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Considering you couldn’t even handle Coley’s, you probably should
Meanwhile, wtf is up with a home-and-home with GSU
Tech is an engineering school, not named school. If they’re at Tech for a medical degree that means they probably got denied at Emory....
Even without the loss to USCjr, the season still wouldn’t have been any different other than UGA likely would have made the playoffs at 12-1 (SECCG loss to LSU) and lost to LSU again instead of a Sugar Bowl championship over Baylor. Either way it’s a 12-2 season. I’ll leave someone else to argue if a blowout loss in the playoffs is better than a top 10 win in a NY6 bowl game.
I don’t think either one is “higher” when it comes to Cotton and Peach. Sugar gets the top ranked non-playoff SEC team, but Cotton and Peach don’t have any conference affiliations. I imagine they put Florida in the Cotton here since they were at the Peach in 2018. My guess would be they have LSU at 11-1, Auburn at 10-2, and Florida at 11-2.
SDS Way-Too-Early 2019 Bowl Projections Peach: Alabama vs Michigan Sugar: Florida vs Oklahoma Cotton: Georgia vs Ohio State Citrus: Texas A&M vs Michigan State Outback: LSU vs Wisconsin Gator: Auburn vs Syracuse Liberty: South Carolina vs Iowa State Belk: Kentucky vs NC State Music City: Tennessee vs Maryland Texas: Mississippi State vs TCU Birmingham: Ole Miss vs Tulane Independence: Mizzou vs Pittsburgh
Sugar: Bama vs Oklahoma Orange: LSU vs North Carolina Cotton: Florida vs Notre Dame Peach: Georgia vs Penn State Citrus: Auburn vs Wisconsin Outback: Tennessee vs Iowa Gator: Texas A&M vs Virginia Music City: Kentucky vs Michigan State Texas: Mississippi State vs Iowa State Las Vegas: Ole Miss vs Arizona State Liberty: Mizzou vs K-State Birmingham: South Carolina vs Tulane
Alabama 247 insider Tim Watts has put in his CB for UGA and Dawgs247 is saying he has definitely signed and Bama/Tennessee has not communicated with him since he signed. Nothing surprises me with recruiting, but I’d put my money on UGA here. Same goes for Ringo and Evans.
To be fair, LSU didn’t suck before Burrow. But yes.
Don’t forget to include that Burton flip from LSU
We would actually have to score a TD first
I could see Oregon jumping us maybe, but not sure who else you’d put up there. Baylor had zero quality wins and we have the head to head over Florida.
As in going from 2018 to 2018. Florida blow out Michigan in the Peach Bowl while UGA loses to Texas in the Sugar, which resulted in many media members saying Florida will beat UGA the next season. Georgia beat Florida again however. That’s what I meant by 18 postseason to the 19 regular season being similar to the 19 postseason to the 20 regular season.
If that result leads to a season like this one (UGA beating Florida) like it did going from 18 to 19, then I’m gucci with it.
If, and I mean “IF”, the gators wanted to go to the Sugar Bowl so badly, they shoulda beat the Dawgs on 11/2 and won the East. But look on the bright side, I’m sure florida will blow Virginia out in the Orange Bowl and be touted to beat UGA in 2020 the same as they were last year.
I don’t see LSU/Clemson going to the Peach Bowl. Ohio State isn’t going to elect to go out west to play Utah or Oklahoma.
You, sir, would be incorrect. The NY6 bowls do have to uphold their conference tie-in obligations, but the committee rankings are what determine which teams get selected. Highest ranked non-playoff SEC and Big XII teams will go to the Sugar Bowl. While that COULD be Florida instead of Georgia, that would require the committee to rank Florida ahead of Georgia in the final rankings. Same goes for Rose and Orange with their conference alignments. Cotton and Fiesta (on non-playoff hosting years) are at-large and go with the highest ranked available teams.
They have Virginia in the Orange Bowl because the ACC is guaranteed a spot in that game every year (just like SEC/Big 12 in the Sugar and B10/PAC12 in the Rose). Virginia will likely be the highest ranked ACC team not named Clemson so that would put them in the Orange. Memphis is projected as the highest Go5 team and Cotton is pretty much the only available bowl for them this year, as the Rose, Sugar, and Orange all have conference affiliations that they are obligated to uphold. So it really doesn’t matter what the bowl committee thinks about which teams travel well, etc. It kind of is what it is.
I agree. I think Oklahoma and Utah are both set up to jump Bama if they win out and hold a conference title. Not sure the same could be said for Baylor. Bama fans need to pray Baylor and Oregon win their CCGs. Although, tbh I’m not sure I’d be so eager to play Ohio State in the first round.
At least we’re not wasting any five star hearts, right?
Oklahoma hasn’t played Oklahoma State yet, and just how “quality” a one TD win over Texas is is up for debate.
Considering Spurrier only won one national championship, sounds like Florida did a lot of busting.
Yes. Given our losses at WR, I think winning the East, beating Florida, Auburn, and Notre Dame, and being in the conversation in November/December is about as good as one can hope for. Not saying not making it in wouldn’t be disappointing, but a division title and NY6 bowl berth is a pretty darn good year.
A&M played South Carolina yesterday. Oh....I see your point.
Right, but you’re assuming Auburn beats UGA a second time (they didn’t) or Bama a second time (they wouldn’t).
How’s that work? Auburn lost to UGA in the SECCG.
Not that that has much to do with my comment, but that’s an interesting idea you have since a lot of people think you need to win your conference to make the playoffs to begin with.