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Heck with it, this SEC football weekend is starting a little early.
"The Wildcats have a 16 percent chance of winning this game on the road." "The Commodores have a 13 percent chance of winning this game on the road." - So he is saying Vandy has almost as good of a chance to win as Kentucky? That don't make no sense.
The Yuengling mention was the only reason I gave this a second look. Matter of fact, I'm on a count down to go have one. T minus 2 hours 30 minutes...
Good thing about the Aggie schedule? We don't play as many elite teams as last season. Bad thing? Nowhere near as manageable as it should have been before COVID.
"Recent events in College Station" (opt outs) have been overblown and will have little effect for the season much less Vandy game.
Aggies will get out to a big lead and start playing ball control. Even then, Vandy will have trouble making stops and will have trouble moving the ball. Aggies cover.
Really stepping out on a ledge there.
Roger that. As usual, the QB gets too much criticism, or too much credit. This looks to be an interesting season.
The O-line was the weak link. We might upgrade from Mond to... a better Mond. It's a bit ignorant to think Mond can't improve with an improved O-line and better support from the running game.
Outside a couple of true freshmen scholarship players and some walk-on players, I don't see many "scrubs" on this Aggie team. Jimbo is doing a great job upgrading the depth of talent. One more great recruiting class and we are talking a depth of talent that has never been seen in College Station.
Agree. You look at UF and UGA schedules and there is a possibility one or both show up at the cocktail party with two losses. It's been such a strange off season, nothing would surprise me. Also the reason the writer's snide comment about Jimbo is simply ridiculous.
Starting positions about to be released. Hines opts out. Coincidence? I think not.
If a Big 10 team is picked over ANY Big 12 team in the CFP, I'm OK with that. Big 12 is essentially OU and t.u. playing against 8 Sun Belt Conference talent level opponents.
Unless the one "bad loss" is something similar to the 49-20 loss at a .500 Purdue.
For the conspiracy theorists, makes me wonder what kind of info would have been uncovered if the lawsuit would have continued.
There was a ton of administrative problems with the program that contributed to Jimbo leaving. That last season was bad, but Jimbo could not get the needed support from admin for several years prior.
That program is in for a decade of mediocrity. Heck, they may never recover. I've been saying it since the orchestrated blame game continued two years after Jimbo left.
Give it a rest. Aggies won. LSU lost. It happened and will forever be that way.
Ah yes, beautifully frozen Sioux Falls, SD in late November.
Jimbo is just starting to get the depth of talent where there is not such a big drop off as there was 2018 to 2019. Don't get me wrong, Mond needs to step up, but there was a ton of inexperience and lack of depth last season.
Both happened in 2018 when he had 2 NFL caliber O-linemen and an experienced NFL-ready RB and TE against #13 Kentucky and #7 LSU.
Best special teams advise for anyone playing bama: Do not kick to Waddle.
He hasn't been practicing with the team for a couple of weeks. I don't think his decision was any big surprise for the coaches. Sounds like he has got an agent in his ear giving him some advise that may cost him some real money. I'm glad to read he plans to get his degree this fall. Hate to see him go, but all I can do at this point is wish him well. Next man up.
They really should limit it to a top 15 ranking. There's a lot of teams on that list that don't deserve to be "ranked".
*Ausbon has not been practicing with the team. I hope he's back. If not, young talent best step up.
I could have written this for O'Gara. He's been writing this same stuff all off-season. This is known.