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Bwahaha BOLD PREDICTION is because of the points spread I am picking Bama? Honestly just play the D@mn game. "Heisman, Best bama ever, Crush the best team they will have played so far" Bama wasn't talked about like this till they beat a depleted TENN. They may very well win the game but for goodness sake lets try to look at facts now and then.
Ummmm except that Hurt's numbers aren't even better than the current QB at A&M.... Look, bama is a great team and hurts will be a pain in the butt for 3 years, but think before you hype. actually think he will be a better QB no matter what the numbers say than Manziel. Evans made Johnny great. Many of his passes where throw and pray. Elusive and quick but as undisciplined on the field as off.
Oh by the way if not for a Herculean effort by your db to knock the football out, Tenn loses by a TD maybe two in regulation.
The Tenn that bama faced was more beat up. A&m has played better teams all year than bama. They have great stats against a lot of cupcakes. They are a great team and may very well win but 19 is probably off.
Bama has the edge in playing cupcake easier teams. That will be a difference. Even TENN was more banged up. Not saying Bama won't be tough but the Aggies will be one of the most versatile offenses they face. They will have success in middle range passes particularly on the edge when they are able to block Garrett. Will be a great game.
Any predictions based on last year are ridiculous. These are two very different teams. Alabama has great stats. They also have not faced the same caliber of teams A&M has. Even Tenn was more beat up when the tide faced them. I expect this to be a close battle. I think the Aggie defense will rattle hurts, particularly if they get behind in the chains. I think the Bama D will frustrate A&M and maybe cause Knight to make some bad throws which will be costly. However i think the Aggies have too many offensive weapons to stop them. Its gonna come down to defensive points and turnovers. Both teams excel at that.
anybody living in the past in college football is a fool. Both of these teams are different than last year. I do hear what you are saying I just hope both teams come out fighting and it is the game it should be.
This will be an awesome game. I am sick of the "May be the best Bama Team ever" crud. Bama has had a relatively easy schedule so far, THE SEC west is not as strong as usual. Even Tenn that faced Bama was weaker than the Tenn that faced A&M, they took a few injuries and lost the tackle. This will be Epic Defense. Who flinches. I think A&M has more offensive tools. If Bama pressures Knight, will he make a mistake? When A&M pressures that freshman, will he do the same? Simply Can't Wait. BTHO Bama!
Ahhhh, the butthurt is strong with this one. Thanks BamaTime, nice assist. No Gig'em is what ya'll almost did to us. That defensive back that went the extra mile and punched the football out was AMAZING and the difference bewteen ya'll losing by more than two TD's and losing in overtime. Yards don't count, scores do. We have a bad tendency to soften up and let the other team run plays to use up time but we usually toughen up when it counts.
"that last time we played" Wow if you are gonna reach into the past just bring back Manning. College football is defined by seasons. Each year the team can be completely different. The Aggies will not be the team next year they are today. Tenn today has to play A&M today. Get off your parents basement and go get an apartment and stop reflecting about that one time a cheerleader talked to you in the hallway!
Now that is funny right there and the reply was even better! Bwahahaha. Well done AUFan_205
I think you may be right. Everyone is overlooking A&M's sheer number of offensive weapons. Phenomenal receiver corp, a surprisingly good run game with different look backs, a QB who could get off on his accuracy but can also nail you long AND has the ability to scramble very well. You need a good HEALTHY defense against that. You simply can't cover it all. The Option read has been killing it all year long. Best bet is to pressure knight and get him to make a mistake but when you do we send the running back for 30. Our D is having trouble in coverage, last two opponents only had one star receiver and we couldn't stop him. That is IF you have time to throw.
Your team my friend is not Alabama. Ever been to Kyle field? We love big orange T teams..... for lunch.
Actually pretty good re break down but you are forgetting our QB can run as well. I think you will find the Aggie run D a bit better than you think and with the QB options the AGGIE run will be better than you think. The biggest problem for Tenn D is the sheer number of tools in the Aggie offense. You simply can't play them all. That being said I suspect Tenn will come up with an INT. Trevor has not been setting his feet and accurate.
Dobbs hasn't seen anything close to this defense either. I believe he will escape a few times but he also won't have time to pass and certainly not enough time for a Hail Mary!
Don't worry, Allen will be Number #1 with Myles Garret this week!