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Excellent take. "Nervous optimism" abounds among Aggies. Jimbo's recruited well and won wherever he's been. LSU, FSU - Is A&M next? Durkin's a hoss of a DC with a chip on his shoulder, and we have a lot more talent than his prior teams - can he translate his prior success to A&M? 24/7 Sports' Talent Composite had the Aggies ranked as the #8 most talented team last year, far behind Bama and UGA. We should be in the #4 or 5 spot this year. That's pretty good, but it's still going to be behind Bama and UGA. Are we within striking distance? The author notes that pressuring the QB and run defense will be worse, but that's only because the potential hasn't been realized. That "potential" is the harrowing part of all this, because we're trying to gauge future performance of guys who've been backups to a great DL unit, with the understanding that those guys are now backed up by the best Freshmen class of DL in history. If you're saying that the only real weak point of this defense is the DL (pressuring the passer and run defense), then your take of "nervous optimism" going into the year is right on target. I'm thinking that if we can keep a game close going into the 4th, then fresh young talent means a lot, and I really like our chances with the young dogs on our DL taking over against anyone. "Nervous optimism". Agree, Glenn. You're right on target. Gig 'em!
Cristobal will get Miami back on track, at least competing for the ACC title, and it won't take long for that to happen.
I'm glad we had a year when every one of our regional recruiting rivals had a down year with a change in head coach. Whatever you happen to think about that year doesn't make a lot of difference.
Yup. Once he decided to play football, he had to either be great or be seen as a bust. There's not a lot of middle ground with him.
Great article. We talk a lot about the potential of 5-star players, but there's a lot of hit-and-miss with recruiting talent, especially if you're trying to project out into the NFL. Some schools seem like QB factories, but NFL starters are from a random collection of schools like ND State, Wyoming, Cal, Texas Tech, Fresno State, Eastern Illinois, and even Harvard. I expect Arch to play pretty good football. He has a leg up on some of the competition from having his family's help in making good film study a habit. That's a part of success, but he'll need a lot more than that to be great. Arch isn't flashy by choice. He doesn't boast a lot or set the bar high for himself and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Expectations for him are entirely a media and fan construct. Unfortunately, many are expecting greatness as a minimum from him. Whether he encouraged those expectations or not, it's something he'll have to deal with, and that type of situation doesn't often end well.
Wow, that was a great game for the Rebs! Get 'em - now to finish them off tomorrow.
Very much agree. Sark's malleable. That's not really a risk for Manning the way it would be for other QBs. It's hard to imagine a scenario where Arch isn't taken in the draft pretty highly based on potential alone. Even if he's late developing, some teams will take a chance on having the next Manning QB, even if only for publicity ($$$) purposes. Sark has his work cut out for him tamping out the toxic culture embedded in that football program. I'm not convinced a single QB can fix that, and I'm not convinced Sark's up to the job. I guess we'll see how it plays out this year after Bama destroys them. Will they finish the season playing solid football after being dismantled, or will Bama rip out their hearts and leave them raw and wriggling the rest of the year the way Bama does so many other teams?
Manning will improve their recruiting. Something like this will get them into the top 5 for this class when it's all said and done. Recruiting's never really been the problem, though. It's that they've underperformed, and we've seen from player and coach comments that their culture is at the root of the problem. Manning's entry can bring in an additional 3-4 top 100 players, but it cannot change their culture. That's what Sark's battling.
The last time A&M had two 5-star QBs, they were managed by Kevin Sumlin, which was the root of the problem. Can sark manage this situation? I guess we'll see, but at least he has a better history with QBs than Sumlin had. I think the Manning + Ewers situation will make Ewers better. It will also improve tu's recruiting pretty quickly. Their problem hasn't really been a recruiting problem - it's more of a player development problem due to rotting culture. Can Sark fix that part of the equation? That's the part that remains to be seen.
There's no chance Arch starts his Freshman year, barring a Ewers injury. Ewers is a much better QB at this point than Manning.Manning will need some time to develop.
Does anyone understand why Melendez would promote the nickname "The Hispanic Titanic"? Naming oneself after a sinking ship is probably not the best way to go. Am I missing something?
When Saban said that "Texas A&M bought every player on their team", and we all know that statement isn't true, that's a lie. Yeah, "literally".
We all know that Saban's the GOAT, so we're not used to seeing him make such a low-IQ mistake. His Compliance people would have messed their pants if they'd known he'd have tried to rally his boosters by talking about "buying" young black men.
Arch would be a great get for the horns. It's a bit more risk for Arch than if he went for Bama or UGA. If Arch goes to tu, it could really be the thing that saves Sark. If not, the tu rebuild will be much longer and more turbulent.
Noah Thomas is undervalued by the star system. He has enormous potential. The basketball background should help him stand out as a WR once he gets a bit of experience. He will most likely not be a breakout player as a Freshman, but by the time he leaves Aggieland, barring injury, I expect he'll be NFL-ready. He reminds me of Mike Evans at this stage.
Agree. I'm really excited to see Chris Marshall play. He plays very mature for an incoming Freshman.
I'd argue that there are no "fanatics with money to burn", at least not on the scale you'd need to buy a championship team. Donors give money for academic and athletic buildings because they get their name on a piece of real estate. With NIL, if you give money to players and don't win a championship, there's absolutely nothing to show for the millions that's been thrown away. The notion that there's a group of people able and willing to throw away millions of dollars to a school to help build a championship team is wishful thinking at best.
You misread that quote, my friend. A tu Longhorn message board writer says that A&M doesn't want to be in the same pod as tu and you run with that as the truth. I bet you get really worked up on the Kardashian message boards, too.
The thing that set Jimbo off was the $30M "bought the whole team" accusation because that kind of talk can derail a team. Once recruits start getting the idea that the guys the year before them got a milly each and they don't get offered that, they feel slighted. The $30 million dollar myth is a myth and Jimbo was right to call them out on it. He's always said NIL is important - the $30M is ridiculous, though.
Honestly, I'm not sure the Supreme Court allowed enough room for any organization to demand full disclosure of NIL deals, certainly not public disclosure. I know some are hoping Congress will intervene, but Reagan was right to fear the words "we're from the government and we're here to help." Congress isn't known for making things better.
...We're a pretty big deal in your mind, too, apparently. Otherwise, why do you keep coming back here taking time to let everyone know how little you think of us? From the look of it, I'd say we own a fair chunk of your mind. I forget whether you're a T-shirt Longhorn fan or a T-shirt Bama fan, or both.
That's rich, coming from the chica who took the time to write no less than 10 responses to this article specifically telling everyone ad nauseam that A&M isn't worth your time and doesn't live in your head. Trust me, take a deep breath and relax. It'll all be ok.
I absolutely LOVE the fact that you created an account just to say that. You got Aggies living rent free in your head, brother...or sister...whichever way you happen to fly.
Probably so, but don't forget the same thing was said last year when Jimbo made his comment that got the same kind of reaction from the media. Stephen A Smith predicted a "Massacre in College Station". Nobody doubts that Saban's the GOAT and that Bama's got more talent, but Jimbo's a good big game coach and now he's got a team of his own guys. Any sane person would expect a Bama win, but I'm not sure I'd walk into the weekend expecting a blowout.
Agree. The 7 OT 74-72 and the followup 50-7 got everyone pretty juiced up into rivalry mode pretty quickly.