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Their defense alone could win them 8 games. I see them losing to bama, Auburn in a close one, and a fluke game somewhere.
Lol rivals just downgraded him to a 3-Star. He was a mid 4-Star yesterday. This is why they lost credibility in recruiting websites
When can we kick ole miss out of the SEC? They don't contribute to forward progression. This is ridiculous..
how is Jeff Simmons not above Beckner.........
What’s up with the auburn QB hype every off season? This has been going on since Jeremy Johnson’s summer full of “but he has a big arm” bs. Come on folks..
With this logic LSU better anticipates upsets against ole miss and ark. Add Definite loses to us, Auburn and MSU on this list.
I wish the media would get off Spurrier’s ***’s. I’ll never forget this guy running up the score on us years ago cause we beat them on what he felt was an unfair call. Classless
Walker football has Sweat and Green in 2019’s first round and Chauncey Rivers as a 2nd rnd and 2020 has Jeff Simmons in the first round with Leo Lewis in the 2nd.
Lol yeah I do. I’ve given more money to that school and actually went there compared to 99% of bama fans. You just pick a team that’s good just like patriots fans
Gerri Green, Montez Sweat and Jeffrey Simmons. Do your research.
I got my master's at MSU and bachelor's at TAMU. My heart is with TAMU though MSU is playing better ball as of late.
How is there no mention of msu’s Defense? That’s the scariest part of that team. They have 3 projected 1 rounders on their d-line and 3 2nd rounders on their 4-3 defense as a whole. I’d be surprised if they don’t give bama a run for their money this year.
Greg has still taken more snaps in the nfl this AJ and has a masters degree. AJ is just a clipboard holder
But state literally has 0 receivers.. did you not watch any of their games last year? They’re big slow TE was making all the passing plays work
This team looks better than msu’s 2014 team with Dak. Moorhead got lucky to pick up one of the best in the SEC. We’ll have to wait until 2019 season to determine how good of a coach he truly is.
TA&M ranked lol. how was msu left out of the top 15...
Kind of a silly stat but whatever floats that guys boat. Who is Danny Kanell? I’m too lazy to google him.
Likable fella. Seems more humbled and mature than when he first started in college. I bet having his daughter a few years ago had some part to play. I’ll be rooting for him.
Be honest, McCarron has only held a clipboard in the pros because he’s not surrounded by 5-Star differential like he was in college. He was simply a game manager, nothing more. If bama has dak or manziel, y’all would have had 4 consecutive titles.
how is Michigan and PSU above Mississippi state? Their defense will be scary good next year.