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It's bigger then all others...especially to a true Texan
AU with their starting qb is not playing better then us with a backup
This is why I love college ball and the sec...can't wait for Saturday
Great argument on both sides that being said I'm just ready for September and interested to watch how this all plays out. King is gonna BTHO yall js
They only put up 40 on Alabama because Kiffin new every defensive call and play and signs...sketchy
I think King looks good and was great in HS...he didnt have much to work with his senior year but his junior they couldn't be King with all the receivers back I look forward to next year and after for sure
Yes! That would stick it to the b1g and osu and make the committee have to so something honest and a who pays the most and is most popular....may the best teams play
I'm a aggie yes but uf in now way should be ranked over us
Let Aggies and Buckeyes play saturday js Realizing they have alot more to lose they wont play us saturday but that would clear the picture real quick
How in the world is florida in the orange bowl over a&m js