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I'm just hoping that whoever plays the Longhorns doesn't sleepwalk through the prep this time around.
Losing Trayveon Williams and Jace Sternberger to the NFL hurt, but also losing their expected replacements (Corbin and Cupp) to season-ending injuries rubbed a bit more salt into the wound than expected. The Aggies seem to have lost their offensive identity without a strong RB and TE corps. Wydermyer and Spiller are talented, although still very young, and it shows. They should continue to improve, but until they get up to speed, the offense will be more predictable than it should. The run-pass balance in last night's game gives reason for optimism, although a good many of the rushing yards came from Mond. The Offensive line has some talent, and really should be able to keep the pocket cleaner for Mond to work. On the upside, the defense is hitting on all cylinders.
You can't get too caught up in the polls at this point. One thing guaranteed is that either the current #1 or #2 team will take a loss when they play. Farther down the playoff line, can anyone say that Oklahoma looks inferior to Clemson so far?
That's a statistically-sound argument.
Nothing wrong with pulling the facemask to get his attention. Coaching is about making your point sink in at the right moment, and a little tug on the facemask is nothing.
We already track a stat called "points off turnovers".... Why not start a new stat called "points off blown calls"?
...especially when those blown calls actually created 14 points for Florida. Those were actually blown calls on plays that created 14 points. That's huge.
I've seen games with badly blown calls - there were many today, but the Florida-South Carolina game really took it to another level. How is it that an officiating crew could blow calls that directly resulted in 14 points for one team over another? Usually, these things even out, but in the SC-Florida game, it's not unreasonable to say that the officiating actually did cost the Gamecocks a win.
The more this Florida-South Carolina game goes on, the more it looks like maybe Georgia just got beat.
There's a lot of pressure for coaches to come in and be successful immediately. While a coach may have a grand vision for what he wants the team to be, the players may not be in place initially, so the coach has to be flexible enough to alter his game plan in the first couple of years to maximize wins while he revamps the team with his recruiting vision. Seems like that was one of Moorehead's biggest problems in the early going. His inflexibility lost a really good backup QB to the transfer portal and then he lost his choice QB to injury. It's hard to see him getting enough support to continue for too much longer. Almost seems like he'd be starting from scratch again next year.
Great job, Mr. Lowe. I'd buy you a beer for that.
He's 100% right. No one saw the Aggies competing for a natty this year, or even competing for a playoff spot. What has to happen this year is to pull together enough wins and end the year with enough optimism that we land a second good recruiting class. Next year is the year we'll start to see how good the Aggies might be able to become with Jimbo. With that said, we need to go on a little bit of a run and win a few games to help nudge that along....
That's such an odd way to call a team out prior to a game that it makes you wonder whether it really happened. Still, some of these reporters try to get a headline by trying their best to trick players into making stupid statements. I can imagine how a reporter might lead a player into that statement.
That's a good assessment of Mond. He's a good QB, but hasn't looked great yet. Part of that is that the OLine isn't doing him any favors. The running game is pretty bad outside of the yards he's able to put up himself, and he's spent more time running from pressure than throwing down field.
I love the video - he'll fit in well in Aggieland. We're all seeing that the Aggies are still a recruiting class or two away from being able to really compete with the best teams in both front line talent and depth of first class talent. The 2020 recruiting class will be a big step towards getting where we need to be.
Noting wrong with going to the film room to see what happened and learn how to avoid it. Blankenship is a heck of a ball player. He's scored 376 career points for the Dawgs. Not many others can say that.
All of that is true. Still, this LSU team doesn't look like any other LSU team I've ever seen. With this kind of a revamped offense, it might be worth scrapping the 8-0 numbers and starting from scratch.
It's not a lot different than the Hesiman moment for Manziel - turning nothing into a big something.
Loved the Manziel highlight reel. That guy was a stud on the college field. It always amazes me how some guys so talented at one level just dry up when they move on.
No one's going to argue with you. You can't say you're good until you beat someone good, right? I do think they have a lot of potential, but they just let themselves get too caught up in the hype early in the season and missed some chances. The bye week came at a great time. They've been beaten down enough to have learned a few lessons. Will the lessons stick? Let's see how they come out on Saturday.
Solid move, big man. Just go out, play ball and give 'em hell.
I get what you're saying, but in sports, you have to consider the human factor. Ole Miss played Arkansas when Arkansas was coming off their first win of the season. Aggies played an Arkansas team coming off a humiliating loss to San Jose State. In a rivalry game when the Hogs' QB used to play for the Aggies, it's easy to see how the Hogs were up to the challenge. Sometimes it just works out that way. The Aggies have lots of room to improve. It starts with Mond getting the killer instinct from the coin flip. We've seen a killer Mond in the 4th Quarter of most big games, but I'd like to see that Mond surface in the first play of the game. Having not seen that yet, I'll concede victories to Bama, Georgia, and LSU. If Mond and the rest of the team can reach their potential, I might revisit some of that.
That was a heck of a game for Florida. Trask's leg looked like it buckled. It's not everyday you see a player get rolled up on like that and come back to play the same game. Emory came in and played a few good snaps. Looks like the Gators have a solid backup QB. Auburn's defense is legit. Florida's defense is legit. Lots of mistakes by both offenses, but still a great game to watch.
So PETA's actually suggesting that their assistance would be needed to find Jak a loving home? Condescension and ironic misrecognition of circumstance all rolled into one.
No joke. To your list of teams that could contend, I'd add Georgia and Auburn.
Hats off to the Hogs - they came ready to play yesterday. That wasn't the team that lost to San Jose State. If Hicks keeps playing that way from here on our, Hogs will win some games.
I love Jimbo because he's made our team tougher and I hate Orgeron because he's made LSU's team tougher. I'd love to see the two of them in a debate, though. That would be classic. Talk about contrasting speaking styles....
If you have money and conviction, you should bet now, because that line's changing after tonight.