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Who cares? Maybe I'm old, but do real football fans give a s**t about this? Beat Auburn.
Funny thing is, A&M "should" win. A&M is 2nd in the SEC against the run, Auburn is 9th. A&M/Mond do well when successful running the ball. Auburn/Nix struggle when they can't run. Yet, Auburn often manages to pull off unexpected wins at home. All that said, It looks to be very interesting.
Trap door? LSU going after Ja'tavian Sanders?
Don't care. Get the win and move on. Leave the "convincing win" for the talking heads.
Weird indeed when it's not impressive to win against LSU and Auburn. The talking heads say you must win "pretty". Absurd.
It absolutely would end the discussion Beenjammin. I feel good about the Aggie defense, but the Aggie offense can't have an "LSU type" performance. I've been saying all along, just win the next game.
*dang auto-correct. I'll quit now. SDS really needs a "30 second edit" function.
"But right now it appears someone else is going to have to fall on the field for the Aggies to rise in the rankings." No kidding. The thing is two of those teams ahead of A&M will definitely fall on the field. So I would argue they need to win three more games and they will need a "little luck", not a lot.
It's looking more and more like a one loss Notre Dame will get in before a one loss A&M (but there is still a chance). The best chance seems to be OSU simply not getting enough quality wins.
That's some pretty good answers by the committee rep. It sure leaves the door open for A&M to jump theOSU for that fourth spot if things fall just right.
I tend to agree. LSU has been good against the run. Mond is not great when the run game isn't working (especially with our limited WRs). Trask and the Gator receivers have a better chance of keeping LSU defense off-balance, yet I would not be surprised to see that LSU D-line get Trask on his back occasionally.
Maybe he's thinking of a UF win in the SECCG and a scenario of UF, Clemson, bama, and Notre Dame. Talk about "rematch nightmare" CFP mess.
There is no "deserved better" in football. It's a team effort.
Mond only had 3 live practices in the week leading up to the game after two weeks of quarantine due to contact tracing. You add in the rain, LSU playing well against the run, LSU DBs being very aggressive with our young receivers. I understand LSU has had a bad season, but they still have a lot of talent. It all combined to the Aggies offense not having a championship looking win. I don't expect it, but If that offensive production continues, we probably will not finish the season with only one loss.
Go look at conference history. There are seldom more than a handful of conference teams that have a winning CONFERENCE record. Anyone that brings the "vs. teams with winning record" into the conversation this season either is ignorant or has an agenda.
I started to post a retort, but there is still too much football to be played. Beat Auburn, Ole Miss and UT. That will be a fantastic season, and pretty good resume regardless of all these naysayers.
Nine SEC wins (with one of those wins over the SEC east division champion) would be "sneaking into the College Football Championship". That is the kind of snide comment that wears on Aggie fans.
Meh, Aggies get to 9-1 and it will sort itself out. That game last night was not championship level, but outside of bama and a healthy Clemson, who has looked like champions? Cincinnati with that schedule? I've seen Notre Dame look pretty bad while squeaking by with a win. Jimbo (and most everyone in that locker room) is 2-1 against LSU. That's relevant for the program.
He definitely gives too much weight to last year's production. That's just silly.
Remember how Spiller ran all over them. I remember. Najee Harris is going to have a good day.
I find it pretty funny that DeadliftGator makes his comment after a article about defense. UF looks to be about 9th in the league in yds/game allowed. Bama's going to put up a ton on those guys. I'm thinking 50+ points given up.
I surely hope that game happens next week. The SEC may keep shuffling the schedule to get as many games in as possible. Keep those players away from the 'rona at Tuscaloosa.
OK Redfox, not throwing shade...simply because Notre Dame is better than the Aggies... and North Carolina can beat the Irish, LOL... but not throwing shade. Good grief.
So responding with a logical argument is getting "bent out of shape"? I see who and what is laughable Joe.
(*blocking the release of the film for 3 or 4 years)
Funny thing, I've heard there was a part of the prior Aggie administration that was blocking this for 3 or 4 years. Those were my years in College Station (had a next door neighbor that made the kick-off team). It should be fun to watch.