I like Texas A&M football.

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Y’all are way more arrogant than any Texas school, Baylor and TTU aren’t great fan-wise and u say A&M is arrogant. We are known for being welcoming to visiting fanbases at Kyle and we don’t ruin conferences like Texas. Oh and the way u reply to every comment with such toxicity that proves y’all are arrogant
i honestly didn't think he was that good at A&M but good for him.
I keep saying this but I think Stingley is massively overrated, he didn't do anything special last year and led one of the worst defenses in not just the SEC but the FBS. LSU is also getting unnecessary hype just like Texas this year, like the author said, LSU wasn't far from being 3-7. With off-field issues, transfers, and lack of quality experience, I find it hard to believe that they could be in contention for the CFP.
thank you man, ive been extremely confused when looking at these rankings, why is auburn being so hyped, same with LSU, they were just 5-5 why are they being considered better sec championship odds than A&M. What experience does the team have, being embarrassed by SEC squads on national television?
am i the only one who thinks stingley is like Shaun Wade, i think hes overrated and i dont remember him being anything special in 2020.
am i the only one confused that people call demarvin leal an interior rusher, hes clearly an edge rusher.
i was there and it was a great game but it sucks games cant go that long anymore
i was going to go to that game but harvey happened and im happy i didnt go
I think maybe Lane Kiffin, all the hype on the offense but what about the defense louisville is a formidable opponent.
Honestly I think Wydermyer could contend for all these spots except for maybe size and big play ability. Almost all the A&M pass TDs in redzone were from him. Hes a great blocker since A&M is a run first offense and hes pretty strong and speedy too.
as an A&M fan I dont think spiller has big play ability but i think he can weave through tackles and break tackles and just keep moving forward
I mean what else is he supposed to say? Nah y'all wasted 75 million dollars and we will never beat them.
cause of conferences like the SEC, we are the best but we would also complain a lot
thank god lol, he was gonna be our guide to beating bama
Alabama is not the way to go academically, the others schools are solid though.
obviously im an A&M fan but I think A&M should be lower. We are capable of beating teams but we just dont beat teams the way alabama or 2019 does. we grind it out and towards the end we overpower them but the game usually ends up being somewhat close. The UNC game was a good example
I think stingley is massively overrated, he got torched against missouri and when he played A&M he didnt do anything special, he just seems overhyped