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This is Meacham's poor attempt at trying to make a public statement about A&M to get the attention of a recruit. Hill is a good kid that has done a lot to make positive changes in his life. Seeing what has taken place at TCU the last couple of years, Hill has done that on his own, not following the guidance of others at TCU or A&M that made stupid mistakes before him. Doubt Meacham had anything to do with that. Wish Hill all the best... Unless he plays A&M.
aside from some of the problems, he has done more than any other coach we have had in over 15 years, and in the SEC. Bet you were all over his jock after they beat OU and finished 5th in the country. Aside from the rogue coaching idiocies this summer a lot has been cleaned up and that locker room is tight. A lot of that has to do with Sumlin, the guys he recruited and them maturing on/off the field. I personally hope he is there a long time.