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A&M deserves whatever kind of ribbing you want to deal out after that LSU loss. All in all, though, things are looking up. Sitting right now with our second consecutive top-five recruiting class - the first time that's happened in school history - is a break from the past. We need deeper talent to compete with the best. Luckily, we seem to be correcting that deficiency.
I don't believe the Aggies' leadership is against a bowl game with them, and neither are most Aggies. Most of us are opposed to setting aside an OOC conference game against them on an annual basis. A bowl game is different. I wouldn't mind a bowl game with them if that's the way it works out. I like the idea of my team being tried by fire, and that game would certainly bring a lot of excitement to the bowl season. I would have been excited about the prospect if you'd asked me after the UGA game, but our performance in the LSU game shows we need another high recruiting class or two to really start clicking. If that Texas bowl prediction happens, the O Line better show up and not be flat in the front.
On a personal note, I think Franks would be a good fit at LSU. At least it would even out the QB Karma a bit. Burrow's good enough that he used up about 20 years of QB mojo in this past season.
Hopefully our guys will hold onto that bitter taste the way LSU did over last year's game.
Beal has some great qualities as a tight end. He's a really good blocker, but is limited in catching the ball and he hasn't really grown into that as much as you would have hoped. I wish him well, but barring significant injury to Wydermyer or Cupp, Beal's playing time at A&M would remain limited.
Yes. It's easy to own success, but people handle adversity differently. LSU handled their loss well, it seems. I'm interested to see how the Aggies respond to this in the bowl game and next year.
Hats off the the LSU Tigers. Burrow started the year as an underrated QB, but he proved everyone wrong. Aggies have played 3 #1 teams this year, but this is the first team that actually felt like a #1 team. If the Tigers' D plays the rest of the way the way it did tonight, you'll win another natty in the Superdome.
Translation: "I'm really sorry I got caught - it wasn't supposed to cost us 15 yards when I planned it in my head before the game."
I wish LSU all the luck in the world in your bowl game(s)!
Bonfire tonight in College Station. Coach O would be welcome. I'd pass him a beer.
Yup, those are all things that worry me about LSU. Still, I can't wait to see how Kellen Mond plays. He has a history of starting slow - especially in big games when the "wide eyes" come out. He's done that less and less this year, though. If he hasn't grown out of that tendency after all the games this year, he never will. Can't wait to see how it goes down.
Anyone else remember that there's an actual curse associated with being shown on the cover of this particular magazine? You think any fans in the Baton Rouge area are superstitious?
Hey, if we'd stayed in the Big 12, we'd be looking at spending a dreary gameday in Austin playing their JV football team. Game day at Death Valley's not a bad place to be no matter what side you're on. Let the beer flow and let the game roll on!
I was lucky enough to be at that game last year and it was the best game I've ever seen. It's crazy how that game went. I get why LSU fans and players are upset with the last PI call - it most likely wouldn't have been called in most circumstances and we would have been on to the 8th overtime. That was the only call that I thought was blatantly wrong, though. A lot of the other things were just incredibly unlikely - Mond's knee really was down and fans have argued about what constitutes a "football move" to define a reception and fumble vs incompletion for years. Other calls went both ways during the game. We think about the PI call because it was at the end. Unfortunate that the game's ending hinged so heavily on it. We almost screwed that up with the false start, though. LSU's definitely fired up about this game. I'm hoping their defense wears down the way it's looking like they're doing, and the way it did around this time last year to give us a chance to hang with the Tigers. Our team has a lot of really young players, but they've had other big games this year to help them get ready. If nothing else, having to play these games this year will thicken up their skin for next year. Should be a good game. Gig 'em!
Agree that it's part of the game, but some games are worse than others. South Carolina took a particular beating from the refs in their Florida game. I don't think it's intentional, it's just that our camera angles catch so much that we sometimes see more at home than the refs on the field. There has to be a way to use that to make the games cleaner. It doesn't do anyone any good to have controversial calls.
Football's always been a game of inches. If you want to make sure you win, you need to be better than the other team by several feet to take the refs out of the equation.
We've seen a number of games this year in which the score was within the margin of error for the officiating crew and you could make a credible argument that the officiating affected the outcome one way or another. Would it not make sense to add a few additional calls to the list that could potentially be challenged? A coach who felt like the refs missed pass interference could challenge the no-call. It would slow the game occasionally, but the incremental change would be very small compared to the way they're currently doing it. I'd hate to slow down a game more that it already is, but if the officiating could be cleaner and less controversial, the whole league would benefit.
I think they're projecting that Stoops will stay there rather than take over the dumpster fire that's FSU.
There's really nothing else to say other than suit up and play the game next week. Give 'em hell, Aggies. Use this year as a learning experience for the young guys and come back stronger next year.
Three pretty dang obvious blown calls for the refs in the Dawgs' favor. Man, we had that one.
Agree with the author that Tua's an incredible talent who seems to be a great kid and that the college football world will miss seeing him play every Saturday. The article get a little creepy with the cheek-tongue-lick of "Too-Ahhh". Maybe let's stick to football????
This guy is athletic with a lot of speed. I can see an immediate role for him on the team. Welcome to Aggieland, young man!
I don't understand the statement of not trying to run the ball against Georgia. They're a stout defense, particularly against the run. But abandoning the run is the quickest way to lose. You can't make yourself one-dimensional against a good defense. There are other ways to lose against Georgia, but abandoning the run is the quickest and most assured way to do it.
The Aggies have a shot in this, but it's a long shot. Can't wait to see how they play. One thing I will say is that I'm glad they're playing in the SEC rather than stuck in the Big 12. Had we not made the move a few years ago, we'd be looking forward to a "big game" against the likes of the 'horns and that's about all the excitement for the year. We still have two big time measuring stick games to go plus a bowl game. Football doesn't get too much better than that.
I like how Jimbo's altered his approach playing to the strengths of the personnel on hand. He's played the last few games with a different offensive philosophy than games earlier in the year. The two RB+TE sets are an interesting wrinkle. Georgia has a very intelligent defense and they're brutally talented. The Aggies have already made bowl-eligibility and they have no chance at a playoff spot, so now there's nothing more to play for than pride and the internal drive to get better. We know the Aggies are a lot better now than they were when they played Clemson, Auburn, and Bama. Are they good enough to keep it close and make a game of it in Athens? I'm interested to see how they measure up against a really good team at this point in the season.
A win over Georgia would mean that we'd scored more points than our opponent. Gotta keep it real, folks.
I kind of ignored the first couple of statements, but when you get to the third publicized attempt at saying what you should have said the first time around....
Agree. Defense will of course be key, but in most grind-it-out defensive games, the game's outcome turns on one or two offensive plays that break free. That's really all it takes one way or another. We all know Mond takes awhile to heat up, especially on the road...especially in big games. Once he's in rhythm, he can play with anyone, but he usually needs time to get there. I think we'll need to be able to run him early and get him in the rhythm of the game for him to be an effective passer. Trying to run on Georgia is a dangerous proposition, but if our run game doesn't get started, we're not going to fare well.
How does it work if Missouri's playing Missouri?