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I don't disagree with your grouping, but there's not much difference between Auburn, UF, and Aggie recruiting. Especially since Jimbo's arrival.
I'm to the point that I'm ready for Jimbo to fill those last two spots and leave this Evans saga for other teams to deal with.
Headline is misleading. Ainias Smith recruited as "athlete", used all bowl practices and played the bowl as a RB.
I'll believe that when I see Evans has attended a class. Lots of rumors that Richardson couldn't keep his grades up and ineligible for bowl and bowl practices.
True. I had to laugh. I have been reading other reports saying it was prop money and he was trying to make a point about players should be paid. Nothing will come of it anyway, just a bit of a blemish on a great season IMO.
Yeah, millionaires often walk around with wads of fake money. Classic LSU response.
Sacks allowed ranking: UF - 61st, TAMU - 105th (out of 130). Mond took a beating.
Maybe Mond has trouble against good teams because the O-line was terrible in pass protection against good defenses? I don't know, Clemson, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, and UGA? Five pretty good defenses. Maybe he is not the "game changer", but I think he has a chance to be better next season. No Clemson nor UGA and Auburn losing a ton of players next season.
Maybe not a top 25 player, but the best Aggie "story" of the decade is Cullen Gillaspia. Walk-on 12th man, about to play in the NFL divisional playoff.
I would be interested where you got your info. I have read from a couple of recruiting experts that their sources within UGA stated LOI was not filed. Either way all signs point to his release, I'm just curious to know when such release becomes valid.
"...he’s gonna keep making dumb decisions in life to the point where he won’t last in the NFL." I hate seeing stuff like this coming from someone claiming to be an Aggie. The truth is you have no idea. Just give it some time and see how it goes before you start posting stupid stuff like this.
From what I've read elsewhere, UGA did not send in his LOI within the required limit (14 days?) which effectively voided his signing. He is now free to talk to other schools and if accepted (grades), can enroll at his school of choice this month. With his talent and A&M's need for RB depth, it is understandable for Jimbo to take a chance with Evans. Nobody has a crystal ball to see how he will adjust at the next level, but I'm sure he would be looked at (and treated) early as a bit of a risk.
I'm pretty sure A&M was first to arrive. He was committed but could see the writing on the wall with Sumlin. He de-committed, and was won over by Clemson. Can't blame the kid. Turned out to be a great choice.
It use to be a running joke about Aggie depth at LB. Two full recruiting classes and Jimbo's built some talented depth there. Now, RBs...??? Can Cooper play RB?
He seems to either be getting bad advise or ignoring any good advise. Very strange.
That's another crazy hard schedule. Hard to even make a bowl game, again.
SECe stronger top to bottom? So you must be hanging your hat on the bottom 3? There's no doubt the top 4 SECw is better than the top 4 SECe. It's ok wolfman, you just keep being you.
Meh, conference love? I'll admit I want UGA to whip Baylor (Lots of history of Baylor hate), and I care less about what Kentucky or Tennessee do. Auburn, bama, and LSU? I hope they all lose.
Calzada (or Foster) would have to make HUGE strides to even get to Mond's level with Jimbo's offense. Again, A&M (and Mond) will only go as far as the OL play allows next season.
Edit: "A&M will not win a championship until the OL woes are sorted out". It's as simple as that (without including the other "absolutes"). Every facet of the offense (including Mond) starts with the OL.
Expected this. It was a mutual decision to redshirt this season. Best of luck to this young man.
Ease up on the Boones Farm there buddy. And no, shuffling those chairs around ain't gonna make that band sound any better.
Kid can tackle well also. Saved a couple of returns from being TDs.
I guess there is no shame that 2 of our losses were to these two undefeated teams. Come to think of it, I think I said the same thing this time last year.
I heard it's a hamstring avulsion (pretty gruesome) and he'll probably need all the close family support he can get. I hate to see him go and wish him the best. A Texas Aggie is always an Aggie.
A hamstring tear can be brutal. Sometimes a year or more and may never get back to 100% (see Jashaun Corbin)