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Wow, I still think any school (apart from LSU) would choose Saban over Orgeron. Orgeron is indeed a formidable coach, but he's yet to prove it over multiple seasons. That's not to say that he won't, just that he hasn't yet. When Bama's down year is a year when they don't go to the playoffs, that speaks to how dominant Saban's teams have been. He's still the leader. As much as I cringe seeing Fisher at #6, I can't argue with that. I'm expecting him and the Aggies to compete on a high level now that he's starting to get some talent on the field, but the ranking will have to wait until the wins start coming in.
The school has great academics. The young man is probably using his football skills to secure an education that will help him whether he makes it to the NFL or not.
The way this is going, is there anyone who can imagine 100,000 people allowed to go into the same building at the same time this fall?
What you're describing is pretty typical. This seems to be the most infectious agent we've ever seen, although its effect on people varies wildly. Three people infected who look similar in all ways may have completely different responses - one will be asymptomatic, another will have mild to moderate flu-like symptoms, and the other will die. Your 6 employees who worked with the infected guy - I wouldn't bet they weren't infected. They were just people who infected others.
Goodness! Will someone please press the ffwd to football season?!!!
That really is a great story. Now back to football... or viral pandemics... Well, back to the offseason....
Fair enough, but I'll also point out that LSU's only 1-1 against the Aggies in the Jimbo vs Orgeron series. LSU's one win against Jimbo's Aggies occurred when LSU had the team of the century with all the stars aligned. I'm interested to see how this next game turns out.
Yeah, there's probably one or two of them who think that, but they don't get out much and they have no friends.
Now that we're in the doldrums of the off season, I appreciate any and all articles about SEC football, especially when they deal with the Aggies. Thank you, Connor. Still, I'll argue against the premise that Jimbo's salary creates a situation in which he needs to "convince the college football world that $60 million guaranteed left on that deal is undoubtedly a good thing". What the Aggies paid for Jimbo's contract is between the Aggies and him - the college football world can go fly a kite as far as I'm concerned if they're thinking they have any say in that. Jimbo's salary raised the ceiling for good coaching contracts, but not by much - it was an incremental change more than a revolutionary statement. You mentioned the low point from where the Aggies' football program is coming from over the past 19 years prior to Jimbo, but didn't pay nearly enough attention to your own words when you wrote it. The years of late season collapses is emblazoned in the minds of all Aggies. If the incremental change in raising the ceiling for head coaching contracts gets the Aggies to a point at which we're consistently relevant without our football program being a standing joke, I'll be happy. If that doesn't get us a natty, we'll make other changes to continue improving. Most Aggies are by nature generally patient people. The SEC West is a huge hill to climb - we understand that. We'll get there one way or another. My personal feeling is that if Jimbo could get to the top at FSU, he should be able to get there at A&M with more resources and greater commitment form the administration. I do expect double digit wins this year, but also understand that we've only had 2 consecutive top 10 recruiting seasons when our highest level competition has been recruiting at that level for far longer. We're still at a point where injuries can derail us pretty easily. We need to approach this season with optimism because we're getting where we need to be, while understanding that we're not there yet. Take one season at a time, one game at a time, keep your eyes downfield, and as always, Gig 'Em!
I'd feel a bit better if all we had to worry about was who would be the leading RB, but I'm finding myself in the unenviable position of agreeing with you on the O'line comment.
Aggies are a patient fan base by nature. Don't buy all the talk from non-Aggies about there being a problem with Jimbo's salary or angst about last season. As long as we keep seeing improvement, we'll get where we need to be. Last year was tough to gauge when the only teams on your schedule with a winning record were the best in the country.
Wow, you're more than a bit out of touch with reality. To follow your point a tiny bit further, you'd think it's acceptable to body slam your wife into the ground and justify it by saying that "women are human and some women commit crimes".
Jackson has a motor, a 327 pounder chasing down ball carriers half his size. Can't wait to see him play the next few years.
First, putting up a graphic saying the Aggies signed the "best class in Texas" isn't necessarily trolling a particular school, it's just saying our recruiting has turned around and is now an asset. It's important to get that recognized as widely as possible. For those who don't understand the concept, it's called "marketing". Second, I don't get why people from other schools have such a problem with what the Aggies are paying Jimbo. It's really the market rate these days to lure a proven coach. Besides, you can make up a million a year or so pretty quickly if your coach generates a little buzz in the media, which Jimbo's definitely done. The recruiting bump helps, and I'm interested to see a better record toward the end of 2020.
Nice job on the recruiting trail, Jimbo. Should be a better team this year as a result. Repeat that a couple more years and we'll be in business.
Sounds like a good hire. Jimbo's earning a good salary - that's what it takes to hire a coach with success. The worst thing you can do when you spend a lot of money on a head coach is to cut salaries of assistants, though. Pay raises need to go to the guys downstream to make the system work. Glad the Aggies up top are making the right decisions in that regard.
What are you talking about??? I've only seen a few preseason rankings for 2020 so far, and they all have the Aggies somewhere in the range of #17-#13. Where are you getting that the Aggies being ranked in the top 10 (or top 6 or 7) is "inevitable"? Seems like you're just creating a hot take to be angry about and then arguing against it.
Yes, and as he rightly points out, "that's a good thing".
Gotta love the unbridled optimism of the off-season, right? LSU should still have a good team next year, but predicting a back-to-back at this point?
I'm not sure what you're talking about. The coaching staff comes from all over, starting with Elko on down on the defense and similar on the offense as well.
Welcome to Aggieland, young man! Jimbo struck golden bringing Sternberger over from JUCO. Let's see what we have in Mr. Crownover. I like his size and his blocking and pass-catching ability. I'm thinking he'll fit in well.
Matt Rhule and Joe Brady together as HC and OC in Carolina? That's an interesting experiment.
I'm not going to lie - I'd love to see that happen. Listening to him talk in his interview at the All American Bowl, though, he seemed set on UGA. I'm not getting my hopes up, but he's a heck of a football player and any program would jump at the chance to get him on their team.
Looks like his crystal balls are switching from UGA.
You bring up a good point in that talent is only one component of success. More important than the starting point of talent is the ending point of talent, and it's coaching that bridges the gap between the two. I've seen a number of Aggie players progress significantly under Jimbo's coaching and have no reason to doubt him as yet.
Very well stated. I can't argue with any of your points. #4 - your take on the ACT - is likely the truth, since he had to miss the first half of a playoff game a few weeks ago to take the ACT.
No joke. LSU's receivers are like football vacuum cleaners. Just put the ball in their vicinity and they'll come down with it. Joe Burrow is unquestionably the best college football QB I remember having ever seen, but LSU's offensive success this year is definitely a team effort.