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Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Elko, but Jimbo's ball control offense works hand in hand with Elko having to defend less snaps. I think I read a stat that to this point we have defended less than what amounts to 2+ games worth of snaps compared to previous seasons under Sumlin. I might not have said that very well, but averaging around 55 snaps defended/game under Jimbo, compared to 72 under Sumlin. Is it any wonder we couldn't win in November?
So Dak, State has played who as far as "scoring offense"? UF at 37th ranked scoring offense and Kentucky at 64th, and you lost to both. As far as the last 3/4 years, if you can't see the difference with Jimbo, you aren't paying attention.
Wrong Cody. 2010 division champ and 2012 conference champ before Winston. 2013 natty and 2014 conference champs with Winston. So half of his 8 seasons with at least a division championship. Funny how people think Winston could just show up anywhere and produce a natty. I think Jimbo knew something about coaching a QB.
I see what you did there. The only thing close to "a nice efficient beat down of A&M" was from an unbelievable passing attack by bama. You ain't no bama, and you have a very limited passing game.
I'm hoping for a triple overtime slug-fest with an LSU win and Miss State completely worn out and gimpy for next week. To complete my dream, a 9-2 Aggie team beats a 10-1 LSU team Thanksgiving weekend... what?!?! It could happen...
Hyperbole much? I like the thought of a Dynasty, but it's a bit early. Let's at least finish second in the division before talking Dynasty.
I like the way the schedule set up for A&M (other than 3 straight away games). It's nice having a bye week watching Miss State against a physical LSU team the week before traveling a rested Aggie team to Starkville.
I'd call it a transitional season not rebuilding. Next year will be a bit of a rebuild after losing Keke, Mack, Durham, Alaka and Dono.
Yeah, I don't see Auburn in a New Year's Day Bowl. And A&M doesn't want the Texas Bowl.
How is Texas ranked above UF or UGA with that bad loss to Maryland? UF loses to a good Kentucky team and UGA loses to a good LSU team. These voters will do anything to try to show Texas is "back".
It's the O-line... and coaching.
I seriously respect everything these kids are doing. "Losing some depth" may be technically true, but will not actually make much of a difference.
I'm thinking two more similar to this (recruited as receivers) will be looking elsewhere.
I don't think the Braden Mann and Trayveon Williams predictions are particularly "bold". They are almost a given.
Typical SDS. Even your link shows 247 3 star not 4 star. Still, he should be able to find a decent landing spot.
It seems very possible to find three more conference wins (USCe, Ole Miss, and one between Miss St, Auburn, and LSU). I do not see Jimbo's style of play letting this team fade towards the end like Sumlin. That would be the best conference record since 2012. Very few thought that possible at the beginning of the season.
I hope he can have a good career at DB or WR. Best of luck. It's more and more part of what to expect.
Yeah, I believe I understood the article. My point, #hailstate, is you could pick any of the DL or LBs outside of Durham as being a surprise in performance of the Aggie defense. Don't get me wrong, lot's of people that follow A&M closely knew they had the ability, but it has surprised many in the national media.
So no DL or LB from the team that leads the conference and 4th in the nation against the run gets any mention on this list? I'm taking about A&M's run defense. Did anyone see that coming?
I can't see USCe stopping the Aggie running game when no one else has. Jimbo has found ways to move the ball against everyone so far. The problems have been mistakes in the red zone. If that continues and USCe makes a few explosive plays, this could be a close game.
He has just a bit too much hesitation still and that pass blocking has been average at best. Plus inexperienced receivers that haven't been very consistent. There's still time for Mond and the receivers to start clicking, but I have my doubts about the pass blocking with the current O-line. Help is on the way for future seasons for Mond with more talented receivers and linemen, I just can't see great production through the air in the near future. On the ground? T Will is a BAD MAN.
The rest of the top half of the SEC, not even counting bama, would compete for conference championships in any other conference. If you look at it another way, few conference champions in any other conference would finish inside the top three in the SEC.
Some of those guys in blue will play at the next level. Honestly, I hope ya'll can find a way to win the division. Best do it now, I count 12 senior starters and probably Snell that will not be there next year.