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The difference is Bama and Clemson have pretty much thrashed the teams they’ve beaten and are way higher in offensive and defensive rankings.
If your best wins are K-State, Iowa State, and Oklahoma State (most of which they struggled with if I recall correctly) then you don’t have much. I think the committee will have more of a “show me” mindset with teams like Baylor and Minnesota. They’ll have plenty of opportunity to move up the rankings if they beat the Oklahomas/Ohio States/Penn States of their conferences. Until then, I expect them to be in the 8-10 range.
I understand that part, but a quality win can erode the same way a “quality loss” can
Not to mention Oregon’s loss was on the last play of the game
So Clemson and Oklahoma get credit for then #12 A&M and #11Texas (both of which have lost several games now), but Oregon suffers by Auburn dropping in the rankings (and also being ranked higher than either of the Texas teams and also beating A&M). How does that work?
Most of these are pretty funny (and also a little sad). The only ones I take issue with are: 4. Not sure what the problem with wearing glasses is? Seems a little middle school bullyish to me. 6. I’m sure there are lots of Florida towns whose nicest restaurant is a WaHo or worse. 12. Hobnail boot 17. Never is a strong word and unless you have a crystal ball, can’t really make this statement (although it is unlikely)
Was the UF game last year not a big game for Fromm? They were both top 10 teams and needed the win to take the East (same goes for the next week on the road vs Kentucky).
I could see Baylor making the Sugar Bowl over Texas. Did you catch the Texas-Kansas game? Yikes. I wouldn’t say they’re immune to another loss.
I am confusion over this. I’d take Ohio State over Oklahoma at this point. They probably get in over the LSU/Bama loser as well I would think, unless they lose to a horrible team again. Don’t foresee that happening though.
“Would they challenge Alabama, LSU, or Auburn this year? No, but they can clearly hang with Georgia” If they can hang with Georgia, they can hang with Auburn and probably the other two as well. Not necessarily win, but “hang with”. This makes it sound like the three West teams are a tier above UGA, which is false.
Not to mention Tennessee won’t be getting the same level of QB play as Notre Dame
Watch out for Nakobe Dean to make a push at ILB as well. He’s been dealing with an injury but seems to be getting healthier. He’ll be a key part of the defense come November.
From a Georgia fan’s perspective, it warms my heart to know one of these teams has to lose lol
I kinda liked how ‘17 worked out, didn’t you?
Blowing out a mediocre Mississippi State team really does a lot for the self esteem these days I see....
Beating a top ten team that made the playoffs a year ago is good in my book anyday. Is a Texas road win better? Maybe. But those are the two best wins of any team thus far in the season. So I guess no other team has been impressive to you either.
Depends how you look at it. Auburn has a pretty good win (as of today) over Oregon, but still not sure how good they really are until they play someone good. Not sure how good those A&M and MSU wins are, but they’re conference opponents and Auburn handled them pretty easily (very easily in the case of MSU). LSU probably has a better win than that over Texas on the road. UGA probably has the best win so far, even though it’s at home. Auburn probably has the best collective set of wins with UGA having the best win overall. As of today anyway.
You’re right. I’m sure Auburn fans wouldn’t have absolutely hated winning the Rose Bowl over Oklahoma (would have had to beat UGA in the SECCG of course). And I bet they wouldn’t swap rosters with UGA at all. So sad.....
When has Gus won a playoff game (the Grandaddy of them all actually) and raked in top 3 recruiting classes? Or had a winning record vs his major rivals?
That 2nd ranked recruiting class wasn’t even on campus yet and the 1st ranked class was only Freshman. Considering Bama was playing with three full #1 classes and another top 5 class I’m not sure you can say we definitely should have beaten them. Same goes for 2017 group.
Championship in 2020 after losing Swift, Herrien, 4/5 of the starting OL, and several Senior DL? Watch out now. I know we have a lot of incoming talent in those areas, but the same can be said of the WR group you’re worried about this year.
I believe Shark Boy also won 10 his first season too, correct?
As a UGA fan, I’d have to put Kirby at a 9. In sure some would even say 10. I think the South Carolina number is a little low. They seem to like what he’s building through recruiting and are willing to overlook the coming season and look at the long haul. Florida might be a little high as well. If I were a UF fan, I’d say 8 would sound right. Also not sure how they’re distancing themselves from the rest of the SEC when A&M and LSU both had higher ranked classes (that they held on to) last year and likely will this year as well. A&M seems a little high. A lot of promise there but I believe I’d have to see a West title, a NY6 bowl invite, or maybe a win over Bama before I’d say 10.
Here are my five: 1) Will UGA embarrass the Vols on their home turf again? I certainly hope so. 2) Can UGA make it three straight over Auburn and continue their dominance over their little brother from another mother (state) therefore showing them why they’d be better off to stay in the West? 3) Will UGA put at least 40+ again on the defensive mastermind that is Will Muschamp? 4) Can UGA crush Kentucky once again and remind them why they’ll never win the East? 5) and finally, will UGA beat Florida by 2+ TDS again? I’ll be disappointed with a measly 7-10 point win.
Been to CS. It’s an okay town, but not sure I’d say it’s top 10.
This^^^ And from the few details I’m hearing from practice reports, those improvements could be taking place. We shall see.
My guess would be the team being played. For example, a home game vs Alabama is tougher than a road game playing Vandy. Probably thinks a freshman QB makes too many mistakes and UGA’s OL is plenty good enough to neutralize Auburn’s DL. Not saying I agree 100%.
You had me until that last sentence. Just because something doesn’t happen doesn’t mean it wasn’t possible.