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big 12 has been on a slow burn since Nebraska departed. Raging blaze now. I guess I'm happy A&M got a bit of a head start in the SEC
Well said. After the initial shock, I believe most Aggies see this as the best option available at this time, while navigating the future super-conference power struggle.
Funny to see these new horns popping up. Where you from ETXNative?
I have a feeling that ESPN is directing this realignment with 9 conference games in mind. As we have seen, the money man makes the rules. There will be 9 conference games.
I thought I was rid of their s#!+. I would simply say "we are in the SEC, let them rot in the dumpster fire of a conference they created". Oh well, just win Aggies.
Upon further review... I guess only the top 4 conference champs can get a bye. Point still stands regarding possibility of more SEC teams participating.
If it wasn't for knowing the prohibitive SEC/ESPN avarice, I'd say get rid of the conference championship game. Just declare a conference champ with whatever tie-breakers necessary. With the proposed 12 team CFP, it might get the SEC two teams with a bye and a possibility of more SEC teams participating.
It really makes me smile to read how people just assume the horns and OU will be "top teams". Sure they have a chance and have plenty of advantages, but then again, they might become another Nebraska. I'm looking at you, OU. Would it not be the ultimate revenge by the horns to lead OU into irrelevance. The tallest midgets in a room may have a harder time when they step out of that room.
It's a lot easier for a corner (or anyone on defense) to show out when you're playing with a comfortable lead as LSU often did in 2019. Picking Stingley is simply a guess, but it is not "baseless".
Greg Abbott will not sign off on that and it may cost him the next election. He is in a tight spot.
It is not at all clear who knew what and when. It's absolutely clear Bjork (AD) was stunned at media day. It is clear Kathy Banks (university President since March 31st), was surprised at the news report being released. It's not clear if she had actually been previously looped into how far along the deal was. Chancellor Sharp is not talking. Former President Young left office at the end of the year and is not talking. Many Aggies are feeling betrayed because they know the history of the horns and their back room deals and how such deals have hurt other conference members. That is an undisputed fact. I'm resigned to playing them on the field. I'm also resigned to the fact that the horns will be involved in other shady backroom deals to try to gain advantage over their new conference "partners". Be wary.
OlArmy, I understand this opinion, but from everything I've seen, ESPN $$ is running this whole thing. There is absolutely no way they don't have us playing t.u. every year regardless of how the conference is split up. The sooner we accept that it is time again to BTHO t.u, the better off we'll be. I didn't want it this way, but here we are.
I hope scheduling works out better with expansion. UGA still not scheduled at Kyle Field until 2024. Who knows when that will happen now.
He is saying that was required of TCU and WV when they entered the Big 12.
So you are probably looking at your 3 division (or pod) games and 2 games from each other pod each season (total of 9 conference).
This deal has ESPN's fingerprints all over it. You can bet one of the conditions is 9 conference games, so one "give me" game is going away.
But if you tell me I have to go through OU and the horns but not bama? I'll take that every day.
"Big boy pants"? If it means taking any one of Auburn, LSU, or bama off our schedule, then we just got an easier road to the CFP.
Just as an aside, APT, with all this expansion and rescheduling, will UGA ever get to play at Kyle Field? If expansion happens in 2024 or earlier, I hope the conference keeps that game in mind.
I've been liking pod ideas for a while. If this expansion is happening, go ahead and put A&M back with t.u., OU, and either Mizzou or Arky. I'm dang sure not scared of any of those teams after having to play bama, LSU, and Auburn every season.
True colors? I already know them and God, how I hate baby-poop orange.
McKinnley Jackson Micheal Clemons Aaron Hansford Jaylon Jones Demani Richardson All major players in the best defense in the SEC last season and none mentioned on this list from the SEC media. SMH
Only 2 Aggies total on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team defense. Lots of folks are not paying attention.
I'm not in favor of 16 either, especially adding these two. I've got to say, I thought we were done getting stabbed in the back when it came to t.u. I thought Sankey and the SEC had more class. Oh well, just win right?
It looks like you are an idiot 9mm and you didn't read Bohls statement above.