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True..still a noon game. I've never seen so many noon games on our schedule before. What's the deal, is that at least 5?
These 11am games are brutal..another one for Kentucky.
I dont think that formula accounts for transfers and is only recruits, but Mullen has murdered the transfer portal. Add Lorenzo Lingard to that list also!
Florida can contest AL offensively, unlike Georgia. FL will put numbers up on the board with anyone. They play the same game as AL offensively. How many bullets do you have for the shoot out is the question? If Bama puts 80, FL would have 70. It would not be a walk for Bama.
I wasn't sure about Trask until the LSU vs FL game in Baton Rouge 2019. Even though FL lost, I saw him turn the heat up with competing. After that game, I knew he would bring it up a level in 2020. If he takes a W with GA, I would say he's on his way to being a first round QB. He first needs to prove that he can beat a really good defense.
I feel that Florida has the pieces on defense to make stops. Either players are not playing to their capability or realignment of positions need to be considered. Something is wrong, to many good players on that side of the ball to make that many mistakes. The last two years the D has played on a high level. We lost players from graduation, but had great players stepping up and players coming back from the last two years. We don't need an elite defense like GA, just enough to make a few stops. The Gators offense will put points up. That defense looks horrible, let's get it fixed coach Mullen and go win a Championship
Preach it, take your political BS to the psyche ward of Twitter. You all may self loath in a bath of lunacy there and leave SDS off limits to this toxic politicical foolishness.
"Impose their will" is a bit dramatic reference. That said UK is going to be a problem now that Wilson is back in the helm. The offense will not be one dimensional like it was last year.
what do you expect from all the analyst? Kyle Trask will have the QB cinderella story, most yards by all current QBs starting in the SEC, lost a lot of receivers...but have existing/new WR threats, more 5 star transfers than anyone, and then you have a not the norm transitioning GA team. Its gonna be talked about.
Trask was behind Burrow in yards thrown, what else does he need to prove? He came in the 4th qtr of the third game. He alo played minimum QB time in the UT Martin game. He's proved a lot already! Joe had 4,366 yards in the regular season Trask had 2,636. He for sure would not of surpassed Joe, but he may of had close to a 3,500 yards if playing every regular season game.
Very sad...IMO, commercial flights are 100 fold safer than chartered planes/helicopters. FAA paperwork for commercial flights are strict. If the overhead ben doesn't close you have to fill paper work out and have it repaired before you're allowed to take off.
If Georgia had FL's receivers/TE they would have a chance.
I hope not! I was happy to see Drew Locke leave for the NFL, just like I will Fromm.
2017 - Dawgs 35 2018 - Dawgs 19 2019 - Dawgs 7 Looks like y'all are gonna be dominant by next year with that awesome QB you all will have....who's that again?
I think this will give hime some good early exposure. White is built like a MAC truck! He was 390lb when signed. He's lost weight and built muscle under Savage. Let's go!
Beat LSU this weekend and AU will be in that discussion for sure.
I hear that! I wonder about that black uniform that was shown?
When the flag was thrown for the face mask on Van Jefferson in the end zone, the fans threw a fit....made since, not. Should of waited until after the WR J. Hammond block play SC, which was a bad call! Stay classy
Curious...what would be the reason for this game outcome determining the East, a tie between FL/UGA?