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Same time frame, 2011-2017 Aggies averaged #15 recruiting with #5 the highest in 2014 so the "on paper, again" remark was ridiculously ignorant.
Bamalicious just trolling Aggie news. With #1 recruiting classes from 2011-2017, on paper, bama should be, and have been, kicking butt. Dropping to #6 class for 2018 class, maybe Bamalicious feeling a bit insecure. Jimbo's building something. Top ten D-linemen are crucial.
Aggie Tyrel Dodson should have been at least mentioned in this piece. Nothing against Florida's Reese, but Dodson's stats are better. 104 tackles, 11 for loss, 5.5 sacks, and 3 interceptions.
Taking the Aggies and the over at 7 wins seems reasonable: Northwestern State, W Clemson, L ULM, W @ Alabam, L Arkansas * Arlington, W Kentucky, W @ South Carolina, Toss-up @ Mississippi State, Toss-up @ Auburn, L Ole Miss, W UAB College Station, W LSU College Station, Toss-upWin one toss-up game and it's a push. There's a good chance to win two or surprise somebody (Auburn).
Hopefully Sternberger, Beal and others will be playing well enough to redshirt this kid. Maybe an exception if he is an early enrollee, but I can't find any mention of that.
I like to look at offer list over number of stars. With offers from bama, LSU, UF, UGA, Notre Dame, SCw and Penn St, I tend to trust those evaluations over the media recruiting services.
Thousands of Jimbo photos out there and this is at least the third time SDS has used this one. c'mon man!?!?
Ergo, "one hell of a shock". I don't expect it, but any bama fan referencing 2012 and "no chance" maybe should get off their high horse and realize funny things happen in football occasionally.
I will be surprised if A&M doesn't get to 8 regular season wins. I'm thinking 2-2 between SCe, Auburn, Miss State, and LSU. A win over Clemson or bama would be one hell of a shock to these nay-sayers.
I'm curious if they can end that high with the sanctions on number of scholarships. Looks good at first glance... in April.
I could see an 8 or 9 win regular season and add a bowl win for an acceptable first season. 2019 schedule is absolutely brutal with Clemson and Georgia along with the usual slog of the SEC west. I'm willing to be patient until 2020 for real success as long as we're competitive.
Absolutely no reason he shouldn't be competing with the conference leaders within a couple of seasons. Honestly, there is talent now, but not necessarily depth for Jimbo's style of play on offense. It is interesting to see if Elko can do what he did at Notre Dame. Defense not too far away. A little thin at Corners and DEs, but DTs, LBs, and Safeties looking SEC ready. Can't wait!
Got to love recruiting. There is always a couple of them that keep flirting with multiple programs until the last minute. Who knows if Wolfe is going to keep everyone guessing, but there is a reason some are called drama queens.
1st or 2nd round, it will be great to see the kid getting rewarded for all his hard work, leadership and high character. He is the epitome of what you want as a professional in any walk of life. I'm proud to call him a fellow Aggie if he never plays another down of football.
So, those years of practicing against a dynamic pro style offense in no way helped him to prepare to play against NFL offenses?
Sumlin's offensive philosophy did little to help create any line of scrimmage dominance. Without some truly elite players like Manziel and Evans, and any kind of heavy package for short yardage, you saw a lot of three and out forcing the defense to play tons of snaps. It's easy to call a defense soft until you realize they are playing what amounts to an extra two games during the season in number of snaps played. I think you will see the same with Morris at Arky. I don't see much success for Chavis.
Between Sumlin as a lame duck and the new early signing, Fisher did well finishing 17. Herman finished 25th with his first class without having to deal with an early signing period. Stoops leaving OU probably helped Herman also. The next signing class will be much more interesting.
"These promises will not be forgotten a year from now." Geez dog...he has a goal to strive for excellence. Refreshing in College Station. Funny criticism coming from a fan of a program that fired Richt.
Leon O’Neal could be great eventually, but Aggies are pretty deep with some good safeties. Jalen Preston (WR), Bobby Brown (DT/DE), and Colten Blanton (OT) should both have a good chance to contribute this season.
Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. But , yeah, if bama was a mutual fund, it would be pretty hard not to invest a little.
When I heard LSU had decided to go after Glenn Beal late, I figured he would be signing with y'all. I don't know if it was the uncertainty of the LSU offense, or the work put in by Jimbo's staff, but I was pleasantly surprised to pull Beal out of Louisiana. It will be refreshing to see the TE position used as a positive for A&M.
These elite athletic departments are financially separate these days from the university expenses and often contribute profits back to the university. So to sit on your high horse and compare state employees salaries is just plain ignorant and misleading. Maybe even "absurd and amoral".
You know, It's not that hard to find out there is also a redshirt freshmen QB Connor Blumrick, 6'6" 220 lb elite eleven finalist on scholarship. He was an early enrollee so by the fall, he will have been with the program for a year and a half. He missed practically all of his last season of high school so only rated as a three star. This kid will see the field eventually. If not A&M, as a transfer. For him to not even be mentioned in this is a bit ridiculous.
40 speed is just another measurable like height and hand size. Sure, it is worth considering, but Kirk is the whole package and has been working at going pro since before coming to A&M. Other than just plain hard work, his best talent is seeing and navigating the open field (Deion Sanders?). Nothing but the best teammate and leader, on and off the field. This guy has planned his work and worked his plan for years.
I don't know, I might be getting stoned more often if my parents would have named me Major Mcever Tennison.
Good thing there was no gun found. He might have missed a game or two.
I was going to mention Keke, or Tyrel Dodson. Maybe Erik McCoy? It'll be interesting to see how Donovan Wilson and Nick Harvey come back from injury.
A&M claims three. Only one was from the AP poll and that was one of the very first (1939). The other two were from a historical perspective: 1927 (Sagarin), and 1919 (Billingsley). I have no problem from a marketing perspective what UCF is doing. I wonder if would help A&M's image claiming the 1917 season as another National Championship "Unbeaten and Un-scored upon"!!! Sure, that would really help with these elite 17 year old recruits. ;-)