biggest rival because Mizzou and South Carolina really took it to ya, huh? At first I thought you looked foolish for that comment, but now it makes sense. The rivalry for mid tier SEC East teams will be a heated one for years to come!
That tone is awfully loud for a program that never plays in any big games to begin with
Wouldn’t that statement apply to the winning team as well?
Most definitely not to the same team lol same program, but in zero ways is it the same team
Don’t see Ole Miss losing to Wake and Arky/Clem would probably be pretty competitive.
Agreed, especially since that’s the primary reason Oregon is over Ohio State
I thought one spot didn’t seem like a lot to drop either. I probably would’ve put them between Ole Miss and NC State.
2020, 2019, 2013, 2012, 2010 come to mind quickly. Wasn’t really a clear favorite in 2017, 2016, or 2015 from what I recall.
Don’t see them getting two teams in after the MSU loss to Purdue. If Ohio State wins out, every other contender from the B10 would have at least two losses. Doubt they’d get in over a 2 loss Bama, and maybe not even over a 2 loss Oregon that has a win over Ohio State.
Judging by the fact that they have Ole Miss slated to make a NY6 game and A&M is predicted to the top SEC non-NY6 game, I think he’s correct in thinking they believe Ole Miss will beat A&M. A 10-2 A&M with a wins over Bama, Auburn, and Ole Miss is a top 10 team and makes a NY6 bowl game, probably Fiesta or Peach. A 9-3 A&M likely doesn’t. If A&M beats Ole Miss and is ranked within the top 10, while Ole Miss sits in the 13-18 range, proximity to the bowl location won’t have much to do with it.