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1 Georgia: Injury bug hits several key players (Fromm, Swift, Thomas, etc) 2 Tennessee: Offensive line 3 Florida: Mullen 4 Mizzou: Defense
Was the East really down in 2018 tho? Winning record for the West tells me it couldn’t have been as bad as you’re making it out to be (I’ll agree 2017 was a pretty bad to mediocre year). What division was better? SEC West? Argument could be made, but as states before the East had a winning record and every west team not named Bama/TAMU had at least one east loss with Arkansas, Ole Miss, Auburn, and Miss State all going winless vs the East. B10 East? Florida has a win over Michigan, Kentucky beats Penn State, and UGA very likely would have beaten Ohio State. B10 West? Either ACC or PAC division? That’s laughable. I’m not even sure UGA gets an East loss in 2020. Florida is a definite possibility. Tennessee will be improved but has to come to Athens. Playing in Willy B could be tough but still a long shot. Kentucky, Vandy, and Mizzou will also be long shots. Bama and/or Auburn could be our only losses that year.
UGA fans might be obsessed with Mullen/UF (they are our biggest rival after all. What’s your excuse for being obsessed with UGA and feeling the need to attack them in almost every comment section? Kirbs gotcha worried about what’s eventually gonna happen?
After the week you’ve had, you should probably crawl back in your hole until we tell you to come back out
I could be wrong, but I think beachbum was saying “two birds with one stone” because he was able to get an inside look at the programs (bird one) and also maybe got some insight on how to attack Auburn (bird two) since they play in Atlanta week one.
I don’t necessarily think they will either as Notre Dame is very overrated but if UGA gets off to as slow of a start as last season and the Irish really play up the revenge thing, I could see it happening
Don’t think A&M has the defense to topple Georgia at home during a part of the season UGA has peaked in recently. I see the loss being more likely at Auburn or to Notre Dame.
Depth is a part of football. Great teams have it, good/mediocre teams usually don’t.
This guy clearly hasn’t seen UF’s OL and DL recruiting. Gotta have those to win big in the SEC.
Wouldn’t mind filling that 2021 spot with a solid team. Would be hard to get a home-and-home without another large gap like the Oklahoma series, but maybe a neutral site matchup. Something like USC or Michigan in Dallas or maybe Miami or West Virginia in Orlando.
Just like the PEDs thing before the natty, it will all be forgotten. Either way, not exactly a good look for Brother Dabo.
I, for one, am shocked at this news. To hear Clemson and other ACC schools tell it, only the SEC cheats.
I think you might be a tad confused. Those two superstars that went pro (assuming you mean Chubb and Michel) did so after the 2017 season. Comm has already played a whole year without them. I’d even argue UGA’s backfield could be improved from 2018 if Zamir White is anywhere near healthy. Guess we’ll see though.
I find it funny that you think UGA fans think football didn’t exist before 2016. Seems to me it’s gator fans that don’t realize there was football being played before the 90s (more specifically from like 1992-2008). Wonder what that number would have looked like if he had used the length of time UF had to wait for it’s first football natty??
So pushing a 200+ pound defender away from you doesn’t require upper body strength? The chest/shoulders/triceps are your body’s primary pushing muscles, all of which are involved during a bench press.
You can bet they won’t be hosting UGA there if they can help it lol
Tech fans will sell it as their young, energetic coach being innovative and creating excitement around the tech brand. They just need more money is all. You can
“Moving to a larger stadium, however, invites the potential for more fans of Clemson or Notre Dame (or another opponent) to be cheering for the opposition at a Tech home game. Tech home sellouts typically have a noticeable percentage of visiting fans.”
He’s the number 64 Wide Receiver and he’s elite? Interesting....
I think you’re probably correct. I’m guessing he’s thinking 10-2 LSU with losses to Bama and UF, a 10-2 or 11-1 Florida with a loss to UGA and another team (maybe Auburn or Mizzou?) and then a 12-1 UGA conference champ and a 12-1 Bama. You’d have to think he has UGA with one loss if they’re at #2 since a 13-0 UGA would have a better resume than a 13-0 Clemson with potential wins against Notre Dame, Florida, Auburn, Texas A&M, and Bama, plus what should be a very solid Mizzou team
Not sure about East contention, but I’m sure it’ll put them back in contention to beat Vandy.