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Getting a half step quicker in the pass rush along the Aggie front seven would do great things to help those DBs. Last season's front seven were great against the run, but just couldn't put enough pressure against the pass consistently. Very interested in seeing how Elko does after losing 6 primary contributors on that defense. Funny thing on offense... Mond is the first returning starter as an upperclassman QB since before the Aggies joined the SEC.
I actually like some writers at Rivals, but the guys that influence the ratings are crap.
I'll make no excuse for Jimbo's last season there, other than the fact he was not given the power and support to make the changes he was requesting from the administration and boosters leadership. It's a strange situation and won't get better without wholesale change.
No jealousy to it on my part. I prefer not to be associated with those that beat on women. Yes he will probably still make millions, but interesting to see the universe will require him to work a little harder for it. I truly hope he has a great life without any more inexcusable violence.
Actually, I am not just a fan, I am a Texas Aggie, and my comment isn't disgusting at all compared to how Simmons was punching that woman as she was lying on the ground not so long ago. Go back and watch the video and then read again what I said. I stand by it.
Now, how exactly are some of these idiots going to keep blaming Jimbo for that mess in Tallahassee? They're going to be down for a decade or more if they don't start making wholesale changes ASAP from the administration on down.
IDK, the DC has had the job for 2 months. Maybe he wanted to keep him through the last signing period or was waiting to see if a better choice would become available???
I believe in second chances and all that, but I also believe Karma is a B!Tc#.
Is anyone really surprised? Jimbo has averaged around a 5th ranked class every (full) recruiting cycle. I think Aggies sent a message the minute they hired him. Some just don't want to hear it.
It's funny how some of these writers want to call Kenyon Green an OG when everyone is recruiting him and ranking him as one of the best 4 Tackles in the country.
Good luck Coach Turner. A sign of the times that a good coach is linked to two media-hyped "controversies" both dealing with people getting their panties twisted over something that "offended" them in this politically correct bleeding heart media world.
Good grief. Let it go already. Another example of politicians sticking their nose into places they don't belong.
If Mond can make his decision and get the ball out just a half second quicker. I don't know how many times that hesitation cost the Aggies. Will Jimbo get that out of him? I guess we'll see.
It also helps when so many of your conference opponents are not very good.
Alatide, that's just ridiculous. Jimbo at FSU for 8 years accumulating an 83–23 record, a 2013 BCS national championship, 3 ACC conference championships, 4 AP Poll top 10 finishes. His 0.783 winning percentage is the highest in FSU history among former head coaches. Willie Taggart's mess is of his own making.
Interchangeable line: A&M... west. OK, yeah, I couldn't help myself.
"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains. Think about that for a while." ;-)
Jimbo had a constant battle the last couple of years with the administration and booster/power brokers over facilities and Jimbo's control over assistant coaching changes. He pretty much has carte blanche in Aggieland. How much of that stuff do you think Saban or Dabo have to put up with? I think it took a toll on overall production. When you start looking at greener pastures sometimes the little things don't get the attention they deserved. That last season at FSU was definitely a mess, but Taggart has his own problems with little to no excuse with the talent that is still there.
Well...NO. You call it a nightmare, I prefer to look at it as an opportunity. One thing's for sure, we'll know what kind of chance there is for the postseason by the middle of October.
LSU, 6th in the country, 3rd in the SEC West behind A&M. Meh, no impact. Sure, you're "way over it".
I'll keep having this conversation if you want. The knee was down, the fumble/incomplete is called incomplete all the time. The only call that was slightly disputed by other refs was the PI call against LSU in the end zone. If you re-watch the game, the same ref called almost the exact same type call against the Aggies earlier in the game, so he was at least being consistent. So yeah, keep on... "clearly disputed". You want to keep hanging on to that for a game that meant nothing.
Just my opinion, I don't think Orgeron/Ensminger are the right coaches to get you to the CFP. I remember Slocum firing Ensminger as our OC after a 6-6 season way back when. I have a feeling the LSU game will prove to be the hardest game on the schedule for the Aggies, and that's saying something this season. And BTW, you can discount the Aggie win over LSU all you want, but finding a way to win that game meant quite a bit to every player involved and they will remember what is possible in a close game with time running out. But yeah, just keep repeating... "disputed calls" and it "really meant nothing".
Funny thing, if not for my lack of faith in Orgeron and Ensminger, I would have LSU as a top 5 team with all their talent/experience returning... and Aranda.
If I remember correctly, they randomly tested 20 players before the CFP, and 3 were found to be using PEDs. You figure 15%, and that could have been 12 or 13 players if you tested all 85 scholarship players. Nice trophy they got though.
That Clemson game though... Needless to say we expect big things from Jimbo. 2019 schedule makes for a great opportunity starting September 7th. Can't wait!!!
Good to get this kid as a PWO. With only a handful of seniors leaving after this season, scholarships will be at a premium. From my count and without a ton of attrition, it will be hard to take more than 20 recruits for 2020.
Funny how he discounts A&M's schedule as less intriguing because A&M "...again has Alabama and Clemson in the first half of the season...", so I guess those are both losses to this guy. I understand it's unlikely, but how intriguing does it get if the Aggies win one or both of those games?