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I see the point you're making in your followup reply. the article is how the Georgia fans should feel about their coach. I made my point largely because I work with some Longhorn fans, one of whom actually played for them. These guys are relentless, and I cannot tell you how many times I've had to hear the argument that the SEC is overrated because the 2nd best team in the Big 12 blew out the 2nd best team in the SEC while the best team in the ACC blew out the best team in the SEC. We all know the real deal, but after several months of that same old tired grind, it's really, really getting old. I'm hoping for a big game from LSU to stop the trash talk for awhile. I see where you're coming from - Kirby's done well. It's just that the one bowl loss has made my work life just a little bit less enjoyable. That's where my comments were coming from. I'm just sick of dealing with them and ready to start watching some games.
Last-minute typo. If you had beaten Texas, I would think most fans would be at a nine or 10. That was a bad loss, though. An unfocused team is a coaching issue. That’s why I put him at an eight.
Fair enough. I did point out that Georgia is challenging Alabama. In the current SEC world,, Georgia is really the only program that’s challenging Alabama. I gave him an eight because at some point, it has to sink in that so many times, you’ve been just one or two plays away from winning the whole thing, National championship and all. I can’t say how you feel about them, but if you guys had taken out a mediocre Texas team in the sugar bowl, I had to give them a nine or eight even a 10
The rankings seem right on target for what the fans are thinking. Saban’s safe no matter what. (10) Jimbo’s in a position where Aggies are looking at 2018 and 2019 as prep for 2020. (10) Mullen rescued Florida and might do really well if Franks and the OL do well. (9) Kirby is challenging the elephant in the room, more than most can say, but hasn’t won. (8) Orgeron has LSU feeling like they have a chance against AL. That counts for a lot. (8) I’m done typing. Start the friggin' games already.
Dang it! I know he was just a Freshman, but he's not just any Freshman. He was going to get significant playing time in a key position. This one's gonna hurt.
Just 3 and a half weeks away now. Gonna need to get one of those fancy briskets for this one. Can't wait to see LSU put a beatdown on the horns before the Aggies put a beatdown on Clemson. I'm done with all the preseason projections. I'm ready to just be a fan. Let's get the games started, already!!! Geaux Tigers!!!
Hey, 12% is at least better than 11%, right?
If they're facing problems with specific positions being depleted by injury as early as their Fall camp, that's a coaching issue and a strength and conditioning issue...which itself is a coaching issue.
Good point. I would like to know how the War Eagle came about when they call themselves Tigers. There's probably a story behind it.
I'm glad they're paying him well. He's a heck of a DC. Venables is showing us how important continuity can be at that position. I'm really hoping the Aggies can keep Elko happy enough to be a long term coordinator.
The change is a minimal one. I had to look closely for a couple of minutes to catch it. Changing a university logo is a heck of a lot more expensive that you'd think. I'll never understand why an organization would spend that much money to change a traditional iconic symbol. Still, some administrator on campus undoubtedly had to pad his or her ego by "shaking things up" and "making a change" simply for the sake of adding a line to the resume for future jobs. If the fans don't like the new one, then don't change it. Simple.
I don't have a real problem with this projection, nor with the reasoning behind it. It's a tough schedule. While A&M should continue to show improvement as a team this year, even the best teams would be pushed to the limit with that schedule. Still, I'm not sold on the Aggies losing to Auburn in College station. I think the way the Aggies lost last year will help Jimbo achieve prime time motivation. The psychology of a game does play a role in the outcome. Auburn's going to have a very good team with a lot to prove for their coach, but I don't think back-to-back losses will happen. Each of the games with Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, and LSU will see the Aggies as the underdog - deservedly so. A&M's not on the same level as those teams at this point. In each of those individual games, the odds will favor the opponent, and you'd have to wager against the Aggies in each of them. Still, with statistics being what they are, the combination of odds suggests a realistic probability of the Aggies pulling off a win against one of them. Which one depends on which of the "factors of the moment" happen to come into play - injuries, a play here or there when a single opposing player loses focus, pure luck, officiating.... Any game can turn on a trifle. While the Aggies will not be statistically favored in any of those 4 games, I see them having a decent shot at coming away with a "W" in one of them. The game against MSU could go either way. I favor the Aggies, but MSU has had the Aggies' number the past few years. I see the Aggies putting together a similar record as last year, with 8 wins in the regular season, plus a decent bowl game.
