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Disagree that Bama will shut down Pitts, but they will slow him down. FL will get its points, but Bama can probably name their number on O. The FL D is NOT GOOD. I'm not even sure it's more than Fair, and that's not enough to keep them under 45. 48-24.
turns out Georgia was one of our easier games. But of course, SEC refs werent about to let A&M win that one when GA was so close to making the playoffs. The officiating in that (erstwhile) game-winning drive of A&M was a travesty. Anyway, the East has quite a ways to go, and I would love to play GA more often instead of the West teams.
Had to laugh at the closing! Were you being serious? Georgia is suspect with its now perenially-bad offense. Only Florida is carrying the banner, and its defense is almost as bad as Georgia’s O. LSU of course will be back to normal next year, and A&M is about to explode. Arkansas is up and coming and would be middle of the pack in the East. And Auburn is capable of being good sometimes even without the SEC refs rewardimg them games like participation trophies at a 5th grade kickball tourney. Would you be up for trading schedules next year, where you play ALL West teams and only 2 East team? Sign me up for THAT!
FL in the SEC CCG- yep congratulations on being located in the Eastern time zone...
The Aggies (inexplicably) have the #1 rated D in the SEC (even after playing Bama and FL), the #4 passing O, and a rushing attack that is far and away the best in the SEC at 5.2 ypc. I think theyre a more complete team than FL, and I think you’ll see that in the coming weeks.
Let’s focus on our turnover that A&M caused which surely led to our defeat, but let’s not focus on A&M’s turnover just a few minutes earlier that led to our glorious gator 7 point lead. Boy those Aggies are so LUCKY!
by the way/ it’s laughable that some above think a 9-2 Georgia or Florida this year would be positioned by the committee ahead of a 9-1 A&M.
i Let’s make it easy ,presuming Aggies win out, this is 99% covering it: 1. No SEC East team is going to playoffs unless it beats Bama in SECCG. 2. If 1 happens, A&M has no chance unless Bama looks really bad and Ags finish really strong. 3. No PAC team is making playoffs with just 6 games unless it is completely dominant in every game. Aint happening. 4. A&M needs winner of Clemson/ND to repeat as ACC champ.
ps- re razz's silly comment above; i guess the turnover gifted to Florida at midfield that led to Florida's 4th quarter TD just doesn't count. :)
Look, the ONLY way A&M makes it is if Bama wins the CCG, and A&M looks very impressive finishing the season. If Ags are 9-1, with only loss to a really good Bama team on the road at the beginning of the season, they have a pretty good shot at being picked as the 3rd or 4th team even if a Big 10 team makes it. No way a 2nd B10 is making it, nor a Pac 12 team, nor a B12. Had to laugh at this writer thinking a 10-1 SEC Champ Florida team that just knocked off Bama would NOT be taken ahead of A&M. If that happened, A&M's only shot would be if Bama were completely embarassed and the voters think A&M is better than Bama at that point.