I like Texas A&M football.

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Personally I would have Achane as offensive mvp and Antonio Johnson as defensive mvp because stats aren’t everything, just watching them play.
Everybody needs to chill out on saying Jimbo is a bad coach. Yeah this was an off year but we played basically the whole year with a backup quarterback and the way the season started, 8-4 is not terrible. Oh and he has the number 3 recruiting class coming in this year so watch out for that.
Why is there an 8% chance prairie view will beat us?
Don’t forget about A&M, win out and have Bama lose another game and we’re in the SECCG. Win that and first 2 loss team in playoff.
Why is Arkansas Pine Bluff not on here, they’ve been playing great this year and I think they can pull off the upset.
Idk what you’re talking about cooper is young with a lot of potential and Hansford and Andre White are solid veterans
I can accept the Arkansas loss but I really want miss st back
A&M kinda got robbed, on the pick in the 4th quarter there should’ve been a targeting call on a hit on Spiller that would’ve eliminated the pick, we were having a good drive too.
I’m not trying to make excuses and I don’t know if the CBS broadcast showed it cause I was at the game but on the play of the pick, there should’ve been a targeting call on a defender who absolutely walloped Isaiah Spiller. The pick hitting the ground was 50/50 but it definitely should’ve been targeting.
Refs missed 2 targetings the most important one was at 8 minute mark and it would’ve voided the pick. Other than that Hogs played a good game but holy cow Calzada sucks.
I would say a bold prediction for A&M Arkansas is A&M blows them out. Their offense can’t get going and Calzada vastly improves, plus big day for Ainias, and Achane. I’ve seen a lot of people picking Arkansas to win so I would consider this bold.
Kinda sucks cause last year’s A&M team was an ideal team to beat Bama, strong d and gritty run based offense.
As an A&M fan I’m pretty worried about Arkansas but I think our defense can pull it out but I’m super worried about our o line. Can an Arkansas fan tell me how they feel about this game?
Honestly the A&M players are wrong should be Leal, Green, Wydermyer, spiller, smith
Breece hall may be better than spiller but he doesn’t deserve being ranked so much higher than spiller
Johnson doesn’t have a whole lot of good samples
Could’ve considered A&M Ole Miss
I realize not everyone is happy about A&M but I believe they were put on here partially because them and Georgia DL was really close. But they are an experienced unit and they can possibly be big this year. And who do y’all propose as the top secondary