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You laugh, but their students are actually trying to cancel their song, "the eyes of Texas" because it was once sung by someone who may or may not have been wearing blackface back in 1903. I kid you not. My guess is they'll always find something to crow about.
I hope you're right, but you'd be amazed what money and political influence can buy.
Maybe you should email that to the Big 12 Executive Committee. UCF and Cincy would probably approve. Tulane would definitely be in over their heads, but their position would improve. 1.5 shares of the additional revenue isn't a small thing. I like the idea, but I fear that boat's already sailed.
...umm yeah, we're not "telling the SEC faithful" that story because it didn't happen. It wasn't your fan base that tanked the Big 12, it was your leadership negotiating and exit package for TU and A&M to the PAC 10 without bothering to mention it to A&M. Personally, I'm looking forward to watching the Aggies beat your tails and send them packing, so buckle up, cupcake.
You're right on the scheduling benefit of the 4-team pod system. I'm not sold on relying on rankings to determine who goes to the SEC Championship, though. There may be no better way using the pod system, but certain teams are consistently overrated (ND is a prime example) by the rankings.
A&M's found their footing within the SEC and isn't going anywhere. I don't like adding Texas because it'll create another recruiting headwind for my school in the same way other schools aren't inviting their in-state rivals into the SEC (as in FSU and Georgia Tech). It's a natural concern that's well-founded, especially considering that Texas has by far more money to spend than any team currently the SEC. With all that money comes a TV rights payout, and the right to kick their butts on teh field, though, and I guess that's pretty good consolation.
I'm thinking excellent recruiting and player development played a role.
He's right about the "bag of bones" that will be the Big 12 and PAC 12 after this. Fans of schools that aren't dominant in the sport and aren't in the SEC are going to have a very rough time. They'll still have football games to watch, but the product will be dramatically different without the usual conference structure.
Agree. That's the comparison, right? Bring FSU and Georgia Tech into the SEC and watch their recruiting bump. I'm guessing you'd find a couple of SEC school not happy with the arrangement.
So you're "emotionally invested" as a T-shirt Longhorn fan???
I'm wondering whether all this rapid change will alter the plan for a 12-team playoff. Some of those who voted for it before might alter their votes now that the landscape has shifted, or want to restructure it somehow. I can't predict the effect of the recent reported changes, but it will change how a 12-team playoff impacts a good many teams.
Good one, Connor. I've always thought it was funny reading the UF/UGA banter on this site. I imagine it'll get worse with the Aggie/TU talk, but that's just part of the game. A&M's a school built around honoring community and military service. TU in Austin doesn't have that same culture, and that's where the divide comes from in part. Much of Austin's turned into a San Francisco style homeless camp, so there's a political aspect to the disagreement too. Still, if we're going to play, we just need to whoop up on them a few years and they'll get the message. Jimbo's not going anywhere and neither are we. Buckle up.
Dude, you sound kind of jealous and a bit paranoid. Did an Aggie steal your girlfriend - is that what this is about?
You remember the Longhorn leaders conveniently arranging for the LSU locker room to lose AC "due to ongoing construction" on the hot game night that had been planned years in advance?
The most recent episode (and there were more before that) was back in 2010, when the President of Texas secretly negotiated an exit package for Texas and A&M to leave the Big 12 for the PAC 10 without discussing it with anyone at A&M, not even the President, Dr Loftin. When Loftin heard rumors and confronted Texas, he was told that he would be told "when the time is right" and that "don't worry, we'll take care of you". Pretty arrogant. We declined and started looking again at the SEC. A year later, after the Big 12 planned its Big 12 network, Texas preempted it by launching their own Longhorn network that lined their own pockets and cost all the other Big 12 schools millions. Texas does have an awful lot of money, and they also have some very political and politically savvy supporters who stop at nothing to further their own position. This is not simply in-state school rivalry, it's a simple fact of culture on the part of the school's leaders. Their school has never played well as a teammate supporting other inference members. It's not in their nature as shown by their history. They've burned down three conferences already, including the Big 12.
A&M never "considered going with Texas to the PAC-12". Texas secretly negotiated a deal for the two schools to transfer to the PAC-10 without ever bothering to tell the A&M President, Dr Lofton. Lofton said "not just no, but hell no" and then alerted the Big 12 and started talks with the SEC. That was in 2010. the Longhorn network came soon after and in 2011, we got the approval to move. Not a fan of hearing more of them again. They're why the Big 12 can't have nice things.
If you don't need them, why invite them? They do bring more baggage than any other team I can think of.
I still have a hard time understanding why Texas and Oklahoma would leave a league they obviously own for the SEC. With the 12-team playoff virtually guaranteeing the winner of the Big 12 a playoff spot and with OU and TU virtually guaranteed to be in the driver's seat for that year after year, they'd be giving that up to be an also-ran in the SEC. They might get a recruiting bump, but I don't think that's a given, considering their current situation.
Guarantee you the SEC won't penalize for the "horns down". Why would they leave the Big 12 when they obviously own the league?
I guess Texas feels like the PAC-10 wouldn't have them so why not try the SEC?
Great to hear. I hope he returns to full form. We definitely need to stretch the field this year.
We've been blown out every time we've played Bama since 2013 which was the last one that was competitive. I'd be happy to just not get my heart ripped out by them for a change. A win would be great, but a competitive game would be a big step forward no matter how it ended.
That's a great way to handle NIL. It's not that often we're able to get substantive interviews with players. Not all that many of them are cut out for it because they're still kids no matter how big they play on the field. For the ones who are able to carry on meaningful conversations and provide good content for an interview, though, we should be able to hear from them more often. I see that as a good thing.
I see the Aggies' O line as being their biggest question mark. If they can come close to where they were last year, we should have a great year. If not, then the QB and receivers won't matter. King and Calzada are the two QB options and they both have a very high ceiling for different reasons. Either one could work, and the A&M pass catchers should be very capable when you include pass-catching from the RB and TE positions. The O line will be more talented and more athletic than last year's group, but they'll mostly be new starters, so you never know how it will work for sure until the games start. I'm really hoping our guys can make it into a competitive game this year. Whatever happens, though, I'm just glad we're close to seeing football again.
He pointed out that he Columbia, MO is one of the two towns he hadn't been to personally, so I'm guessing that's why he didn't rank it.
No joke. Anyone remember TU cutting off the AC for the LSU players in the locker room when they played in Austin a couple of years ago? Bama is the undisputed King of college football. Yet the worst thing Saban's done when an upstart coach said that his team was going to beat Saban's @$$ was to laugh and ask if he meant that he was going to beat him "in golf". That's a reasonable "come and get some" response and it's actually funny. Mandating that your league officials give a penalty for any player making a gesture not popular with your fans is just pathetic. My point is that Bama rules college football and just lets it ride, taking all challengers as they come, and taking their lumps when they happen. TU resorts to cutting out opposing teams' AC and buying off officials. It would be laughable if it weren't true.