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Was reported that the charter bus company that sold 40 buses from Chicago to South Bend for UGA/Notre Dame has also sold 50 buses from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Something tells me there will be lots of Red & Black
Sugar Bowl takes the highest ranked non-playoff team from the SEC. Depends which team is ranked higher at the end of the season. That COULD be Kentucky since they have the head-to-head but margin of victory matters too. If Florida plays really well down the stretch they could get in front of UK. That win over LSU certainly doesn't hurt either.
It's available on YouTube and Soundcloud for UGA fans to listen at anytime. Check it out.
Higher 4 stars. Or maybe deciding to allocate that spot to a different position. Same thing happened last year. Unless you're an Alabama fan you probably wouldn't understand. Carry on.
I wasn't saying Pappoe would flip, just saying it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Especially if Auburn crashes late in the season and loses 3-4 more games. UGA is still heavily in contact with Pappoe and he will take an OV to UGA, so just saying he's one to keep an eye on and wouldn't shock me one but if he ends up in red and black.
If you listen to DawgNation Daily and Jeff Sentell, you would know
Clay Webb Trevor Keegan Tyrique Stevenson Lewis Cine Kaiir Elam DJ Daniel Nick Cross Nakobe Dean Nathan Pickering Justin Eboigbe Ty Davis Owen Pappoe Quashon Fuller George Pickens Those are just off the top of my head. UGA is anywhere from in the mix to a favorite for all of those.
Oh yeah, Haselwood was somewhat expected. I was just saying he was the only real loss since there isn't an upgrade available on the board like the other two
Haselwood was the only real loss. The other two were expected. Just making room for upgrades.
Understandable, but a program can definitely have more than one rivalry. Look at UGA with Florida, Auburn, GT, Tennessee, and South Carolina. I think the Mizzou-Arkansas rivalry would be much easier to establish than any of their East division rivalries simply because of geography. PS: As a Mizzou fan, who would you say is your biggest rival/most hated team in the SEC? The South Carolina series seems pretty back and forth.
Not sure why this actually is though? They're bordering states that are fairly similar (I think) in terms of program success. Mizzou might even be more successful historically. And has Arkansas actually won a game yet in this rivalry since Mizzou joined the SEC? Maybe they should stop turning their nose up...
That info was released a week ago, so they've already done a write up on that....last week
How is it fixed? Have the best teams not made it in and let the rest be decided on the field?
This scenario would likely rank them 1 UGA 2 Bama 3 LSU. Not sure he thought out his rankings. If Bama is one, they'd have to win out because a loss to LSU would put LSU in the title game vs UGA.
It does look a little odd to see our second west crossover that late. I was expecting a cupcake in that slot.
Duke and UNC. Some real statement wins....
Has Mizzou actually beaten a team with a winning record since they last played UGA?
I find it interesting that South Carolina, Tennessee, Mizzou, and Auburn ALL have open dates before playing UGA (UGA has one before Tennessee as well so I guess that's a wash). Guess the guys in the SEC office knew they'd need it.
UGA/Tennessee is a pretty large rivalry and I'd imagine that #2 beside UGA didn't hurt either. UK/South Carolina is pretty low profile and I'd imagine Florida's loss to Kentucky took some of the shine off that one. UGA/Tenn are big fanbases that will bring a lot more eyeballs.
Can we stop pretending LSU is a playoff caliber team right now? They are what they've been the past few years....stout defense, strong running game, average to subpar QB play.
Actually all 12 teams on our schedule could probably be consideres cupcakes. Oh well....maybe we can get some real competition when we face Bama in Atlanta.
The talent gap has averaged out, huh? Guess I missed where South Carolina has ever signed a top 10 class? Not sure how anyone thinks South Carolina is close to UGA talent wise 1-85, or even 1-22. Would you say the same about South Carolina's talent vs Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, or even Auburn, Southern Cal, and Penn State? Maybe you meant the experience gap has averaged out. That I can buy into.
I don't buy the argument that USC's WR group is that much better than UGA's. In terms of talent and potential, give me Hardman, Ridely, D-Rob, Godwin, Simmons, and Crumpton over Deebo, Edwards, and the others. I imagine if you stick USC's group in an offense with Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, and D'Andre Swift those numbers go WAY down.
I'll give you Deebo being better than Ridley, but pump the breaks on the rest. Shi Smith isn't better than Hardman and I love how you completely left D-Rob and Godwin out of the conversation.
Not a Kanell fan at all, but he does say "no cupcakes" in his tweet. This is also a ranking of the impressiveness of wins, not his actual top teams. No one believes he thinks Maryland is a top team.
That insult was weaker than South Carolina's run game
I was agreeing with you, Bamatime. No need to lash out at me lol