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It's interesting how so many believe Miss State will be so good with an unproven head coach while Jimbo will not be able to improve much with the current talent at A&M. We lost Kirk and Watts as far as high end talent, but I will not be surprised if all position groups improve THIS season with the new staff.
I think there will be buyers remorse at Rocky top in a few years. See what I did there? It means nothing, and adds nothing to the conversation. A&M is putting a lot of money on a proven winner. Sure, you could lose big, but I wonder how much money UTen has lost with their recent failures.
Pretty fair prognostication. I would say South Carolina, Miss State, AND Auburn, AND LSU are toss-up games. Win two of those and it's a good transition year. I have a feeling unfortunately, there will be an unexpected loss (Ole Miss?) while this team is adjusting to Jimbo and Elko's schemes.
I hate domestic violence, but as far as these two coaches, Meyer and Herman are the poster children for smarmy. This latest stuff is hilarious.
Yeah, they are trying to force the A&M/LSU rivalry thing, but it's not working until A&M actually starts winning it occasionally and/or it makes a difference for a division title. Otherwise, it's just another conference game. Hell, A&M has not been consistent enough against anybody. Well... except Arky.
Really liked what his high school coach had to say about Wright and the Aggie staff on 247.
I think many of these media guys believe it's going to be a blow out. I can tell you as long as it's still within 10 or less points in the 4th, I'll be excited.
I think you can make an argument for Clemson @ TAMU being at least an honorable mention.
I can tell you though, it's nowhere "near apathy".
8, 9 or maybe 10 wins if you include a bowl win? I'll take that this season. Call it guarded optimism, a realistic view, or maybe I'm simply jaded by years of frustration.
Coaches matter. I think the LSU @ TAMU game may make the difference of A&M or LSU being ranked at the end of the season. I feel a little better about it this season.
Still, I could see Ausbon being on the back end of this list. Last season playing third fiddle to Kirk and Ratley, he still got 50 receptions for 571 yards and 3 TDs.
Pretty odd for A&M this season, all WRs are RS Sophomores, true Sophomores, or true Freshmen. No Seniors, no Juniors and no RS Freshmen. A couple of receivers are bound to have a break-out season.
Averaging FPI ranking of all 14 teams in both conferences, SEC is 30.93, B1G is 38.0. I don't think this would really surprise anybody paying attention to College football... other than B1G homers... like Mike Greenberg.
You would think a couple of espn guys would look to their own "power index" as a better indication of conference strength since by it's definition represents how many points above or below average a team is. SEC has 7 in the top 25, B1G has 6.
I guess TAMU winning streak over Arky didn't qualify as "unlikely" (LOL). Come to think of it, I guess LSU's over Aggies didn't either (ugh).
If I had to put money on it, I'd say Starkel, but hearing good things about Mond. Heck, I hope to see Blumrick some, even if it's garbage time. One of those transition seasons. Hopefully no ugly losses.
Lots to sort through, but Texas A&M defense will be the best we've had since joining the SEC. Not a high bar, I admit, but I'm calling it now.
If he is "committed", why would he have a number 2 and 3 on "his list". Recruiting can be a bit weird. Real football soon. Can't wait.
Who are these guys? They sure can get with it on the keyboard. They spit so many words all over the comments page, they must REALLY know football.
Gotta love those Matthews boys. Younger brother Luke starting practice next week for the Aggies. Serious NFL DNA right there.
Yeah, I don't see the Georgia game defining SC's season. Kind of like the Clemson and bama games defining A&M's. That stretch for SC of Kentucky, Missouri, and A&M will go a long way in proving their spot in the East.
So A&M is a loser of SEC media days because Fisher failed to answer your "gotcha" question to your satisfaction and a coach who has since been fired failed to recruit a player? Objective opinions abound.
Bunker, you can claim "two sides" and try to minimize, but there are several public incidents of Herman's limited social skills. Just Google "Tom Herman radio meltdown kyle Allen" to find one of the first examples. He may improve over time and winning cures all, but he is already on a short leash. You can be a successful jerk but he has yet to prove himself in the Big Leagues (if you can count that dumpster fire among the Big).
"The SEC was doing just fine with 12 teams..." is a bit ignorant of what bringing in Texas A&M and Missouri meant to the SEC in keeping up with the ACC and B1G. The SEC network may have never happened and most definitely would not have been such a success. The metro areas of DFW and Houston bring in as many tv's as the state's of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi combined. So, yes, maybe you would be doing fine, but expanding into Texas and Missouri was necessary to stay dominant if not simply keep up.
UGArmy, you're right. But few other fan bases are as large and have half the hate as the Aggies' hate of the horns.
Hate is a strong word, but I really don't like you very much at the moment Connor O'Gara. We Aggies finally are thriving by getting away from those $#!+$ in Austin and you want to bring this up? No thanks!!!