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"Fragility" has reached new heights in Austin. Forcing the B12 to institute a penalty for "horns down" being thrown during a game? Only in Austin is a "safe space" being required on the gridiron. Didn't want these guys in the conference, and don't care if we ever play them again. I am looking forward to the 'bama a** kicking' the 'horns will receive this year, although it won't be as satisfying as seeing the Jayhawks beat them last year. Gig 'em and Roll Tide.
There are 50 OTHER states? Maybe you want to edit that comment?
A&M's top-ranked class did not come from NIL money. I know one of A&M's Top 10 donors very, very well and and asked him how much NIL money was raised (not necessarily from him, but in general). He told me that he wasn't an expert, as he hadn't given NIL money, NOR HAD HE BEEN ASKED to contribute NIL money. I'd point out that tu was very open about the NIL money they're using (the $800,000/year to use OL's NIL to raise money for charity, which is ridiculous as that money could have gone to charity if that was the true intent). tu did this as a recruiting tool, and it worked. BUT, every donor dollar that goes to an athlete is one less dollar that goes to one of the myriad other needs of the athletic department, and "lesser" sports will suffer.
Sumlin's decline began with the departure of Kingsbury. Sumlin's success at both UH and A&M rested on Kliff's shoulders.
If you're not aware of when athletes can actually sign, you probably shouldn't be posting. "Ignorant comment" is a polite label for your "troll".
The best move for tu is to quickly explore Conference USA. I'm sure they'd be competitive each year, and they'd be greatly complaining about not making the CFP in the years they actually win the conference title. They are not now, and never will be, SEC material.
Your sentiment is spot on, but your spelling is off. It's tu, not TU. You're giving them WAY too much credit.
Exactly right. The hated 'horns have a glorified opinion of themselves, and regardless of their results, will attempt to run roughshod over everyone else. I was, and am, opposed to them joining the conference. OU is fine with me.
While it wasn't an error of this scale, this is the same crew that flagged A&M's Leon O'Neil for targeting/late hit out of bounds against Kent State, in our first game of 2021. Upon review, the targeting was overturned, and while the replay clearly showed the KS player a full yard in bounds at the point of contact, that call wasn't reviewable, and was allowed to stand. The fact that this crew needs to go, and has needed to go for quite some time, is not news to any SEC fan. They are an embarrassment to the conference.
It was a short five years ago (2016) that tu had more than they could handle in Kansas. OK, to give credit where credit is due, the 'horns did take the Jayhawks to OT. /"\/"\
Good try "Real" UT, but Texas is the state, and that school in Austin is not TU. Properly spelled, it should be tu. Or t.u., if you feel so inclined. In Texas (star of, remember) tea-sips are another common moniker for the fans of that smaller school in Austin.
Inventing your own "facts" is just another thing that won't fly in the SEC. LHN was started by and for tu, and then you offered to cut us in as a way to make it more palatable. Buying votes didn't work then, and won't work now.
Actually, Mack thought Johnny would be a good DB. Andrew Luck? Visited tu, but Mack didn't give him an offer. Even RGIII could ahve been a 'horn, but wasn't wanted. Yep, you guys really know talent when you see it. Maybe the SEC should add OU and Maryland? Maryland seems to have your number.
Kendall Briles? I can't imagine a choice with less integrity.
Great hires, and this should be great for recruiting on both sides of the ball.