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Hold on.....Arkansas is going to score 17-21 points on UGA’s defense that returns most of its production from a 2019 defense that held everyone in the regular season to 17 points or less? Will Arkansas be bringing in some Bama and Florida players? New HC, OC, QB (which UGA got knocked for) with much less talent, but they’re going to have a solid offensive outing against arguably the best defense that’ll play all season? K
That was in 2008, a little more than “a few years” I’d say lol and Kirby definitely wasn’t the coach then
I like Auburn’s LBs, but I can’t see the defense overall being as good as the last three years. Probably still a top 5 in the SEC but definitely not as suffocating as before. I see UGA having an advantage in the trenches on both sides.
Could be true. I think any team not named Bama that we play before the bye week will likely need to score more than 17 to beat us. Not sure any of them can do that. Arkansas is Arkansas, Auburn will be breaking in a brand new OL and without many key defensive players, Tennessee doesn’t have a QB and lost a lot of WR production, and Kentucky seems a bit too one dimensional on offense to beat and elite defense.
I think you hit the mark with returning players personally. That, and when you look at the players we lost to the draft, they weren’t as talented as the guys behind them. So the extra experience and year in the system could mean the new comers will be more impactful than the guys we lost.
I have a wait and see approach with the QBs, although I’d say I’m cautiously optimistic. While I’m sure either one would be more mistake prone than Fromm, I also think they have more big play potential. I also like the elusiveness that Mathis brings to the table, which will come in handy until the OL has time to gel. I do think both QBs have a higher ceiling than Trask though. Not saying they’ll reach that ceiling anytime this season, but the potential is certainly there. As far as who we have behind Pickens, I think Kearis Jackson is due for a breakout season after struggling with some minor injuries last year. Also hearing lots of good things about the freshman group, mainly Burton and Robinson. They should get big minutes early on and have been opening people’s eyes in practice, according to several reports I’ve read. When it comes to comparing Zues to Swift, you’re statement is horse manure IMO. He’s another one than has been doing big things in practice and should have a bounce back similar to what Chubb had coming off his injury in 2015, taking a year to get back in 2016, and then back to his old self in 2017. I’d say even a 90% Zamir is just as good as Swift, if not better.
All of the practice reports have almost always mentioned at least one or two of the freshman WR group. One of the most underrated of them is Justin Robinson. I’d expect him to get some big minutes early on.
Probably depends how you define productive, but UGA didn’t lose their most productive receiver from last year. He was actually just a freshman (George Pickens). I’m assuming you thought it was Lawrence Cages, in which case you were mistaken. Pickens actually had 727 yards,14.8 yards per catch, and 8 TDs compares to Cager’s 427 yds, 14.4 yards per catch, and 4 TDs. Also not all that concerned about losing Swift. Definitely a loss of talent, but Zamir White was a 5 star prospect that showed a lot of promise in the bowl game and is returning from his injury similar to how Nick Chubb looked going from 2016 to 2017, according to reports. Also not overly concerned about our OL. Probably not as good as last year’s, at least early on, but still plenty of talent there and they’re another group that played better than expected against a strong and well coached Baylor defense in the Sugar Bowl.
I really don’t see ND beating Clemson. They’re more likely to finish with 2 regular season losses and a championship game loss than to beat them.
Why? What’s he got to lose? It’s just for entertainment
“And the argument, of course, would be that Florida should win any sort of tiebreaker against Georgia regardless of what happens in the SEC Championship because of the head-to-head advantage.“ I don’t necessarily disagree with this statement, but the selection committee had a similar decision back in 2016 when they put in an 11-1 Ohio State that lost to Penn State over an 11-2 Big Ten Champ Penn State. It’s already happened before, so wouldn’t surprise me if Florida gets left out in this scenario. Probably depends how close the cocktail party is and what the SECCG looks like. Georgia would arguable have a stronger schedule with Bama and Auburn being a tougher duo for Georgia than LSU/A&M is for Florida. Should be interesting either way. Of course, if the Big XII has, say, an 11-2 Texas or Oklahoma as their champ then it’s probably mute and all three teams slide in with Clemson.
Certainly some unknowns on the OL after losing 3 NFL picks, but we’ve recreate well at that position and they had a strong showing against a good Baylor defensive front. Still a better OL than Florida’s I would say, even with an expected drop off early in the season. QB could definitely be shaky, but OL is one position I’m not concerned about.
So Iowa State jumps up from 23 to 17 after losing by double digits to Louisiana?
LSU is not even the second best team in the West
Judging by what’s being reported at UGA’s practices, I’d expect Zues to be in that 2-4 range by season’s end. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Cook at 9 or 10 either.
Ringo is out for the year. I think it was an ACL injury.
But Bama couldn’t lose and still get a rematch? Given the 2017 Natty and 2018 SECCG, I think it might be bigger for UGA
So Nebraska and Iowa were the two yes votes or Nebraska and Ohio State? Don’t see how Ohio State can play in any conference this season if their Pres voted against playing.
An 11-1 Penn State could probably make it in with a competitive loss to Ohio State. They play at Va Tech OOC (a supposed favorite to win the ACC Coastal with North Carolina) and would be a solid choice for that 4th spot, depending on what happens elsewhere in the P5. They would need the Big XII and PAC12 champs to have a couple losses and hope whoever wins the SEC East to finish 11-2 at best. Minnesota on the other hand would need to run the table at 12-0 to include wins against Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Michigan State, Nebraska, and BYU to have a shot, plus hope for some of the same chaos as Penn State. Don’t see that happening. A 12-1 Oregon or Oklahoma gets in over either though, I would think.
Given what the SEC has at QB this year, I don’t think he’d have to do any of that to be considered the best in the conference. Not saying he’ll end up being the best or that he’ll light the world on fire, but it’s not like he was ranked over Fields, Lawrence, etc to make the first team.
I guess I don’t hold as much value for third place as you do. But you’re correct, I should have been more clear with what I meant by my question. Congrats on your message board win!
My point is he hasn’t done anything for Ohio State that Fromm hasn’t done for UGA
So he “almost” won. Again, didn’t win anything Fromm hasn’t. I’m not arguing who the better QB is, that’s obvious after 2019.
This Dawg fan will certainly feel much better about that 2021 opener against Clemson with Daniels, that’s for sure
Two years ago when he had Chubb and Michel, better, more experienced WRs and a better OC? Won’t catch me arguing with you there. Fields probably wouldn’t have done as well with that set of WRs either. Better than Fromm? Probably, but the inexperience there was a problem for UGA last year. Didn’t realize they gave trophies to people who lost the Heisman. My point was he hasn’t won a Natty or a playoff game.
Right? Can’t understand why he wouldn’t want to go to Tennessee where there’s less talent and he can barely beat mediocre Big Ten teams in the Gator and Music City Bowls.