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WTF? Do you actually follow Aggie football? Entire defense is new? I love O'Neal but that secondary will be stellar. Tons of experience in the secondary. Hansford was a great athlete, but with Cooper starting it's an actual improvement. McKinley Jackson, Isaiah Raikes, Adarious Jones, Shemar Turner, and Fadil Diggs all have significant playing time. Crazy talented kids showing up hungry. The biggest questions to me are depth at LB, and how Durkin brings it all together.
They will predict A&M defense to be worse.
Good grief, was that one long diatribe of projection of O'Gara's fairyland wish that Ewers, Sark, and the horns have some magical season. Barf me a river. They lose six games.
@Buckeye, yes those are big markets, but do those markets really tune into college football? It's great potential, but I'd wager markets like DFW, Houston, Austin/San Antonio, Atlanta, Orlando, etc. are tuning in more often for college football. I'm sure the numbers have been extensively studied.
I don't know that there is any signed agreement yet for tu joining the SEC. I know they have been formally invited, but is there anything binding?
Do not make the mistake of thinking tu will honor any informal agreement. This is exactly the kind of uncertainty that the horns will try to leverage for some kind of advantage.
Do not make the mistake of thinking tu will honor any informal agreement.
Have they REALLY signed on the dotted line? I know that the SEC has formally invited them, but has any contracts been signed? These new moves could shake up everything and I'm telling you, a TON of tu big money guys would much rather be in the B1G.
I'll bet the Big 12 wishes they would have simply waited a year. Kind of stuck with those new teams now and putting out feelers to Oregon, Stanford, etc.
Pretty much the same tie breaker rules for SEC division champions, just substitute "conference" for "division" all the way down to "coin flip" (how hard would that be to accept?).
The current schedule model WILL NOT exist when tu/OU join. The two options with the most support are the 3-6 or 1-7. Either way, each team will play their non-rival conference member home and away within a four year period.
Yep, KU may just crush the horns' dream of making a bowl game...again.
Notre Dame will "nut up and join a conference" when it is financially advantageous. You can't blame them for looking out for their own best interests. They have a great brand, a huge fan base and have worked that to their advantage. But yes, change is coming. Interesting times.
(Note on Texas A&M football) "...because once Oklahoma and Texas join the conference, that path to a title will only get tougher". Does anyone really believe that a schedule with tu and/or OU, but without bama every season, will be tougher than the SEC West is right now? All that history for those two schools will mean exactly jack$#!+ once they join the SEC.
They still haven't decided exactly what the renovation will look like. I say take your time and get it right.
Go easy on him Jarhead, he's got to be like 120 years old now.
Holstein is one of, if not the best in the class. Hated to see him flip. Jimbo still working on three highly rated QBs. Not worried.
Anytime you can end the season for TCU, Louisville, tu, and Notre Dame it's a pretty good run.
Olsen Field/Blue Bell Park is slotted for a major overhall after four major projects are secured in what's being called the Centennial Campaign (about $200 million project which is now almost completely funded). That's all athletic facilities that should not be confused with Aggie Park which will be completed very soon and is funded separately from the athletic department but adjacent to Kyle Field. Baseball will have it's funding and it will happen very soon as far as construction projects go.
Well... my wife and I own the business, so reprimands may come in all fashions.
These day games are killing my productivity at work. I hope it continues.
"We dominated your team and coach". The hog memory tends to embellish. Sure, Arky jumped out to a quick lead, but Aggies have the ball in the 4th quarter with a chance to tie the game and Calzada bounces a pass off the helmet of his own player for an interception. But sure "dominated", LOL.
My question was to OldAg's "next couple of years" question. And winning the West during the Saban era is a pretty big deal.
No magic necessary. Simply play good baseball without giving it away early. One play, one inning, and one game at a time.
Sending home the horns and the Irish back to back. Glorious!
Matt Hayes?!?! - another SDS article where the journalist (and I use that term loosely) is factually incorrect. It takes very little effort to check. Jimbo has not recruited "3 straight top-5 recruiting classes". 2022 - 1st 2021 - 8th 2020 - 6th For those of you that don't pay attention, a first or 2nd ranked class usually has 3 or 4 times as many "top 100" players than a 6th ranked class, so there is a world of difference in talent when you have stacked 3 top 5 classes.