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Good job by Billy Liucci with that interview. The complete recording is worth a listen.
As much as I enjoyed the outcome last Thanksgiving weekend, I agree with you. Just call it a tie after 4 OTs. I would also advocate starting each overtime possession out of easy field goal range (40 yard line?).
Michael Young (brought Woodward from UW shortly after coming to A&M) is not being retained as A&M University President, so that probably made it easier for Woodward to reach out for a chance to move back home. I don't think it's as much of a red flag for Aggie Athletics now that more news is coming out.
LSU got a good one. I hope he has just enough success to be 2nd and trail just behind A&M in all the major sports... well, just kidding. Honestly, I find it hard to wish for any success at LSU.
Word around College Station, Woodward is "likely" going to LSU. Not good on the part of the Aggie administration. That's dropping the ball, big time.
Good grief. Pretentious because I would be excited to celebrate an achievement and take advantage of an invitation to a once in a lifetime event. You, "no way... embarrassing... miserable.." OK buddy, whatever floats your boat.
Apparently you are a .... (ahem)... wimp. You are about to make millions regardless if you go the first or second day. Who cares what anyone else thinks. It's a free trip with a chance to meet a lot of important people.
Erik McCoy probably the best chance for an Aggie first round pick. Regardless, if he stays healthy, he will a valuable addition to any teams inside OL/C.
You may have jumped the gun. Hearing just last night things have not been decided.
Don't sleep on Connor Blumrick as QB2. He made the Elite 11 back in 2016 before getting hurt and missing his senior year of HS.
I know it's a bit slow for Aggie football news at the moment, but it seems you could find a little something more relevant to write about.
I pay pretty close attention to Aggie recruiting and honestly didn't recognize the name. It looks like it's going to be a small 2020 class for A&M and they have their primary CB on board with Jaylon Jones. I expect Jimbo and company to be very selective in any remaining "committable" offers at CB. Of course, there is always a chance the kid just didn't have any interest in staying in-state.
I was thinking something similar when I read that. Then again, if LSU had Jimbo, how many writers would be proclaiming LSU the heir apparent to bama? You can't deny his recruiting/development history and support he is getting from the administration. This season's schedule is a bear, but if we win 9 regular season games, the hyperbole will be everywhere.
The two Aggie predictions seem to be a little interdependent. IF A&M plays Alabama well and at least keeps it close, then yes, I would expect the line to change on the A&M/UGA game.
Come on Glenn, try a little harder. Josh Henson is also new as the O-line coach. Also, regarding LBs, Anthony Hines saw a lot of playing time as a true freshman and was a high 4 star recruit. He is back and practicing after knee surgery following the Clemson game last season. And don't overlook Vernon Jackson in the RB room. He's going to be a bruiser at 240 pounds coming out of that backfield.
No doubt. You've got to love his passion and energy. I think we'll be fine with the talent and experience with the safeties. Corners need to step up and if LBs can stay healthy, this could be a pretty good defense.
Rent free in Sammy's head. Hilarious! He doesn't even realize how he's showing his own insecurities.
I have little doubt Starkel will be able to grasp the offense. He's a pretty smart kid. I think he had been accepted into Yale and West Point out of High school. I would not mind if he has a hard day September 28th. Other than that, I wish him all the best.
All the rumors coming out are that this was a business decision to get out of the CFL contract. Does it look bad at first glance? Sure it does. Could a 26 year old with bipolar disorder have slipped off the wagon? I'm sure it happens, but there has not been anything to support these negative allegations in over two years that I have seen. I hope he keeps his head straight whether he plays ball or not. One day at a time.
He wanted out of his contract to explore his options in the new leagues back in the states. I'm sure he had advice on the easiest way to get out.
Clemson by 21 over A&M seems a bit much. Jimbo is 4-5 against Dabo as a head coach. Jimbo's last season at FSU had plenty of distractions and produced the worst loss by 17 points. The others were by 2 (at A&M), 3, 5, and 10. I think this game is going to be a bit more interesting than that opening line suggests.
The news is starting to filter out that Manziel leaving the CFL was a planned exit in order to explore other options in the new leagues. It won't make any difference for a lot of you who are so quick to assume the worst, but personally, I'm glad it wasn't some kind of major slip on his part.
Manziel's had his problems, but I don't get all the negativity for a 26 year old with bipolar disorder. If he can keep his head straight, he's pretty entertaining on the football field. Either way, I wish him all the best.
You are a bit more generous towards FCS programs than I am. How is it the SEC's responsibility to fund their programs. I'm interested in a greater number of meaningful games, specifically home games. It would help to go back to a home and home with A&M/Arky but last season Aggies had only UK, Ole Miss, and LSU for home conference games. Having another quality game for every SEC program just seems like a no brainer.
Just get rid of the divisions, each team plays two "rivalry" games every season and rotate the remaining SEC teams. The two teams with the best conference record meet in the championship game. I'd also like to see each team play nine conference games. These Northwestern State and Citadel games are a joke.
A&M, UGA, UF, USCe, and UK will always stand together against inviting another in-state program into the conference. As far as t.u., nobody wants those jerks. I wouldn't be surprised to see them go independent when the BDF ultimately folds.