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Do what FSU did...play the long game. Sacrifice now, gain later.
Hard to see FL not winning 10 games, but I can see them going 9 with how strong the SEC will be this year. FL's group of receivers is really going to surprise everyone, more points on the board for sure.
they know how to one up everyone that's for sure. I notice an increase this year in numbers, they must be recruiting at psych wards.
Florida doesn't have any other SEC teams, until if they make it to the final four. Interesting..
HA..I remember when Georgia was an all around athletic school, said no one EVER!
I liked Eason, always thought he was a stud of a football QB. That Auburn win was a big win for him. Jake Fromm got blown out the next year by Auburn if I remember correctly?
FL vs FSU 60+ years and counting. I hope they extend this contract even longer
The new norm for interpreting most UGA comments these days, the teacher off Charlie Brown...a whole bunch of muffled noise
I have to agree and more is to come. Eventually the AD and Mullen will be making a press conference.
agreed and dont forget the peanut butter & jelly sandwich discussions....wth man.
so good..What the heck do you want me to do with this 4" possum, call a team meeting!
These writers have you GA fans psychologically figured out! It's always very predictable on the typ. pecking order of user comments. Kepp feeding them SDS and they will always come back for more..lol
Look at you all..swarming like a bunch of gaggling women at an open bar.
you Georgia fans are constantly in a "that time of the month" mood.
I'm also really surprised Jawaan Taylor did not go in the 1st. Someone will get a great pick.
I was felt happy when Drew Lock left Mizzou for the NFL! Then Kelly Bryant thing happend and my delight of relief was out the window.
Hey Joe, when the FL season starts and the momentum gets going UGA fans will be second guessing themselves on these FL jabs. Cause just like Mike Tyson..FL can take jabs, but watch out for our uppercut this year! :)
1% sounds about right for FL to make the NC. FL plays Auburn, LSU & GA in the regular season and then would either play LSU, AL or maybe even the Aggies in the SEC Championship game. I think the top two will be Clemson, AL in the playoffs & FL would play one of them. That's a pretty big 1%, but hey you never know.
This is the best WR group I've seen in a while. If we didn't have a fresh questionable offensive line, I could see FL making the playoffs this year. Obviously early to tell, but those kids could still gel as a unit and make it another special year. Either way, I'm feeling a lot of positive energy with this group! Great job & Go Gators!
Hudson stepped up big in this game, but Allen was off all night. Locke should of had more playing time with Allen being off so bad. Still was a white knuckled game, Go Gators!