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If Georgia had FL's receivers/TE they would have a chance.
I hope not! I was happy to see Drew Locke leave for the NFL, just like I will Fromm.
2017 - Dawgs 35 2018 - Dawgs 19 2019 - Dawgs 7 Looks like y'all are gonna be dominant by next year with that awesome QB you all will have....who's that again?
I think this will give hime some good early exposure. White is built like a MAC truck! He was 390lb when signed. He's lost weight and built muscle under Savage. Let's go!
Beat LSU this weekend and AU will be in that discussion for sure.
I hear that! I wonder about that black uniform that was shown?
When the flag was thrown for the face mask on Van Jefferson in the end zone, the fans threw a fit....made since, not. Should of waited until after the WR J. Hammond block play SC, which was a bad call! Stay classy
Curious...what would be the reason for this game outcome determining the East, a tie between FL/UGA?
Well deserved for all those dingus UGA trash talkers. Good job USC & great win for Muschamp!
No worries... he will be covered by All American CJ Henderson.
exactly..the pass 6 games the D has been rotating guys in and out from injuries and getting playing time.
I was trying to think exactly what teams strength and weakness are when opposite of each other, and that's only a few things. FL's offensive line (weakness) and the LSU crowd (strength) will be huge. 4 of FL's O'linemen have not played at LSU and will be on edge. Not to mention they are freshmen players.
you think FL wont put as many points on the board as Vandy?...right
^^What he said! It's hard for me to see anyone on the rest of FL's schedule stopping the army of WRs. Maybe Mizzou?
You're like 0-6 on predicting FL's outcome. Keep it up.
Big game for sure! I can't wait. This will be FL's third Game Day, which is crazy. We may even have another when we play Georgia?
Mullen was being reactive..I mean he lost one QB already and just was being emotional. He will look at the footage and now it was was not a dirty play. Not like the Kentucky BS.
But do you think LSU's offense can put enough on FL's defense? Looking at the offense of FL's receivers on the Auburn D, I suspect FL can put more numebers with LSU. LSU is more offense dimensional.