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We obviously needed Trevor Knight last season, but he wasn't very good at putting the ball where it needed to be consistently. Speedy kept getting in trouble and Seals-Jones didn't quite live up to expectations. I'm hoping Starkel or Mond get it done. I think many will be surprised at how much new young talent we still have at receiver. And the O-line will be better (a little spring optimism there).
The law is state-wide. Which led to the "Cocks not Glocks" protest in Austin at the t.u. campus (google it). SMH, I'm just SO glad we left those weirdos and their dumpster fire conference
Well said wolfman. Texas A&M has had the ability for licensed individuals to carry on campus since 8/1/2016. There are certain restricted areas such as sensitive research facilities and non-shooting athletic events.
Interesting. All neutral field except Aggies at UCLA. I don't like the trend. When is the last time bama played a marquee road game at the opponents stadium? Just seems like the fans are missing out on a chance for a great road experience.
Just looking at the schedule, would anyone be surprised if Auburn goes 8-4 or worse? Another season with a new "QB savior"? Outside of 'bama I wouldn't put money on any SEC team having 10 regular season wins.
Arkansas often picked above A&M and never quite works out that way.
I wouldn't go as far as "Smoke and Mirrors till you play someone good". Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee, and even UCLA (before Rosen was hurt) were "good". The tragic thing about last season was how bad we played against Miss State and Ole Miss.
Yeah I like Trayveon Williams, but he didn't put much effort on that block. Basically just fell down in front of Allen. One of many things I would like to forget about last season.
You always have such positive insight. Have a GREAT DAY!
Thanks for this, SDS. Very good bull.
It's a BS survey that has no business being highlighted by anyone outside of a 247 blog. Sixteen area recruits "with P5 offers". What kind of credibility is that sample size. How many had A&M offers. How many were "official" visits. Many recruits that will get serious looks from Big 12 schools have no business on the field in the SEC. Again, BS survey. For Dallas Morning News , and SDS for that matter, to run with that headline without some serious disclaimers is ridiculous.
So a 247 guy that writes mainly about the longhorns has more credit?
So a 247 guy that writes almost exclusively for the longhorns "selects" 16 DFW area recruits to "anonymously" survey, and amazingly TCU and longhorns are 1st and 2nd in "best visit", and Aggies last. Shame on anybody that gives this "survey" any credit (looking at you DMN and SDS).
"Sheds some more light"? Oh yeah, now it's clear as the blue clear sky.
Good draft for pass rushers, even if you only look at the SEC.
Dae Dae, Myles and most all the Aggies at the combine have been great representatives of the university. I hope Speedy gets his head straight.
McCoy was a great find for A&M. Smart kid I hope keeps getting better and stays through his fifth year.
It's not over at Baylor. As you are seeing with Ole Miss, it takes forever for the NCAA to take action, even for the most blatant transgressions.
Improper benefits are a bit like offensive holding against Myles Garrett (or any elite pass rusher). Everybody has to do a little to compete, but being repetitively blatant tends to destroy the integrity of the game.
The timing of him being called home was terrible for A&M. Ranked #1 1957 with three games left when word got out Bryant was leaving. We went 0-3 losing by a combined total of 5 points. So I'm blaming Aggie tradition of fading at the end of the season on Coach Bryant.