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Five different Aggie DB's saw the field a lot last season as Freshmen. Elko needs 2 or three of those guys to take the next step. Donovan Wilson (5th year senior) is about the only proven, some say elite, DB and we don't know how he will produce after last years injury. So yes, if Elko can solidify the DB unit, this could be the best Aggie defense since 2012.
Is it me or is half of that list a bit of a reach? Maybe you should have just had a top 5.
So y'all don't believe Jimbo got a call from his old friend Scott Woodward, started researching TAMU, before he started making demands/threats of leaving FSU again? I'll bet you Woodward and Jimbo were having conversations for over a year. Say all you want about who called who's bluff, but Jimbo had his ducks in a row.
Interesting, not one senior in those Aggie picks. IDK, maybe Landis Durham or Donovan Wilson? Heck, Cullen Gillaspia would make for a fun time.
Good grief, I'm not taking anything away from bama's recent run of dominance. I'm talking about the author of this piece basing Jimbo's future chances of a win against Saban off of one game. I don't get some of these thin skinned bama fans. They are in the midst of a historic run but can't take a little discussion without acting all disrespected.
My point is Fisher has not forgotten how to coach and recruit. Four out of the last five seasons with 10+ wins and a Natty. He will get A&M to a point to challenge Saban. So don't base his chances against Saban on one game where his starting QB goes out hurt while the game was still close and bama gets two big breaks in special teams play.
I think maybe the author is reading a little too much into one game of Jimbo v Saban in which FSU caught a lot of bad breaks (especially on special teams).
So I'm seeing "your comment is awaiting moderation" so moderate already.
It makes me a little nervous seeing the NCAA make two good common sense decisions (transfer rule and redshirt rule) back to back. Another sign of the coming apocalypse? Best get right boys, the end is near.
Can't blame him for leaving an analyst job to go and actually coach. Plenty of old defensive coaches out there to serve as analysts. Jimbo/Elko will find a good fit to replace him.
I can't take a list like this serious when Landis Durham doesn't even make the second team defense. Tied as the sack leader last season in his first season playing at DE with 10.5 sacks and 12.0 tackles for loss. With Elko's leadership, lots of returning talent, and Jimbo's style of offense, I don't see the defense having to spend an excessive amount of time on the field like the last few years. I have no reservations in saying this will be A&M's best defense since 2012.
With Sumlin's average class ranking in the lower teens, the trick for Jimbo will be to consistently finish inside the top ten and developing those guys to succeed in his system. That puts A&M in a position to compete for division and conference championships. I have no problem saying Sumlin was a pretty good recruiter, but Jimbo takes it up another level or two as a complete head coach.
Maybe you meant Clemson with Gameday in College Station? Bama game is at Tuscaloosa. Either way, yes, I'm excited also.
If you're going to play at the high stakes table you've got to ante up. Jimbo is bringing the attitude, grit and skins on the wall. I can't wait to see it on the field.
I think Jimbo wasn't going to be held hostage to Gunnell's whimsy. Before committing to zona, Gunnell and two other 2019 QBs were scheduled to be in College Station for a visit.
Why on earth delete the tweet? Notre Dame doesn't own the phrase.
Don't be surprised when South Carolina goes down to Texas A&M in Columbia. Has happened before... Will happen again.. thanks.
In the West, other than bama, only Auburn has gone 7-1 or better since realignment. The first time 2013, and again last season. I was struggling for the best word to describe it but settled on exceptional.
There's also little separation between 2 - 5 in the West. Miss State is getting a lot of love even with an unproven head coach and Malzahn has yet to prove he can have two exceptional seasons back to back.
I guess SDS doesn't know or just doesn't want to mention Congel was a walk-on. Sure, you want plenty of OL depth, but he was not going to see much playing time. I hope the kid does well with Sumlin.
Miss State went 4-4 in conference last year but now they are play-off contenders ... without Mullen... OK that sounds great.
If you want to argue about @TAMU or @SC, I can guarantee @TAMU would have a higher viewership on the sheer #'s of eyeballs the Aggies bring to TV sets compared to SC. Clemson/UGA probably a wash.
I know what the article is about. I was just calling my shot of where I think GameDay will be.
If I was betting, I'd say USCw @ Stanford week 2.
Graduate transfer, didn't you hear? He figured if UCF can declare themselves national champs, he can declare himself a UCF graduate.
My favorite Slive anecdote? "Howdy Aggieland! Welcome to the SEC!" Woooooooop!I still get a little choked up thinking about it.
He recognized the mutual needs of how adding A&M strengthened the SEC and helped launch the SEC network by bringing millions more in viewers. At a perfect time when A&M was ready to get away form tu and that dumpster fire conference. It's one thing to be a good administrator, but a truly elite visionary makes it happen when opportunities arise.
And that was about two thirds of the TE production in that system, with no chance of more TE use under Sumlin. Who knows? I would guess half these transfers "of note" end up being "of little note", but Wood will have a chance to be more of a contributor in Jimbo's system.