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I'm really hoping that 20-point underdog spread sticks. It's much easier to make a good showing against the team currently the trophy when nothing is expected of you. Meanwhile, I'm planning to be a Tiger for part of that same day, hoping LSU can pick up the slack for the Dawgs. Any chance you guys have an actual Tiger mascot you can pen up next to Bevo????? I'd pay to see that!
Thank you for posting this story, SDS. I was beginning to feel football withdrawal coming on, but this just might hold me over until things start to pick up again in College Station. I guess I'm a Commanders' fan now....
Good to hear it was a quick hire of a good OL coach to give stability to that spot. The part that pains me is knowing the next regular season game isn't for another 7 months or so....
Playing the underdog is always the better approach, when possible. I love the psychological aspect of football. It's always interesting to me to watch teams get better - to see the really good underdog teams get to the point at which they're recognized as being really good and then see what happens. The Aggies have had our share of really good underdog teams that didn't really live up to the hype once people started to notice. This feels different, and I'm interested to see how it plays out.
Early word is that it's Josh Henson, the OL coach from Oklahoma State. I don't know enough about him to comment, but it was a quick replacement and supposedly, he's a good recruiter, two factors that are both positive.
I agree with the assessment that Texas may well show up in the playoffs, especially with their light Big-12 schedule next year. The only games of substance in their schedule are Oklahoma and LSU. All other games should be cakewalks. It goes to show how different it is in the SEC, with nearly 1/3 of all 4 and 5 star recruits playing in the SEC. Every SEC team has a harder schedule than Texas, Clemson, Ohio State, Oregon, USC, and all the others, and it's not even close. Players seem to understand the game, though. While Oklahoma and other teams have an easier path to the playoffs, it's the SEC players who get the high level all-season exposure that gets them into the NFL. With all that said, I'm really really really hoping that LSU can pick it up where Georgia failed and BTHO UT Longhorns.
Dotson will be hard to replace. He was out for a first half after a bogus targeting call and the entire defense looked different. He made everyone around him better. Every team needs someone like him - in your words, "big kid with smarts & speed". I can't wait to find out who it'll be next year.
You've made a good choice, Major. I look forward to watching you soon. Gig 'Em!!!!
That really was a great game. You could see the coaching chess match playing out on the field. Well coached on both sides and well played. 26% of the Super Bowl-winning team played in the SEC. That's a good showing for the SEC.
Guerrieri has an interesting background - the kind that often helps punters/kickers end up being very successful. The right punter/kicker can impact a team almost as much as the QB. I wish him well. If you had to have a dad teach you how to kick a ball, he's got the right one.
Sorry for the mistype - it was Jimbo's first year.
It's interesting to think how the QB battle this past year would have gone had the Aggies not played Clemson with their D-Line in game 2 of Jimbo's second year. Mond is a really good and dynamic QB and his running ability erased a lot of negative plays, but Starkel was a more accurate passer and might have been a better fit in a pro-style offense. Let's hope they bring Calzada along quickly, because at some point in the season, we'll need a strong backup QB.
This is a great site, and lots of really good football conversation goes on here. SDS really ought to fix the "same screen name for multiple people" issue, because it can really dampen conversation. I don't know you and you don't know me, but we have our own screen names...until someone steals it.
A&M is a big University with over 60k students, 99% of whom are college football fanatics whether we win or lose. We've had a rough go of it in recent years, but things are finally starting to look up.
Great article, Connor. I'm really glad they caught this guy. Normal fans go through a lot of ups and downs following their teams, but we stay inside the bounds of normal human behavior. This guy seems to have made a habit of crazy. I know not everyone graduating from the University of Texas is a serial stalker, but this is just one more log on the bonfire screaming for the next chance to BTHO UT.
That's a nice spread, and a great story from the White House. Back in the day, I would have enjoyed that a lot more than the usual stuffy dinner. Probably still would today....
Get your popcorn ready, boys and girls...and hold tight for another 8 it really 8 months out? I'm bordering on withdrawal already....
I'm excited! Get your popcorn ready, boys and girls...and hold tight for another 8 it really 8 months out? I'm bordering on withdrawal already....
Enough trolling Bama fans on a Saturday night. I'm sure you can find a better use of your time, right?
Another sad story about another underachieving Longhorn who just can't get the Aggies out of his head.
What you're saying is correct about how the outcome of a 2-out-of-three series may well be different than the outcome of a single playoff game. Still, it's the single game that's counted, and in a playoff game, it's often the team that's been more focused in the lead time that comes out ahead. I'd say Georgia's a far and away better team overall than Texas, but we saw what a lopsided game that turned out to be. I don't think the Tide went down because of not taking Clemson seriously, but even Nick Saban said that Clemson incorporated some plays that had hurt them earlier in the year, but he still hadn't prepared his team to see again in that game. The SEC does have the better football conference overall, there should be no question. When it comes to single games in a bowl or playoff setting, though, especially when there's adequate time to prepare, Non-SEC teams often get really hyped to beat an SEC team. Bama fans know every team they play every week brings their A-game week-in and week-out to play 'Bama. That's the prize you win when you're successful - everyone plays you with everything they've got. When it comes to bowl games, SEC teams have a similar problem. SEC teams have to know that their opponent will be laser-focused in almost every case, so they can't take any bowl game for granted.
What I saw was that Clemson did exactly that - they played a nearly perfect game. They did have several incompletions during the game and one of their OL was called for tripping,, but other than that, they really played a perfect game. And that was against a great Alabama team, so it's even more impressive. Hats off to Clemson - they came ready to play.
I agree completely. I see the possibility of a blowout by "Bama. If Trevor Lawrence gets really hot - he has that potential - it could be close. The Tide have a decent margin for error, though, and Clemson would have to be nearly perfect to pull off a win.
It's important to pay head coaches well, but you can't forget to pay your best coordinators and assistant coaches a good salary too. A good coach can handle turnover, but only to a degree. You need stability in some spots to build a lasting success.
Agree. I'll go to California for Disneyland - that's still fun - but not much else.
Great article. The hype over recruiting class rankings never addresses the "right fit" approach of recruiting because it's one of the intangibles. From the standpoint of finding the payers who make the best team, no one can really make an argument for any team other than Alabama and Clemson as having been the best recruiting schools over the past 4 years.
This should be a great game. Trevor Lawrence is very young, and young QBs can make mistakes, but Tua did ok last year in the Championship game, didn't he? Lawrence has the benefit of having started most of the season and having a playoff game under his belt, which was more than Tua had going for him. I still think Alabama wins, but I expect a close game and want to record it because there will undoubtedly be some pretty incredible plays I'll want to watch again and again over the football drought for the next few months.
He's a solid player. Aggies have a great 2019 defensive recruiting class who'll perform well, but they would have benefitted from his leadership and senior perspective. He will definitely be missed.
There were definitely bad feelings in that game - a perfect opportunity for the Dawgs to step up and quash them. That didn't happen, so we're left wondering what the "go F yourself, b" play was. I bet it was a planned QB run - maybe one of his TDs. Aggies have dealt with that team for a hundred twenty years. Longhorns are proud and arrogant, and you can't give them an inch unless you want to hear about it for a decade or two. Unfortunately, that's where Georgia is right now, until they win a rematch. Next up is LSU in the second game of the season playing in Austin. Better get up for the game, Tigers. Don't go in flat.