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LSU is improving from the way they played at the beginning of the year, but the score in this game will be determined by how well or how poorly the Aggies handled the 21-day layoff. What LSU does is almost irrelevant. If the Aggies remained focused during their break and are able to knock off the rust early, it'll be 50-7 in the other direction with coach O in the cellar for another year. Sumlin's Aggies would have squandered their time and come back fat and happy and would have been slaughtered. I'm interested to see how Jimbo's Aggies handle the time off.
All that has to happen to make your dream come true is for your team to beat Bama. Simple, right?
That's definitely out there. One difference is that many of the allegations at LSU don't seem to have even been investigated. There's a part of me that takes pride in that article's numbers showing that A&M is well below the national average incidence of college campus rape, but the idea that we keep those stats handy shows you the extent of the problem.
I'm not sure that's a given. If anyone would get a break like that, it would certainly be Notre Dame, I'll grant you. I just can't see the committee putting together a replay of those teams for the third time in a single season, especially a shortened season. If the Aggies can win out, their only loss would be to #1 Bama, and let's face it, even Clemson's not looking up to that level just yet.
If we're talking about the future, I'd hold on to see what kind of fallout comes from the allegations of mishandling sexual assault cases. Baylor wasn't too happy with the short- or medium-term results, nor was Penn State.
That's a reasonable explanation. The head-to-head matchups matter. If the Gators win out and beat Bama, they're in. If Bama beats the Gators, the Aggies have a real shot if they keep on winning and looking good doing it. I have a hard time seeing the Committee give a playoff berth for a third Clemson/ND matchup in the same year. It's possible, it just seems unlikely. LSU looked improved last weekend, but I'd say this upcoming game has more to do with how quickly the Aggies play through the rust than what LSU does. This could be a chance for LSU to exact another dose of revenge for 7-OT or the Aggies to play strong and keep themselves in the hunt. I can't wait to watch. Please, nobody get sick....
The SEC has a lot of great football stories - this is one of the best. Can't wait to watch.
Fisher answered the question the right way. My guess is the players remember that game from last year and are anxious to get that particular monkey off their backs.
@Booches94, Oooh, "the second wave is coming" - you should probably quite your job and hunker down at home until the "second wave" is over. The rest of us will deal with it as we can - we'll be safe and keep the rest of our lives intact. I bet you're one of those thinking the world was going to end with Y2k or in 2012, right? Be safe, be reasonable, don't give in to hyperbole or overreaction, and live your life like it's the only one you have, because it is.
You keep referencing "science", but I do not think it means what you think it means. Holding a bunch of players out because of contact tracing precautions does not mean that anyone's taking a risk playing.
I want you to be clear about what you're saying. Are you saying that you're ok subjecting players to the additional risk of playing two seasons in one year (2021 Spring season followed by 2021 Fall season) or simply that you're ok having one Spring season for 2020 and 2021 combined?
I guess we'll see next Saturday, right? Enjoy your 50-7.
Jimbo's "top tier contract" isn't an issue. It's only an issue for the people who have no role in paying it. The people are responsible for paying it seem to think it's not an issue, so it's not an issue.
That's a silly take. These players and staff are tested frequently and are virtually quarantined. Games and practices are less risky than most of our daily lives. If your goal is to prevent negative outcomes, you'll cancel the sport entirely. Sports injuries are a far greater longterm risk to these players than COVID.
The most interesting game on the docket is the Arkansas-LSU game.
Agree. Indiana has a good team. It's hard to say how it'll play out with a D that's been playing lights-out without enormous competition playing against an O that's been playing lights-out without enormous competition. These days, I'd usually give the win to the offense, but it can go either way, and a sack or pick can make the game go an entirely different direction. Go Hoosiers.
I see the reasoning and I hope you're right, but I'm not sure it's ever a good thing to have a 21-day layoff in the middle of the football season when the players had 14 of those days when they couldn't have any in-person team activities.
Dang. I'm interested to see how the Aggies will handle the 21-day layoff in the middle of the season, with 14 of those days having no one together in person at all. At least they should be well-rested, right?
I'm not sure I agree with the idea of suspending a player simply because he's "accused of sexual assault". The MeToo movement has shown us that sexual assault really does occur and really needs to be punished rather than ignored when it does. It's also taught us that sometimes the allegations are just fabricated and we really need to avoid ruining a man's career by overreacting to a fabricated allegation. It's important to investigate in order to determine which of those is happening in each case. It seems like the problem is not that the players weren't suspended because of the allegations, it's more that the University didn't do any sort of investigation at all in many of those cases. If that is really true, then LSU may become the next Baylor.
You've had your year. Give the rest of us a chance.
Winning a game is about doing the job that's in front of you, not speculating about how it would play out if you got another shot at it. It's not difficult. All you have to do is beat Bama and you're ahead of the Aggies. Simple. We're rooting for different teams, but I we always respect my fellow Old Marines - Ooh rah, my friend!
Florida's offense is certainly clicking on all cylinders and their defense has improved, but the Aggies' O-line dominated the Gators' D and ran all over them when they played. While the Gators' defense has improved, their run defense still allowed Arkansas 6.5 yds per rush - they've improved, but how much can you really say their D has improved when they still allowed 6.5 yds per rush against Arkansas last night? The Gators are still susceptible to a team with a strong and well-balanced offensive attack as long as that team can get a stop here and there. The Aggies exploited that, and I suspect Bama will do the same. I still think the Aggies are a better team than UF this year because they have more balance. I realize that my opinion is irrelevant, though, so let's stick with the scoreboard. In the end, after many years of dashed hopes, I'm just happy to see my Aggies heading in the right direction.
Bama and Florida both have crazy efficient offenses. That game will be won by the team that's able to get a few stops. I still see Bama as the better team of the two by a good bit, but I'm not sure I'd lay money on a 3-4 score game.
Quick fact-check, We also lost to LSU that year and the playoffs didn't start until 2015, so that part's out. Aggies are looking pretty good this year, though, and GTRFan107 can still go suck an egg....
The last time we played Florida, it was a close game and our only loss of the year that probably cost Manziel's Aggies a playoff berth and maybe a championship. I'd love to see the Aggies in a playoff game, but I'm willing to let those chips fall where they may. With the Tennessee game being postponed and the Ole Miss game possibly being postponed or canceled, it's probably not in the cards for a playoff spot, but I'm just happy to see the improvement. Gig 'Em and somebody tell G8RFan107 to go suck an egg.
I see how you can make that argument, but anyone watching the Aggies every game will tell you that they're a much more complete team now than when they played Florida. Both teams seem to have improved significantly. Time doesn't stop for one team while another improves - that's the fault in your argument.
I love how Jimbo uses the tight end position and I can't wait to see Baylor Cupp join in on the play after he recovers from injury next year. Goodness, that's going to be a really fun offense to watch.