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Thanks for that captain obvious, but I think Jimbo is looking at the program in general. He's recruiting what looks like two top 7 or 8 classes in his first two full recruiting seasons. Many of us hoped to have a better showing in those three losses, we expect to win the next 3 SEC games and we hope to sneak a win out against UGA or LSU, but to not achieve all of that does not show the program in general is regressing, simply a season that didn't achieve expectations.
Must have these guys. The current o-line starters may continue to develop into great players, but we are currently playing with 4 three stars and one (true freshman) five star on the o-line.
If you don't see Jimbo has lost to teams with more talent, depth, and experience then you are just football ignorant. To count him out after one and a half recruiting classes and one and a half football seasons would also be premature. I put as much stock in this coach ranking as I do in preseason polls. NONE.
Wow. Now I feel better about the bama@A&M point spread (not).
All of these ranking questions become tedious and irrelevant. Get back to me next month.
All that and the Aggies are still the best team bama has seen so far this season.
2018 recruiting class was not a "monster". Ranked 17th but was about 2/3rds Sumlin recruits with half of those gone or will be gone by next fall, only a hand-full of regular contributors. It's going to take time. A lot of Aggies just don't want to hear it.
I have no problem with a dog mascot on the field as long as the handler is willing to put his body between the mascot and potential harm. I've seen it happen.
He's had his problems, but I'll keep saying that most of his problems have been lack of execution by those around him (Clemson game, 6 flat out drops by receivers). What others are saying - "Last year, Mond completed 57.3% of his passes for 3,107 yards, 24 TD and 9 INT. That comes out to 239 yards a game. So far this year, he’s 117-181 for 1,333 yards, 10 TD and 4 INT. That comes out to a completion percentage of 64.7% and 266 yards a game. He’s on pace to throw for nearly 3,500 yards, and the Aggies have probably played two of the three best defenses they’ll face already." - Mark Passwaters
Offensively, in general, I see improvement at QB and WR. It's just the O-line, RBs, and TEs have regressed to where it's a net loss. Mond is constantly under pressure and having trouble with the run game. Defensively, the DTs and maybe the Corners are showing slight improvement. Again, regression at Safety, LBs and DEs result in a net loss. This all can improve as the season goes on, but they are running out of time.
Could A&M play 3 or even 4 teams at a time when each of those teams are ranked #1?
Dan Mullen $6+ million/year (= half of 7.5 million?). I live among these Gator fans. It's not always easy.
Oh, yeah. I'm old enough for that one.
I've seen similar worthless "what if" stuff from this guy.
The premise just seems foreign to me. To rank A&M that high on this scale "if they lose" to a team they are favored to win against by three touchdowns feels premature. Play the game and then make your judgement.
There may be something to the "over-thinking", but even early in the game, you have key momentum killing mistakes by those around Mond. Spiller drops a beautifully setup screen pass. Kibodi slows down on a pass route that most likely would have been a touchdown. But mostly the O-line just getting blown up off the LOS. I expect it to get better, but I don't know if it will be enough improvement quick enough to pull out 8 or more regular season wins.
It's become clear Jimbo does not have the depth of talent to replace 11 guys from last season that are currently on NFL rosters or borderline as NFL practice squad. I fell into the "fan" trap of believing that talent and experience was there waiting to play. I'm not saying they don't have a chance, but they better start performing if we're going to have a chance at 8 regular season wins.
It's been much more difficult for Mond to perform for a host of reasons. Vanderbilt and t.u. are nowhere near the level of defensive competition as Clemson and Auburn. It's always easy to point at the QB when an offense is having a bad day, but if you know football, you can see several problems with the Aggie offensive execution that is limiting Mond's success.
Gus and Auburn's offense definitely took advantage of inexperienced DEs, LBs, and Safeties. If you can't set the edge and stay disciplined, Gus is going to have success running. Doesn't much matter matter the QB as long as he's not turning the ball over with mistakes.
No, they do not need to get back on the gridiron together. Herman was whining just recently about needing better home games (like LSU). They got a taste of what we get several times a year. They made their bed. Let them rot. Move on.
aubmonster, my reply was in response to Dixiepigs comment regarding TV announcers comments. More passing attempts = more fouls if they were being called more closely, so yes, volume matters, and it would not be special treatment. It's not a complaint, just common sense. No doubt Auburn was more physical and experienced in all phases (except your QB who wasn't asked to pass much)and deserved the win.
Well, it would have meant a little more to A&M if the officials would have been calling the contact with as much as A&M was passing.
I know it sounds like sour grapes, but does anyone else believe SEC officials will allow Auburns DBs to get away with all the questionable contact when they go up against bama WRs?
Yeah, he could have waited until Saturday night or Sunday morning to publish something more than a "what if".
Success at Kyle Field - before Jimbo - completely different now - no advantage. Kicking game - Seth Small is 5 for 5 field goals and no extra points missed - no advantage. D-line - sure is a lot of media hype, but that Aggie d-line is pretty nasty but less experience - I'll give AU the edge. Experience in close game - that's just silly - most these Aggies played in the LSU game. Running game humming - OK I'll give AU the edge, but they haven't played a team this season as good as the Aggies when it comes to rush defense
There is a little history of Bo-No-Go with Auburn against A&M.
Auburn and the media can hype their D-line all they want, but I really like our D-line when we're rotating Madubuike, Brown, Peevy and Rogers as the DTs. If our DEs can keep Nix from rolling out and using his legs, it could be another Bo-No-Go for Auburn against A&M again.
Jimbo vs Steele, Elko vs Mahlzahn. That's a lot of money spent on coaches right there. I don't think there is a big difference as far as talent level. I don't expect this to be a very high scoring affair either. Slugfest where the winner should come out with some confidence for the remaining season.
Funny how having 3 scholarship RBs under Sumlin was no big deal, but looks awful thin with Jimbo's offense.