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I would say go ahead and add the Longhorns to that conference, but Nebraska and Arkansas would find a way to block those jerks from getting in.
LSU also plays only one OOC P5 team (overrated t.u.), while A&M plays the reigning national champs. Who cares if Utah State "almost upset" a 6 loss Michigan State team? If you want to argue GT plus ND is tougher than Clemson, OK, that's a valid argument, but don't try to tell me t.u. plus Utah State is harder for LSU than A&M traveling to Clemson.
This^^^^^, I am so ready for real football. Some questions will start being answered as early as week 2.
Fogetaboutit. For many of these guys, it matters little what experts say. They will just keep repeating "horrendous officiating" hoping perception becomes reality.
Correct Jarhead. Nobody knows. FWIW Starkel mentioned after he made his decision, that he thought Blumrick had the best chance at QB2 because he spent more time with the starters while Foster was with the practice team. Jimbo puts a lot on the QB to run his system. I like Calzada's potential, but I hate to think of him getting thrown into big boy play early. My guess would be Blumrick or Foster to "manage" if Mond goes out. Mond is a bit tougher than many think though (220 lbs now?). He's no longer that wide-eyed skinny Freshman that got tossed to the wolves a couple of seasons ago.
I know there's not much experience behind Mond but I remember for a time it was Jake Hubenak and nobody. Compared to that this QB room is stacked!
The point is the recruits that are "locked in" can sign early and coaches would not have to spend time and resources fending off other teams trying to poach those recruits. I'd wager a good 80% or more of recruits that have verbally committed by the end of July have no intention of flipping. Personally, I would ad a caveat that if the head coach (and maybe coordinator or position coach) are no longer with the program in mid-December(?), the recruit can get released to pursue other options.
Seems like you would mention the reason he is retiring. Only thing I could find with a quick search was "turf toe". Very strange.
It's a shame he has to sit. I know the family and they were excited to be able to travel (much shorter distance) and see him play. I liked what Jimbo proposed the other day. If the player graduates from the school he transferred to, give him back a year of eligibility for graduate school and a better chance, however small, to make it to the next level.
I'll agree in part. It's really just an attempt at a comedic piece. As far as the attempt at comedy with "Jimbo... strangest move... punter... FSU", just comes across as awkward when you understand Mann is a Ray Guy award winner, unanimous All-American, set all kind of records and may be the best we've seen since Ray Guy. But hey, he's a punter, so haha... Jimbo... FSU questions... punt... haha. Lame.
I love Sam Adams and respect his opinion, but let me tell you I AM A TEXAS AGGIE (not "A&M fan") and I absolutely hope we never schedule that team. There is no "pretend" to it. Let them rot with their terrible home schedule. There are so many things those jerks have done that so many people either don't know or have conveniently forgotten. I hate that some of these SEC teams are throwing them a lifeline by scheduling "home and homes". So add that to your list of people you "hear" from.
I'm 95% sure he's being recruited as CB and return specialist. Heck of an athlete, but WR pretty full.
Wins and losses before Jimbo have little to no effect on the future. Players, coaches and anyone paying attention realize the main challenger to bama in the West is up for grabs.
Seems to be a theme with Mond and Jimbo recently. A mental attitude of the team to truly believe they are going to win. I don't have a problem with it. BTW, some 8-4 seasons are better than others, if that's how it falls, but 9-3 would look excellent with that schedule and not out of the realm of possibility.
I think the kid has some real issues. Hate to see kids throw so many opportunities away.
I'd venture to say A&M is as close as anyone not named Clemson.
Move Florida-Georgia? Why doesn't anyone mention changing A&M-Arky from Jerryworld to home and home. It's such a non-event. Only helps Jerry Jones and Arky recruiting (on a limited basis). I could see a P5 OOC game there every other year or so, but really don't see any benefit to A&M with the current setup.
I don't know why anyone would expect anything different for these contrived "media days". Although it would be fun for Jimbo to fight back against some of these disgruntled FSU administrators, coaches and their media mouthpieces. But it won't happen. We'll get "I enjoyed my time in Tallahassee".
True words LSUSMC. New format is terrible.
Points against: A&M went from 87th to 47th (with that LSU game skewing numbers), Notre Dame from 62nd to 31st, Wake Forest from 62nd to 24th. He improves the defense everywhere he has been (and it will improve this year again).
Much of what looks like inexperience on paper is not reality. Keke was probably the most experience lost on the d-line. Mack and Durham were rotated out a lot with Peevy (true Junior} and Tyree Johnson (RS Sophomore). Keke's spot will likely be filled with Clemons (Senior returning from foot injury), Brown, and Wright (true sophomores with many snaps played). Inexperience for the first few games will be a concern at Center, DEPTH at LB, and DEPTH at RB.
This is just silly. If I've kept track of this correctly, A&M is the only team in the SEC, SDS has predicted to have a worse offense and defense. OK, sure.
Maybe good for a laugh? Surely he knows what he's talking about BY PUTTING ALL THAT IN CAPS AND EXCLAMATIONS!!! Fun guy to be around, I'm sure. He must be killing it in Vegas with all those predictions.
Great personality and recruiter for the Aggies. If we get Haynes King, this guy had a lot to do with it.
You go a long way around to say very little. Comparing East to West means nothing. Comparing Kentucky's Dline to Aggie's in 2018 has nothing to do with this season's best interior DTs. BTW, Madubuike led the SEC DTs in sacks and QB hurries last season. How do you leave him off that list?
"... the most crucial wild card in college football." Hyperbole much?
You can belittle plenty of so-called expert analyst, but you can't deny Cubelic has a good understanding of what goes on in the SEC trenches.