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Cinci lost a lot of talent last year. Hogs should roll that game.
Kinda suprised I don’t see y’all on their especially being behind MSU. I see bama and then hogs are kinda the dark horse that I could see winning this next year.
Solid points, pretty much agree on all of it! Fisher at least brought defense back to Kyle field.
I guess they doesn’t count bowl games, bc if they do Aggie had a 10 win season. If you go off wins and losses then yes same record. If you want to go off watching a team get humiliated and blown out then i choose sumlin.
That top 9 run game last year is the reason for getting 4-4 in conference…if the run game didn’t get it done it was a good chance we lost the game. Calzada could not attach the field with passing.
Bacon your giving Cincy to much credit for next year. They are loosing way to much and next year will be a rebuild.
Nebraska has had some Luck in transfer portal. If I’m correct they snagged the OU qb.
I’m with you, too high on us! 2023 is the year I could see a top 4 start.
Think your wrong on that. Look how much Cincy is going to loose this year. Next years team will be no where near this one!
Doubt it, but only time will tell. No one stays on top forever.
Glad he is staying and getting his degree!
The more I’ve read the better he looks. Would think if such a splash hire you would see some sad ole miss fans.
I’m with you on wishing him the best. Where ever he goes he needs a solid O-line. Maybe the next coach can give him some cement shoes to help with the foot work.
Most Aggs are after the ignorant comments about the bowl game. Give us a few weeks lol
Same, this seems like it would be a step down for sure.
Hopefully the c word isn’t going to effect the 3 games that actually matter. Stay tuned for more bowl games to get canceled.
Cold like syntoms, and required by work…so follow the rules, bc I need my job as a ff. As others have said have issues take it up with NCAA.
Knew more teams where going to fall out due to the C. How many more teams y’all think are going to get taken out this bowl season. Had to repost due to putting the whole c word…lol
No joke, will be surprised if some more aren’t canceled. I know of at least 7 people that have popped positive including myself today. Unfortunately looks to be the new normal.
Haha really now, I literally put on every game after bama if calzada pass % was over 55 they would win. Guess what he didn’t and they lost all those games that needed a pass game. Same for wake if the run game gets going and they don’t need the QB I can see them winning the game. However if they have to lean on Boast I just can’t see the pulling out the Dub.
Doubt it. No way Aggs have as poor of QB play as we did this year. Really you could use ur exact line for LSU.
Well this one is an actual loss, he has done a good job with the maroon goons. Hopefully see a hire soon and same with the DC position.
I think we are just more excited about the class. Don’t get it twisted on counting championships. If Bama lost young in the second game of the season there is no way y’all would be going for another title this year…stay humble RS1 Gig ‘em.
I was a little worried about today on the recruits on the defensive side with having no DC. Sheeessshhh this is a good class! Just need Evan Stewart to sign on the dotted line now. Be nice if can pull Perkins and Stewart to finish it off! Gig ‘em