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"...a return for the final year of his contract will come into question once again." His contract is good through 12/31/2019 so he has 2 seasons left after this and a $10 million buyout due in full within 60 days if fired at the end of this season. It takes very little effort to learn facts these days.
...and it's Aggieland not Aggie Nation, pea brain.
The hype around Dodd's "reporting" is silly, as is often the case. With Franklin's current contract, the AD would be outright negligent not to prepare "for Texas A&M to make a run at Franklin SHOULD Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies part ways". He would be an obvious choice for A&M to throw a LOT of money at. You can bet that if Franklin was in his current position when Les Miles was close to being fired, Dodd could have easily inserted LSU instead of A&M.
Big game for both A&M and UF. With a win, the Aggies have a great chance of finishing at least 5-3 in conference. Of course, a lot of chickens were counted before hatching last year.
It's a bit too early to be playing "what if". A lot of this will sort itself out. Yes, Auburn played Clemson close, but beating Missouri, Mississippi state, and ole miss isn't really a stellar achievement. Next is @LSU, @Arky, @A&M, then GA at home. "What if" starts to look more possible after that run.
OK, but it's Aggieland, not Aggie Nation. Let's tee it up and see what happens. I'm tired of all the talk.
Good Bull Hunting is one of my favorite websites. They keep it fun. After all, college football is supposed to be fun.
"The Aggies aren’t feeling any better about Sumlin after a blown 34-point lead to UCLA to begin the season." I would say a good portion of Aggieland feels better about Sumlin now, after two SEC wins. A loss to bama has never really counted this season as a negative against Sumlin as long as the team is somewhat competitive."(2013-2016) Aggies have given up 49, 59, 41 and 33 points in four losses to the Tide. Another emasculation this weekend..." - The 2014 game was MOST DEFINITELY an "emasculation", but not the other three. And to include the 2013 game in this statement is simply ignorance at the highest level. Alabama managed to put the game out of reach with less than 2:30 left on the clock. Look, I agree this bama team has the look of another great Saban team, but there is still a lot of football left for both teams after Saturday.
It will be interesting to see how A&M competes at home with bama and at the swamp the next week. I don't expect a win for either game, but would a win in Gainesville surprise a lot of people at this point?
The stats are a bit meaningless at this point. By the same logic, A&M has a better top three RBs than bama, in Ford, Williams, and Bussey at 904 yards. I doubt that is going to make a big difference in the outcome next week.
"...despite the FACT that he suits up for one of the worst teams in the West" might be a little premature there John Crist. "Wildly inconsistent", yes, but a lot of young talented players are getting some experience. I don't look for A&M to finish first or even second in the division, but I don't think it would surprise anyone at this point to finish a respectable third behind bama and Auburn. Who knows? By the time Auburn comes to College Station we might be able to put 4 solid quarters together. So, I don't think it's a FACT A&M's one of the worst in the West, just yet.
"The Texas A&M Aggies haven’t had much luck with the quarterback position this season." This season??? The QB room has been a mess since Johnny F'n Football. Kenny Hill, Kyle Allen, and Kyler Murray all playing somewhere else. I would argue, since Johnny left, last year was the most stable until a slightly better than average Trevor Knight gets hurt and cost us a game against each of the Mississippi teams. If Mond and the O-line do not improve, this is going to get ugly.
I would not hesitate to put $10 on Gus. I think he would be owed $7.5 million and Sumlin would be owed about $10 million. Gus' could be paid in installments through 2020, where Sumlin's is due in full within 60 days. If they both go 8-4, yes, my money would be on Gus to get the boot.
You have no idea how this years QB talent will work with Mazzone's system this year. I will hazard to say it will be better than two years ago.
Hubenak will not play much this season unless there is an injury. Many freshman or redshirt freshmen have played reasonably well recently.
So the only two games you agree on as far as covering the spread is Alabama/FSU and TAMU/UCLA. I hope you are both correct on one of those.
Yeah, conflicting stories from "not going to happen" to "extremely interested". It seems to happen like this for Manziel, though he has brought a lot of it on himself. I would love to see him stay clean and work hard at another shot. The guy may never play another down in the NFL, but I could see him doing amazing things in Canada.
How can anyone buy into the Stidham hype until you see him play some decent defensive teams that put him down hard and often. If he makes it through the Clemson game looking healthy and efficient, I may start to be impressed. If he is still effective through the Georgia game, I will start believing Auburn has a chance to compete against 'bama.
Sumlin's SEC offensive rank by points 2012-2016: 1st, 1st, 5th, 7th, and 3rd. Even with the Spavital-Kyle Allen-Kyler Murray fiasco of 2015, the worst the Aggies have finished is 7th. This team, although young, has more overall depth of talent than any Sumlin has had yet. Aggies will finish top 5 in offense. If the defense can just play decent through the second half of the season, all these predictions are going to look rather silly.
Sunday's game will give us a good idea of how well the Aggies are ready to compete. Talking season is almost over.
* 2013 we went 9-4. Where is that edit button
"A&M could end up being the worst team in the SEC West this season, so don’t expect them to be come even close to being as good as they were in 2013." Three or four other SECw teams "could end up being the worst". In 2013 we went 9-3. What qualifies as "even close"? I don't think it's that far of a stretch to expect 7 or 8 wins (or 9 if the ball bounces lucky) with the level of talent that has been recruited. Unexpected things happen sometimes when your back is against the wall. All this hot seat talk doesn't mean a thing if the team produces wins.
And it's not Aggie Nation, it's Aggieland. Go to a midnight yell and learn something before you spew this nonsense. There is a spirit can ne'er be told. This tank ain't nowhere near empty you buffoon.
Some people have a life and don't check out SDS and their moronic click bait every four hours. This guy has no idea about the amount of interest in the season when it comes to the 12th man. It's unbelievably ridiculous. He reads a couple of free message boards, listens to his media brethren talking points and and spews this vomit on the website. Nauseating BS.
John Crist is the senior writer for Saturday Down South. He’s a member of the Football Writers Association of America and a voter for both the Heisman Trophy and Biletnikoff Award. I would venture to say that they don't have a "more credible writer". That being said, I think he is off quite a bit. 6-6 at the worst, 9-3 should get Sumlin Coach of the Year.
So if the Aggie quarterback comes out and plays above average, this prediction goes out the window quick. There is a lot of talent, although young, on this team.
"...even with a new quarterback in Jake Hubenak". I find it hard to believe you know much about Aggie football, much less who will be the starting QB.
Isn't Les Miles a bit irrelevant now? He is definitely NOT a top ten reason to be excited about the start of the season.
You are kidding, right? This has turned into the perfect opportunity for the NCAA to make an example of a program. There WILL BE SANCTIONS, and they will not be minimal. I think OM can come out OK eventually, but it will not be an easy turn-around.
That's the spirit! He was probably just looking for someone to go to dinner with.