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Between Sumlin as a lame duck and the new early signing, Fisher did well finishing 17. Herman finished 25th with his first class without having to deal with an early signing period. Stoops leaving OU probably helped Herman also. The next signing class will be much more interesting.
"These promises will not be forgotten a year from now." Geez dog...he has a goal to strive for excellence. Refreshing in College Station. Funny criticism coming from a fan of a program that fired Richt.
Leon O’Neal could be great eventually, but Aggies are pretty deep with some good safeties. Jalen Preston (WR), Bobby Brown (DT/DE), and Colten Blanton (OT) should both have a good chance to contribute this season.
Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. But , yeah, if bama was a mutual fund, it would be pretty hard not to invest a little.
When I heard LSU had decided to go after Glenn Beal late, I figured he would be signing with y'all. I don't know if it was the uncertainty of the LSU offense, or the work put in by Jimbo's staff, but I was pleasantly surprised to pull Beal out of Louisiana. It will be refreshing to see the TE position used as a positive for A&M.
These elite athletic departments are financially separate these days from the university expenses and often contribute profits back to the university. So to sit on your high horse and compare state employees salaries is just plain ignorant and misleading. Maybe even "absurd and amoral".
You know, It's not that hard to find out there is also a redshirt freshmen QB Connor Blumrick, 6'6" 220 lb elite eleven finalist on scholarship. He was an early enrollee so by the fall, he will have been with the program for a year and a half. He missed practically all of his last season of high school so only rated as a three star. This kid will see the field eventually. If not A&M, as a transfer. For him to not even be mentioned in this is a bit ridiculous.
40 speed is just another measurable like height and hand size. Sure, it is worth considering, but Kirk is the whole package and has been working at going pro since before coming to A&M. Other than just plain hard work, his best talent is seeing and navigating the open field (Deion Sanders?). Nothing but the best teammate and leader, on and off the field. This guy has planned his work and worked his plan for years.
I don't know, I might be getting stoned more often if my parents would have named me Major Mcever Tennison.
Good thing there was no gun found. He might have missed a game or two.
I was going to mention Keke, or Tyrel Dodson. Maybe Erik McCoy? It'll be interesting to see how Donovan Wilson and Nick Harvey come back from injury.
A&M claims three. Only one was from the AP poll and that was one of the very first (1939). The other two were from a historical perspective: 1927 (Sagarin), and 1919 (Billingsley). I have no problem from a marketing perspective what UCF is doing. I wonder if would help A&M's image claiming the 1917 season as another National Championship "Unbeaten and Un-scored upon"!!! Sure, that would really help with these elite 17 year old recruits. ;-)
It has been confirmed by A&M, the $75 million is guaranteed over ten years. The detailed contract will be released eventually. I'm sure it will have standard language about responsibilities, but basically if he performs standard duties and doesn't break the rules, he will get paid regardless of winning record. Trust me, Jimbo's going to do all he can to win. You don't get to that level without the drive to be the best.
It's a bit strange I can't find any details about the Auburn/Malzahn contract. It was all announced almost 2 months ago. These days it seems most schools hardly blink at an $8-$10 million buy-out. If that's the case at Auburn, I would put Gus and Orgeron's collective seats with a similar heat index.
Kirk was definitely a special talent, but for all the trouble Sumlin had in the QB room, he left the WR position in good shape. I think after signing day we'll have 8 or so 4 stars out of 12 or 13 pretty good scholarship players. Considering Jimbo will not be running 4 wide sets as often, the best players will get the playing time and some transfers are bound to happen. Kirk's special team play was something special and will definitely be missed.
There is not a lot of news out there on this. I hope the truth comes out and justice is served either way. If he deserves a chance to get his degree and/or a shot at the NFL, then I hope the incident doesn't hold him back. Everything I heard about Zay before this was all positive.
I have been a Jaguar season ticket holder since the beginning. I would be shocked if Coughlin took Lamar Jackson. That being said, if the Jags take a QB in the early rounds I don't have a good feel about anyone.
Correction: four commits in the 2019 class. Elko hire paying dividends. He had been recruiting Williams for Notre Dame previously. Got him in for a visit and Fisher helped close the deal. Finishing 2018 class in the top 15-20 would be an amazing job, but I expect 2019 to be monster.
I agree about Connor, but it looks like Adam Spencer is responsible for this bit of enthralling journalism.
"... now there will be some animosity between the two teams." L.O. freaking L. So what if we can take one of their best coaches. That rape-gate program deserves to be at the bottom of that dumpster fire conference. If OU ever gets wise and leaves, that conference will finally be put out of its misery.
Don't be surprised if the Aggie offense comes out fairly strong regardless of the QB. Christian Kirk, although a big loss, was really the only player of note on that side of the ball that's not returning. The list looks pretty good. I'd probably put bama ahead of Auburn. Auburn just seems too schizophrenic.
Well... Von was Super Bowl MVP, but never played SEC. Darian Stewart played SEC, but was never Super Bowl MVP, so... OK, I'll allow it.
Yeah, It's amazing how LSU had three straight years from 2005-2007 with a top 5 defense and a national championship with a linebacker coach that didn't know what the hell he was doing. You're an idiot.
Can't we get Von Miller on this list with an asterisk or something... you know, kind of like a UCF national championship.
Coaches are filling assistant positions all over the country. The previous Aggie D-line coaching hire flipped back to Green bay after using A&M to get a better position. But somehow Jimbo is "trying to make a sneaky late move just before National Signing Day"? Goofball O'Gara..."senior national columnist" for SDS.
Gundy's an idiot. On a down recruiting year during a lame duck/coaching change with the only SEC team in Texas, he wants to call it some kind of trend. A&M is still getting 8 or 9 of the top 50 in the state this year. The "shiny new product" of that weirdo Tom Herman is going to wear off quickly.
Somebody dissed somebody and he had to go get him some respect. Gonna be the richest BG in the bucket.
“... a quality coach like Jerry... a high-energy guy... leadership skills... a tremendous recruiter... a successful defensive coach at the pro and collegiate levels.” I guess "honorable man of his word" isn't part of his bio either. I know, I know, hard to find that anywhere, much less college coaching.