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Would have rather seen a Virginia Tech, Washington, Penn State, West Virginia, Michigan, etc TBH, but will be an exciting game nonetheless.
Clemson isn’t in the SEC East, so doesn’t really affect the race to Atlanta. Beat Florida (the only other relevant East team) most years and UGA will be fine.
He did commit. The issue was that he wouldn’t be able to enroll early and they needed someone to come in for the Spring.
Unless he really surprises, I look for Edwards to be 5th on he RB depth chart at UGA
Niel: Better watch out for Edwards! He’s the perfect second back behind Zamir White! Kenny McIntosh, 4 star sophomore: Howdy
I was with him until the super easy SEC west schedule lol
I think a key factor in 2019 and 2020 is that UGA is spreading out and recruiting more on a national level, thus leaving more recruits for neighboring states (mostly Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, and Tennessee) to swoop in and grab a few recruits that might normally have signed with UGA. And then of course there are some that just want to go out of state. I feel like Tank got slow played by UGA, which pissed him off and pushed him toward Auburn. Just a theory though. Was definitely surprised by Walker though. Figured if it wasn’t UGA it would be Florida since he stated that was his team growing up.
@Booches94 I see your point, but I could argue that if we had Matt Rhule we wouldn’t have UGA’s current roster.
@LilMissBucky California’s unemployment rate ranks quite a few spots ahead of Mississippi, who ranks ahead of Alaska only.
Difference* (instead of different) and mud* (instead of middle)
You think it’s an opinion that Stanford is light years ahead of Mississippi State? I’m guessing you also think the Earth being round is also an opinion.
Comparing the different between Wake and UGA, both of which are Top 50 Universities, to the difference between Stanford and Mississippi State is like comparing a middle puddle to the Grand Canyon. I wouldn’t expect an MSU grad (?) to be informed on quality educational institutions.
Wow, imagine going from somewhere with the academic prestige of Stanford to......Mississippi State. Womp womp.
Shakira and J-Lo were more covered than most cheerleaders, which is an every game thing. Don’t see the big deal. I mean it’s Shakira and should have known what the show would be like coming into it. Most of you are acting like you don’t have a remote control and were forced to watch it. At the end of the day, the HT show is about increasing viewership and making money.
“Richt had many 11 and 12 win seasons”. Richt has four in his 15 years. Kirby has three in his first four years. Not a great argument on your part. And if a 3 is warm, he should be a 2 at most. You keep saying he got out coached. Could be true, but it’s not like he got out coached by a scrub or someone like Mullen, Gus, or Pruitt. It was to Saban. If he’s only a recruiter and not a good coach then it shouldn’t have been close or gone into overtime, given that the talent level at Bama is equal or probably a hair better.
“Fall in love with what someone did yesterday, and you are a fool” As opposed to what? Falling in love with what you think or hope they are going to do? That seems like the more foolish option to me.
sds1967 Not that I’m taking up for DaGherk, but your comment is pretty dumb as well. You’re implying that this article isn’t for UGA. It’s literally a UGA article. Why would it not be for us?
And that’s with much better players surrounding Lawrence
Per Pro Football Focus: Wake Forest’s highest returning O-lineman would have been the 8th highest rated on UGA’s O-line. Those with 150+ snaps (Salyer, Cleveland, Hill, and Shaffer) would all be WF’s highest rated returner. That doesn’t even count Truss, McClendon, or Condon, all of which should be very dependable. Not saying the 2020 O-line will be better than 2019 but I don’t foresee it being a huge drop off and without a doubt will be bette than WF’s.
Considering you couldn’t even handle Coley’s, you probably should
Meanwhile, wtf is up with a home-and-home with GSU
Tech is an engineering school, not named school. If they’re at Tech for a medical degree that means they probably got denied at Emory....
Even without the loss to USCjr, the season still wouldn’t have been any different other than UGA likely would have made the playoffs at 12-1 (SECCG loss to LSU) and lost to LSU again instead of a Sugar Bowl championship over Baylor. Either way it’s a 12-2 season. I’ll leave someone else to argue if a blowout loss in the playoffs is better than a top 10 win in a NY6 bowl game.
I don’t think either one is “higher” when it comes to Cotton and Peach. Sugar gets the top ranked non-playoff SEC team, but Cotton and Peach don’t have any conference affiliations. I imagine they put Florida in the Cotton here since they were at the Peach in 2018. My guess would be they have LSU at 11-1, Auburn at 10-2, and Florida at 11-2.
SDS Way-Too-Early 2019 Bowl Projections Peach: Alabama vs Michigan Sugar: Florida vs Oklahoma Cotton: Georgia vs Ohio State Citrus: Texas A&M vs Michigan State Outback: LSU vs Wisconsin Gator: Auburn vs Syracuse Liberty: South Carolina vs Iowa State Belk: Kentucky vs NC State Music City: Tennessee vs Maryland Texas: Mississippi State vs TCU Birmingham: Ole Miss vs Tulane Independence: Mizzou vs Pittsburgh