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Yes, it does. It all starts on the lines - both for the offense and defense. Jimbo's done a great job recruiting great players on the line of scrimmage, and that will make it easier for the skill players to have a real impact. When you know the D Line can consistently get pressure, the CBs like this young man are going to look outstanding.
That's a shame. I grew up in the delta and know Jackson well. Deion Sanders is getting them national attention by coaching there. 53-0 wins don't come cheap. I hate to see someone ruin it for the whole university simply because they wanted to steal a figgin' wallet and cell phone. They have security guards - how about using them?
Further research shows that this guy won't be a 3-star for long. He's a 3-sport athlete with Basketball and track running the 200 and 400 in addition to football. He's a beast who's going to be fun to watch.
This is silly. We're not stuck back in April 2020, we've learned how to be careful. Wear a mask, stand a little farther away, but still give the recruits a chance to see the facilities and talk with the coaches, even wearing a mask.
I'm wondering how he's ranked as a three-star. A 6-5 receiver who still has the quickness to make people miss and the speed to outrun then after they do is hard to beat. He needs to bulk up a bit, but other than that, this kid has a very high ceiling.
The crusaders of old were indeed the "woke police" of their time. I find that a bit ironic that the woke police of today are putting distance between themselves and their predecessors.
Building up the line on both sides of the ball. Put on your hard hat and come to work, young man. Gig 'em!
I support all things Texas and I'm not one to dump on another program. Considering the shared recruiting territory and the history between the two programs, though, I'm happy to let that dumpster fire continue to burn. As long as their leaders are willing to let it burn, I see no reason to stop it for them.
You're right about that. We've seen what Nix can do improvising, but that can't be your go-to strategy.
Along those lines, this is a quote from Bryce Foster, one of the new great Aggie O-line recruits: "How many colleges do you know that have a nickname for their offensive line? Everyone talks about how it "begins in the trenches," but if you don't have a nickname for your trench group, is it really that important to you? That really stuck out to me. At other places, it's always about one guy. Like Penei Sewell, you heard about how great he was, but you never heard about Oregon's entire group. At Texas A&M, you hear about the Maroon Goons as a group, and that's super cool." If the Maroon Goons can continue to be the "big sexy" of the team, then we're in for a pretty good run.
Agree. It's a mixed bag in the sense that it's good for the players, but makes it harder for the coaches to keep talented depth. It's another stressor for coaches and another area where they can slip up if not paying attention to player morale. Like all challenges, some coaches will be better than others in that area. In the end, though, if it's better for the players and doesn't truly detract from the game, which it doesn't, I support it.
I will never applaud the implosion of anther SEC program, but the Vols have a good coaching hire and should start to put things together over the next few years. In the meantime, the maroon goons will benefit from this transfer. We have great talent on the O-line, but need experience - Johnson should start from day one.
Johnson would be a huge pickup for the O-Line. He's scheduled to announce his decision at 11am CT today, I believe. And the winner is...3...2..1....
That's a big man who can move. Another stud for the O-line. Jimbo just needs to keep building something special because Saban can't possibly be perfect every outing, right?
Expanding the playoffs would likely distribute the top recruits a bit better than it is now. The top recruits are more likely to choose Bama, OSU, Clemson, and ND, and a few others because they're much more likely to get into a playoff game and have more chances to get noticed by scouts. Cutting the number of scholarships would just exacerbate the problem.
I LOVE the O-Line talk, but just as exciting is the addition of LJ Johnson. He's the stud to add alongside Spiller, Smith, and Achane. That's a decent RB group.
Exactly! Expanding the playoffs to 8 teams would decrease the number of bowl games tarnished by the opt-out scourge and turn them into more compelling entertainment. It would also account for the fact that some teams may hit their stride at the right time for the playoffs. Leaving Bama out of the equation, it's easy to imagine a 1-loss team being a far better team at year's end than a no-loss playoff team from a weaker conference. They'd probably need to give a guaranteed spot to the PAC-12 and Big-12 winners (1 slot to each conference champ). It would add a couple of blowout games, but would quash the conference dominance questions.
There is truth to that. Bama's rare losses are always to teams with elite QB. No elite QB, no chance of winning that game. JFF was the guy. Haynes King is looking like the next guy, but we'll need to see how he progresses. He's a coach's son in addition to having elite talent, so I'm very optimistic.
I don't fault anyone for thinking that way until our team has actually won on the big stage, which we haven't yet. I think that day is coming and it's probably closer than a lot of people think, but it hasn't happened yet. Until it does, I don't mind the team having doubters.
It's an article about SEC football during the dead offseason, so I'm good with it. I like that O'Gara's giving a take that's different than the usual "who's on the hot seat". Of all the people a year ago predicting who'd be fired or hired a year later, they all swung and missed badly.
I get the idea of having the game at a neutral site, it's just that Mile High Stadium doesn't seem very neutral when Boulder's just down the road a bit. Still, it'll be good for the team to play in an NFL stadium and see what's waiting for them.
I'd rather the Aggies had the bye before that game rather than before Auburn, but we get what we get. Should be a fun season either way.
That's true. Still, few five-star QB recruits end up reaching their potential and being truly great on the field at any level. Part of it's the players he played with, part was his own mindset, but another big part was the culture of the organization. Bama does a great job of maximizing great talent.
I can't wait to see UGA play Clemson to start off the year. We saw this past year that Uiagelelei is very good, but he's not Trevor Lawrence, and that's a gap that another off-season of preparation isn't going to bridge for him or for their team. That's the only real test Clemson will get next year, and I like the Dawgs' chances.
That's a good list. Wan'Dale Robinson looks like a great pickup from the clips I've seen. Kentucky seems like they could be in a good position offensively if they can get a decent QB and improve a bit on their O Line. With all the Aggie weapons coming back in 2021, Haynes King should be able to put in a really good redshirt Freshman year. Perhaps the best thing for him is that the 3 great players able to fit into the RB position will take some heat off the passing game until he gets comfortable. It's a good list, although I was a bit surprised including a Vanderbilt RB in this. I guess we'll see. Only 7 more months....
That's interesting. MSU getting some recruiting power. Green should be a real contributor from day one.
Point well taken. The preseason awards don't count for a lot when the end of the year comes around, but at this point in the non football season, there's nothing left to talk about, so we talk.