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Pretty sad when people in the comments have to explain what he meant.
Jimbo and staff need to flip Kelvin Banks. You can't have too many good OTs.
Will be 11am here in Jacksonville. Last time we played here it was a late game and barely made it home by midnight. This time I can easily go to the game and get home to bring in the New Year.
Stadium? Town of Jacksonville? I live 40 minutes down the road and go to most all of the home Jaguar games. Absolutely nothing wrong with that stadium or the city (outside of the same problems most cities have).
Moffit pioneered a lot of the modern methods. That makes no sense.
Tommy Moffit is a bit of a legend in S&C circles. He won't be out of a job for long. If Schmidt decided to retire I'd want Jimbo to be all over that hire.
Sankey can EAD, but this has gone too far down the road and there is too much money involved to stop now. I have no doubt t.u. will try their best to slant things for their own benefit, but I think too many powerful folks are wise to their antics now.
I know plenty of Aggies that would hate an old-Big 12 pod of Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Mizzou. Ugh. Personally, I'd like Aggies, LSU, and the Mississippi schools. Leave the old Big 12 schools of Mizzou, OU, and t.u. plus add Arky. Leave us out of that.
"Bowl season reveals projections..."? WT*? So it's the "reveals" that are the object of the story? Being an editor for SDS must not pay very well.
With the Kenyon Green connection (same high school), I'd be shocked if Kam doesn't pick the Aggies.
That seems like such an ignorant evaluation on a coaches ability. Five of those: from 7th to 10th, from 1st to 3rd, from 10th to 14th, 4th to 8th, and from 13th to NR in his 2nd year here and all five losses to teams in the top 14 in the country. Preseason rankings. Good grief. There is so much more involved in how a season turns out.
This is an odd one. A lot of these guys are getting "encouraged" to leave for more playing time elsewhere (opens up up to 7 more recruiting spots this season). I would think, as a veteran with 12 starts this season, Auburn would be doing everything they can to keep him. It will be interesting to see where he lands.
I know how you feel. There were still tons of "insiders" and media talking heads claiming Jimbo was going to LSU right up until the Brian Kelly news broke.
Funny. I think 9 wins will be the floor. Ten or 11 wins as average, and consistently in it in November for a chance for Conference or National title.
I laughed. That may be his "salary", but I can guarantee that wasn't his income. If he wasn't making at least 6 million a year I'll eat my hat.
If I'm reading it right, for this recruiting class, a team can take up to 7 additional recruits above the 25 limit to replace lost transfers. Saban and a few other elite recruiting programs will sign monster classes.
You mean Trap Door. I'm almost certain one or both of these guys were encouraged to go.
He'll also have tougher competition. Yes, staff and recruiting will be interesting.
Urban did not take it before because they would not change eligibility rules for athletes. Now Urban has too much baggage, I would think.
And that is why we need an 8 or 12 team playoff.
What I've read, it will not change the total occupancy in any significant way.
This is true, but it is the first 5 star QB Jimbo has landed while at A&M. With King back healthy and Weigman coming in, that QB room gets a major upgrade.
There is no "if". These plans don't get this far without everything being lined up for the rubber stamp. From what I understand, the South end zone suites were incorporated into the previous rebuild to be completed at the later date. This is what makes the difference between us and FSU. They had announced plans that they had trouble following through on. I saw a number the other day that since joining the SEC, we have spent, and have approved of almost $900 million in sports facilities.
Or it might be a healthy Haynes King. I still absolutely admire how Calzada has played through injuries to win us a couple of games.
Best not look past Miss State or USCe.
One football question, one basketball question, and two food questions. Ugh