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It's interesting that the A&M board of regents approved Jimbo's raise and extension less than a week before Scott Woodward got the LSU boosters to pony up the $17M for Orgeron's buyout, which he was able to do within 48 hours of the loss to UCLA. It's possible that was entirely coincidental, but more likely that Woodward had already reached out to Jimbo and the extension was offered to keep him here.
Why not have a camera mounted on the first down markers? That's technologically within reach and would answer a lot of these questions in the same way that a pylon cam does for the end zone.
A lot has been said about Coach O, but he brought in Joe Burrow when a lot of other schools overlooked him and he hired both Brady and Aranda (kept Aranda around and brought in Brady himself). The perfect season didn't simply fall into coach O's lap, he created it. He's not a great X's and O's guy, but he's a great motivator, as we saw this past weekend, and that counts for a lot. I can see why some recruits are going to bail on LSU. A&M's stability will hopefully let us pick up some good players.
If that's actually true, it begs the question: why did they wait so long?
Woodward will hire an established coach who's been successful, not a work in progress up-and-coming coach. Lane Kiffin could be very successful at LSU, and he would be a big splash hire - that's Woodward's style. Would Kiffin take the job if it were offered? How will Ole Miss play next year? Who's behind Matt Corral to keep this year's momentum going there?
Yup. Jimbo was a few months ahead of the rest of them, but they'll all no doubt get paid for having been mentioned.
I'd forgotten that we hadn't won in CoMo since 1999. Wow, good to have that monkey off our back, I guess.
I didn't expect to see UTSA ranked. The extra year of eligibility has allowed a lot of teams to exceed their expectations. Since all players from last year got the extra year, will this kind of chaos be the norm for the next few years?
Nick tells recruits on the trail that they'll have a shot to play in their Freshman year. "The people who tell you that you can go to their team and get to play right away and you'd have to sit a year or two at Bama are saying they don't believe in you." They see the few who've made the cut their freshman year at Bama and they believe it'll be them. Agiye has great talent. Seems like he just placed too much stock in the idea of starting right away.
That's a good point about belief. Bama's rep alone has beaten many teams and determined the outcome of the game even before kickoff. Watching them play yesterday, though, they still look very good.
The way Emory Jones played against Bama made me think that he'd turned a corner and Mullen had made the right decision about starting him, especially given AR's injury. Hamstrings take a long time to heal for a dynamic athlete and have a tendency to recur. At this point, though, EJ still shows a lot of inconsistency. The Gators are no longer in the running for the SEC East lead - UGA's not giving the up no matter what happens. If AR is the future QB for the Gators, looks like now's the time to start him.
Kentucky was the only team so far this year able to score 2 TDs on UGA's defense, and I can see that holding up the rest of the year, at least up until the SECCG.
Maybe so. He does have bipolar disorder that accounts for a lot of his erratic behavior. But wow, I don't think you can name a college QB who played the game better at that level.
That's not something I'd ever do, but Aggies are that way. It just means more.
Has he hinted at transferring or is that just blind speculation? With the arm talent and athleticism he's shown, he needs a good bit of time playing - maybe another year in college - to get more consistent in his decision-making. That won't happen on the bench. Seems like it might be a focus issue. If he gets that cleared up, he could be a really good QB again, whether it's at OU or somewhere else. One thing's for sure, it didn't take long for the financial risk of giving big-time NIL money to get a prime example.
Perhaps that's not the best of news for MSU. But as we've seen, anything can happen.
I'm optimistic about the rest of the year. As we've seen recently, you can't always depend on what you see to tell you how a game's going to play out. Whether a team is playing well or poorly, there are things inside the team that we never get to see, and those things determine how the team will play. So like this article says, we'll need to withhold judgement until we see them this weekend. With that said, I get the feeling the Aggies turned a corner when the O Line started to figure out how to play together, and I don't see them returning to the team they were a couple of weeks ago.
Hey, any team that beats Bama gets to celebrate because you guys are always at the top. We always hear that Bama has a target on their backs and they always get every team's best shot. That certainly played a role here in making sure the Aggies had a lot more urgency than usual putting their backs against the wall to avoid a 3-loss start to the SEC schedule and a bloodbath on national TV in prime time.
Agree - he needs to take that approach. I guess we'll see this Saturday whether the team followed his lead. I suspect they will. Fans, on the other hand, we had to wallow in stink for the past couple of weeks, so we're gonna keep talking and enjoying it. More articles, please.
Interesting that last year we beat Florida on Jimbo's birthday weekend with a score of 41-38 delivered by Seth Small on a last second walk-off field goal. Same this year. Wonder what we'll get him next year.
Agree. It's hard to top what Calzada did, especially after his first two weeks, but Levis made quite a statement himself. He looks hard to bring down.
No joke. I wasn't able to make it, but I was impressed by the turnout after the bad press the past few weeks. You gotta love the fans sticking with the team through all of that and not losing their spirit.
I kind of like Coach O and think he presents a great face for the school. I'm personally hoping he's retained indefinitely. You have to be patient with things like this and let your recruiting lose a little steam so the other teams in your conference can get a few more wins. That's my take on all this. It's a tempest in a teapot.
Thanks. Those kinds of wins don't come around often, so I'm gonna enjoy it for a bit before I start worrying about Saban's wrath next year in Tuscaloosa....I hope it's as competitive a rematch as the 2013 game was, although I'd obviously prefer a different result.
Sumlin beat Bama Because Manziel and Evans were recruited by Mike Sherman. They just happened to be on the cupboard when Sumlin took over. Sumlin chased recruiting rankings without putting together a true team, which is why the performance dropped once his recruits started to take over the team. Many of them were good players individually, but they didn't fit together the way they should and they weren't developed. Jimbo's taken the approach of building a team, which is a much different approach.
Agree. Bama's not in trouble. They'll right the ship and be a terror from here on out on their way to the SECCG. UGA's a different kind of a challenge, though. Their D looks like something out of a Terminator sequel. I'm cautiously optimistic about the recruiting ramifications. I believe Walter Nolen was at the game. What I wouldn't give to see him and Bear Alexander both on the D Line along with the other young hosses we have.
My understanding is that King's likely out the rest of the year no matter what due to his injury. That word came out last week, and might have played into Calzada's confidence in a similar way that Emory Jones was playing better without having Martinez looking over his shoulder. Next year's QB battle should be a good one, with Calzada, King, and Weigman (#2 QB 2022) jockeying for the QB1 spot. We should be in a better position then, but as everything else, anything can happen.
Agree. When I look at that, I'm excited to see 2 true Freshmen who seem good enough to play OL in the SEC, and that we'll likely only lose Green at the end of the year. Our defense has been the best part of the team this year, but the offense next year should take a huge step forward.