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…...and if A&M hadn’t held Arkansas scoreless for nearly 40 minutes in the middle of the game the chip shot wouldn’t have been necessary ……and if pigs could fly
I predict the game will be 60 minutes long
The article is commentary on the fan base, not the coach and his contract. For the 120 years that TAMU has been playing football, the fans, initially only a few thousand military cadets, have had a clear-eyed realism about success or failure on the grid-iron. You’re not always going to win but there is nothing wrong with aspiring to the best or among the best, and this won’t happen without supporting the team through thick and thin. We were humiliated by App State and the next weekend 107 thousand people showed up to yell themselves hoarse. This does not make us different or more special than other fan bases but it is a reason to love college football.
It would be more embarrassing to wish for a schedule with only teams you think you could beat. Getting beat up by Georgia is a right of passage.