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Coach of the Year.....Buzz Williams of Texas A&M The Associated Press got it right
Easy fix for the SEC is: East - Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky. West-LSU, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Miss State, Arkansas, Missouri and Vanderbilt. With cross-over games of: Arkansas vs Florida, LSU vs Alabama, Texas A&M vs Auburn, Ole Miss vs Georgia, Miss State vs South Carolina, Missouri vs Kentucky, Vanderbilt vs Tennessee.
Jimbo Fisher should be ranked as a zero; along with Saban and Smart. Most Aggie fans are thinking 2020 will be Jimbo's year to shine. If that does not happen then he might be rated a 1 in 2021.
LSU's administration is just "kicking the can down the road." If the FBI has the recorded evidence it is just a matter of time before Will Wade is arrested, and then the wrath of the NCAA will land on Baton Rouge.
Bentley is a good, serviceable QB, but he certainly is not the second best in the SEC. But since each QB is working behind a different OL and with a different set of receivers it is difficult to rank the QBs. Here is the question to ask....if Bentley or Mond had the Alabama OL and receivers to work with.....would either QB be better than Hurts?
Yes. Please, please, please Cleveland take Jonathan Allen with the first pick. Myles Garrett deserves better than to be stuck in Cleveland's waste-land of football.
If Sumlin is smart he should have his agent working over-time to get him the Oregon job. It would be a win-win for Sumlin and the Aggie fan base.
There is only one set of rules for the 14 teams in the SEC, but unfortunately there is one interpretation of those rules for Alabama and another interpretation for the other 13 teams. This enhances the SEC's chances of placing Alabama into the play-offs every season. But, truth be told, Alabama is the bulldog of the SEC and the other 13 teams are the........bull-lonies.
John is difficult to take your article seriously when you cannot even state the correct score in the Vols/Ags game. The score was 45-38; not 44-38. Come on proof read before you hit the publish button.
So I guess you are saying that the Aggies had no influence on the 7 turnovers committed by Tennessee and that if they had committed only half of their turnovers they would have won. How about if Williams had not committed his turnover at the goal line...A&M would have iced the game at that point. Boo Hoo so the Vols have lost players to injury. So what? Good football teams learn to win despite injuries. I guess if we accept Chris Wright's viewpoint of the game....Tennessee's logo should be a Hillbilly running with a football while impeded with a pair of crutches.
So let's see here....why would Malzahn give up a coaching gig with a SEC powerhouse program to coach a Baylor team corrupted from top to bottom? One that may soon find itself relegated to Conference USA as soon as Texas, OU, Okie State, and Texas Tech bail out of a "house of cards conference" like the Big XII and land in the Pac 12 (soon to be the Pac 16). Soon Baylor will find itself playing Rice, SMU, Memphis, etc. at home in their new stadium with crowds of 25,000. Ann Richards is no longer around to save Baylor
Failing to include Texas A&M vs. UCLA makes your list illegitimate.
Wow!!! How much did Southern Cal pay Barnes to write this article?
Ole Miss and Auburn were the two most over-rated teams in the SEC in 2014. They were no better than the "middle of the pack" teams. I am not a Hogs fan, but by the end of the season Arkansas was better than Ole Miss and Auburn.
Treadwell I can see as a legit candidate, but the others are stretches; especially Maty Mauk for crying out loud.
To hell with TU!!! If we never play them again it will be fine with me.
Damn....its late. I meant put a whooping on the Sips.
I would luv to see the Hogs put a whooping on the Hogs!!
The only change I would make is switching A&M and Tennessee. And I hope the Hogs put a whooping on the Sips; if they get a chance.
I feel nothing but disdain for Florida State's corrupt program, but they are the defending National Champions, they went undefeated, and all their opponents were schools from the Power 5 conferences so I have to seed them #1. 1. Florida State 2. Alabama 3. Oregon 4. Ohio State In the end the Big 12 failed to identify a clear-cut league champion. They need to add two additional teams PDQ, and return to a championship game. Otherwise the Big 12 is going to be left out of college football's "Big Dance" until the system is expanded to a field of eight.
There does seem to be a pecking order of preference for SEC refs. Alabama is definitely at the top and seldom, if ever, has a call go against them. Next is Auburn and LSU. Then comes Georgia and Florida. If you are not in that Top 5're screwed
So you are saying the Hogs have been in the SEC for what 20 years and still get screwed by the refs? the Aggies can expect to get screwed by the SEC refs for at least another 17+ years.
Snyder & Spavital both need to be fired by this weekend. Snyder has no clue on how to build a SEC defense, and Spavital is a "gutless" play caller. Sumlin needs to take over the play calling for the Aggies, and he needs to snatch-up Muschamp (if Muschamp does not land a head coaching job). However, I fear Sumlin will, out of spite toward the fans, decide to keep both Snyder & Spavital; just to show the fans he is smarter than they are. If so, it will prove to be his downfall. Another season like this one and Sumlin will be looking for a new job at Tulsa, Lamar, or Middle Tennessee State.
How long does A&M have to be a member of the SEC before we stopped getting raped by the refs? They threw a flag on LSU's obvious pick play in the first half that resulted in a TD and then picked up the flag, they failed to call a dozen or more holds by LSU's left tackle, they failed to call an obvious forward pass on Garrett's sack of Jennings & instead set up LSU for another play, and then failed to throw a flag on LSU's off-sides at the end of the game. How stadium of fans, a crew of TV commentators, and a million TV watchers could see the obvious call but the referees could not baffles me. Perhaps, its true that the SEC crews are crooked and on the take. I'm just curious....does Les Miles slip the envelopes to the refs before the game or after the final whistle???
Texas A&M's offense is fantastic even on an "off night," but their defense is so erratic that the Aggies could win their remaining 7 SEC games or they could lose their remaining 7 SEC games. Most likely they will go either 4-3 or 3-4, unless their run defense can greatly improve by the time the Arkansas game rolls around. I forecast a bunch of 48-45 or 45-48 games for the Aggies during their remaining SEC games....and......a huge bump in the number of heart attacks suffered in Aggieland over the next couple of months.
Bo Wallace is the most over-rated QB in the SEC. He is Ole Miss' worst nightmare and the reason why the Rebels will not win the West this season.
The buildings shown all appear functional, but no one appears any better than the others; with the exception of Georgia. What's up with Georgia? Also, you probably could have found photos of 30 or more other indoor practice facilities and they too would have looked pretty much like these.
So....according to Jon Cooper.....Florida only needs to score 26 points per game to become winners again. And if the Gators defense is solid again they hold Auburn and A&M 14 points under their season average.......Oops.......Gators still lose both games 34-26!!!
Wow....your rankings for HC/QB duo really stink after week one. As long as Kevin Sumlin is the Head Coach at A&M he and whoever his QB is should always be ranked #1.
LSU's purple jersey with gold pants is by far the best home uniform in the SEC. Florida is a distant second, and the rest of the SEC's home uniforms are average at best.