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The 3-6-6 format is inevitable. They specifically stated they will schedule the primary and "secondary rival" for 2024. When ESPN understands the money lost every other year for not having those "secondary rival" games they will offer more money.
It may be speculative, but I'm reading from other sources that it was just that. Five schools - A&M, LSU, UGA, Missouri, and UF were adamant about the 9 conference games. The "unanimous vote" was for show/politics.
The health of the O-line means everything. Bad O-line is anathema to a Jimbo (or Patrino) offense.
Well, I say that and Wansing turns in a great performance. Allowed only 1 hit through 8 innings before the rain delay. I may have missed one, but I don't know if any Aggie pitcher has done that well all season.
Well, technically... If at least one of the conference games were an Aggie win over Auburn instead of a loss...
Mediocre pitching would have been nice for the Aggies this season. Six conference losses with at least seven runs scored is not good.
TBH, I'm a bit ignorant on the postseason process, but Aggies have been burned too often recently by NCAA "committees". Win at least 2 games in Hoover and remove all doubt from what I understand.
9 game conference schedule is inevitable. (Thanos gif)
If the portal is the only way you believe the OT position would get better then yes, stick with your "struck out" storyline. It may be Bisontis is better than 90% of the OTs that were available. Yes, I would like to have seen a quality OT from the portal, but I'm not going to keep banging a drum of negativity. I'm not going to look at a third string project QB, nor 2024 QB recruiting as desperation at this point. Sorry, but no glass half empty in May.
"Struck out entirely", "desperation" - Overreaction and hyperbole.
Not a whole lot of quality OT portal options out there. If the guy is truly healthy he could be a good full grown man option in the 2-deep. I doubt there are many OTs available as good as Bisontis appears to be. The more I think about it, the more I like this choice (if he's healthy).
Well, I imagine the overtime rule would not have been changed.
"... going to be much better than any current SEC QB..." - delusional? Sure there is a chance, but what would lead you to that opinion? It certainly is not anything Arch has shown by actually playing football. So far it's all hyperbole, smoke and mirrors.
I'm convinced he just added Arch for the clicks (and I fell for it).
IDK, I'd probably agree about Daniels, but it kind of shows how wide open it is for someone to step into that roll as a top QB in the SEC.
The fact is, if bama does face Arch, it's going to be a bad, bad season for t.u. Please, please, please let that happen.
One of my hopes for the season is that by the time bama is through with those baby-poop orange pukes, they have no choice but to play that overrated silver spoon chump.
If his name was Arch Smith he probably wouldn't even be a P5 QB. Ridiculous.
Don't get me wrong, I want the 9 conference game model, and I want to play t.u. every year (although I did not want them in the conference), but there is absolutely no way in an 8 conference game model that t.u. and OU don't play every year.
The title states "most confidence". Without a good/healthy O-line, the OC, the scheme, the play calling and all the talent in the skill positions don't mean a thing.
He almost immediately got 9 P5 offers after entering the portal. Aggies need the depth. Probably will take one more here shortly.
It was a joke (sort of). That doesn't invalidate my prediction, BTW.
I predict Aggies only regular season loss will be a lopsided loss to the SEC champion. The committee will proceed to leave the Aggies out of the CFP in favor of a one loss Notre Dame. It could happen. There is precedent.
Interesting that Aggies won series against UF, Auburn, and Kentucky (all ranked higher on this list).
"Pride is the top-rated player in the Aggies class..." Don't be surprised when Dealyn Evans(SDE) is right there with Pride in the rankings soon. He just won D-line MVP at the Dallas Rivals camp and it was Rivals that was holding him back in the composite.