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Welcome to my world, bama. Aggies lost 5 games to ranked teams (all ranked in the top 12). FPI has us at 17 (best 5 loss team). I still think we were hosed in the UGA game.
You can bet Kibodi does not have a scholarship available for next semester. Fisher can't send LOI to recruits to officially sign if the scholarship is not available. It is going to be a numbers crunch if he wants to sign all of his pending commits.
The lazy reporting and standard phrase on SDS when reporting a transfer: Team is "taking a hit at depth".
Another important point about the portal that has to be made is that once you enter the portal the school can pull your scholarship. I wish Kibodi the best but he will not have a scholarship available next semester at A&M. There will be several more of these.
"With Diesch likely leaving, the Aggies will be without a key contributor on the offensive line for their bowl game." - this is not a true statement. He never started and rarely got into any rotation (maybe special teams?). I wish the kid well, but Diesch could see he was not likely to get much playing time. There is going to be quite a few of these borderline player transfers.
What has this ranking devolved into? Mond is clearly playing better than Fromm. I don't watch enough of Trask to have an opinion, but it is clear to anyone paying attention, if you put Mond behind that UGA O-line, you would see a ton of more QB production.
Not a good look to put out a statement and take absolutely no responsibility for putting yourself in a bad spot. I hope he finds a good landing spot, but mostly hope he learns from this.
I have come to accept that to win in this conference, you must play well enough to overcome the poor and often biased officiating. I don't even think it is a conscious bias, but it obviously exists.
This "A&M overpaid" is getting extremely old. Makes no sense when you see all the coaching hire fails being exposed this season. Jimbo is recruiting extremely well and just gave the SECe champion all they could handle, with a young team that will be returning almost everyone.
*expect (still no edit option)
Nobody else hired a NC coach away from the team where he won the natty. Dabo has a 10 year $93 million contract. I believe Saban is making similar money. I don't Saban type results but heck, I believe Harbaugh is making $7.5 mil per year.
Blah, blah, blah... $75 million... blah, blah, blah Ask FSU how well their $32 million for 2 years experiment went. Paying fair market for a guy that has proven he can win at the highest level is responsible spending. Taking a swing and a miss on a "hot up and comer" can set you back a boatload of money and another 3 or 4 years in a rebuild.
You beat me to it. you would think someone with a little knowledge would proof this stuff.
Any halfway reasonable fan should be OK with 7-5 this season. I count 15 guys we lost from last season that were real contributors plus a couple more that were out for the season early from injury or suspension. We'll lose maybe 4 real contributors after this season. Lots of youth getting real experience against elite competition with a top 7 or so recruiting class coming. Someone would be plain ignorant not seeing the direction this program is going regardless of what happens the next two weeks.
I hope he finds a good place to play, but there's going to be more attrition for Jimbo to get the talent he's recruiting.
But should they? the bottom third of the ranking is flawed. Four loss ISU (one "good" win over tu) has no business being ranked when a team like Virginia Tech (two "good" wins) is left out of the ranking. So they are going to rank a contender higher for having beat 4 loss ISU over a contender that has a win over three loss Virginia Tech? It's convoluted reasoning at best.
Plenty of other ranking systems to figure out meaningless bowl placements.
Honestly, they should only rank the unbeaten teams and the P5 one loss teams. The rest is just useless BS. Nobody else has a chance of getting in the CFP, so why should they care?
I am not going to worry much why the committee feels 4 loss USCw and ISU deserve to be ranked over A&M. Why does anybody really care about their reasoning if you have no chance at the CFP? Sagarin has us at 19, while ESPN FPI has us at 15. Those feel closer to true rankings. Don't fret KirbySmart, we'll both know Saturday night if all this is worth the worry.
"Kellen Mond has regressed" - just shows you have a bias or you are just ignorant. Yes, Aggies have a problem with O-line pass protection, but Mond's stats are pretty good considering how often he is under pressure.
Maybe not likely, but success in all of those categories are obtainable for the Aggies. The closer I look, the more interesting this game becomes.
I'm kinda with gman up at the top. I hope it's a well fought game with no injuries. If I had to choose only one win between UGA and LSU, I'd rather play spoiler at Baton Rouge, but I'll gladly take a win in Athens (I'm still a bit miffed about how y'all lost the bowl game to that school in Austin).
Yeah, I can feel pretty comfortable comparing our top three opponents (so far) to UGA's top three. But then these next two no doubt round it out as a "brutal" schedule.
7 of 10 at home(one neutral site).
Aggies have nothing to lose these next two games as long as they show up and play to a decent level.
Jimbo teams tend to play pretty well in November. This may be very interesting.
"Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t sleep on A&M hanging around with the big boys." - That's really all any reasonable fan should have expected this season. The talent/experience just wasn't deep enough early. Jimbo has the young guys playing better. Maybe good enough to surprise these last two weeks.
I can't really care who is 11, 12, or 24th. At this point it's about playing good football down the stretch and building for next season.