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This game came down to being able to run the ball and played solid D for most of the game. Hopefully happy feet can get the consistency down. Really wanting to see his accuracy and timing closer to last week. If he can’t hit a wheel route or late on throws like this week. It’s going to be hard to win to win, AU OM and LSU.
I’m right there with you, LB are good but we deff don’t have that guy that can really plug the middle. I see them really struggling against ole miss. Even if they do put a spy on him.
Fisher has never been in the hot seat? How are you going to tell us how our season is going? Last time I checks should prob worry about that run D and not all the injuries or lack of experience on another team.
No joke, still see 3of the games as toss ups. Happy feet still looks questionable. The o-line looked pretty good on protection again.
Okay different sight y’all right. UF 4 Aggs 21 guess it had our ending rank for the year.
Great thing that you will always get a great turn out at Kyle field! Aggies show up win or loose.
Wouldn’t exspect anything else. Enjoy the win and Sunday morning it’s on to the next game.
I wouldn’t call it classless. Lack of winning at Kyle field, absolutely. When is the last time we won a top 10 game at Kyle field and namely the number #1 team. If I’m correct it was 2002.
Want to see the o-line continue to grow and watch our backs have a big week! Want to see the same energy from the defensive side of the ball and tackle in open space.
Does he know something that we don’t. Just hoping the D can Make it not look to bad in a short amount of time.
Aggies offensive line lost way to much, unfortunately for this year to be a cusp the defense would need to be elite which they arnt and need a qb that can elude to make plays which we don’t. Most of the snaps were high against MSU. The true fish has had 4 weeks to figure it out. This has pretty much became a rebuild year.
To your question. No the defense has regressed as the year has gone on. Tackling has gotten worse, yes the competition has gotten better. defense Got torched my Arkansas and then haven’t given up that many yards passing since 2016.
This could not be more accurate, and it doesn’t help that where we lack depth and experienced players in the spots where we have the most injuries. This season has turned to looking for these young guys to mature and hopefully recruit well in the positions we are still thin. Wonder why Stowers hasn’t even gotten reps as a back up to calzda. Can’t get much worse as this point only seeing Aggs winning 3 more.
I was kind confused on the extension myself. I knew this year would be a struggle for sure with what we lost last year. Didn’t think it would be this much of a drop off. The next two years will really tell us if it’s lack of development. Since this is year 3. Only thing that bothers me about fisher is he is so stubborn on his offence. Clearly what we have isn’t working and really only thing to look forward is seeing progress from young o-line.
For sure I could see the line doubling before the week is up.
He has done a good job recruiting and aggies have played more physical with the exception of this year. Only thing really to look forward too is hopefully the O-line can start jelling by the end of the year for a good outing next year.
Lol agreed that MSU defense is better the OM. To be fair the Aggie O is making every teams defense Look pretty good!
I still can’t understand how Eli stowers is not even a back up or even in the race for qb. Can’t really say it will be much worse. At least Eli is capable of running.
I don’t get how jimbo hasn’t looked at Eli Stowers? There is no way he could be worse then calzada at this point. At least he can scramble.
Congrats on your moral victory of loosing by a touchdown! This is the worst Aggie team in at least 10 years. Thanks for joining us Gators.
For all the talk of pretty much the same defense as last year they sure are not elite. O-line has played a bit better each game. Jimbo needs to figure something out on the offence, Bc calzada is not working.
Hey who needs the November let down. When you can have the September/October let down. This is going to be a long season. Congrats on the win dawgs
That’s wolf man little man sydrome, has to put down every team when he should be a little more worried bout his!
I was thinking the same thing, 3 tds maybe but 4? I don’t see it with calzada
Why you have to bring up our freshman O-line and back up qb struggles!
You can say that about pretty much any coach. If you can’t get more the 10 points your not gonna win many games.