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well I got a little carried away and kind of repeated myself.
"The original idea was a home-and-home contract with the Aggies hosting the 2019 game at Reed Arena followed by a 2020 game in Austin to open the Longhorns’ new facility. However, decision-makers in Austin didn’t want A&M to get the first home game, and that proposal wasn’t approved." They are still the jerks they have always been. Home and home would have been better but typical sip couldn't let it happen. BTW, the proposal was College station first because t.u. will be building a new arena shortly, but it will not be finished until 2020.
I don't think it's a "world (sky?) is falling" issue, but there's no way to say it isn't a concern. Part of evaluating a recruit is making sure they have the grades and the temperament to fit at the university. That "#7 class" means nothing if you can't get them on the field to produce for a meaningful couple of seasons.
News to me also. You can afford to miss on quite a few more scholarship players when you are awarding three times as many 'ships. Reminds me of the old days of the SWC football and t.u. (pre-1978), when they were carrying 120+ scholarships and no one else in Texas could compete. That's why I just laugh when any longhorn tries to brag about pre-1978 stats.
So with all this talk about talent, and the grind of the schedule, not one mention about the most important position on the field? If Gus can coach up one of those QBs and win 9 regular season games, he would have started to earn a good bit of that new contract, but will anyone be surprised if he only gets 7 wins?
I'm not too sure about this guy's "4 star" status. A 4 star kid from Texas and no Aggie or horn offer?
One of two things: Cajun Mafia closing ranks and pulling him back home to LSU, or Saban and crew have their hooks in him. My guess? Saban
Pleaded down to simple battery, team vote, and 5 quarter suspension seems about right. For some reason Jeremy Hill comes to mind (and that was all on video).
LOL, yeah I got the joke but couldn't resist the jab. You sound like the butt hurt snowflake BTW
Hey Dwg44, that's pretty good. Yeah, I guess it could be worse. Could have been a video of the player punching a woman as she's on the ground flat on her back.
A few more details: "...a physical altercation with another man on Northgate in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 24th. The fight began after the two started arguing over tacos. The victim claims he and Tucker got into a mutual physical altercation, which was broken up. The victim then says Tucker fled the scene only to return a few minutes later and strike him in the back of the head." Good grief. Although, in Texas, some tacos are worth fighting for.
I think he only mentioned the call by many recently to add conference games in order to emphasize how "regional superpower collisions are much, much better" and how adding conference games would lessen the chance for the LSU/t.u. type match-up. Best place to make that case? Probably not, but hey, it's SDS.
I would hardly say that Madubuike, B Brown, J Peevy, and Tyree Johnson are "unknown" d-lineman. While most were not starters, Johnson came on strong towards the end of the season and started taking a lot of snaps. Brown and Peevy rotated in constantly, and no other interior d-lineman in the SEC had the number of sacks or QB pressures that Madubuike had. Is it likely the Aggie defense significantly slows the Clemson offense? The odds are not good, but my point is there is a bit more than "zero chance".
It will be hard, but "zero chance" to slow down Clemson? Maybe the suspensions have done something to stop half the team from juicing. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if there were a few more "random test" for that crew. Also, Elko may dial up a couple of blitzes to put Lawrence down hard. Get him a little off his game and anything could happen, but yeah, zero chance. Good grief.
Not that big of a surprise he's at Colorado. He grew up in the Denver area. Maybe he's returning a bit less ignorant.
It's pretty hard for a team like Miss State to even finish second in the SECw. Mullen got there once in 2014 with Dak. The other 8 seasons he finished no better than 4th. I believe he will give UGA a little trouble in that division, but I will hold off on even calling him an elite coach just yet.
@DaddyRich, A&M clearly stated when leaving the Big 12, their willingness to continue the Thanksgiving rivalry game with the horns. Not only did the horns refuse, they led a concerted effort to keep any Big 12 member from scheduling future games with the Aggies. Then after change of leadership in Austin, and realizing how bad their home schedule looked most years, they reached out and were rebuffed by A&M. I'm done with it.
"One of the hot-button issues facing A&M these days...", It really is not. Several in the media keep bringing it up at every opportunity. It has gotten old and tired. Let it go. "Beating a dead horse" pretty much describes this attempt to revive this game.
Bachelor's degree from bama and graduate degree from Vandy from an athletic scholarship? The kids doing well. Parents, teach your kids to deep snap.
We took 2 of 3 from Vandy in March. It's not that far of a reach to think we couldn't get to Omaha, but yeah, we have to do better at getting runs across the plate.
The Bru McCoy situation is one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a long time. Horns fans crying about tampering in May after USC crying about tampering in January. Horns could not look more pitiful sending their staff and starting QB to go begging in Cali for a guy that has never played a snap in college football. I honestly hope the kid gets his head straight.
As an Aggie living just outside Gainesville, I would love to see a 9 game conference schedule. I think with the current rotation, A&M will not play in Gainesville again until 2029. I could care less about a mandatory neutral site game, and frankly would love to see the Arky game at Jerryworld go to a home-and-home.
Thanks for the SI link SDS. I particularly enjoyed the first section regarding t.u.