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A&M wins this game easily by 14-20 points (probably more). Gig'em!
Concur! I don't see the committee putting in a 2-loss team, even if they're a conf champ. A conference championship should only be a tie-breaker between two teams with the same record. The little xii champ (likely ou) will go on to a NY-6 Bowl, which is a fair destination this season (same for the pac-12 champ). Clemson losing should put them at #5 in the playoff poll (I'd rank them ahead of the little xii champ). A&M will be in and arguably should be ranked at # 3 and osu at #4.
Good article...well written! I'd agree with cincy getting a shot if this were a 6 (or 8) team playoff. When you only have 4 slots it's really difficult to justify a Group of 5 conference team getting in.
If bama wins the SEC (very likely) and nd wins the ACC (coin toss?), A&M is likely in the playoffs at the #3 or 4 spot. The big-10 will find a way to get osu another game so they can get to the conf championship. osu is the best team in that conference, but the conf has mismanaged their season from the beginning. A game of A&M against osu would be great to see, but a risk for both teams (more so for osu). Due to the overall craziness of this season due to knee-jerk reaction covid rules, I think that flexibility should be key here. Conferences should be able to reasonably amend their rules to benefit their member teams (key word being reasonable, and not to try to game the system unfairly like the ACC trying to get both clemson and nd in).
It's funny (not really) how some in the media are talking about a "near interception". It appears more that the defender was able to get his fingertips to graze the football as it sailed over his head and to the Aggie TE who caught it for a TD. Want to know what was really a fluke? Nix somehow escaping what should have been a sure sack and run into the end-zone for a TD...that was a lucky play! Regardless, A&M won (as they should) against a very good auburn team. The score did not completely reflect just how much the Ags won by. Gig'em!
A&M beating up on ol miss really doesn't help or hurt their chances at the playoffs! The Ags will beat UT and have an impressive 8-1 SEC record on their resume. bama will beat fl in the SEC Championship...that's a given (if fl somehow wins then both fl and bama are in and A&M is out and will go on to win a NY-6 bowl game). The Ags need nd to beat clemson (again). osu will go undefeated and slip in the playoffs, but possibly at the # 4 spot instead of a # 3 spot.
Good point! The playoff committee is already considering moving A&M over ohio st anyways. Putting A&M at # 3 (or nd at # 1) may be strategic moves by the committee to avoid the SEC teams playing in round 1. Still a lot of football to play and scenarios to be worked out before the final playoff rankings. Crazy things happen every year and this year is no different. Gig'em!
tu won't land Meyer any more than they could get Saban, lol! I understand that they have a ton of $ and will make a big show of things, but in the end they won't be landing a that big of a name. If anything, tu should take a good look at Iowa State's coach who can develop talent and already knows the little xii. Regardless, ou owns the little xii and tu is lucky to even be in the top half of that conference. They won't be in the conf championship anytime soon.
"The Aggies’ inability to win those other games convincingly" Seriously? A&M beat miss st by 14, arky by 11, s-carolina by 45 & lsu by 13. A&M did give up points in garbage time, which cut into the lead. That said, A&M was never in a position where they would lose those games (even in a "bad" game against an lsu team that is much better than their record might indicate). If you can consistently win in the SEC by 2 scores or more that's pretty impressive. Only bama is at the level where they can consistently beat SEC teams by 3 scores or more each season. Expect that A&M will win out its remaining 3 games and win by 2 scores (minimum) each game. Gig'em!
In an ordinary season, two ACC teams getting in would be unheard of. That said, notre dame is only a full-time ACC member in football this year due to covid. notre dame has name recognition, which would give them a slight edge over A&M if they are both 1-loss teams. A&M certainly has strength of schedule, which gives them a bigger edge? If clemson kills notre dame in the ACC championship, that could be a factor (assuming A&M wins out strong...winning by 2 TDs or more each game should be enough "style points", IMO). ohio st possibly not making the playoffs is another X-factor that should be considered. Their strength of schedule right now is not great, but they are a good team. If there was any year for a 6-team playoff, it would be this season! Gig'em!