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I agree. I say next year is the last year for fisher if we get same results as this year. We regressing it seems. I understand the class is young but i just don't know by this point.
Dang. I am officially on the side of the arguement that thinks jimbo needs to go. I say get rid of him after next season if we still floundering around like we are now.
I have been on the side that has been a little lenient on Jimbo for the past few years and mishaps. But today has officially pushed me over onto the side that thinks Jimbo is not qualified for this job. Wasting so much talent and money. #NoJimbo
Appalachian State is a solid football team and they have been for the past few years. But this is no excuse for what happened. We are getting fed up with the 8-4 seasons and I am sensing another one coming (or worse?). If we are still doing what we have been doing by the end of this season and throughout next season, I think Jimbo might need to pack his bags and get out of college station.
What a fool. I can't believe he responded to Buzz like this. Not really surprising if you think about it though.
Easy there Mr. 6-26. The wins that they grabbed in the tournament bolstered the resume. We were on the bubble at the end of the regular season, and when you add three more wins to it all, that should've pushed us in. Especially when those wins are over another bubble team, and two top 15 teams
Heartbreaking. Everytime they were about to announce a reasonable seed for us I would get excited, and ready myself to hear our name called. Was stunned when it was over and they showed us at first 4 out. Definitely not the right decision, and one of the worst I have seen. The only thing we can do now is to win the whole NIT and prove that we really did belong in the big tourney. I don't have much doubt that we can't do that. Gig 'em.
Our hard fought run comes to a close. Very proud of our team and the effort they put in these past 2 weeks. I think our mission in this tournament has been accomplished even though we didn't win it all. Now we turn our attention to the selection show and wait for our fate. congrats on the win vols! Ready for the madness to begin!!!
Those little piggies went wee wee wee all the way home! As an aggie fan that lives in arkansas i was looking forward to this matchup. Good game tho arkansas. hopefully we can do it one more time tomorrow!
Still fighting. Don't know what to expect tomorrow. Gig 'em!
I can see it being a decent game. Hopefully our Ags have what it takes to upset Auburn and possibly secure a spot in the tournament.
Zach is a good kid. But I'm glad he's gone. good luck Auburn
I don't want to hear a single gator fan calling A&M a "sorry program" after that UCF game.
A&M gonna be a powerhouse starting next year. Mark my words. No one is changing my mind about that.
And Missouri doesnt do that? Yall havent won a bowl game since 2015. But what else can you expect from a team that goes .500 every year.
Who am I kidding. we threw out citrus bowl hopes away when we lost to LSU.
Playoff is gonna be interesting
A&M gonna be a powerhouse in the next few years. Even as early as next year. Great recruits coming to College Station and its gonna be fun to watch. Gig 'em
A&M is going to be stronger than ever next year (hopefully). Great recruiting class coming in and one of those recruits is a 4 star QB. The QB issue killed us this year. We will see how things develop in the future. It will not be easy but I believe our Aggies are gonna be the team to beat soon.