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You are kidding, right? This has turned into the perfect opportunity for the NCAA to make an example of a program. There WILL BE SANCTIONS, and they will not be minimal. I think OM can come out OK eventually, but it will not be an easy turn-around.
That's the spirit! He was probably just looking for someone to go to dinner with.
If Morris has a big season and Sumlin has a bad season, Ole Miss will have NO CHANCE if A&M goes after Morris. I have a feeling though, that Woodward already has a big name lined up in case Sumlin doesn't produce.
A&M probably won’t be amazing or anything this year, but be careful assuming this team will follow last years problems. The O-line will be improved, and the defense will hopefully get better from last year’s embarrassments. There is a fairly complete team in College Station right now, and for anyone to look past A&M would be a mistake. Our finish will probably be 4th or 5th if I had to guess right now, but at the same time, it would not surprise me at all for A&M to finish 2nd or 3rd, well yes it kind of would surprise me but, hey, it could happen.
Agreed. Until Arky actually beats A&M, why look at them as a challenger more than A&M. The fact is, A&M is building a depth of talent at Auburn's level, but not quite LSU. A lot of the success of 2012 was due to the lack of injuries to the defense. Sumlin learned a hard lesson from the attrition in the 2013 recruiting class where only a couple of from that class remained to contribute in 2016. There is no doubt the injuries to key players (and lack of depth) last season cost us wins against the Mississippi schools. It will be interesting to see how this season plays out for A&M once they hit some adversity.
Good luck with that John. Educating those of us that comment is a continuing never ending process... kind of like being a parent.
*edit 8-5 (TAMU) - SDS really needs an edit button
So if UT and TAMU swapped divisions, would TAMU be on this list instead of UT? Would Arky, or Miss State? No doubt UT has a lot of talent, but are a couple of seasons in the East at 9-4 really any better than a couple of seasons at 8-4 in the West (TAMU)?
Sounds like a good guy. It will be interesting to see how OM fans treat him or if he even gets a chance to stay through the next few years with the sanctions coming down. To be honest, I don't know who would want the job until there is a bit more light at the end of the tunnel.
The hot seat and Sumlin will be discussed ad nauseam. Woodward's comments surprised no one that follows Aggie football closely. He had said similar statements previously. Sumlin knows it, recruits know it, but actually saying on Finebaum is some big surprise?
Ok, I can't help myself. Does anyone else find it amusing when an Alabama fan types a question including the phrase "...academic issues facing student-athletes"?
That's odd, I thought "Christian Kirk".
I can't help but feel that there is more to the story than has been released to the public. Seems like he should have had more options than New Mexico State.
Using Sumlin comments from 2014 about Manziel is a bit stale and lazy but, whatever. Pretty much July BS at SDS.
So according to John Crist and SDS, if Sumlin gets to eight wins, he has done a heck of a job this season. Nine wins, maybe he gets coach of the year.
Agreed, I would rather put up with an off-season full of Sumlin "hot seat" talk than have anything similar to this at A&M. I hope they find the truth of the matter and act appropriately.
Don't get me wrong, I love me some Ray Ray Mickens and some Wrecking Crew defense, but with the QB room as it stands now, it's absolute lunacy to say anyone other than Johnny F Football. Duh.
This^^^ And I would consider Virginia Tech as one that "most resembles" A&M. Strong military ties and traditions. Michigan State? I don't see it.
I think that goes to show the difficulty of coaching in the SEC West, and how Athlon's coaches ranking is another example of irrelevant subjective BS.
One thing about silly subjective lists like this and how it relates to Sumlin; If he gets to 9 or more wins this season, he should be in the top 3-5 of these SEC coaches. Of course, if he doesn't, he probably won't be on the list of SEC coaches.
There will be plenty of fault found with how Baylor coaches and administration handled these multiple atrocities without giving them an excuse to blame it on Title IX.
They definitely should ban those 11 am central time games. Those were rough after a big Friday night back in the day.
It's good to have a smooch after an Aggie score, but I have to wonder if the columnist has ever experienced midnight yell practice. Literally tens of thousands of people (often leaving the bars or parties) gathering at Kyle Field on a Friday night before home games. Good times.
To leave Anthony Hines off this list is ridiculous bordering on negligence. Top 5 at his position by all the services at a big position of need and an early enrollee. Just more inept silliness on SDS.
That has been his standard response for the last couple of years. Woodward has also said the "we have to do better" shortly after the bowl game. It just wasn't hyped like it is during the slow summer news cycle.
OK, I tend to pick on Stidham more than I should. I just don't look at any program in that conference he transferred from, outside of OU, as true P5 conference level. But the above list includes a couple of true freshmen in Tagovailoa and Feleipe Franks that have yet to be hit in the mouth in college play. Can they be counted on as true "depth" when you are putting together a list? Nobody knows.
This is another of those lists where you are making plenty of assumptions when including these QBs with little to no experience. As for A&M, unless Hubenak proves to be something more than a good backup game manager, we will find out quick how Starkel or Mond react against UCLA. We also have an athletic kid named Connor Blumrick who went through Spring practice but didn't get much credit from the rating services due to an injury his senior year. Still, Mond, Starkel, and Blumrick have seen just as many snaps against SEC defenses as Stidham.