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You’re right. I’m sure Auburn fans wouldn’t have absolutely hated winning the Rose Bowl over Oklahoma (would have had to beat UGA in the SECCG of course). And I bet they wouldn’t swap rosters with UGA at all. So sad.....
When has Gus won a playoff game (the Grandaddy of them all actually) and raked in top 3 recruiting classes? Or had a winning record vs his major rivals?
That 2nd ranked recruiting class wasn’t even on campus yet and the 1st ranked class was only Freshman. Considering Bama was playing with three full #1 classes and another top 5 class I’m not sure you can say we definitely should have beaten them. Same goes for 2017 group.
Championship in 2020 after losing Swift, Herrien, 4/5 of the starting OL, and several Senior DL? Watch out now. I know we have a lot of incoming talent in those areas, but the same can be said of the WR group you’re worried about this year.
I believe Shark Boy also won 10 his first season too, correct?
As a UGA fan, I’d have to put Kirby at a 9. In sure some would even say 10. I think the South Carolina number is a little low. They seem to like what he’s building through recruiting and are willing to overlook the coming season and look at the long haul. Florida might be a little high as well. If I were a UF fan, I’d say 8 would sound right. Also not sure how they’re distancing themselves from the rest of the SEC when A&M and LSU both had higher ranked classes (that they held on to) last year and likely will this year as well. A&M seems a little high. A lot of promise there but I believe I’d have to see a West title, a NY6 bowl invite, or maybe a win over Bama before I’d say 10.
Here are my five: 1) Will UGA embarrass the Vols on their home turf again? I certainly hope so. 2) Can UGA make it three straight over Auburn and continue their dominance over their little brother from another mother (state) therefore showing them why they’d be better off to stay in the West? 3) Will UGA put at least 40+ again on the defensive mastermind that is Will Muschamp? 4) Can UGA crush Kentucky once again and remind them why they’ll never win the East? 5) and finally, will UGA beat Florida by 2+ TDS again? I’ll be disappointed with a measly 7-10 point win.
Been to CS. It’s an okay town, but not sure I’d say it’s top 10.
This^^^ And from the few details I’m hearing from practice reports, those improvements could be taking place. We shall see.
My guess would be the team being played. For example, a home game vs Alabama is tougher than a road game playing Vandy. Probably thinks a freshman QB makes too many mistakes and UGA’s OL is plenty good enough to neutralize Auburn’s DL. Not saying I agree 100%.
You had me until that last sentence. Just because something doesn’t happen doesn’t mean it wasn’t possible.
Isn’t Bama supposed to beat UGA though? I get that UGA has a lot of talent and has more in certain areas than Bama, but Bama is still a hair ahead of UGA in terms of overall talent (as is Ohio State). When you consider that along with the fact that Saban is supposedly one of the all time greats, I’m just not seeing your logic. If talent is equal and coaching is way better, then UGA shouldn’t be giving Bama as much trouble as they have, even leading for 90% of the games. Would Florida’s L’s to Kentucky and Mizzou count as underachieving? Florida is on a different level talent wise than either program. By your logic, it was coaching that lost Florida those games. And to answer your question about the next time UGA loses to Florida I would say it would be one or more of the following reasons: 1) Kirby is gone 2) Massive injuries 3) Florida has more experience/talent at crucial positions such as QB.
My comment wasn’t about comparing UGA to UF, I was just saying some teams can take injuries better than others. And I’d say UGA can handle some WR and QB injury better than you might think, especially since we have an elite OL and RB group to lean on and a good-to-great defense.
True, that’s an if for most teams, but Florida has ZERO room for injury along the OL and in their DB group. UGA/Bama would have to lose about three or four guys in those groups to equal the same amount of trouble Florida would be in by losing one or two. Even if it’s just for one game, if it’s that right game it could mean an L for Florida.
Almost like Dan the man during the off season. Looks like he learned his lesson though.
I mean it’s really not that far off. I don’t see too much of a struggle with Miami or Tennessee, but the rest seems okay.
That’s a pretty fat “If” you’re going for there.
Bama would have to be 12-1 in that scenario, but would definitely be a strong case for three SEC teams. Not that that would ever happen on a million years.
If you haven’t figured out that he post that stuff to get a reaction, idk what to tell ya. I agree it is annoying though.
True but Florida and LSU were teams #3 and #4 in the SEC and benefited from the Peach and Fiesta, both of which are At-Large Bowls with no conference affiliation, being available as non-playoff games. Auburn went to the Sugar in 2016 because they were the #2 team in a down year for the SEC. Not saying it couldn’t happen, but if Auburn is 9-3 with losses to Florida and LSU, you’d have to assume they would both be 9-3 or better and ranked higher than Auburn. Not to mention Bama and UGA would both be ranked higher as well. Pretty much impossible for five SEC teams to make a NY6.
I agree Auburn will be an interesting team to watch, but highly doubt 9-3 gets them into a NY6 game with Bama, UGA, LSU, and Florida all likely ahead of them in the rankings. Especially since the non-playoff NY6 bowls this year mostly have conference tie-ins. New Years Day Bowl (Citrus/Outback/Gator), absolutely though.
Some people just like to be contrary, even when it’s obvious
I seem to recall a certain Alabama fan that told me I shouldn’t be so certain when I said this would be the slotted time for UGA/ND. Can’t remember his name tho.....
And yet, we all know it’s true
If Saban wanted him, he wouldn’t be a gamecock
Ummmm no, the Georgia-Florida game doesn’t have anything to do with FGL. One of them is from Georgia and the other is from Florida. That’s how the name came about.
Guess it depends if you wanna do it alphabetically or start with the team that has the series lead. In all seriousness, someone said the home team comes first.
@BamaTime yeah turns out he was wrong too. Guess every Georgia fan can’t be right every time.