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Somebody please bring back football. Counting down the days.
It's good to have low expectations - it's easier to exceed them. I don't see the Aggies passing offense being worse than last year, though. The WR corps is more experienced and should be explosive - they're all returning starters. Rogers was out with an injury during much of last season, but he should be back at full strength. Sternberger will be difficult to replace, but Aggies have a talented incoming TE, and production in the slot and the red zone doesn't necessarily have to come from the TE position - there are a number of experienced and proven targets for that area of the field. The Offensive line should continue to improve. Between the returning starters, new players developing, and continuity in coaching which they did not have last year, I see no reason to think there will be any drop off at all. Last year's squad gave up enough sacks that it won't be hard to improve on that part of the game, and that's a big part of the game. I see the OL being a strength this year, and an improvement over last year. Trayveon Williams turned out to be a great RB and he will be missed, but Corbin runs like a more traditional RB than Trayveon did. Again, I'm not expecting much drop-off in terms of RB productivity, particularly since I'm starting with the premise that the OL will improve this year. The rushing offense will likely be worse, but not by much. The lack of an experienced backup QB is a reason for concern, particularly with a mobile QB who tends to get out of the pocket and run for significant yardage. From my perspective, the lack of depth at QB is the only glaring question mark. If Mond goes down, they'll have issues. If he's able to stay healthy throughout the season like he's done the last 2 years, the Aggies offense should be decidedly better than last year. That's my take on it.
I can’t wait to see Ole Miss’ offense this year. Corral is a heck of a fighter. A&M used a guy like that to win the heisman and beat Alabama. There’s a definite gamble going with a guy like that. Will he play lights-out in college and flame out in the nfl or will he flame out in college? Who knows? That’s part of the excitement.
Mond's thrown just as many passes in the 2019 season as Tua, so it's all speculation at this point until they start playing games, right? Besides, if you read the author's statement, what he actually says is that he doesn't expect Mond to be even a dark horse Heisman candidate this year.
I didn't realize the scholarship exception existed. Interesting that if that's part of the reason Vandy's so successful in Baseball, it hasn't helped as much in Football. I'm guessing there are more football scholarships available throughout the country in football than baseball. Is that the case?
Johnny was a great college QB, but that's where it ended. I wouldn't want him teaching any young players to do things the way he did them. Hope he finds another temporary QB gig in some league somewhere...not in College Station.
Sherman worked well with Brett Favre in Green Bay, but other than that....
There will definitely be a lot on the line for both teams. LAs far as internal motivation based on an external result, Notre Dame's loss to Clemson was not an embarrassment. They lost the game to the eventual Champ, but they fought hard. Georgia's loss was an embarrassment - lots of teams have been able to use that kind of embarrassment to fuel an entire season the following year. I seem to be in the minority here, but no matter who argues what point how vehemently on a comment board in the offseason, we'll see how it turns out once they play the game. Notre Dame will definitely have an opportunity to prove all their doubters wrong on September 21. It'll be measuring stick for both teams, and a game to keep your eye on.
The top teams in the SEC get used to top recruiting classes year-in and year-out. This is entirely new football territory for the Aggies, though, so I'll admit that I might be overblowing this a bit, but it looks to me that Jimbo's filled all the holes he needed to fill. Everything from here on out is gravy.
It's true that anything can happen on the field on any given game, but if the Georgia players have a heartbeat, they should be fighting this year to prove they belong after the Bowl loss. The dawgs have a heck of a team, but with that kind of motivation, I'd expect them to play hard. Add to that that ND is consistently overrated, and I see a blowout as a reasonable possibility.
I'm not going to argue with you since we've lost to Ms State the last 3 years in a row. Our team should be considerably better this year than any of those 3 years, but you can't brag until you win, and you guys have the bragging rights for now.
Good to have you here in town - welcome. The Taco is a way of life. Manage it well and you'll go far. I grew up in the South. Tortillas here in SA take the place of white bread and biscuits in one fell swoop.
Of all the games this year not involving the Aggies, I'm most looking forward to seeing LSU take out the UT Longhorns. The styles should be similar, with both teams having a tough-running QB, but I'd say LSU has an edge with every unit and should pull away decidedly, even playing away from home. This game's a critical one to prove the Bulldog's embarrassment in the Sugar Bowl was more related to its players' lack of focus rather than resurging excellence in Big 12 play.
