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You pay what you have to pay. There's a point of salary where an extra million one way or another isn't going to be the thing that keeps a coach on board or sends him elsewhere. Kirby belongs in Athens, and I don't see him leaving until he loses his fire for the job, in which case he's more likely to take time off than move to another school. He's young enough that it might be quite some time before that happens. Paying a coach is more about telling him that he has security and committing long-term to the approach he's bringing. I can't see Kirby leaving for a few million left on the table, and while it may not be strictly necessary to keep him, I don't think they'll want to take chances. I think UGA will recognize how rare it is to find a process that works and make Kirby the highest paid coach.
Some questions are best left unanswered in the heat of a post game press conference. You need some distance from the moment.
UGA definitely has a deep and talented QB room - that's why he's transferring. JTD will certainly be able to find a good program where he'll have the opportunity to play and earn some points toward the draft. If he does well where he lands, it's going to be a one-and-done year for him. That's good for some programs and not good for others. Looking at the whole package, a situation like that doesn't really fit that well for A&M. Having a 2-3 year starter is the ideal for us. I'd rather keep the guys we have without forcing them out for someone who's had multiple years with injury issues.
Unrelated, but I first read that as head coach Todd Grantham. Threw me a bit, but Todd Graham's a different guy.
Wow. Even the coach's own son transferred out. Wow.
12th Man (EKingGill), If Dabo can begin to adapt, then I'll admit that you were right. He's not known for adapting, though. In fact, Dabo's signature trait is the unwillingness to adapt. Clemson faithful were amazed that he took a transfer this year. All CFB fans see the way the transfer portal has turned the recruiting game on its head in some ways, but Dabo's pretended that it doesn't exist. The Clemson faithful are rejoicing in the streets that he's taken a transfer QB this year. Good for him. He's had a great deal of success, and I can see how he might still win enough games in the ACC to win the conference, but the chinks in his armor are apparent now, and he won't get the benefit of the doubt like he used to.
Jamieson Williams is a prime example, although examples like that are few and far between. Most don't work out all that well.
True. It's hard to believe in something until you see it, though, and none of us have seen Dabo reload his coordinators after he became successful. Dabo does things so differently than other head coaches that it makes me wonder whether he caught lightning in a bottle with the right coordinators at the right time. As for talent, I just don't see him recruiting Florida and Georgia as well as in the past because of UGA's success and the UF and Miami coaching changes. The recruiting part alone makes Clemson suspect long term, even if their coordinators fit right in and are successful right away.
Sorry for typo - Miami will "eat them alive", not "eat them alone" - that wouldn't make any sense. Cristobal will make recruiting south Florida much more difficult for everyone not named Miami.
You're probably right. We're back to the question of whether preseason rankings should reflect how good a team really is or where you think they'll end up leading into the playoffs. Given their place in the ACC, Clemson could potentially get into the playoffs being the 10th best team in the country. Long term, though, Miami will eat them alone and take their place atop the ACC in a year or two.
Dominant. Just plain dominant. I guess defense CAN still win championships.
It's a great moment for UGA fans. Enjoy it. Kirby's put together team the that's gonna be scary every year for the foreseeable future. They should have a great run in the East and be in the mix for a playoff spot every year. We'll have to see how Kirby handles assistant changes and whether he's able to reload the way he needs to to sustain success, but there's no reason to think he'll fail at that because his team's built the right way from the ground up. It's gotta be a great time to be a Dawg.
Agree with that. I love college football, but rarely watch bowl games not involving my favorite teams for that reason. I'd love to see a 12-team playoff and would definitely watch every game.
Agree. The rankings aren't personal. I believe in Jimbo and the team, but they have to prove it on the field.
Clemson is the one team I disagree with. They're a coin flip in my mind and should be borderline top 10 along with A&M. Dabo's leaned heavily on his home grown assistants and he's not shown that he can adapt to the new world of CFB. You point out that they'll have their most talented team ever in 2022, but they've never won based on overall talent - that's not been their thing. They've won based on having Amazing talent at QB and a great DC. They have neither of those. We'll see which end of the "adapt or die" spectrum Clemson ends up this year - I expect something closer to "die".
Agree about Baylor as well. They're a team who's really dangerous in the Big 12. I expect them to make the playoffs next year. They're not built to win it all at this point. They have the talent, but not the depth.
I don't have a problem with your ranking of A&M. We'll need to see success before ranking them higher. I'm assuming Jimbo saw something in Durkin that he really liked, and Jimbo's earned the benefit of the doubt by choosing really good DCs in the past. I personally love hiring a guy who has something to prove, and I expect Durkin to do really well with all that talent. The offense will be loaded next year - that should be the team's strength. Borderline top 10 is probably the right place to start them. Then we'll see what happens when they take the field. With that said, I love the direction of the program, and I'm expecting some really good seasons over the next few years. Gig 'em!
I'd say the best team in college football has won the championship each year we've had a 4-team playoff format. As we saw this year, the best team is not always a conference champ. The 12-team proposal makes sense because it leaves room for a non conference champ on a roll to make some noise and maybe win a game or two. In a rare case, a non conference champ from the SEC would actually be able to win it all. I can't imagine a scenario wherein the non conference champ from another conference would be able to string together enough wins to bring home a natty, but the win-or-go-home nature of the games would make all of them interesting. Getting more SEC teams into the playoffs will elevate the play - and that's what scares the Alliance.
Glad to see Richardson coming back. He's an intelligent player with great hands. Another year will pay dividends come draft time.
That's several really good players on defense who are coming back. As much as I love good defensive football, I'd rather they go directly to the NFL.
I bet you're one of the conspiracy theorists who was always complaining about bagmen paying off recruits for every team that came in ahead of yours in the recruiting rankings. I guess I can say that when my school starts attracting complaints from the crowd with the tinfoil hats, we've done something the right way.
It's definitely going to be a fun year to watch how things play out. I'm optimistic about the QB position - seems weird to say that about the Aggies, but there it is.
Buy a NC? Ha! They don't offer those to the highest bidder, so I'd suggest getting off your soapbox and come back to reality. Every team pays a coaching staff and every fan base is now paying their players. Your comments seem rooted in antiquity and misunderstanding of the sport you watch. Get yourself up to date before commenting next time. Are you working under the impression that the coaches at your school are working pro bono????
It's interesting that you took the time to create an account on an SEC football website to tell fans of the SEC that you don't like the SEC. You really need to get a life. All that negativity will kill you early, my friend. Live a little - go on, you can do it. I believe in you.
Autobids are a silly construct built by apologists for underperforming conferences who, for some reason, love the idea of watching middle-of-the-pack teams play to win a championship when markedly better teams watch from their sofas. The concept of autobids into the playoffs exists ONLY to line the pockets of conferences who've been left behind. Autobids work in the NFL because of parity. College football has no parity. The SEC is the by far most dominant conference. The ACC and PAC-12 are irrelevant on a national level now that Clemson is lagging, and the Big 12 is essentially a G5 conference. The author's not wrong - we're as likely to see the 2022 playoffs having 2 SEC teams as not. Commissioners of the PAC-12, ACC, and Big 12 are making a conscious decision to pass up millions of dollars of revenue each year and they're making that decision out of emotion and ego.
My guess is we'll see more SEC Shorts featuring Aggies flirting with Hope. UGA only had to wait 41 years. That's nothing, my friends.
The only opinion that matters is that of the scoreboard, my friend.
Heck of a game. I thought it was over for sure after the incredible Stetson fumble, but he pulled it out the next series and just kept rolling. Great game, UGA. No more "1980"!