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Isn't his problem that he "continues to take one hit after another" when it comes to staying away from those specialty blunts? LOL
Rush Roberts, Good Bull Hunting: "If this really bothers you so much, don’t get mad at the mouthpiece. Just stop consuming all the filler. Tune in for the games in the fall and leave the rest of it to the apocalyptic wasteland scavengers of the off-season internet. That’s what underachievers do." - Pretty much describe many of us on these sites.
So he is literally a shock jock. LOL
Pay no attention to the multiple broken bones in the 18 yr old kid's face, the concussion, and all the metal in his jaw he'll have to deal with the rest of his life. These players work hard in the summer heat while we sit in the AC. The poor player shouldn't have his future ruined for simply getting caught up in the moment with the wrong crowd.
Meh, piece of Crap thug-like assault on a guy is no big deal. Just ask Les Miles and Jeremy Hill. Let the team vote on it and move on.
Good for Jake. Incredible football family. Little brother (or more accurately, younger brother) will be with the Aggies for 2018.
Just a bit of humor and shout out to a great character from A&M. He always had great stats and had a great sense of humor. I'm glad he is getting some time playing at the highest level doing what he loves.
There are all kinds of exceptions to what you are trying to state as if they are facts. BTW, when did the ECU become a P5 team? I guess LSU isn't a Major program since they have recently scheduled @BYU, @Wisconsin and @Syracuse. Just because bama has not been scheduling P5 home and home games for a while now doesn't mean it's best or even good for the sport or fans. Missing the experience of visiting places like Happy Valley, the Big House, the Rose Bowl, and denying the visiting fans of major P5 teams the experience of our own SEC stadiums is a bad trend.
Drew Kaser, 6th round, San Diego Started all 16 games. Punters are people too.
I think Arky has about the same chance of beating A&M as A&M has of beating LSU.
Say what you want about Sumlin, but he usually has the team ready to play for first P5 game each season since becoming Aggie head coach. He gave two very good teams in 2012 gators and 2013 bama all they could handle in very close losses. Then wins against USCe, Arizona State, and UCLA. If Chief can get pressure on Rosen early and often, I like our chances.
I'm thinking OldArmy is glass half-empty.
You don't know how this situation will work out. From everything I have read, all appropriate authorities with the school and title 9 departments were notified and the school investigation did not have the level of evidence necessary to expelled Merritt or pull his scholarship. There has been no attempt to cover-up or coerce the alleged victims as in the Baylor fiasco(s). As bad as it looks, Merritt is allowed due process. He has not played one single snap for A&M in a real football game. Sumlin had some problems early with some bad apples at A&M, but this is one of the very few incidents recently. To paint all these young men as "thug athletes" is the very definition of prejudiced. Frankly, I would be happy to see Merritt kicked off the team, but I'm not sure if he could turn around and file against the school if he is found "not guilty". I say keep him out of games and let the system run its course. Don't make assumptions about Sumlin without any proof he has knowingly let a "thug athlete" compete to further his career.
"An interesting cat" is a tame description. Who does that while sober and on purpose? I think I would rather wake up with a Mike Tyson Stu tattoo.
As with Sumlin. His family moved to Indiana while he was young. Quite a different culture from Alabama in that era for a black family.
Well, another useless list. Oh, look Auburn hyped again. That's right, they have a savior at QB. Doesn't matter Malzahn's program has managed to lose 5 or more games the past 3 seasons. Of course A&M is down there with Kentucky and Mizzou.
No, 5-3 in conference and he stays because it's set up as exceeding all expectations if he finishes 9-3 regular season. Losses to 'bama, UF, and LSU are expected. Lose to UCLA or Arky early and the wheels could come off.
Corso will be 82 before this season starts. It's been a good ride for him, but it's getting a bit hard to watch lately. Him stating something so obvious is no surprise. Anyone finding his comments interesting is.