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Certainly some bad luck/timing could be involved and no doubt one or more people involved in a bad decision somewhere. The rules of positive test and contact tracing can bring a program to a standstill from just a couple of positive test. There is no true bubble against a virus in a college basketball program setting. "Clearly an embarrassment..." - whatever.
I'm sure there will be plenty that say different. They are totally invested.
If you are looking strictly at potential or projections from the rating services you are probably correct, but if you don't include A&M in that top group, you simply fail see what Jimbo has been proving with the talent he has acquired.
I know they don't need a big stadium, but they should have impressive facilities for their players and fans. All that SEC money plus so many alumni bringing in big money???
A degree from Vanderbilt is no small thing, but good luck young man.
I would not argue UGA has the most POTENTIAL in the RB room. I don't think it is any kind of slight to be listed as second on this type of list.
I don't see Ainias Smith getting as much playing time as a RB this season (unless Spiller or Achane get injured). Smith will be lined up in the slot or even outside at times. I would not be surprised to see LJ Johnson (borderline 5 star) working his way into the rotation similar to how Achane did last season. Jimbo and Robinson (thanks LSU) have done amazing work in the RB room.
I bet there are plenty of programs (UF) that have a nicely hidden network of contacts to get in a player's ear about transferring before they even enter the portal.
I know the O-line and QB are the 2 big questions with A&M, but it is interesting to look at how well A&M did without guys that are leaving to be on this kind of list.
Nice problem to have: argument over which receiver get's picked first in the top 10 of the NFL draft.
So what's the O/U on portal entries for tOSU WRs before the season starts? I'm thinking 3.5?
They can't go on the road recruiting unless filling in for a staff vacancy, but it has all been electronic media anyway so... Good luck to Coach Ish. It's a pretty healthy sign of a program when a coach leaves for a better job at a P5 program.
The phrasing is just a bit silly. So you expect the program to improve, but since you are keeping the same staff, THOSE expectations should be THAT much higher??? You might as well have titled it "Boy, Ole Miss could have lost some coaches and who knows what could have happened?"
There is cheating, and then there is cheating. An example, funny how suddenly a family member gets a nice job in the area and the family gets great terms on a house in the area when that elite athlete signs for the football program. It's usually well hidden and it's at every major program.
Texas A&M returns the entire coaching staff, which means those expectations should be that much higher in 2021. Is that how this works? Just checking.
This past season was the first as WR (outgrew DB). He's still pretty raw at the position. If he stays healthy for his senior season, he'll move up.
Interesting that he still has A&M in his top 5 after Weigman committed to Aggies.
To think recruits are not breaking this "no official visit" rule is being extremely naive. They need to end the ban firstly, because it's being broken for the highly recruited kids anyway, and secondly, because the proper protocols are in place now to do it correctly as Bjork stated.
trying to suspend and/or fine coaches for going against the "spirit of the rule" and you open up a whole other can of worms. How many DB coaches specifically coach pass interference that goes against the "spirit of the rule"
The Thought Police are real. Orwell was just off by a few decades. I don't know about y'all but "Crimson Tide" tends to scare me and hurts my feelings. We need to get woke about that.
If Bryce was going through Spring ball, I might agree, but I say Aki and Robinson as the 2 Guards. This is taking for granted Kenyon plays well at Tackle. If he doesn't, there could be a lot of shuffling to find the right combination.
There is just too much typical SDS stuff going on with this article. SMH...
Yep. It's like Jimbo knows what he's doing. Hmmm?
Terry Wilson??? O.M.G. Let's get real and back to planet Earth for a minute. Jahmir Johnson, OT grad transfer is the best transfer for an O-line short on experience. Jimbo will have three handpicked guys training for the position. It will be "good" at the very least. Has Terry Wilson even had one "good" full season?
I just looked at Auburn's schedule, and 8 wins looks like a stretch. Looks like they would have to win 2 of 3 with Penn State, LSU, and Ole Miss. Losses to UGA, TAMU, and bama.
4 QBs? King, Calzada, Stowers and who? Can Zach Daniel play this season? I know he is a walk-on transfer, but don't know how that would work for eligibility this season.
Big win for Ole Miss. I was sure hoping to see him batting that 4 hole at Olsen Field for the Aggies plus seeing him in that DT rotation early.