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And yet, we all know it’s true
If Saban wanted him, he wouldn’t be a gamecock
Ummmm no, the Georgia-Florida game doesn’t have anything to do with FGL. One of them is from Georgia and the other is from Florida. That’s how the name came about.
Guess it depends if you wanna do it alphabetically or start with the team that has the series lead. In all seriousness, someone said the home team comes first.
@BamaTime yeah turns out he was wrong too. Guess every Georgia fan can’t be right every time.
You’re probably more likely to make the Birmingham Bowl anyway, so no worries there
@BamaTime It’s almost like you’ve had this debate on another thread. Guess you have the privilege of being wrong twice. And it’s week 4, not week 3.
I thought Citrus and Music City were both SEC vs B10/ACC or did ACC drop those recently?
Guess we’ve been spending too much time around Bama fans
But let’s be honest. There’s a reason CBS used that week as their double header and it ain’t for A&M/Auburn
Then he can enjoy watching his team lose on CBS I suppose
64 teams? Why even have a regular season? Just go straight to the playoffs
I mean you’re kinda right. Our second string is probably second best in the East. UF transfers probably the third best but idk.
Just Notre Dame home games. CBS night will be UGA/UGA
Read an article on a UGA site where apparently McGarrity told a group of boosters it will be a night game. Not sure how factual that is.
Doesn’t Auburn have the most recent Natty of any of the four? I’d say they’re all national brands. And even though UGA has dominated the DSOL recently, it still has way more history and is a natural border war.
@BlackAmdGarnett From pre-season East darkhorse candidate and puffing their chest about upsetting UGA to crowing about losing to Clemson. How disappointing.
Remind us all what big OOC games the mildcats have been scheduling? We’ll wait....
@BlackAndGarnet Didn’t want to be there after a 7-5 season? What did the players expect, an invite to the Citrus or Outback? They were lucky they didn’t get stuck with the Liberty or Birmingham. 28-0. How embarrassing. Might want to consider dropping down to the Group of 5. A loss to UCF would be better.
@clemtiger you don’t seem very bright. UGA played a much tougher regular season schedule than Clemson. UGA played three top 10 teams away from Stanford in a row and went 2-1, winning two of those quite comfortably. Yes the LSU loss was ugly, but if the committee can rank and 11-2 UGA over a 12-1 Ohio State then they can easily do the same with a 12-1 Clemson. Clemson best win in the regular season/ACCCG was what? An overrated Syracuse or NC State? An 8-4 Texas A&M (that blew NC State out of the water btw) Obviously Clemson went undefeated and did what they were supposed to in the playoff, but to say that a 12-1 Clemson is a shoe in is idiotic. Even Ohio State may have gotten in over Clemson with a much better win, maybe even two better wins depending on how much value you out into a win over Penn State, than anything Clemson had (probably depends on who Clemson loses to and by how much tho).
I agree the Louisville and Duke games seem underwhelming, but unless Alabama schedules Ohio State, Oklahoma, or Clemson every year, every team they schedule would be “scheduling down”. They played USC in Dallas in 2016 and what was expected to be a top 5 FSU team in Atlanta in 2017. Nobody foresaw FSU falling from grace like they have. They’ve also played some average to pretty good teams like Michigan and West Virginia in recent years if I remember correctly.
And the ACC Atlantic LSU, Auburn, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Arkansas is tougher than Syracuse, NC State, Boston College, Wake Forest, Florida State, and Louisville.
Both Bama and Clemson have the same number of games vs 2018 bowl teams and 2018 9 win (or more) teams, but would those ACC teams make bowls or get to 9 wins if they were playing in the SEC West? Seems less likely. Clemson for sure has the tougher OOC schedule (both of which Bama also plays), but Bama’s in conference games seem much tougher. LSU, Auburn, Mississippi State, Texas A&M >>>>> NC State, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Florida State. Just look at the A&M/NC State bowl game last year.
He’s not one of the best 25 running backs in college football.