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There was no talk of Chaney leaving prior to his decision and I doubt either Kirby or even Chaney knew he would be going to Tennessee.
I find that more pathetic than funny. This sounds exactly like something a GT fan would do.
I didn't have a problem with Chaney most of the time, but it certainly didn't break my heart that he left for UTjr. He's a good OC when he has good players, which I believe to be the case for most OCs. I also think keeping Coley and the current system in place is important. Also, where did you get your crystal ball? I'd say UGA is more likely to win a natty in the next few years than any team not named Alabama, Clemson, or Ohio State
Have heard DC is not on the table in any capacity but that may not be 100% certain. Could very well give him a hefty raise however.
Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm not), but I seem to remember pretty much all of the UTjr fans dogging UGA when Chaney was first hired by Kirby and talking about how he was trash during his time as OC at tennessee. Why are they suddenly so ecstatic about having him again? It's not like he's taking any of UGA's players with him. Seems odd, but I guess that's the life of a UTjr fan. Sad, really sad.
Yeah there's only one UK guy saying Gran was offered and turned it down. And his confirmation source refuted it
That's fine. The mean for Georgia is still better than the mean for Florida. Or do you not remember anything before 1996?
Lol remind me what year Butch won the SEC, the East, or a BY6 bowl game. He barely made it out of Athens alive in Kirby's worst year
It'a not like we signed the #1 class in 18 and #2 in 19 compared to a team averaging in the teens. How will we get by?!?!
You do realize this is inaccurate, right? They both finished tied for 7th. UGA had more wins, a head-to-head win by a hefty margin, and the same number of losses even though one of UGA's was a tight one in the SECCG.
Seems like an overreaction to the bowl season if you ask me. Isn't this the same UF team that was one of the two oldest teams in the SEC while UGA was one of the youngest? Also, Mizzou embarrassed them.
Cool. And what exactly does he have to show for that? An L in the SECCG and getting embarrassed by UCF
December 2017 is barely over one year ago.... But you're right, I guess 27-10 is more recent
So you're bragging about another team doing something your's couldn't do? I guess that tennessee bowl game against a seven win midwestern team really pepped y'all up. I guess it's a big deal since it's Malzahn's best bowl win and everything.
Yes, the Cotton Bowl is a NY6 bowl just like Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Peach, and Orange. It was actually a playoff bowl this year, hosting Clemson/Notre Dame. I would probably switch Georgia over to the Sugar and move Florida to the Cotton, but I actually like the venue and opponent they have here better anyway.
This kid really enjoys 4 and 5 loss seasons that much?
I'm fine with an 8 team playoff. What I'm not fine with is an automatic bid for conference champs. If you win the PAC, B10, or Big XII and aren't in the top 8, then you don't deserve it. Also don't agree with doing away with CCG. Otherwise there's really no point in having conferences.
Love all the negativity for the UGA portion. Let's ignore the fact that they could top Alabama's "historic" class that currently only has one 5 star...
Why would it burn a year of eligibility? Wouldn't he just have to sit a year?
Glad to know Kirby and UGA are on your mind
And with what recruits will Florida be owning the East with? Even Tennessee is out recruiting U(sic)F. PS Spurrier isn't coming back. Take a look at your history without him
I wouldn't read too much into the tweet itself, but I do think UGA is in this for Sanders
Don't have room for Pappoe anymore. Afraid he missed the boat. Gimme Dean, Haselwood, Stevenson, Sanders/Cain/Williams, Gabriel and call it a day. Maybe even pull more than expected with Wright or Elam.
Washington just clinched the North a week ago. Gotta have more than a week to plan stuff like this. And where exactly would be a good location between Washington and Utah?
I don't think it's the location that is the closest, but the location that gives them a geographical advantage. They're not going to make the #1 seed play in the back yard of their opponent. That wouldn't make any sense.