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or you can be coached by an NFL DB coach in Gainesville, who has put CB's into the draft. That's what you want right?
a young teenager is un-committing with Florida...two years from now! Go get me the bat phone
SDS are you going to put a UCF knight logo at the top of this sight now with all these unrelated SEC post? You all have a serious man crush on this team.
UCF fans must live at the Magic Kingdom Disney park, lots of fantasizing from them!
I look at UCF and think they're in like a "purgatory". Yelling at the Power 5 for acceptance...
UCF needs to take a play from FL State in the late 70's early 80's Bobby Bowden took the Seminoles everywhere a team would have them play. Lost a lot, but you know what he proved they can play power 5 ball and then they got into the ACC. The est is history. Sacrifice now and gain later. Take a lesson, take your head out of the ground. You can't force your way into the power 5 game that's been around forever. Shutup and play the cards, then you could one day be a juggernaut! The way you think on how to do it...it ain't never gonna happen.
that sounds like UCF logic... Everybody a trophy...trophy for you, you, and you!
At least FL has beating UA, you all are just as a a loser as any of those other teams you mentioned. GA just can't get it done...
Great game GATORS! Represented the SEC..put a whooping on Michagan!
do you hyper ventilate when you talk UCF football with people face to face? Seems like a lot of air between those sentences when I read your comments...
Exactly..they should take a side note from Bobby Bowden making FL State relevant. Sacrifice now to gain later.
Dude you're bringing a knife to a gun fight, just stop. Wait for the playoff expansion and then you all can play your song. Let it go for the love of football, you all are that annoying kid that needs attention all the time! Go take your ADHD meds!!
This would be a huge momentum booster. Come on FL, convince him!
You seem real passionate on this subject.... Did you get injured during a bowl game and miss the 1st round?
How many times has UGA beat UA in the SEC Championship game again...
Focus on the next game and worry about Missouri next year.
Emory looked pretty composed for his first time running the offense. Excited to see this kid play more in the future. Him and Copeland are going to be a explosive.
It's time to end this losing streak with FSU. Take their bowl away at the same time. Go GATORS!
Do us a favor SDS, write facts for articles and not garbage. Can't believe you're paying someone to do half ass work. That's good way to lose credibility
Maybe Del Rio should consider staying off Twitter. Not defending Franks, but when start a tweet as "I honestly believe that if....". start it out as "I believe the fan base...". I believe Del Rio is a twitter ranter and has no merit. Talk about a former player and then tell them to get off Twitter when he responds with an emoji. Sounds hypocritical in my opinion.