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Curious...what would be the reason for this game outcome determining the East, a tie between FL/UGA?
Well deserved for all those dingus UGA trash talkers. Good job USC & great win for Muschamp!
No worries... he will be covered by All American CJ Henderson.
exactly..the pass 6 games the D has been rotating guys in and out from injuries and getting playing time.
I was trying to think exactly what teams strength and weakness are when opposite of each other, and that's only a few things. FL's offensive line (weakness) and the LSU crowd (strength) will be huge. 4 of FL's O'linemen have not played at LSU and will be on edge. Not to mention they are freshmen players.
you think FL wont put as many points on the board as Vandy?...right
^^What he said! It's hard for me to see anyone on the rest of FL's schedule stopping the army of WRs. Maybe Mizzou?
You're like 0-6 on predicting FL's outcome. Keep it up.
Big game for sure! I can't wait. This will be FL's third Game Day, which is crazy. We may even have another when we play Georgia?
Mullen was being reactive..I mean he lost one QB already and just was being emotional. He will look at the footage and now it was was not a dirty play. Not like the Kentucky BS.
But do you think LSU's offense can put enough on FL's defense? Looking at the offense of FL's receivers on the Auburn D, I suspect FL can put more numebers with LSU. LSU is more offense dimensional.
That punt fake was beyond me...why?! I guess Mullen wasn't happy with the punt pickup we got in the red zone and couldn't capitalized on.
I forgot to add 6 defensive starters coming back too.
You're forgetting all those interceptions that Nix will have when the best defense in the SEC hits him, adding upon the (24) sacks already. MS St & A&M are bottom of the SEC for defenses. This game reminds me of the (6) LSU vs (7) FL in Gainesville last year. Lights out QB Burrow...
Hate to break the news early for you, Auburn ain't putting 36 points on FL's D. Not gonna happen!
As much as everyone thinks the sky is falling, these wide receivers are something special. All those linemen need to do is give Trask 5-7 seconds. I dont see enough talent in Auburns secondary to stop the 8+ great WR/TE Florida has.
FL is averaging 35 point per game, but do I think either team will be throwing out 30+..highly doubt it.
Your for sure the guy in the office always complaining. Every employers "favorite" employee...said no business owner ever.
Oh that's right.....its always good to "turn the blind eye" route. Said no one in the history of the world when looking back at whatever it may of been. This guy will eventually do something on the football field that will get someone injured, that's a fact.