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Yeah, definitely not going to stress any arms with pitch counts. The prize is Omaha, not Hoover. Then again, we have the bats that could go a long way in Hoover against teams that have to go deep in the bull pen.
I don't know that I would take any freshman over Gavin Grahovac, 19 HR, 59 RBI, and only 5 errors.
I find it hard to believe these prognostications comparing apples to burnt oranges. Nobody has any idea how that "dominant offensive line" from thsat joke of a Big 12 conference is going to perform against SEC D-lines that regularly put multiple guys in the NFL.
Ummm, Wolfman... Do you realize that most of the losses by those top teams were to each other or to other very talented SEC teams? Most don't realize the separation between SEC baseball and the next best conference is MUCH bigger than in football. These teams from the SEC that are struggling to make a regional would dominate in most any other conference.
Sweeping Arky to win the West is a big ask. I'm betting nobody thought last nights game would go 11 innings and end with a walk-off walk. Just win one more and I believe that locks us into the 4-seed for the conference, and a national seed for a super.
I hate that we helped you out last weekend by uncharacteristically kicking the ball around a bit, but maybe we can help ourself, and the Tigers out with a sweep of Ole Miss this weekend.
I much rather see a SEC baseball Player of the Year here on a SEC-centric web site.
Klein goes nowhere unless that offense is playing well enough to make the CFP. I'll take that.
I wonder what type of "incentives" he may offer to keep HIGH-end players from opting out?
It's not quite over. A series win this weekend would carry some weight for LSU's chances. I'm glad to see 2 of the 3 will be espn2 and not SEC+. Interesting series.
Quick note on the WR room that you did not mention: Izaiah Williams, true freshman out of Tampa has been enrolled for the spring and is looking very good.
Well done Mr Davis. I rarely know what to expect from those that don't cover the Aggies exclusively. You seem to have taken a step closer to Sam Kahn territory in my book.
I think it will be hard to get a quality O-lineman at this point for the Aggies. Reed-Adams was a good pull, but Derrick Graham has quickly decided he will need to look elsewhere for playing time. The problems the last two seasons had a lot to do with injuries, coaching, and scheme. There is still a lot of talent there.
I count at least 6 of those 2022 Aggie recruits that could not stay with the team they transferred to (on their 3rd team or not playing at all). Character matters, regardless of who the coach is.
Wait... where's Denver Harris??? Oh, I see. I kind of feel bad for the UTSA DB coach.
Apparently, I can't figure out what is causing my comments to "await moderation". Basically, this in no way makes me worried about "what's going on in College Station" like The Oracle is...
Not only Texas, but present-day Arizona and New Mexico and parts of Utah, Nevada, Colorado and California owe a lot to Tennessean James K. Polk and the Volunteer State. Of course, the modern day invasion is a little depressing.
I could have happily spent the rest of my days without those Jackwagons in the same conference again, but since they are here, we just have to take care of business.
When it comes to money, it's better to have, than to not have. It would be nice to start seeing some results in the big three men's sports. IDK, maybe Schloss will get that going this spring. Pretty good so far.
The Athletic did start out pretty great. I still like Sam Khan, and Mitch Light has started doing a pretty good weekly "college baseball in review" that leans to a more national view. Football season and recruiting coverage is still pretty decent. Their comments section could be designed better. It can be a little hard to keep up with. I've got to give SDS a little credit there (minus that "expand comments" button)
No comments allowed for Matt Hayes' "First and 10" today?
I wonder what the o/u for the number of games played by any one Aggie QB this season. I don't think it's been more than 7 since 2020 (Kellen Mond).
Obviously, the other 14 teams aren't his "favorite SEC win totals" for betting. It's OK. There is a lot of time to talk of other SEC betting stuff before the season starts.
I (and most every Aggie) am the first to admit that's irrelevant history. You can't have a conversation with a horn fan without them bringing up irrelevant historical records. Good grief IS right!