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To leave Anthony Hines off this list is ridiculous bordering on negligence. Top 5 at his position by all the services at a big position of need and an early enrollee. Just more inept silliness on SDS.
That has been his standard response for the last couple of years. Woodward has also said the "we have to do better" shortly after the bowl game. It just wasn't hyped like it is during the slow summer news cycle.
OK, I tend to pick on Stidham more than I should. I just don't look at any program in that conference he transferred from, outside of OU, as true P5 conference level. But the above list includes a couple of true freshmen in Tagovailoa and Feleipe Franks that have yet to be hit in the mouth in college play. Can they be counted on as true "depth" when you are putting together a list? Nobody knows.
This is another of those lists where you are making plenty of assumptions when including these QBs with little to no experience. As for A&M, unless Hubenak proves to be something more than a good backup game manager, we will find out quick how Starkel or Mond react against UCLA. We also have an athletic kid named Connor Blumrick who went through Spring practice but didn't get much credit from the rating services due to an injury his senior year. Still, Mond, Starkel, and Blumrick have seen just as many snaps against SEC defenses as Stidham.
That makes three of the top five O-linemen in the state (top thirty in the country). In a small class this cycle and a "hot seat" head coach, that's a dang good job.
Wow, good to know Sumlin didn't even make the top ten of "the most to ponder". I'm glad to know he is taking it easy over the summer. I guess that means he has a sure-fire plan to win at least 9 games, or he knows it's a useless endeavor and is simply counting the days until he receives his 10 million dollar buy-out. Cool.
Nick Starkel has more talent than many people realize. He starts against UCLA unless Mond overtakes him by late August. The real question will be the O-tackles. Center and guards will be good, as will receivers and RBs. I don't see Sumlin being desperate. He has 10 mil coming to him within 60 days if fired.
Let Auburn get their preseason love. It seems to be their "thing". Kind of like Aggie love right up until November. Then by the end of the season, of course, it's bama love.
Trayveon Williams caught 19 last season for 91 yards as a true freshman. I could see him breaking loose in a few long gains and getting those numbers up.
The kid really impressed at the Aggie camp the previous week. If he continues to hit camps and stays healthy his senior season, he will have a chance to earn a fourth star at Manvel.
"planning has been going on for about a year". That's the first time I've read it, but that is what I expected. Keep it hush hush for the '17 recruits and get them signed and settled on campus. I sure wish word would have leaked out before signing day. A&M was pretty close for some of their top recruits.
Without proof to the contrary, I will take him at his word about leaving to go 'live life" but I have the feeling he has been planning this exit for a while. Get recruits signed and settled on campus then hand it off to a young guy with plenty of tools to prove himself his first year as HC. As long as Riley is a win or two from the title in that trash conference, OU will continue good recruiting and stay relevant.
A 2019 commitment effects Mond before the next spring game how? If he transfers, it's only because Nick Starkel is doing an outstanding job. Nothing like the Jake Spavital-Kyler Murray-Kyle Allen fiasco will ever happen again.
These two look to be fun to have around, on and off the field.
Your response simply gives credence to my opinion. Thanks for that.
This is all a heaping pile of BS. Freeze presided over some of the worse cheating. Everyone could smell the stink of the violations before all was revealed. I'm not naive. Things happen with recruits, but systematic and blatant transgressions deserve punishment. Ole Miss should strive for some semblance of honor and clean house.
I hope the media keeps up the Chip Kelly to A&M storyline. It's a win win as far as recruiting. Either Sumlin pulls off a surprisingly good season with 9 or more wins or you have a proven winner waiting to take over.
This is no surprise to anyone that follows A&M closely and certainly no surprise to any local recruiting targets. Woodward is only repeating what he said earlier this year. He still did not put a definite number on wins. I could see an 8-4 regular season record where they are playing well at the end of the season and Sumlin stays.
I'm not sure he has the players with the experience for a very important year. Only 12 returning starters. I just did a quick count and we are looking at 41 true freshmen, redshirt freshmen, and Jr College transfers that have never played on the big stage. Frankly, eight wins looks good for Sumlin and his staff as far as "coaching". Recruiting and developing depth to compete consistently for 9+ wins every season in the SEC West in the age of Saban is pretty tough for anyone.
"... much of what PETA does say is true". That is PETA's modis operandi. Put a story out that has a good bit of truth, but distort many of the facts to fit their story-line. Often to destroy otherwise good operations and for fundraising.
To start the article with "LSU and Auburn will be legitimate College Football Playoff contenders" is making a lot of assumptions.
It's widely known around the program that the transfer was due to academic issues. I hope Boyd can get himself straight in Jr College.
I don't agree. That early in the season, I would rather have an extra "tune up" game like Louisiana Lafayette to test the right combination of players and scheme on the big stage before the conference opener.
Sumlin is an easy target this off-season in regards to lack of success in November, but mentioning the Aggie November record of 5-7 over the last three seasons got me thinking about other division "also ran" teams getting positive media spin this summer. LSU went 4-7 last three Novembers (well yes, they now have a new coach). Auburn went 6-7 with wins over power teams such as Samford, Idaho, and Alabama A&M. I'll continue to believe these high expectations for Auburn and Stidham may not be good for Gus if he goes 8-4 or worse. Yet with low expectations for Sumlin and the Aggies, if they compete well in close games, another 8-4 record may get Sumlin another year (9-3 would look exceptional).
I think he meant the UF vs Michigan game will be played in the city of Arlington,Texas (Jerry World). Another example of how poorly this piece was written.
Yes, and then there is "...but it also appears to it could easily continue up to..."Wha?!?
"...the Aggies seem stuck in neutral when compared to the SEC West." What evidence can you point to showing any other team in the SEC West, outside Tuscaloosa, isn't "stuck in neutral".
I say get rid of the divisions. Have two (or 3) permanent/regional rivalry games and a rotating schedule with the remaining conference teams to have 9 conference games per season. Top two play in a conference championship game.