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Sounds like a good hire. Jimbo's earning a good salary - that's what it takes to hire a coach with success. The worst thing you can do when you spend a lot of money on a head coach is to cut salaries of assistants, though. Pay raises need to go to the guys downstream to make the system work. Glad the Aggies up top are making the right decisions in that regard.
What are you talking about??? I've only seen a few preseason rankings for 2020 so far, and they all have the Aggies somewhere in the range of #17-#13. Where are you getting that the Aggies being ranked in the top 10 (or top 6 or 7) is "inevitable"? Seems like you're just creating a hot take to be angry about and then arguing against it.
Yes, and as he rightly points out, "that's a good thing".
Gotta love the unbridled optimism of the off-season, right? LSU should still have a good team next year, but predicting a back-to-back at this point?
I'm not sure what you're talking about. The coaching staff comes from all over, starting with Elko on down on the defense and similar on the offense as well.
Welcome to Aggieland, young man! Jimbo struck golden bringing Sternberger over from JUCO. Let's see what we have in Mr. Crownover. I like his size and his blocking and pass-catching ability. I'm thinking he'll fit in well.
Matt Rhule and Joe Brady together as HC and OC in Carolina? That's an interesting experiment.
I'm not going to lie - I'd love to see that happen. Listening to him talk in his interview at the All American Bowl, though, he seemed set on UGA. I'm not getting my hopes up, but he's a heck of a football player and any program would jump at the chance to get him on their team.
Looks like his crystal balls are switching from UGA.
You bring up a good point in that talent is only one component of success. More important than the starting point of talent is the ending point of talent, and it's coaching that bridges the gap between the two. I've seen a number of Aggie players progress significantly under Jimbo's coaching and have no reason to doubt him as yet.
Very well stated. I can't argue with any of your points. #4 - your take on the ACT - is likely the truth, since he had to miss the first half of a playoff game a few weeks ago to take the ACT.
No joke. LSU's receivers are like football vacuum cleaners. Just put the ball in their vicinity and they'll come down with it. Joe Burrow is unquestionably the best college football QB I remember having ever seen, but LSU's offensive success this year is definitely a team effort.
No matter your politics, it's a great thing to have this attention given to the sport. With the secret service in attendance, at least we're not likely to see the game shut down by some misguided uneducated idiot leftist "climate change" protestors.
The guy following greatness always seems to have promise until he's "the guy". It's an age-old story. Joe Burrow really does have those generational qualities that made Brady the greatest ever. Does Brennan have those same qualities? You say yes - I say let's hold on a bit because the odds are against it.
This guy is a heck of a player, and that's something not often said about a punter. He started off as a linebacker - maybe that's why he's so good at being the last line of defense when it comes down to defending the return of his punts.
Welcome to Aggieland, young man. Your talents are greatly appreciated. Now go blow up some plays, please!!!!
We're definitely moving in the right direction. I'm hoping Mond can take another step next year knowing it's his final year to impress NFL scouts and having the pressure of knowing Calzada and King will be behind him. At the very least, Jimbo will be able to run him with abandon knowing we have a decent backup corps in the QB room.
Dang, he's a consistent receiver who could rack up the yards when the ball found its way in his direction. I do wish him the best, though - he's a clutch player.
Wow, that was a great game. I only heard the last few minutes on the drive home from work, but it was worth hearing. I loved ESPNU's two Hokie announcers - they were a little bit dejected. Good job, cats.
Rumors are nothing but rumors, but it's true that if Brady were ever going to consider jumping ship, it would be good to do it while his stock is highest. Next year should be a good one for LSU with their WR corps, but the crystal ball says they'll take a step back without burrow - yeah, he's that good.
At least they're consistent in the way they're interpreting the rules. This "incomplete pass" looked a lot like the one thrown to Jace Sternberger in one of the LSU/A&M overtime sessions that LSU fans complained about so much - virtually identical and the same result in both cases. I still think both should have probably been considered catches and fumbles, but I don't write the rules. With that said, the term "football move" needs to be better defined. The refs did a good job improving the rules about targeting last year, so hope they take a look at this question in the off season - it's not going away.
That's a shame. He's a really good RB with a lot of potential, but a hamstring injury takes time. I wish him nothing but the best.
Man, I grew up in Mississippi and I have family at MSU, so I'm biased. This is just sad. Get Moorehead out of the state now.
It seemed like we had Mond, Ausbon, Davis, and a bunch of Freshmen...and still pulled out a win. Frankly, the Freshmen were the bright spot. I'm still not sure of Mond throwing the ball, but he's determined, and he'll have a much better team around him next year, so I'm optimistic.
The Aggies have a good team this year. Not a great team or even a really good team, but we are a good team. We'll blow the doors off OK State. The rest we'll leave for next year.