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Yeah, this ranking is useless. I just looked up TAMU's 12th man foundation 2018-2019 report and it shows $151.9 million.
I think there is a big difference on how each school is reporting "football revenue". These are not total athletic department revenues.
These numbers are not telling the full story. This "football program revenue" can't be the total athletic department revenues. For example last year Forbes reported TAMU at #2 for 2018 with $212 million. I think I'll wait to see Forbes numbers to get a full picture.
"Big Boosters" want to see at least 10 regular season wins.
With improved O-line play, I could see Mond getting us to 10 or maybe 11 wins after the bowl game. To win the division or make a CFP run? Yes, he must show marked improvement.
The SEC did us no favor by scheduling a trip to Tuscaloosa the week before the LSU game.
Who's to say Auburn will be favored? I like the chances for TAMU to be heading to Auburn 6-0, and Auburn having 1 or 2 losses.
I will just restate that 40 years (or 1978) is a perfectly acceptable talking point when comparing records if for no other reason than scholarship limits.
I admit ignorance to the history of Auburn athletics prior to 1978, but if it was anything like TAMU vs t.u., the Aggies were at a distinct disadvantage before scholarship limits due to various historical factors. Scholarship limits made it a more level playing field and to argue against that seems a bit insincere.
Same rules? That's like saying a G5 team has the same chance for a NC as a P5 team. Sure they play by the same rules, but everything is tilted againt a G5 team getting in the CFP. Scholarship limits at least gave some kind of even playing ground. Teams like the longhorns could no longer monopolize practically all the talent in the area and it shows in the results when comparing records after the rule changed.
Actually post 1978 and scholarship limits is a very good time to cut it off for modern college football when comparing records.
Colorado doesn't look like they are going to do much for TAMU's strength of schedule these next 2 seasons. After the last two seasons, it's a bit of a relief.
Don't believe all of the spin coming out of Baton Rouge. There is plenty to show Robinson was looking to leave before the spin started about him being "pushed out".
Buzz Williams really should get SEC coach of the year. Many were predicting only two conference wins early in the season.
You serious Clark (David)? This is a joke? It seems like Mr. Wasson is trying to be funny (at least in the TAMU portion) but doesn't quite get there. Always with the $75 million for Jimbo and Aggies being restless. Good grief. How long until football? This fluff is getting old.
I'm not ready to say traveling to Miss State or South Carolina (after traveling to Auburn) will be "easy".
I have no problem with the transfer proposal. I simply do not trust the NCAA to come down hard on programs that tamper.
I would argue Georgia was definitely competitive. Auburn and Clemson to an extent. Alabama and LSU just took an a$$ whoopin' to our young team.
6-6?!? Ouch. If he only has 8 regular season wins this season I will definitely be "troubled".
I agree. I can't help but laugh at the way the sports media still brings up the "$75 million". It is the price of doing business in big time sports. Does anyone mention Auburn owes Malzahn $42 million right now after going six consecutive seasons with 4 or more losses? Who was A&M suppose to hire at the time? Scott Frost, Herm Edwards, Chad Morris, Willie Taggart, Chip Kelly, Joe Moorehead? Pruitt, Cristobal, and Mullen seem to be the only coaches that were available that have been doing a decent job. None of them have a NC ring as a head coach. Again, price of doing business.
Ah yes, The Longhorn Network. The deal breaker on "what could have been" with the Pac-16(?) and what continues to plague the Big 12 (laughable title). Brings a smile to my face every time I think about how incredulous those jerks in Austin were when we made the move to the SEC.
In a highly abbreviated recruiting cycle. I don't think he recruited him at FSU. Go back and look at that 2018 class. Most are gone or not getting much playing time.
The most pressing question for TAMU entering spring practice is identifying a go-to RB?!? That's just ignorant. Spiller was close to breaking 1,000 yards in 11 games as a true freshman. He is the "go-to", "feature" RB. Ainius Smith is also a scholarship player that played RB in the bowl game and will continue to do so. Sad SDS fake news. The pressing question is whether the o-line can improve.
UT happy, TAMU happy, LSU happy. Win, Win, Win? Don't see that often.
Woodward was going home. Family in the area and a great athletic program. There's no denying any of that. Very similar to Bear Bryant leaving for bama. Sometimes you just tip your hat and say thanks for all you did.