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The only thing proven was a total of 7 hours in a 7 week stretch over the "permitted" time. So yeah, less than 15 minutes per practice of extra stretching. Give me a break.
BTW, this all stems from the Santino Marchiol debacle. Yeah, the guy that transferred to Arizona/Sumlin (later dismissed from team) and went complaining to the NCAA trying to avoid sitting out a season.
This is so ridiculous when other more egregious stuff simply gets overlooked. Just an FYI, Stan Wilcox is the guy who levied the punishment from the NCAA. He is the NCAA's executive vice president for regulatory affairs. Guess what? He was also the AD at FSU when Jimbo left. Tell me that doesn't smell funny. All this is fairly minor and most of the punishment has been served. The biggest negative is that any other minor violation between now and June 2021 could cause bigger problems.
This is correct. And the other coach was Jay Graham (now at Tennessee)
So on the same day, SDS's Jacquie comes out pretty positive Auburn's offense will be better because of Nix and Morris, while O'Gara comes out saying "serious doubts".
That's not a big difference in odds. A&M returns most of the production and coaching from last year while LSU does not. You can almost justify giving A&M the edge by simply looking at the schedule. The obvious difference being the Aggies don't have to play UF.
You could argue it's just as important for Boyd to stay healthy.
They are giving the same points for a CFP (top 4) appearance as a championship title game (top 2) appearance. Seems like a flaw in their system.
Anybody's jersey on the Aggie defense front seven in the Bo-No-Go Cotton Bowl.
1st - Johnny @Alabama 2012 2nd - Ryan Swope @Alabama 2012 3rd - Deshazor Everett @Alabama 2012 Non-SEC Sirr Parker, 1998 Big 12 Championship game.
So not only is he not a 4 star like the headline says, but actually a 3 star and the lowest ranked member of the class, and he's not retiring from football. "Sorry, idiocy abounds"
Evans? Sure, but I'd take CKirk or even Josh Reynolds at this point. Somebody that can get YAC. Ausbon is a nice reliable receiver but Wydermyer seems to be the only one proven to get YAC.
Sumlin squandered the success of those Manziel years. The evaluations for the 2013 and 2014 recruiting classes were so bad. Less than half of the 2014, and only a handful of the 2013 classes ended up being real contributors. Goes to show having "top ten" recruiting classes doesn't always mean much if they are not the right kids.
Continuous "knee-jerk" reactions to statistics that do not prove any danger of overwhelming the system are also becoming tiresome.
The only real difference between Jimbo and Mullen the last two seasons, when talking about wins against highly ranked teams: A&M beat #13 UK in 2018, UF beat #7 Auburn last season.
This all seems like more media hype. With restrictions being phased out across the country, how many of these kids would have been positive but never tested and were simply spreading it. With all these kids being testing, we are simply finding out more info. This thing was never going to simply go away. There will almost certainly be several "bad outcomes", but this country and the world will have to get through it without hiding and living in fear.
Welcome to Aggie football 2019 fantasyfootballgod. Except we had bama at home and @LSU when they were playing about the best college football anyone had seen.
Well that sounds like something I might have said recently (except it was 5 games).
They are all Chris Wright trying to goad you all into responding because "clicks matter".
I guess "Gig'em" has some horrific imagery, and so does "saw'em off". Might expect those are next.
Are we sure it's about the COVID? Maybe they're just scared of the SJWs protesting "Southern Heritage". Look for them to rename it next year.
I believe the 247 rankings (not composite) tend to be less biased than the others, but there will always be bias inherent in the system favoring the elite team's commits.
Not Spears!!! Really going to miss that guy. Finebaum? Good riddance. Would rather see someone like Peter Burns even if he is a LSU homer. Rodgers doesn't seem to add much to the conversation when you already have Tebow. Would rather see someone like Spears that knows the trenches (Cubelic?).