Starkel's a question mark, but a question mark with a huge upside. The Aggie's 2017 season changed when Starkel fractured his ankle in the early season game against UCLA. Starkel had his team placing a big time beat-down on UCLA, but the game turned sour when they turned it over to Mond and the Aggies hit rock bottom. I know a whole lot of Aggies who follow football, and NO ONE expected Mond to win the starting position going into camp. Starkel was a stud. Jimbo found some things in Mond that no casual observer recognized, and it's made the Aggies better. I personally think Jimbo saw that Mond's running ability gave him a better chance to stay in the game against Clemson in game 2 of the year, and that might have been the decision-making point for the season. My point is not to denigrate either one of those guys. Make no mistake, Mond is a hoss - He's made an incredible leap from year one to year two. He's a great runner who's learned to be a really good passer, particularly in the high-pressure moments of big games. Starkel is a great passer and a heck of a character QB. The hogs will do well with him.
I realize this is a small part of your equation, but I don't know how many people actually expect the Aggies to take a step back. When you look at the big picture, they should be better on both offense and defense this year compared with last. Still, we've not done well against you guys the past few years, so it's all speculation until kickoff.
Playing at a faster pace is a godsend when you can put points on the board frequently. If you fail to put the ball in the end zone, though, it can really put your defense in a tough spot late in the game. Short drives generally increase the number of plays your defense has to defend. LSU has the depth on D to make it work, barring injuries. Their offense will need to put points on the board, though. The rest of the season be dang, just get it goin' and saw some horns off on September 7th!
Great coaches get great by believing in themselves and taking risks. While following Saban would not be for everyone on that list at the particular moment of Saban's retirement- timing is everything - I'm not convinced that the coaches on that list would be dissuaded simply because they were afraid of not being successful enough with Bama's machine behind them. I think they'd all be tempted. If they chose to go a different way, it would be more a case of them having a really good thing going and not wanting to start from scratch somewhere new rather than being afraid of not living up to a standard.
In that scenario, it would indeed be chaos, with an SEC Championship team getting a playoff birth, and then still having two 1-loss SEC teams to consider for spots. Statistically unlikely, and a lot of football to be played to get there, but interesting to think about.
Agree, 2020's likely to be a really good year. I'll still enjoy 2019 while it lasts, though. Can't wait for football.
You guys have been competitive in the SEC West for a long time, but A&M's just reaching the point where we're hoping we can climb up to that level and get used to winning some of the big games. We have tons of football history, but in recent decades, it hasn't been all that pretty. I think we're on the right path now. As excited as I am about seeing what the team can do in the upcoming year, I really just can't wait to see a football game that wasn't recorded in the previous season. Rewatching the bowl games is getting old.
Auburn's a tough team to predict because of all the variables that really haven't declared themselves - beginning with Malzahn as play-caller and how he'll use his QB options. Auburn will have a good team, though, and I understand this is a hypothetical projection of their season. Still, I don't see any chance of Auburn beating A&M, not in College station, and not after last year's 4th quarter Aggie collapse on the road. I know Auburn's made a habit of winning in College Station since 2012, but let's officially divorce ourselves from the Kevin Sumlin era and marry up with Jimbo's "it ain't gonna be like it's been" mantra. This will be a very big game for the Aggies, and Jimbo will have plenty of motivational material from last year. Unless major health problems arise, Aggies should win this one.
Neither Georgia nor Florida have a schedule worthy of the top 5. 1. South Carolina 2. Texas A&M 3. LSU 4. etc....
The question has never been "Is bama invincible?" It's not even been "how can you beat bama?" The question is simply "can your team put together a perfect game on the right day to beat bama? Clemson did just that. We'll see if another team can do it in the near future. At this point, outlook uncertain.
You're right. I went back and reread the article. Woodward didn't say that funding was going to be cut, at least not in the quotes the author points out. All Woodward said was that they couldn't sustain what they're currently doing. Maybe it's a shot across the bow to get people to back off after the freak-out about the donors' money being used to fund a locker room. No matter how this thing works out, I gotta tell you, being close to sending a couple of kids to college, I'm really thinking somebody needs to figure out how to bring down the cost in a reasonable way without just trying to shove the bill onto taxpayers. In an ideal world, universities would be self-sustaining entities, and part of that funding would come from the athletic (read football) programs.
Mond had a great end to his season, although those moments of greatness were a little too intermittent to feel entirely comfortable with. He's had problems settling down in the early going of games, but once he gets in a groove, he can be great. That trend of being a second-half player was evident even in the LSU and NC State games. I'm hoping his confidence in the system will help him find a comfortable groove earlier in games this year instead of waiting until the second half. Once that happens, his ceiling is pretty high.
Good choice. I expect him to be used a lot more than a typical Freshman. Mond will need an outlet, and the TE will be targeted. Sternberger was great, but he did go through periods plagued by the dropsies. I'm hoping Cupp will be able to improve on that part of the game.
Having the President buy you dinner out of his own pocket - that's not something you see every day.
Agree. More than one of them said it was much better than the standard chicken dinner. That, and winning the Championship - not sure I'd rank that as embarrassment. The Osama bin Dabo comment, though, that's a bit out there.