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"... much of what PETA does say is true". That is PETA's modis operandi. Put a story out that has a good bit of truth, but distort many of the facts to fit their story-line. Often to destroy otherwise good operations and for fundraising.
To start the article with "LSU and Auburn will be legitimate College Football Playoff contenders" is making a lot of assumptions.
It's widely known around the program that the transfer was due to academic issues. I hope Boyd can get himself straight in Jr College.
I don't agree. That early in the season, I would rather have an extra "tune up" game like Louisiana Lafayette to test the right combination of players and scheme on the big stage before the conference opener.
Sumlin is an easy target this off-season in regards to lack of success in November, but mentioning the Aggie November record of 5-7 over the last three seasons got me thinking about other division "also ran" teams getting positive media spin this summer. LSU went 4-7 last three Novembers (well yes, they now have a new coach). Auburn went 6-7 with wins over power teams such as Samford, Idaho, and Alabama A&M. I'll continue to believe these high expectations for Auburn and Stidham may not be good for Gus if he goes 8-4 or worse. Yet with low expectations for Sumlin and the Aggies, if they compete well in close games, another 8-4 record may get Sumlin another year (9-3 would look exceptional).
I think he meant the UF vs Michigan game will be played in the city of Arlington,Texas (Jerry World). Another example of how poorly this piece was written.
Yes, and then there is "...but it also appears to it could easily continue up to..."Wha?!?
"...the Aggies seem stuck in neutral when compared to the SEC West." What evidence can you point to showing any other team in the SEC West, outside Tuscaloosa, isn't "stuck in neutral".
I say get rid of the divisions. Have two (or 3) permanent/regional rivalry games and a rotating schedule with the remaining conference teams to have 9 conference games per season. Top two play in a conference championship game.
I guess this is just another lazy way of regurgitating what most of the pundits are predicting for the season. Nothing unique, bold, or slightly insightful.
The headline doesn't make sense with the rest of the article. You're asking what highly recruited kids think, but you're asking only kids that will all be early enrollees? Looks like more SDS lazy click bait.
It seems a majority of pundits agree Auburn has everything needed to be # 2 in the division and A&M destined for the cellar. Hypothetically, if A&M finishes third or fourth, but tied or ahead of Auburn, will Malzahn be back on the hot seat, and Sumlin praised by these same pundits?
I don't get the big hype for Canada. As OC for P5 teams he is 56-61 (46% winning %), and has never won more than 8 games in a season. I admit he had a couple of good years with N. Illinois in the MAC.
" recruiting it will ever have"? We have been about third or fourth in the division in recruiting on average. I don't expect that to change in the next couple of years but, as I said, things have a way of changing over time. A&M will have other opportunities. Maybe sooner than you think.
With average to good QB play, I can see us able to run on UCLA and South Carolina. I also think people are making a lot of assumptions about Florida, LSU, and especially Auburn (as usual). Bama is really the only team I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt.
Nice job Bulldawgrock. Although they have plenty to brag about, some of these trailer park bama fans need to have things explained occasionally. This cycle of dominance won't last forever.
Fight or flight, shock people or get fired. Just not another November collapse please.
"That one and only QB" ...that's funny right there, that one and only team under postseason ban is more like it. Besides, listing a "top 12" is ridiculous to begin with. Anything over a top 5 is just grandstanding.
You should really applaud how Aggies feel about the entire months of October AND November. Frankly, I am worried about the New Mexico game.
I'll admit Kyle Field has not been much of a home field advantage, but I won't say the roster is overrated. We seem to average about 4th in the division in recruiting and we seem to end the season around 4th in the division standings on average.
Week 4, the game is at Jerry-world, not College Station. I hope they go back to home-and-home after this contract runs out.
The Auburn QB hyperbole back in full force. Stidham has started exactly 3 games and injured in two of them and didn't play at all last season, yet he is one of ten best SEC chances for a first round NFL pick? He may have a good year, but Jeremy Johnson, who?
I'll take the field... but I want odds.
I wish him nothing but the best and hope he gets a bit more playing time than he was likely to see behind Henderson and Keke.
You could have also mentioned Colorado left for the PAC.
I don't see how Allen was "disrespected". He has shoulder problems that have a good chance of limiting his future. First round picks are valued for players NFL teams hope will be productive for many years. Hopefully he'll have a good career. We know for a fact he will make millions for himself and his family.
I was thinking the same thing. I hope some of the guys responsible for that deal are gone.
Isn't his problem that he "continues to take one hit after another" when it comes to staying away from those specialty blunts? LOL