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I wonder if the anonymous coach is on the schedule? Aggies will be favored in 11 games this year. I’ll take 11-1 regular season and hope we can make it 12-0.
Mr. Hayes please tell me what you really think! A&M is going to be fine and a real player in the SEC.
I would like to see lowered expectations. That way it will be easier to surpass them. Other than tight end, I can’t see a position where we won’t be better than last year.
Congratulations to Elko! He just needs to get Duke to a bowl and he can move on to a bigger job. Lower expectations for Duke football. He will get time to produce. Fantastic opportunity for a new Defensive Coordinator for A&M. Elko did quite well with a bunch of 3 star guys sprinkled in with a guy like Leal. Except for a couple of upperclassman the front seven will be made up of 4 star guys. The current recruiting class has a couple of 5 stars. The secondary will get an infusion of talent and depth. Had to press true freshman to play due to injuries to 3 out 4 cornerbacks. The defense will have more talent and depth than Elko ever had.
Welcome to the conference. You will understand in a couple of years.
From what I’ve seen LSU will be fine. Also, Georgia is still ahead of A&M talent wise but the gap is closing. I’d feel better with a more experienced and talented offensive line.
He looks like another big running back. He is 6 foot 1 inch. It looks like he has good speed. I hope he can put on another 10 lbs and stay fast. Then we will have found a gem.
Offensive line will be better as a group. The losses of Merritt and Boyd hurt A&M's depth. I expect fewer big plays that Knight provided with his legs. I expect better ball control and few three and outs and fewer missed receivers. I expect the offense to be relatively the same as last year.
There is some much to be anxious about as a Aggie fan. I guess first things first and that was a good list. I want a team that doesn't lose interest or grit after the first loss. I want a team that doesn't fade at the end of the season but is really competing hard. A new strength coach (and strength team) and a different attitude is the answer? I hope!
Some Aggie fans are just as entitled as fans from other big universities. If they don't win a championship every year, something is wrong and change needs to be made because change is better. Coach Sumlin is a good coach. We just want him to be better. We want him to close on a couple of really good recruits who seem to have A&M as their second choice. We want to a team that doesn't fade out at the end of the season. Another season of near misses and fading down the stretch will have even Sumlin supporters clamoring for a change. The LSU reference was not a good one. Ed Ogeron is not a bad option. The guy can recruit and he has gained valuable experience from Ole Miss and Southern Cal. LSU might have fallen into a great situation with Ed O.
Texas A&M belongs to that fraternity of agricultural and mechanical land grant colleges created under the Morrill Act of 1862. Many of the "State" colleges were created under this act. Many colleges took the nickname "Aggies". Some colleges over the years changed their mascot like Colorado State who are now the Rams and Oklahoma State who took on the Cowboys. Texas Aggies love tradition and did not change the nickname. Texas Aggies like having their roots in the land.
It is a good class. Madubuike will be a star. Quartney Davis is the most polished receiver in the state and can play immediately. Diesch will be stud once he fills out. Dodson is good enough to get playing time. The cornerbacks are the type Chavis likes. There will be others who will contribute sooner rather than later. It is just that we were led to believe we were going to have a better class.
We get the same thing from recruits we missed out on too. Recruits say they "didn't feel enough love" or wasn't recruited hard enough. At times it is their parents, handlers and recruiting insiders who say these things. A number of coaches are accused of not recruiting hard enough.
There was a lot going on with the defections of two QBs and rumors of Coach Sumlin going to the NFL. Coach Strong and his staff are working all the connections they have with recruits and it paid off. Coach Traylor is doing a great job with East Texas kids. A&M needs to spend the money or reassign positions to develop a support staff to help in recruiting. A&M wanted a stronger class to replace players who will go pro next year. The 2017 class will be interesting to watch.
The early entry to the NFL hurt the defense. The offense still looks solid even without J. Williams. Arkansas will be a tough out if they can stay mentally tough. I for one hope they will not be mentally tough this weekend
I am not sleeping on Arkansas. Collins and Williams are very good backs. The offensive line is big and if the run game works, the play action will work. The defense is still learning to be in the right place and play with confidence. A&M is much stronger up front on defense than last year and should slow down Arkansas' run game. Still waiting for the offense to click with consistency. A&M has too much talent and experience to let this game slip. Sumlin needs to have his team ready because Bielma will be desperate.
I think Saban is a whiner but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a point. The lineman is too far downfield. I agree with DoctorLarry, it has too much of a run look and is unfair to the defense.
I have to say that the Top 10% rule for Texas high school graduates brings down TAMU's average SAT and ACT scores.