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(Checks notes...) well, no linebacker signed last recruiting cycle. Would not be a bad idea to keep an eye out for a good LB in the portal.
I hope he finds a spot, but Elko generally plays only two LBs and there are 6 likely ahead of Brown after he opted out last year... nothing to see here to be honest.
Some of you guys just kill me. Do you want a coach to continue with the same old coach speak on these booster/dinner events? Jimbo is simply saying what his vision for the program is regardless of who he has to compete against. For those that have not noticed, TAMU has recruited 3 (and soon 4) top 8 classes. Will we soon compete for a NC? Who knows, but if the head coach don't see it and believe it, it's not likely to happen.
I think they were kind of grasping at straws last year.
Sincerely, I mean no disrespect, but has he ever considered TE?
It looks like he tried to compete for a year+ and ended up 3rd or 4th. I have no problem with a kid trying to find a better fit and get playing time.
Were we really "expected" to do great after the all-SEC schedule was announced? I'd say we exceeded most everyone's expectations.
Five key factors: LT, LG, C, RG, RT The rest is gravy. Jimbo will figure the rest out as long as those five are at least "good".
If Saban needed something like this for motivation, he wouldn't be Saban. No big deal.
A little TCU tampering to bring him back to DFW area? No proof, just would not be surprised.
Good luck young man. I hope he finds a good spot with some playing time.
"Fisher's ability to poach Elko from the Irish had to be considered among his top 2 best moves since arriving in College Station". This is what these FSU "blame Fisher" guys don't understand. Fisher was not getting the support to go get and/or keep the assistants he wanted.
The horns have gone the way of Nebraska. The LHN was the albatross around their neck.
Bobby Brown will be off the board tonight.
He's a good kid and hopefully will find a good fit somewhere.
I suppose you have to answer the phone call and listen to the offer when it comes from a P5 program, but Kansas barely qualifies as P5 in football.
If Elko has another year or two with a top three SEC defense, he will be looking at some MUCH better P5 offers. With the recruiting classes the Aggie staff are stacking, that looks very attainable.
More coming to light now about how he wasn't giving the required effort and his roommates have not seen him for two weeks. I hope the kid gets his head straight, but that wasted a scholarship spot that could have went to someone willing to put in the work.
FSU was not committing the resources for assistant coaches and facilities to compete for the recruits in the middle of SEC country. But sure, keep blaming it on Jimbo if that makes you feel better.
It sure sounds like someone got in his ear about playing time at a different program, or the Aggie staff told him whatever he is doing ain't cutting it. Either way, next man up.
FSU got FSU in that mess. Keep telling yourself that lie and see where it gets you.
Jimbo has the Aggies finishing 2nd in the West 2 of the 3 years he has been there.
Reload, not rebuild (I'm hoping). The QB should have those first 5 games to figure it out. I'm thinking the Defense will get us through until bama.
Yeah, 15 in the 2 deep being held out due to minor injuries. I counted 8 projected starters that didn't play and there were almost certainly more. It was good to see some Aggie football, regardless.
I'm looking to see how well the Aggie O-line performs against what looks to be a very good defensive front 7. The problem being, the projected starting center and most of the scholarship TEs are being held out due to injury concerns.
It's amazing how bad SDS coverage is for A&M. A full 20% of what he "wants to see" is irrelevant because he doesn't know what Achane is doing with the track team.
Off 301 northeast of Gville. You don't want to speed through here on your way to Jacksonville.
I don't think you will see Achane in the spring game. He has been training and competing with the track team.