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"Beating out Georgia, Alabama, and others" is probably a bit of a stretch for a player not even in the top 100 in Georgia
So basically he's what Jalen Hurts is. An athlete with a subpar arm. Gotcha.
Yep, sounds very familiar to issues both Georgia and Alabama have dealt with. And I'm not sure why that's something to try to insult Georgia with. If he does indeed transfer all that means is there were better options ahead of him, which is good for Georgia and bad for other SEC teams. What is Kirby supposed to do? Not recruit the best players at each position that he can? That's one thing that got Richt in trouble.
Tennessee, Vandy, Arkansas, and Ole Miss all had worse records in the SEC....
Where in the world have you seen Tennessee picked 3rd?
Love the idea of an SEC/PAC12 matchup and you have to think a location like Vegas would draw lots of fans, especially if the profile if the bowl game is elevated as stated in the article. Most SEC teams rarely travel that far west anyway. Sure beats going to Birmingham, Shreveport, Memphis, or even Houston.
If you read the article you'll see they would be building a new state-of-the-art stadium.
Eight just seems like a lot to me. I've made the argument before that only "elite" teams should make the playoffs. There aren't eight elite teams most years. I'd much rather only have four teams and have one good one left out than water it down with 3-4 additional teams that shouldn't be there.
Oh it should absolutely matter. But it's not the only thing that matters and shouldn't be an automatic. Again, what matters is that the four best teams make it in and it appears they have.
So what team has gotten in that you don't believe should have? Maybe Ohio State in 2016, but that was a one-loss squad with an impressive road win over Big XII champ Oklahoma. Is there a team that did NOT get in that should have? All-in-all I think the committee has pretty much gotten the best 4 teams each year and that's all that matters.
Conference champs getting an automatic bid is a pretty dumb idea. Imagine a 9-3 Stanford or maybe a 9-3 Wisconsin that has a loss to a Go5 team (like Stanford did to San Diego State) making it to their CCG and lucking out and winning. Maybe their oppenent had a big injury that greatly affected the outcome. Do we really believe that Conference Champ needs to have a shot at a Natty? I certainly don't. Yes, a conference title should play a big part in what teams make it in, but there are several other factors to consider as well.
I disagree. The larger markets are on the east coast. The SEC could easily add two of the Carolina schools for the Charlotte/Raleigh markets or the Virginia schools for the DC market. Those are pretty fertile recruiting grounds as well. Ideally they would add North Carolina or NC State and Virginia Tech, but you probably couldn't split VT/UVA or UNC/NCSU/Duke.
Pretty sure he keeps getting in because he keeps winning games. I don't see Saban exposing anything. Alabama's scheduling isn't all that different from Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Georgia, etc. Pretty sure most teams with a 13-0/12-1/11-1 record would get in, too.
UGA lost a home game in 13, so it would only be Auburn paying that debt back. I'm also not sure how moving Auburn to the East would fix anything? They would still have to travel to both UGA and Bama on odd years. Moving Auburn seems like a big step just to fix a scheduling inconvenience.
Interesting that they list UGA's defensive secondary considering many think that could be an area of weakness. I think it will be better than many think, but I'd list O-Line, Runningback, and maybe even Quarterback or Linebacker ahead of the DBs.
My thoughts exactly. The Bama/Louisville game will be a snoozefest.
I'm not so sure. If Bama and UGA both roll into Atlanta undefeated (or if they both come out with only one loss) and the two out of three of the PAC, XII, and B10 have two losses, it could definitely happen. I think it's especially likely that the PAC and XII champs could have more than one loss.
I'd throw out Louisville and TCU way before I threw out Texas and Notre Dame
Their toughest game last year prior to the CCG was Michigan...
Texas A&M would have a stingy defense playing against high powered offenses like those at Minnesota, Illinois, Northwestern, and Nebraska, too.
Interesting that they rank Wisconsin and Washington so high. Also interesting that Auburn plays half of the top 6 teams. Away from home, no less.
Thank God. 8 teams sounds like a horrible idea.
The dude is a troll and not even a real UGA fan. Pay him no attention.
More like minimal playing time and a loaded linebacker class coming in. Not to mention UGA has to shave a few off to get down to 85.
Wasn't that a fairly close game at home last year? I wouldn't say "no way".
Again, I wasn't referring to the last 4 trips Alabama made. I meant the last 4 visits period.
I'm fine with losing in week 2 if that means we don't lose another one. The cocks will lose 3-4 anyway, so it's fine.