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You obviously do not understand the attitude tu had and continues to have in that conference even with their recent failures. So done with that school and those fans.
The game WAS a great tradition. Glad to be out of that conference and NEVER want anything to do with those sips if it helps them in any way.
Please. Let it go already. Compare the Aggies schedule to tu schedule. We don't need that game. Let them sleep in the bed they made with the likes of Baylor, Kansas, and Kansas State.
"He's not going to frickin' Texas A&M" (chortle again)
But is there any other coach available you can imagine having a better chance at making A&M a power in the SEC West? Rationalize all you want about the divisive atmosphere at FSU, but it looks to me like a win for A&M and Jimbo. And I guess all those at FSU won't be so exhausted.
You take away the week for the rescheduled game and much of the drama would have been avoided. I think that was the original plan with Woodward/Jimbo.
All these experts keep looking behind. Aggies are done with the "know your place" narrative. History don't mean Jack $#!+. FSU dragging their feet. Aggies swinging for the fences.
Blah blah... I see you are repeating the negative gossip. The fact is he recruits great and builds a good staff. Deal with it.
But, but, but, all the "experts", everybody said it was silly and would never happen.
It's beginning to look like "beggars can't be choosers". I remember just a few days ago about people arguing about the better job, A&M or UT. I guess there is no doubt, at least this year, A&M wins that debate.
Sarcasm is sometimes a hard concept for some. BTW, Jimbo is holding all the cards, but won't say anything until the Aggie regents approve the deal tomorrow. And even then, if he chooses not to announce,he can coach the game Saturday and there is nothing FSU can do unless they pay his 40 million buyout. I don't expect it to come to that. He will probably be recruiting for A&M by Saturday.
Taggart has already been offered an upgraded contract from Oregon trying to fend off FSU offer.
I'm not saying it's a done deal (but it's close). If it happens, there will be a lot of "experts" eating crow and IF ever questioned, will have to admit they were pretty ignorant.
Funny how so few could believe it when this started leaking out. Administration and big money Seminoles seem to have been resistant to a lot of things Jimbo wanted in order to keep pace with Clemson and other recruiting rivals. All the while Woodward, an old friend from LSU days, is quietly saying "we already have that and more waiting for you at A&M".
Loser mentality. Competitors want to compete against the best.
The irony is Sumlin can buy that place and a few others like it with the buy-out he is due.
I'm hoping people revisit this post after that crappy game in which the 7th best offensive coach in all of college football crapped the bed, again.
Yep^^^^^ seems like a good time for Woodward to ask for some specific university phone records and knock some heads. That kind of $h*+ makes the whole athletic department look bad.
I realize it is time for a change, but I hate how this got leaked before the game. I can't believe Woodward let this out intentionally. Sumlin has been a good coach with high integrity. The staff and the players deserved better. BTHO lsu!!!
To say there is zero chance Fisher would leave for A&M is ignorant. Even if you give FSU the edge in recruiting due to program history, as far as facilities and money, A&M has the edge. As I said before, A&M will give Fisher something serious to think about. We shall see.
You are obviously ignorant. VERY few schools have Aggie recruiting base, money and facilities. The move to the SEC makes prior history irrelevant.
It is time for a change and it would be negligence on Woodward's part to not give it the best chance to get a proven Championship coach.
Money is not an issue. Make no mistake, A&M is swinging for the fences. It may not work out, and I liked a lot of what Sumlin did, but it's time for bold moves.
Only if he makes a move. He is about at his limit at FSU with the season he has had.
I don't think Jimbo is scared of the competition. That's not going to be the deciding factor. I'm thinking it will be his family situation IF Jimbo stays at Tallahassee.
Asking a true Aggie to quit hating tu is just ridiculous. tom herman at number 7 in all of college football is also ridiculous. He had arguably the best talent and one of the best head coaches in the country at tOSU. He will crash and burn at tu. CAN'T WAIT!