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Dork. And your girls actually have to come. Youll sing a different tune soon. What have you done lately? Recruiting, winning, or anything for that matter lately?
Cause hes way better than that mush mouth LSU paid off for Kelly
Listen to all of you know it "sometimes" homers. The #1 recruiting class is still in huggies, and name one team that hasn't run into a buzzsaw at one time or another.... Obviously some of the mouths around this place are either jealous or just plain haters. No TAMU fan is hiding from the likes of clowns like y'all, i assure you. Week 2 for the Ags, oh well, means nothing. Lets see where your lips are at come December. By the way. Just who do you think is a better developer of young men/talent that is looking for a HC position currently? I can't wait to clown those big mouths as your squads take it from behind at some point this season. On another note. Thank the lord football is back. Im sure all of you beer gut having know it alls would agree.
Jimbo is definitely leading us in the right direction. I'm still not big on Mond, but he should improve this year. Really excited about out next signal caller, whoever that might be. Schedule looks a lot more manageable as well. One thing for sure, you won't hear any moaning from within about the Fisher contract, we've got the money and aren't scared to spend it.
I smell a little liberal t-shirt fan trolling a TAMU article..... Now that's true trolling.