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Do us a favor SDS, write facts for articles and not garbage. Can't believe you're paying someone to do half ass work. That's good way to lose credibility
Maybe Del Rio should consider staying off Twitter. Not defending Franks, but when start a tweet as "I honestly believe that if....". start it out as "I believe the fan base...". I believe Del Rio is a twitter ranter and has no merit. Talk about a former player and then tell them to get off Twitter when he responds with an emoji. Sounds hypocritical in my opinion.
From all of us Gator fans, we are grateful and unconditionally honored to have UGAFlyfisherman in our lives now. Thank you and from the bottom of my soul, I hope the SEC as a whole will come to agree to this...as our dear friend Tumberville say’s “Georgia is a Very Average Football Team”
is that even a good trade for Jax? Wasn't Fowler a first round top 10 pick?
I have something for you....Tumberville say's "Georgia is a Very Average Football Team".
oh no, a whole 2-3 seconds. That's unacceptable football practice, someone get the bat phone
It's one of those year in, year out things. Last year it was LSU, this year FL. ITs always close, both teams are elite defenses and are almost carbon copies every year.
"demoralizing" loss? LSU was ranked in the top 10 when they beat UGA. That's a strong word. Demoralizing would be used with losing to a non-ranked team and UGA has no hope. Maybe "a disappointing loss" would be a better fit.
Georgia will be showing parts of the beat down your boys did last year..we had to show at least 2% of the best plays we did..
Not sure UCF thought this one through. Go to a HUGE rivalry game thats over 100 years in the making with each team ranked in top 10 with playoff potential on the line. Then fan mob Game Day, take the spotlight from the other teams playing and think everyone will consider it good ol' sportsmanship fun? Sounds disrespectful and irrational in its thinking. I for one would not want to take my family on that trip! That said, threats aren't the answer from the UF fan responses. What did you expect? Every fan base has its crazyies. Can you imagine UCF marching into the Iron Bowl, you'd have to call in the National Guard!
Naming players from the last 3-4 years that went on to the NFL. CB/safeties Vernon Hargreaves, Joe Hayden, Keanu Neal, Reggie Nelson, Brian Poole, & Jaylen Watkins. Not including the current ones that will be going. You don't "pad" great players. So my point being FL has and has had backs that are great in the secondary.
Are you naive to think the FL secondary is "not be confused" to LSU? You need to check stats before you type, just saying.
FL's run game is just as good as GA. FL's front D can handle, holyfield specifically, the run game. I think the key for FL will be making tackles, perfecting the compression defense that FL runs to minimize explosive plays.
LSUMC hoping LSU runs the table honestly. LSU is a good football team and having the second division underdogs makes conference more fun. If FL can pull the upset again, I'm hoping for an LSU vs FL rematch in the SEC championship game...how crazy would that be? Playing LSU twice and winning would be a huge ladder to climb, still would be fun game.
Don't need to, FL's defense put it on LSU...not sure how you define 2 2 interceptions 1 fumble recovery and 5 QB sacks for loss. Besides the point, when you lose a game...move on. Its annoying after two weeks of excuses.
....they should just go grab some scratch offs and a sixer intead.
^^ what he said. LSU got whipped by FL. Do you see LSU fans complaining? Move on, its getting annoying!
I would like to see those lateral throws out to the receivers/RB's again, like in the MS St. game. We're too fast on the outside for GA.
and Marco Wilson on the second defensive play of that UK game..3 future NFL picks out of a game. All set aside UK was the better team that day.
The spread for this game makes it a 50/50 game in my opinion. Last year has zero bearing on this games outcome. Completely different team. for one no nine players suspended. Secondly, no coach that responds to every press question as either "pretty neat", "pretty cool", or "pretty fun".