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He started out assuming Trayveon Williams will leave early.
Don't repeat that too loud or too often. You will completely destroy their fragile belief system of where they stand in the college football universe.
Should be renamed the Mann-Guy award - LOL. He also has 3 solo tackles and a forced fumble. Great story, he played linebacker in HS until he fractured his back for the second time and decided to focus on punting to get a scholarship. Good Bull and congrats.
Half of those players listed above play in a conference that just doesn't play defense. Two teams rank better than 68th in total defense. TCU at 26th and Iowa State at 34th. So, call me a little skeptical about those offensive numbers.
I'll be there. And by the way, why not both?
Y'all do see I said "STARTING to feel like a rivalry"? The lady(s) doth protest too much, methinks.
Obsessed with UCF? Well... they are playing a NY6 bowl game against an SEC team for the second consecutive year. So maybe it's OK to write about them and not be considered obsessed. Maybe cut back on the stimulants???
"’s only a matter of time before Aggies coach Jimbo Fisher has them in the No. 2 slot in the SEC West Division..." Is that time not now? If you were to have disqualified bama from post-season play, A&M would have been playing for the conference championship. Looks like the No. 2 slot to me.
Well written. I'm tempted to agree that LSU needs to win this. But no... I just can't. Geaux Golden Knights! --- Aggies/LSU --- starting to feel like a rivalry.
There's no way we get Jashaun Corbin or Tre Brown (among many others) without Jimbo. That 75 million not looking so crazy, is it?
I know these are "bold predictions", but if you believe Jimbo is changing the culture at A&M, there is no way the Aggies don't show up and dominate this game in the trenches. Aggies win comfortably.
It never looks good trying to explain a flip after it happens. I'll just say the LB, Harris flip to bama hurt big time. This one, not so much.
Not a surprise. I hope the kid does well.
The loser does not always get to go to the Sugar Bowl in this situation. It's pretty much up to the conference. West Virginia could have went (fewer losses), but I don't think the Big 12 wanted to see t.u. drop to a mediocre bowl game after competing for the conference championship.
Sure feels more like a true, SEC rivalry now, compared to a week and a half ago. Face it. A&M is here to stay and the entire SEC is better (richer) for it.
I like Banks as a recruiter and special teams coach, but TE coach was an afterthought with Sumlin. I really don't know if he has made any kind of impact developing TEs at bama.
This may not be the end of FSU troubles. People didn't want to hear it last year when Jimbo left, but If the administration, coaches and boosters don't all get together and start pulling in the same direction, it could get even uglier.
I think the Iowa State and OU (the first match) wins were the anomalies. They are the only two wins Herman had over teams with a winning record. Texas could easily be a 6-6 team. If Kirby has the UGA O-LINE and defensive front seven ready to punch those burnt orange pukes in the mouth, this will not be a contest.
Well that's a sad view of college football. Relax and enjoy it. There are plenty of good things about going to a bowl. Fifteen extra practices can mean a lot to a young team wrapping up the first year in a new offense and defense. I'm going to this bowl and suspect I will have a great time.
Especially the call girls in recruiting "hot bed" areas.
"Spoke to two coaches..., and both, WITHOUT PROMPTING said the same thing: no one complains about losing quite like LSU" - That whole section is a pleasure to read.
Just admit it. You thought you had won the game several times, just to have it slip away to several correct calls and a couple of questionable calls falling our way. You are not over it. I would hope I wouldn't be so defensive if my team lost due to a couple of questionable, though technically correct calls according to experts.
Come on man, I think Darviathar was just about to throw in his support for Jimbo as coach of the year. It will be like the spirit of Christmas has came early.
Yes, the "arrogant-incompetent Jimbo Fisher...smug...worst part of the night" comment shows just how much objectivity and integrity you have. Thanks for that, and props to you... sir. Good grief, you don't even realize how much your own words reveal.
I watched the game. Saw all the plays myself. I can accept having a couple of questionable calls fall our way. I won't sit by and listen to homers repeating over and over that there were definitively bad calls that cost LSU the game. There just wasn't.
"Questionable" DOES NOT MEAN WRONG. It is something y'all just can't get over. The official was on top of it and had a better view than anyone. Your interpretation is very selective.
Lies even... OK... sure, you're over it, but you just can't help yourself. Reality is a win for the Aggies. The delusional keep repeating how they were robbed. Always thought you were a little more reasonable but you don't seem to realize you are falling for the delusional
Good strategy. Keep repeating it and it almost sounds true. Takes a little sting away from that loss doesn't it?
I'm almost ready to believe O'Gara is throwing that stuff out there to see how many Aggies respond and how many times LSUSMC tells us to drop it and move on. It must be a conspiracy ;-).