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"You know that TAMU has more major NCAA violations than any team in the SEC? If you are pulling out a season here and there then sure you made the jump but when you look at the entire body of work since they have been playing then no they don’t compare to the top programs around the country." I didnt say we rank amongst the very top, but I would put us in with the top 25 CFB programs. Also, up until the 70s, A&M was an all male fake military school. So the quality of players woulda been like what army has now. I realize these are just excuses haha, but i also think somewhat valid point. Also, 1980-1999 were pretty damn good years here. And yes, Jackie Sherril put us in probation and we vacated a perfect season in the early 90s.
from basically 1990 till nick saban yall had a few good seasons here and there, but for the most part it was mediocre at best, yall also had the program in probation for ncaa violations quite a few seasons....
maybe they arent as good as Alabama or some other top ten teams, but they have been an elite program for extended periods of time. Look back at the 80s and 90s for example. So its not a good statement to say they havent made that jump since 1894. We are in a down time.... it wasnt so long ago that yall were down too remember that?
Saturday Down South has officially passed up BleacherReport for BS and shoddy journalism. There are many things wrong with this article but the glaring thing that stands out to me, RC Slocum and Jackie Sherril loved A&M Slocum still lives in the BCS area and Sherril is a regular supporter.
I hate them the most... obviously, and i agree with everything you said. Though, im glad we are both in the SEC now.
I agree, the zone read became really predictable after a while and the D line was able to stop it. Dak is a beast though. Good luck the rest of the season!
As far as im concerned, Ole Miss is the only one who has proven anything thus far. Its Ole miss and the rest of the west... minus Arkansas
So you are saying LSU is a known? they have only played beaten a bad Auburn team and a bad Syracuse team barely. Y'all were their first game of the year and they didnt have a tuneup game first unlike Miss St. So, backtracking, LSU has not really proven anything, and they beat you. You argument is invalid sir.
I can agree with that, but i will say that over the last two season A&M gave up like 250+ yards per game rushing to.... Rice! and other cupcakes. I dont know how good ASU is but i bet that they are better than C-USA teams. Im pretty encouraged by what I saw.
meh.. i think TAMU should move in to the high teens, i would argue that they should have been ranked between 21-25 to start the season as it is. So i would say that 17-19 would be fair, 17 would be a stretch though at this point.
Texas A&M had defeated the University of Texas 16 times before 1956 and the city in which A&M is located is called College Station, not "College State" this writing is worse than bleacher report