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I might flip one of Florida, Tennessee, or Mizzou to a W, but those will be tough games on the road. The best shot might be Florida before they get settled in. I wouldn't count on it though.
1) Stidham- maybe, if Auburn can win 9 or 10 games and Stidham can be as productive as he was with Kerryon in the backfield. He was much less effective in the games he played without him last year. 2) Tua- Definitely a possibility. Haven't seen enough of him to be in the second slot though. 3) Drew Lock- Lol no. Mizzou won't have thr record for that and Lock needs to do more against quality competition. 4) Deebo- Would need to tear it up both receiving and in the return game. South Carolina would also need to win 9 or 10 games at least. 5) Fitzgerald- Maybe he makes a big improvement in his passing game this year, I just don't see him putting up those kinds of numbers.
LSU and Auburn are both closer than you might think. Both teams have question marks (QB, RB for LSU; OLine for Auburn) but they are both more than talented enough to beat us.
Sorry #18, but he's right. Santa Clara is smack dab in the middle.
1 Brenton Cox, DE 2 Tyson Campbell, CB 3 James Cook, RB 4 Quay Walker, LB 5 Chris Smith, DB
This coming from a fan of a team from the poorest state in the US lol
Didn't UK beat all those teams last year? They might lose all of them in 2018, but I wouldn't say any are solid losses.
Hot take: If DRob is cleared to play for 2018, then UGA's quartet of receivers (DRob, Hardman, Godwin, Ridley) are better than South Carolina's trio.
Probably isn't a weakness, but more than likely won't be a strength like it was last year. Malzahn's teams are at their best when they're putting up large rushing numbers. I don't see that this year.
And this just before McMurphy releases MORE texts of Smith admitting to the abuse
IF he knew about the situation and didn'r report it, he might as well have been holding her down. Not to mention that he kept the guy on staff anyway.
Appreciate it fellas. Glad Bama fans embrace the competition/challenge. Much more class than the Florida/Auburn/South Carolina crew that want to cry bag man. They just can't understand how they could be getting outrecruited so badly by a program with great recruiters, that just won the SEC and played for the Natty, and is located in a talent rich state with no other in-state competition.
The people who probably gain the most from this are young people today who might need a reminder that they should be very careful what they put out into the internet. Things can always come back to bite you.
Probably true, but I think maybe the bigger issue is that these players were running around with guns made to look like assault rifles. In todays firearm climate that could be verrrry dangerous.
UGA might have the top class on a per recruit basis, but we'll be restricted my numbers this year. Bama will likely be able to take a handful of players more than UGA will and if they land all the players they are expexted to they'll probably slide back into #1. Of course Kirby has his eye on a couple of recruits that Bama fans are already saying they will land...
I know right? Winning the East for the next 4-5 years is gonna suck! He definitely should have gone to USCjr where he can be proud of a 9-3 season and the Gator Bowl.
Bama will probably be getting Trey Sanders so I wouldn't celebrate too much.
Looks like you stewed on this for about 25 minutes. UGA recruiting is obviously in your head.
1) Some of Deebo's TDs were on special teams 2) Swift was playing behind Chubb and Michel. Peep his yards per carry. 3) Bet a few USC fans would swap Deebo for Swift. Same can't be said for UGA fans.
Based on the one bright spot of his career, an 11-2 record and Sugar Bowl loss to Louisville?
No, I beleive he was implying South Carolina is good at upsetting highly ranked UGA teams at home.
I agree. And if some of the SEC East games UGA won last year were nail biters or only won by single digits then I might agree that a game or two might go a different way this year. But UGA slaughtered the rest of the East last year. I don't see the other teams making up that much ground.
Very realistic. UGA and Clemson are likely losses in my eyes, with the potential for one or two more from Florida, Texas A&M, Mizzou, and Ole Miss.
No longer a huge talent gap....interesting. When did USC bring in a top 10 (or top 15) class that I'm not aware of? USC definitely has some talented players in spots, but as a roster overall UGA is worlds better. If USC wins it's because, as the article states, some of the new faces in red and black are taking a while to adjust, the environments affects our offense, Muschamp has the boys hyped WAY up and playing beyond to their maximum potential, or there are two or three key turnovers that USC manages to capitalize on.
Vegas disagrees with ya. They have the Dawgs at a little under a two TD favorite. Not saying South Carolina can't win or keep it competitive, but anyone saying Carolina will win or it's really close is just being silly (or hopeful if you're a cock fan).