Agree. The talent disparity among college football teams does allow for "zero chance" games, but this isn't one of them. The Aggies' offense should be high powered this year, and let's not forget that Clemson's best defensive players last year were those who would have gone to the NFL the year before, but stayed behind to get Clemson's revenge against Alabama and a Natty. Those guys are all gone now. Revenge and redemption are powerful motivators. We'll see how well Clemson plays without those embers fueling the fire. We should all remember that Trevor Lawrence's first play against the Aggies came in the 2nd Qtr of last year's game and it was a pass for a touchdown. That guy's crazy talented and he has great receivers and a great Running Back. They'll put up some points, but the Aggies should do the same. Aggies have a good group of incoming DBs who should be playing well by the end of the year. The main question is how long it will take to get them up to speed. It helps that one of them is a JuCo transfer who has experience beyond High School. That group was bad enough last year that I'm expecting the 2019 DB corps to play as well or better in week 2 as they did at the end of the year last year. With all that said, the Aggies will probably lose the game to Clemson. Still, early season games are often decided by off-season coaching preparation, and with all the peripheral factors in flux early in the year with these two teams, though, anything can happen.
Please bring back football. Have a good day.
The longhorn network debacle really is at the heart of the problem, or at least it was an overt example of the kind of unwillingness to act as a team that created the problem. The Big 12 was developing its own network in the vein of the SEC network. That network would have spread around profits to all programs, allowing all boats to rise on the rising tide. The University of Texas had other ideas, though. They pushed for a sweetheart deal for The Longhorn Network and snubbed the rest of the conference. They earned more money than if they'd stayed with the rest of the conference, but it stifled other teams' ability to generate media revenue. Imagine if 'Bama went out and created the "Crimson Tide Network". Bama certainly has the clout to do it. It would generate more revenue for Bama, but would damage the rest of the conference. Most teams in a given conference have up years and down years - there's a cyclical pattern to success in college Football. The SEC has great rivalries, and certain teams have fans who really don't like one another, but at least they understand that the league itself is an important part of their success. The Longhorns thumbed their nose at the rest of the Big 12 and the Big 12 leadership allowed it - that's a big part of why the Big 12 an inferior conference and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.
We'll meet again in a bowl game someday, and it'll be a good one. Until then,...meh.
Will somebody please just BRING FOOTBALL BACK, ALREADY!!!???
Goodness, could it be that he realized LSU is about to show everyone that UT's not really "back"???
He's a heck of an athlete. I cannot wait to see him on the field. Jimbo does a great job with Quarterbacks, which usually means big numbers for Receivers like this guy has the potential to be.
Your post didn't make any sense. Would you mind restating it so those of us who speak English can comprehend?
I agree with Clemson and Alabama in the playoffs. I can even see Ohio State making the cut. But Texas? I guess the game against LSU on September 7th will play a major determining role in that scenario. I give the edge to LSU by a decent margin and have no doubt that they'll take the game seriously.
I don't think of LSU as the underdog going into this game, but with this kind of hype for Herman and with his 3-0 (or 4-0) record against SEC teams quoted by the author, you can bet this will get national attention. Both teams need to be ready this time. I anticipate a hard-fought game with both teams showing up ready to play this time. I can't wait to see what happens. Geaux Tigers!
It was a good article...right up until the end, when he reminded me that we still have 98 days to wait until the start of college football.
I really hope no one I know decides to get married that day. It's not a day to be stuck in a reception.
Clear the calendar because September 7th is going to be a great day of football. Clemson's team this past year was dominant partly because their best defensive players returned for an extra year to compete for the natty. Those guys are gone, so while they'll still have a potent offense, their defense will likely not be playing at the same level. It should be a good game. I'm hoping that game doesn't conflict with the LSU-UT game, because I can't be an Aggie anti-Tiger and a Tiger at the same time. Is that possible?
You sound a bit triggered, my friend. Why not take a step back and relish the thought that your school ran out of ideas so quickly that they had to follow in the Aggies' footsteps by taking the next coach out of University of Houston so you could try and emulate Kevin Sumlin's stunning mediocrity. I hear Herman even has his own Swag Copter - Brilliant!!! I have to hand it to you - your guys are really trying. I'll give you a little star sticker for effort.
Agree that LSU needs to take the game on September 7th seriously. Your guys should walk away with a win by a touchdown or two if you play like you're capable of doing, though, even on the road.
I wish them well. They are both ferocious defenders.
Agree. I don't see how that can happen. I happen to think Alabama's a better team, but Clemson won it fair and square, and what happens on the field matters more than what happens in the mind.