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Well, it is the offseason and that's one way to liven it up a bit. If your head coach doesn't believe he can get his team over the hump, you need a different coach.
UGA's starting off in a great position this year. Bama's obviously the team to beat in the SEC, but UGA's not too far behind.
Players have been able to transfer as many times as they want. There's nothing stopping that. In the past, they just have to sit out a year without competing in their sport except for special circumstances. We all know the gripe against certain athletes being occasionally given special permission to play immediately. The process of making the decision of who sits out and who doesn't has been a political one to some degree. Now, it's open for all to get that first transfer without having to sit out a year. I think it would ruin the fun for fans seeing players transfer to school after school year after year. I see this decision as a compromise that's probably an improvement. How much will it really change the landscape? Probably not much.
I agree that Trask should be higher than Mond, but it's not a blowout. Mond is a great choice for a team needing a backup QB to groom for the starting position a few years down the line, but I'd still place Trask a bit over him. Mond has had his issues over the years, but he ended on a good streak. Trask had the misfortune of ending his season on one of those not-so-great moments, so his draft stock suffered while Mond's rose. Mond's more experienced and has been more consistent than Trask, but that's just a result of having been given more starts in the SEC. Trask seems to have a higher ceiling. My guess is that if Trask had been given the reigns to start for 4 years like Mond, he'd have made the cut for Heisman at some point.
Kellen's thrown more passes than any other SEC QB on the draft board. He's spent three years leading a complex NFL-style offense in the SEC with respectable numbers and he's never missed a game due to injury. He's had issues in past years, but he's intelligent and teachable and has consistently improved. He's the definition of a solid backup in the NFL and he will most likely start at some point. Where he's drafted is still way up in the air, but the way the QB situation is in the NFL, Mond's likely to go earlier than a lot of people think.
No joke. His 20.31s time in the 200 is #3 in the NCAA and #6 in the world. Give the man a football!
With his size and athleticism, moving him around on the D line will create confusion as other teams adjust their coverage on every play. I suspect he'll be a very valuable player by season's end.
Wasn't it your school that was highlighted a few days ago for being unable to distinguish between your scholarship students and a homeless person? I'm sure he's chomping at the bit to transfer back to that mess.
You've just read an article about the premier CA university being unable to distinguish its own scholarship students from homeless people and you're honestly making an argument that this proves their educational system is "richer" and "more advanced"? Really?
Hard to know exactly how this will play out, but it has the feel of something that may not go away soon or quietly.
LSU has too many good athletes to have a repeat of last year. Still, I much prefer the 2020 version of LSU to that of 2019.
Classy move. The man got his debt-free degree, now it's time to see if he can get some playing time to impress the scouts. I wish him well.
I get what you're saying and you're right. 90% of all players drafted in the NFL played multiple sports in high school. I'm focusing more on what I've seen from him specifically and I'm expecting some really good things on the field. He's also about as low-key and no-drama as you can get. I appreciate that from a focus perspective.
I see where you're going, but he never said he didn't speak to her, he just said he doesn't remember having spoken to her about the incident. I'm not sure what they're expecting to get out of it. O has attorneys and they'll tell him to just say he doesn't remember no matter what the truth is. This is a waste of time.
This article hit the nail on the head in terms of what most Aggies are thinking. Playing basketball, track, and football in high school, Haynes is more athletic than most of the guys who'll be trying to track him down. He can make long distance throws, and being a coach's son, he's been exposed to the right developmental factors all his life. We can expect him to make some mistakes as he learns, but the ceiling is very high, especially with all the weapons he'll start off with this year. The main concern, as Connor pointed out, is the question of durability. He's tall and thin, and that can be a concern for a QB who runs a good bit in the SEC. All-in-all, though, I'll take the situation we're in with him. Looking forward to some high level football this Fall and can't wait to see how the year turns out for the Aggies. Gig 'em!
True. He was playing at a very high level that year before the injury.
So these guys actually get scholarships for sitting in a boat fishing? I'd make a snide joke if it weren't such a sweet deal.
I understand your point that the game is played with 11 men on the field at any given moment. I also understand that you don't seem to grasp the importance of a supportive fan base.
Don't be the idiot who posts a response to an article roasting the author of the article without reading the article.
I get your point in the sense that I was recently roasted in conversation for having the nerve to say that "I don't really pay attention to people's skin color". That was Dr. King's ideal, but it's no longer in favor. Those leading the Left, including most of the media, now want us all to focus on how our skin color makes us deeply different than other people. Bringing your comment back to the topic of the article, though, it's seeming like Les did a lot more than just preferentially hire attractive women. Using a position of power to gain sexual favors from your female employees, or even imply that you might, is never acceptable and should be punished soundly and in a very public way.
That's a shame. The Aggies have a position open now for a transfer to play immediately, so that's a plus. It's never a good thing to lose a talent like this guy, though. Even with the loss, I'm excited by the talent we'll be able to place on the line and in the secondary this year. Gonna gig 'em.
Jimbo said out of the gates "From now on, things ain't gonna be like they used to be". He's succeeded in that regard. Bama's the gold standard and no one comes close, but the Aggies' recent success in the SEC should make top level recruiting from Texas high schools a self-sustaining cycle. Once that happens, it's only a matter of time until we come off that list. Might be a long time, but in the meantime, I'm glad the Aggies are relevant and looking forward to some competitive games this Fall. Gig 'em!
Yes, it does. It all starts on the lines - both for the offense and defense. Jimbo's done a great job recruiting great players on the line of scrimmage, and that will make it easier for the skill players to have a real impact. When you know the D Line can consistently get pressure, the CBs like this young man are going to look outstanding.
That's a shame. I grew up in the delta and know Jackson well. Deion Sanders is getting them national attention by coaching there. 53-0 wins don't come cheap. I hate to see someone ruin it for the whole university simply because they wanted to steal a figgin' wallet and cell phone. They have security guards - how about using them?
Further research shows that this guy won't be a 3-star for long. He's a 3-sport athlete with Basketball and track running the 200 and 400 in addition to football. He's a beast who's going to be fun to watch.
This is silly. We're not stuck back in April 2020, we've learned how to be careful. Wear a mask, stand a little farther away, but still give the recruits a chance to see the facilities and talk with the coaches, even wearing a mask.
I'm wondering how he's ranked as a three-star. A 6-5 receiver who still has the quickness to make people miss and the speed to outrun then after they do is hard to beat. He needs to bulk up a bit, but other than that, this kid has a very high ceiling.