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So pushing a 200+ pound defender away from you doesn’t require upper body strength? The chest/shoulders/triceps are your body’s primary pushing muscles, all of which are involved during a bench press.
You can bet they won’t be hosting UGA there if they can help it lol
Tech fans will sell it as their young, energetic coach being innovative and creating excitement around the tech brand. They just need more money is all. You can
“Moving to a larger stadium, however, invites the potential for more fans of Clemson or Notre Dame (or another opponent) to be cheering for the opposition at a Tech home game. Tech home sellouts typically have a noticeable percentage of visiting fans.”
He’s the number 64 Wide Receiver and he’s elite? Interesting....
I think you’re probably correct. I’m guessing he’s thinking 10-2 LSU with losses to Bama and UF, a 10-2 or 11-1 Florida with a loss to UGA and another team (maybe Auburn or Mizzou?) and then a 12-1 UGA conference champ and a 12-1 Bama. You’d have to think he has UGA with one loss if they’re at #2 since a 13-0 UGA would have a better resume than a 13-0 Clemson with potential wins against Notre Dame, Florida, Auburn, Texas A&M, and Bama, plus what should be a very solid Mizzou team
Not sure about East contention, but I’m sure it’ll put them back in contention to beat Vandy.
We getting rid of Vandy, Kentucky, Mizzou, Mississippi State, and Arkansas and adding Clemson, Texas, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Oregon?
Wasn’t signing day yesterday? Or is it different for JUCOs? The tweet from JCCC says signed....
More “player friendly” or “more friendly for me to be able to start”?
So I guess this means UofSC is winning the East this year....
That's correct. Andrews has playes in a superbowl before, though. I think the article is saying UGA adds three new players to it's all-time superbowl participant list. The three mentioned have never played in the superbowl up to this point.
Or get rid of divisions completely. Each team gets three annual rivalries and the other five rotate every year. That would allow two home-and-homes for each team in the SEC. UGA could have Florida, Auburn, South Carolina. Auburn could get Bama, UGA, LSU. Bama gets Auburn, Tennessee, LSU. All the important games stay put.
Trying to find the logic in this. Is playing Vandy the last weekend that much tougher than playing FSU, Clemson, GT, or Louisville?
What's up with your username/team logo? They don't quite go together. Guess it's confirmed you're a troll
1 UGA vs Notre Dame 2 Florida vs Auburn 3 LSU vs Texas 4 UGA vs Florida 5 Florida vs Miami 6 Clemson vs Texas A&M 7 UGA vs Texas A&M 8 LSU vs Florida 9 Auburn vs Oregon 10 Alabama vs Texas A&M 11 Tennessee vs Mississippi State 12 Texas A&M vs LSU 13 Tennessee vs Florida 14 Alabama vs Auburn 15 Alabama vs LSU
There was no talk of Chaney leaving prior to his decision and I doubt either Kirby or even Chaney knew he would be going to Tennessee.
I find that more pathetic than funny. This sounds exactly like something a GT fan would do.
I didn't have a problem with Chaney most of the time, but it certainly didn't break my heart that he left for UTjr. He's a good OC when he has good players, which I believe to be the case for most OCs. I also think keeping Coley and the current system in place is important. Also, where did you get your crystal ball? I'd say UGA is more likely to win a natty in the next few years than any team not named Alabama, Clemson, or Ohio State
Have heard DC is not on the table in any capacity but that may not be 100% certain. Could very well give him a hefty raise however.
Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm not), but I seem to remember pretty much all of the UTjr fans dogging UGA when Chaney was first hired by Kirby and talking about how he was trash during his time as OC at tennessee. Why are they suddenly so ecstatic about having him again? It's not like he's taking any of UGA's players with him. Seems odd, but I guess that's the life of a UTjr fan. Sad, really sad.
Yeah there's only one UK guy saying Gran was offered and turned it down. And his confirmation source refuted it
That's fine. The mean for Georgia is still better than the mean for Florida. Or do you not remember anything before 1996?