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Would be a massive slap in the face of A&M and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Mizzou.
The one in Austin isn't even the oldest "flagship" university in Texas- A&M was established 7 years beforehand.
It's the truth, though. Our best recruiting pitch to the same kids OU and tu are going after is "we're in the SEC- yeah, it's a tough league but it puts more players in the NFL than any other conference."
I thought the same, initially, but there's some thought the other "lone state schools" - GA, FL, KY, SC - may feel the need to slow A&M's rise by giving us an in-state rival.
I mean, I guess if you want mass protests and rights at your school...
Why would either Matt want to leave the B12, where they can be occasionally competitive, for AR, in the SEC?
Even the NFL- what with it's crazy roughing the passer rules- actually looks at intent for targeting.