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You’ll be racing Vandy or KY to the bottom of the East next year. I wouldn’t worry so much about what the Dawgs do the rest of this year while we’re REBUILDING (and still gutted your overatted a$$)...I’d worry about how many losses ol’ Barry Is going to bring you without a first round QB next year. I’d enjoy any bowl you land in because 6 wins isn’t a given for Miss-who? for a while to come.
I love it when I read comments of the also-ran/“rebuilding”/fiercely envious fans of the youngest team in the SEC running through the East like s$&@ through a goose saying “what are you going to do with ‘Bama”. Likely lose if you look st the matchup objectively and severe maturation doesn’t prematurely occur. But we will still whip your a$$ for now and you can have a much further view of the mountaintop than we do, and we can take your jealous perspective in stride as you wish you had answers to the questions we’ve responded to. We OWN Auburn. OWN them. Auburn is out B*%t#, and I hope Malzahn is there for 10 more years.
Thank you for notifying us that there is a free spot for our “2nd favorite team” fan roster. I know that is a valuable affiliation for UK football fans, and all the more so when you return to “crossed fingers fir bowl eligibility” expectations next year
The best thing about these Kentucky wins are when they put a microphone in Benny Snell’s face and he sounds like a millennial window-licker moron on adderall spinning the wheels of his own hype-train. (Overrated scale 1-10) Miss State: 9...Kentucky:8
I’m sure Alabama’s locker room is most impressive...maybe the benchmark for NCAA football facilities. ...but given the context for Alabama’s campus as a whole, it almost has to be the most impressive in the land to make up for a campus that’s probably in the most catch-up, new-construction, soul-less collection of new-money buildings in the SEC. I toured it when a family friend graduated from there last year (the only person I know that has a UA degree that’s not an online accomplishment), and it was like a time-share campus. Enjoy having (arguably) the best mercenary coach in college football history and the short legacy that comes with that doubt it’s a welcom balm for the tenure of failure between The Gene Stallings championship to the present. I’ll take our new locker rooms (insufficient as you deem) along with our historic campus (1785 for the “new money” crowd) in the Classic City of the Empire State with an extremely competent Alum coach and AD for the long-term investment. You may even get another championship this year, so I hope you enjoy it...the drought that follows may be significantly difficult to endure.