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The Jaguars were 1-15 last year....is Tebow gonna make them 0-16 now haters.
I agree on Fields and Mac, They have a track record! I read he played a total of 19 games. 2 his freshman year, 16 his sophomore and 1 in 2020. WTH...3rd pick?
too young to be getting married in my opinion. His brain hasn't fully developed!
The only way that game goes differently is if it was a CFP expansion game. Plan and simple, cant blame kids wanting to make a buck. Trask is just a different person, patient and extremely loyal. That said, every person is at a different place. Maybe they have more financial freedoms then others that come from nothing. Fear of hurting yourself is real..I saw that OU receiver limp after that 50 yard sideline run and I was like I hope he's ok or wasn't declaring for the NFL.
^^what he said. For the love of our sport NCAA......"Just Do it"!! Geez
I think for FL it was these young guys had three practices for first team reps with Trask. You're right though no chemistry. If the guys ahead of you are Pitts, Toney, Grimes you won't be touching the ball much in games.
I'm gonna throw my opinion out....the Saints. Backup to Drew for X amount years before he retires.
I gotta say....that's a heck of a "mic drop" for your last catch in your college career.
umm....Washinton State? "The university will not recruit any prospects from the high school in Seattle from the 2019-20 through 2020-21 academic years"
true that, but obviously this guy has patience and is not the conventional QB player in college football. I'm not sure he's even peaked as a QB..but who knows. Just a thought.
Trask may be considering coming back? After all, Fields, Lawerance and maybe Jones are heading to the NFL. If he decides to come back he could have another shot at the Heisman & push his draft stock way higher. He may want a second go at AL too. Florida has them scheduled in Gainesville next year.
He's on a level of Greek Mythology! Just an unreal athlete. He's going to be in the Football Hall of Fame for sure one day.
A virtual award ceremony will be strange for sure.
Beat them by 1/10,000th of a point..that's not even close. :)
The blue modern helmets in the TN game were dope. Throw in the orange jersey, blue pants and black jumpman cleats. That would be a nice look IMO. I hope they try those helmets again though next year.
All good, nothing like a little trash talk for game anticipation.
It's hard for me to imagine Pitts not playing. I hope he does, I want to see what whiz kid nick schemes up to slow this guy down.
This is going be a fun game to watch ladies and gentlemen!
dude.....take it easy. I'm just stating a fact pertaining to the previous comments. I sense a little defensiveness
Fact: FL = 3 QB Heisman Trophy's. AL = 0 QB Heisman Trophy's
I hate to ruin your fantasy, but Tim Tebow had 3 regular season losses & lost the citrus bowl when he won the Heisman in 2007. Lost to LSU, Auburn & Georgia. Of course wins are better, but that isn't a requirement to win the trophy.