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Agree on the demas would fit this much better. 5 star that hasn’t caught a pass. Devon had 2 pretty stellar games in 2020.
I agree with you on that, but I can’t see how it can really get much worse then mond with the QB carousel that we have had. Since Jonny, have yet to have a qb that could throw the long ball, last game of the season mond was still throwing to receivers feet unless he had all day in the pocket. But I’m with you 100 percent if we can’t get some good QB play. Especially with all the talent that’s in Texas.
Congrats to smith. He definitely earned it and it was nice that a QB didn’t get it.
I think the T-sips are in love with us. I hope all this disfunction in Austin doesn’t mess with the OC for the championship game. Bama needs to skull drag the Buckeyes.
Gig’em Okeke, thank you and good luck in your future on what ever it may be.
That offense will prob look better next year if king doesn’t throw passes to TE or receivers feet. Mond was smart with the ball, but my goodness if he didn’t have all day in the pocket he couldn’t hit a the broad side of a barn some times.
Say it so people can hear you in the back BAS. This guy has been trolling on anything positive instead of worrying about his team.
I agree the outing was not great by mond. Defense made stops when needed to and run game got better as the game went on. Mond had a few good throws but there were also to many under thrown or over thrown balls in the game. Hope king accuracy is better. Only thing that didn’t cost us was mond not being dumb with the football. However all the dumb penalties didn’t help either.
Cfb your not the only one. Mond was deffinitly smart with the ball. However a lot of his passes were either under or overthrow.
I don’t know how you can call the last 4 minutes garbage time if it’s tied. Sounds like you are a troll on this thread.
When did we want him fired? I don’t know if any Aggie fan that last year was an automatic pass and the year before we got second in the west. This year was big to see where we were heading and deff going in the right direction.
Agreed, did not know about the family part. Saw he got on the field against UNC. Was hoping they would throw to him once or so. Next year we need him to step up big in that role. Since our WR core is not as good as it has been in the past.
Think it’s perfect, you need to have at least 2 backs! Why you always hear the one two punch. Plus with how much we run the ball they will both get a lot of touches. I’m happy the freshman looked good there and a giant AU. Love to see smith used more as a featured slot guy and hopefully get another big receiver as demas or really anyone. Get those filled and offense going to look great.
I didn’t see any seniors coming back for 2021. This is big news hopefully they can still get some of that new talent some reps. Would hate to loose some depth from young guys wanting to play and transfer out. If jimbo can keep them out of transfer portal....gonna be reloading every year.
Well how can you really say that, ND was only in the conference for this year. Really they all matched up like normal. Only thing you can argue is they played a weaker bowl schedule and still lost.
I saw demas took a few snaps but no targets. Offense could look really good next year if king is accurate with the ball downfield.
One can only hope, mond at the end was a good game manager and did not make horrible decisions. Aggs are ready for the next chapter 2021 will be a interesting year.
Not wydermyer fault. Mond couldn’t throw the ball far enough to get to him.
I agree, the freshman had another big day just like he did against auburn. Hopefully he gets more touches. Next year is looking very promising as long as the O-line doesn’t drop off. Also need one other receiver to step up big with smith and the offense will be on the up.
Hope this guy landed a hell of a buyout contract. It’s hard to please them shorthorn boosters. May not been the best choice but he may make a lot of money really soon.
Hopefully if not kicked off the team, he can get all his personal issues taken care of before next season.
I really was wondering where this guy was even playing. Looked like he had a pretty good year.
That was my team mate I’d been roasting this guy the whole second half. How the heck do you quit on your team in the middle of a game, just sad! I hope the team tells him he better find another way home. Since he is no longer a part of the team. Bye scrub
Boo, was looking forward to this one. One of the bowl games you really didn’t hear of opt outs. Would have been a good game!
He is right not quite there! Defense looks good but until we can do it to everyone it is not the....”Wrecking Crew”.
First game is a toss up and I hope the horns come out and play some uninspired football. However I do see the horns winning this game.
Mlgl this guy has been going around in all the forums being a mond fan boy. Yes we all mostly agree kellen has had a really good season this year due to his O-line. However he is not a 1st round qb, or if he comes back next year he will not look as good.