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Personally I’ve always believed there should be 8 14-team conferences. Conference championships are the “first round” of the playoffs. Then seed the 8 teams and off we go. This shuts up the G5 teams. Given, however, there are more than 112 FBS teams, some sort of relegation(?) would have to happen every few years to keep things more competitive. This would MOST likely apply to the G5 conferences. Also...NO MORE INDEPENDENTS. I’m looking at you Golden Domers.
Isn’t...isn’t this article about 80 years too early? I mean...the 21st century doesn’t end until 11:59:59 on December 31, 2100.
Given Manziel’s undiagnosed (at the time) bipolar disorder, another two years in College Station wouldn’t have matured him any. It was evident by the way Johnny played in 2013 he was already looking ahead to the draft. He played with less recklessness and didn’t, I think, jive with Spavital either. Kingsbury, not Sumlin, is the coach most responsible for Manziel’s success. Kingsbury, not Sumlin, is the coach most responsible for SUMLIN’S success. If you look at Sumlin’s UH record, there’s a marked improvement the last two years...when Kingsbury was the OC. Coincidence? Nope.
Elko departing for a head coaching gig sometime in the next year or two is, in my humblest of opinions, a foregone conclusion. When he does, I hope he chooses an opportunity allowing him to be successful, I sincerely hope he is. It’s entirely possible, though not very likely, Elko decides to remain a DC for his career. MY curiosity is who’s on Jimbo’s shortlist to replace him?
Not to get on a soapbox, but... In response to the introductory question: yes, college football season takes longer to get here than anything, figuratively speaking. College football season is the greatest 4+ months of the year. A friend of mine once said — literally moments after a playoff championship game ended — “I’m bored.” From the final whistle ending the season, we college football fans find ourselves devouring every meager scrap we can lay our grubby mitts on just to take off the edge of our ravenous hunger during the offseason famine...including rampant speculation on the NFL Draft. The wait seems interminable. We watch and rewatch highlight videos and full games of our favorite teams. We hyperventilate with excitement when conference hype commercials start and when fan-produced hype videos begin appearing on the interwebs. It’s a miserable cold, dark existence between college football seasons. So I say again, there is something that takes longer to get here than the NFL draft: the glorious, magnificent, soul-reviving college football season.
Just for reference: it’s either “Texas Aggies” or “Texas A&M.”
I wonder how well O’Brien will handle Saban chewing him out on the sideline.
Somebody has a real bug up their ass about A&M and the playoffs. If you don’t want to get on a soapbox then, well, don’t get on a soapbox. Perhaps sending to your favorite politician any soapboxes you find laying around the office would be a good way to avoid the temptation to get on one. Politicians never have enough, it seems. To devote so many rants, er, articles about why A&M doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs borders on pathological. The folks at SDS seem to have an axe to grind. So much so I’m starting to wonder how much t.u. is doling out to them. All of the statistics and comparisons against common opponents and quality of wins and eye tests and opinions on offensive styles, etc. are just entertainment. Making a living out of writing about sports and playing at expert analyst is a pretty cool way to make a living, but don’t let the fortunes of one team consume you, it’s not healthy. As long as the playoffs are limited to four teams and despite the CFP Committee’s charge to pit the four “best,” this consideration should rule above them all: if you didn’t win your conference, you don’t deserve a chance to play for the national title. The conference title games should be thought of as play-in games. Does A&M deserve to be in the playoffs? No, they don’t. Footballs have a funny shape and they take funny bounces, it’s part of what so many enjoy about the game. The CFP Committee is made up of people who just want to revel in their position as a member of the CFP Committee. They’re just overpaid, over-indulged, preening pot-stirrers. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth a few times, writers of sports commentary. It’ll be okay, because you make your living writing about sports.
Because t.u. is still considered a “blue blood” program (like Penn State, tOSU, Alabama, etc.), is thought of a place someone could become a “legend,” and the reason we have to listen to the “Texas is back” bleating every year. Franklin and Cristobal are marginal upgrades, though why they’d want Franklin is beyond me.
The company for whom you work isn’t going to have to shell out north of 3.5 times your annual salary — in Muschamp’s case — to get rid of you, either. Even if the big money boosters make the contributions necessary to buy out the contracts, the ADs AND the boosters will catch some serious flak for not making the donations so those at risk of losing their jobs can remain employed during these uncertain times.
My guess? FLA leapfrogs Aggies.
Leach has never pulled any punches when he talks to the media about his team. Also, how do you know he hasn’t said the exact same things to his players?
According to Quora: “ A group of snakes can be referred to as a den, bed, pit, or nest. The exception to this is a group of rattlesnakes, which is called a rhumba.” Pit seems most apropos since it also refers to the despair many college football fans feel on any given weekend.
Lot of highlights from games against a team they haven’t beat since 2011. I get it, a lot of the games were close, but still...
I guess CBS decided to rub Auburn’s & LSU’s noses in it by nationally broadcasting the What a Disappointment Bowl.
Florida’s defense (unless I’m missing a defensive TD somewhere, but I checked, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t) has, through 3 games, given up exactly 100 points, so neither of you are correct. 35 + 24 + 41 = 100.