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An 11-1 Penn State could probably make it in with a competitive loss to Ohio State. They play at Va Tech OOC (a supposed favorite to win the ACC Coastal with North Carolina) and would be a solid choice for that 4th spot, depending on what happens elsewhere in the P5. They would need the Big XII and PAC12 champs to have a couple losses and hope whoever wins the SEC East to finish 11-2 at best. Minnesota on the other hand would need to run the table at 12-0 to include wins against Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Michigan State, Nebraska, and BYU to have a shot, plus hope for some of the same chaos as Penn State. Don’t see that happening. A 12-1 Oregon or Oklahoma gets in over either though, I would think.
Given what the SEC has at QB this year, I don’t think he’d have to do any of that to be considered the best in the conference. Not saying he’ll end up being the best or that he’ll light the world on fire, but it’s not like he was ranked over Fields, Lawrence, etc to make the first team.
I guess I don’t hold as much value for third place as you do. But you’re correct, I should have been more clear with what I meant by my question. Congrats on your message board win!
My point is he hasn’t done anything for Ohio State that Fromm hasn’t done for UGA
So he “almost” won. Again, didn’t win anything Fromm hasn’t. I’m not arguing who the better QB is, that’s obvious after 2019.
This Dawg fan will certainly feel much better about that 2021 opener against Clemson with Daniels, that’s for sure
Two years ago when he had Chubb and Michel, better, more experienced WRs and a better OC? Won’t catch me arguing with you there. Fields probably wouldn’t have done as well with that set of WRs either. Better than Fromm? Probably, but the inexperience there was a problem for UGA last year. Didn’t realize they gave trophies to people who lost the Heisman. My point was he hasn’t won a Natty or a playoff game.
Right? Can’t understand why he wouldn’t want to go to Tennessee where there’s less talent and he can barely beat mediocre Big Ten teams in the Gator and Music City Bowls.
Fields came in knowing their was Fromm and Eason there to compete with. Maybe he thought he could beat them out, maybe not. I won’t pretend to know what was going on in his head. But to suggest that Fromm should have been benched in favor of Fields is silly. Did Fields have more upside? But he hadn’t done anything at that point to prove it. Hindsight is 20/20 so it’s easy to say all these things now, but at the time I think it was the right call for Smart to stick with his guy, regardless of how Fields felt about it. It easily could have backfired with Fromm leaving and Fields not playing up to his ranking once he took over fully. Also, what exactly has Fields done that Fromm hasn’t?
The same could be said for many, many programs my dude. It’s not the school’s or coach’s job to make sure everyone has a fairy tale ending. They recruit the best players possible and pick the best to start. The players know this going in.
He actually looked very solid in the 2019 G-Day game. Granted that was a scrimmage and before his injury, but still.
No idea, had a younger (same age, different class) guy come in when he got injured and performed well under a new OC.
He said the main reason he came to UGA was so he could beat Mizzou a time or two
I’d say it’s hard for Sanford to compete with the Neylands/JH/Death Valleys mainly because one side it completely open to the bridge, which obviously allows a lot of the noise to leave the stadium. It can get pretty loud at times, but I’d have it a tier below the three previously mentioned for sure. I feel like the Swamp is tough when UF is good, not so much when they’re having a bad/average season.
Not sure what kind of competition he was up against, but you can’t be unimpressed that he came in as a should-be HS senior without any spring practice and took the starting job from more experienced players. Also heard that his OL and running game on that USC team was pretty abysmal, aside from the fact that the OC was supposedly not very good. He may not do much, but any UGA fan should be excited about this pick up. And as we’ve seen in the comments, the rival fan bases are not liking it.
Thanks for the insight, RealUSC. Good to get the perspective of fan of his former team. Only part I disagree with is the last statement. If he was in the portal, I feel sure Kirby considered him.
I think a reporter said he had three years to play two. I could definitely be incorrect on that though.
Considering he’s a defensive minded HC, I’d say you’re correct and he shouldn’t really be expected to. And FYI, the guy that was at least partly responsible for developing Fromm and Fields is now the OC at Tennessee.
Given their schedule, I have a hard time seeing Florida losing more than two games and missing a NY6 bowl game. Maybe slide LSU over time the Cotton and Florida into the Peach. Or vice versa.
I agree with you on the East side, but I didn’t read the West prediction the same as you. Looks to me like they have Bama as the lone contender, then LSU/Auburn/A&M competing for second, and Ole Miss/Arky/MSU fighting for bowl eligibility
Mizzou will lose time UGA, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi State. That’s four losses before you even get to South Carolina or Kentucky. Honestly it wouldn’t even surprise me if Arkansas beat Mizzou at then end of the year.
First of all, UGA won 12 games last year. Secondly, I’m not really sure what you find wrong with Boxster’s comment. Or what it has to do with UGA and their 12 win, Division crown, Sugar Bowl win vs a top 10 ten season.
Good points. Fromm’s regression was a combination of play calling, inexperienced receivers (losing JJ really hurt), and losing confidence in himself/his receivers. There were obviously signs as early as the Vandy game, but South Carolina was when the sh*t really hit the fan. When it comes to Trask, I have to ask myself how high his ceiling really is? It’s not like he’s a young QB who will benefit from more time/experience, or from more time in the system. I think he’s accurate, doesn’t make to many mistakes, and gets the ball to the right players, but I don’t see him necessarily as a dynamic athlete that’s going to kill a team with his arm either. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he’ll end up being the top QB in the SEC, I just think he probably has the least amount of question marks at this point. Should end up in the top 5 though.
I was surprised Emory didn’t get the nod over Trask when Franks went down. Rumored he hasn’t progressed like he should have. No idea how true that is.
I seem to remember Dom Blaylock scoring on the Gators last November. Not bad for a WR that isn’t even decent.
They performed as well as just about anyone. Look at what LSU did to Clemson’s defense. And that’s with a Clemson O that actually gave them time to rest. They were a top 5 defense nationally best in the SEC, and second nationally in points allowed. Sounds elite to me....
In regards to the WR comment, probably depends what you mean by “talent”. If we’re going strictly by potential/recruiting rankings then the argument could be made that UGA matches up with Bama, LSU, etc. Pickens, Blaylock, Robertson, and the incoming Freshmen are a lot of WR “talent” on one team.