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We also learnt that both viable options of A&M are turnover machines and OC spavital needs to get the boot!!!
we were lucky that WCU players could not hang on to the ball else there would have been 3 more INTs and aggies would have lost. Aggies beating WCU in my eyes is an upset. Story of aggies so far: QBs: Turnover machines Defense: cupcakes Offense: can we call them that?
What a great feat! beating another sub par team! Stublin sumlin becomes a lion after beating an un ranked team and becomes a kitty after facing a ranked opponent.
It's time for A&M coaching staff to pack up. Season after season the team is becoming more and more mediocre. Not to take anything away from Auburn, they came with a plan, executed it perfectly. The surprising part for Aggies is that Offense has been horrible over the last few games and it is just downhill from this point onwards. We will always be the team who beats mediocre team by big numbers but fails to show up on big games!!