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I was felt happy when Drew Lock left Mizzou for the NFL! Then Kelly Bryant thing happend and my delight of relief was out the window.
Hey Joe, when the FL season starts and the momentum gets going UGA fans will be second guessing themselves on these FL jabs. Cause just like Mike Tyson..FL can take jabs, but watch out for our uppercut this year! :)
1% sounds about right for FL to make the NC. FL plays Auburn, LSU & GA in the regular season and then would either play LSU, AL or maybe even the Aggies in the SEC Championship game. I think the top two will be Clemson, AL in the playoffs & FL would play one of them. That's a pretty big 1%, but hey you never know.
This is the best WR group I've seen in a while. If we didn't have a fresh questionable offensive line, I could see FL making the playoffs this year. Obviously early to tell, but those kids could still gel as a unit and make it another special year. Either way, I'm feeling a lot of positive energy with this group! Great job & Go Gators!
Hudson stepped up big in this game, but Allen was off all night. Locke should of had more playing time with Allen being off so bad. Still was a white knuckled game, Go Gators!
Who cares, everybody thinks all the 5* & 4* players will make them the best. Its more about the synergy of the team, each player being placed where they fit best & the having great coaches. Example from the Patriots! FL finished 7th in the AP rankings...same as Georgia
They probably have an 8 year old doing the social media pages....
or you can be coached by an NFL DB coach in Gainesville, who has put CB's into the draft. That's what you want right?
a young teenager is un-committing with Florida...two years from now! Go get me the bat phone
SDS are you going to put a UCF knight logo at the top of this sight now with all these unrelated SEC post? You all have a serious man crush on this team.
UCF fans must live at the Magic Kingdom Disney park, lots of fantasizing from them!
I look at UCF and think they're in like a "purgatory". Yelling at the Power 5 for acceptance...
UCF needs to take a play from FL State in the late 70's early 80's Bobby Bowden took the Seminoles everywhere a team would have them play. Lost a lot, but you know what he proved they can play power 5 ball and then they got into the ACC. The est is history. Sacrifice now and gain later. Take a lesson, take your head out of the ground. You can't force your way into the power 5 game that's been around forever. Shutup and play the cards, then you could one day be a juggernaut! The way you think on how to do it...it ain't never gonna happen.
that sounds like UCF logic... Everybody a trophy...trophy for you, you, and you!
At least FL has beating UA, you all are just as a a loser as any of those other teams you mentioned. GA just can't get it done...
Great game GATORS! Represented the SEC..put a whooping on Michagan!
do you hyper ventilate when you talk UCF football with people face to face? Seems like a lot of air between those sentences when I read your comments...