I like Texas A&M football.

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Ha you have to refer to smth that happened 8 years ago. Remember last year when we embarrassed y’all in y’all’s house?
LOL said the mizzou fan?. At least we have a future
It was 40 degrees with a 30 degrees wind chill and it was drizzling all game, it was freaking terrible
I just had pizza with onions and olives it was disgusting
On y’all’s second td drive y’all got gifted a td from the refs
Those aren’t even the yell leaders lol they’re random guys
I find it funny y’all are arguing about a team y’all lost to.
Oh god don’t remind me of that schedule. Bama, Clemson, LSU and we played them when they were all ranked #1. Then Georgia and Auburn as well.
Personally I would have Achane as offensive mvp and Antonio Johnson as defensive mvp because stats aren’t everything, just watching them play.
Everybody needs to chill out on saying Jimbo is a bad coach. Yeah this was an off year but we played basically the whole year with a backup quarterback and the way the season started, 8-4 is not terrible. Oh and he has the number 3 recruiting class coming in this year so watch out for that.
Why is there an 8% chance prairie view will beat us?
Don’t forget about A&M, win out and have Bama lose another game and we’re in the SECCG. Win that and first 2 loss team in playoff.
Why is Arkansas Pine Bluff not on here, they’ve been playing great this year and I think they can pull off the upset.
Idk what you’re talking about cooper is young with a lot of potential and Hansford and Andre White are solid veterans
I can accept the Arkansas loss but I really want miss st back
A&M kinda got robbed, on the pick in the 4th quarter there should’ve been a targeting call on a hit on Spiller that would’ve eliminated the pick, we were having a good drive too.
I’m not trying to make excuses and I don’t know if the CBS broadcast showed it cause I was at the game but on the play of the pick, there should’ve been a targeting call on a defender who absolutely walloped Isaiah Spiller. The pick hitting the ground was 50/50 but it definitely should’ve been targeting.