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Recent Comments
I'm just confused at how Hurts was rated so highly. I'll trust PFF but seems Hurts wasn't the best QB this week regardless of the competition
Stidham over Patterson? Okay...first game of the year. He DOES look better than Jeremy Johnson..so yeah, so far so good for Auburn
Okay let's settle down now BBQ. He had a great game, no doubt, but Larry Fitz 2.0 after 5 catches in two years? Put the orange koolaid down
Here's hoping the NCAA pressure only lights a fire under the ON players.
I'm curious about Stidham. On paper, he looks the part, but the conference he came from can skew numbers. mason Rudolph wasn't very good against an average Rebel secondary, a lot of stats came from garbage time when OM put in seniors that weren't that great. I'm betting Stidham has a good season, but Austin Allen and Patterson have better passing seasons. Fitz and Hurts do a tremendous amount of damage on the ground but with iffy passing but all will be top four. Ole Miss will have to battle for .500 this year but I think we can be spoilers. And I'm epexcting the Egg Bowl to be absolutely INSANE this year. Arkansas will be okay without Williams with Whaley still there and a year older. Alabama will reload on defense again, no question.
With all the mess you can't blame Shae if he leaves but I think he is here for the long run. And it's pretty simple; if he goes, I expect a lot of people to follow. About the only high caliber player I could see staying if he leaves is DK Metcalf. But I think he stays, this offense with Longo will allow him to shine and bowl ban and scholarship penalties or not, this offense will allow AJ Brown and Metcalf to shine and look good for NFL scouts
I don't think it's going to be that difficult to fill the HC job for Ole Miss as people think. This isn't a career killer. What will most likely happen is that a young gun like Chad Morris would come in and have Shae Patt, AJ Brown and DK Metcalf for one more year. Show you can be competitive with the deck stacked against you. Honestly won't even have to have a great record, Chad Morris has a losing record at SMU, it won't be that difficult to lure him away. What will hurt is if Morris comes, turns Ole Miss around after a few years and then leaves for a big gig, almost exactly what Franklin did at Vandy
He realizes that he only was at Vandy two years right? And he went like 15-11 at Vandy which is impressive for a Vandy QB. Okay now back to my Ole Miss meltdown
Guice, Petway and Scarborough are my top three. Bo could challenge for number one spot this year. My sleeper for a breakout season this year is Eric Sweeney from Ole Miss. won't be top three or five but top 7 or 8 if he can stay healthy and Freeze doesn't abandon the run he second things go bad
He's certainly better at running, but as a passer, Dak is still better. Fitz could easily be better than Dak if he gets that down. I think just his history from coming from the triple option put him a little behind but Mullen could certainly fix it if anyone can
Oh well, let her tweet him. She loves her Noles. High profile people always tweet at recruits, don't really see anything wrong with it. I personally think it's cool when Donte Moncrief will tweet at a kid. You can't really police that and I don't think it sways someone too much anyway. Mia Khalifa is just trying to stay somewhat relative anyway possible. I wanted to back Chad Kelly the first time he DM'f her and she put him on blast, but the second time Chad was just asking for it haha
DK, AJ and Van Jefferson with Shea throwing the ball them should be really fun to watch. Could be better than the Treadwell, Strongfellow, Core trio from '15
I think Florida wins the east, Alabama the west. Alabama is the obvious one, with the East, I think Eason is still one year away from being an elite QB. It wasn't fair with the pressure on him his freshman year but I still think he has a bit to learn.
Haha no, UT is not WRU. Not saying Ole Miss is either btw but UT definetly not
Bamalocious, great name, you're one of the good fans. You can't tell me there aren't Alabama fans that are sometimes still unhappy even with he dominance of Sabah..wasn't there someone on Finebuam wanting Malzhan or something like that? Obviously they are outliers in the fan base but my only point was that when you have that level of dominance it gets to be where undefeated is the only good ending. Btw I have no Ole Miss anger. I'm absolutely ecstatic that we are even competitive most weeks. It wasn't like that a few years ago. And Pilsbury Throwboy, nice homeage to Lorenzen, and I know all I was saying is that if and when Stoops gets to consistent 6win seasons, fans and boosters will want more.
While I understand what you mean by that, a few years of 6 and a bell will become stale with nothing else behind it, look at Mark Richt and Georgia. Another example I know all too well is Ole Miss. Rebs beat Alabama in 14 and finished 9-4 with a bad loss to TCU (who I still believe should have been in the playoffs that year but whatever) and the next year they go 10-3 which youd think would be amazing for a fan base and it was. However, we had some fans that thought after beating Alabama 2 years straight that not going undefeated afterwards was unacceptable. We had people calling for Chad Kelly's head, angry at our D even though they were a top unit in 14. All in saying is once the bar is raised, it will never stop being raised. Even some Bama fans are mad about being 1-2 in the last 3 Nattys.
For Alabama I'd say Hurts needs to step up more as a passer instead of Tony Brown, the Tide are pretty stacked at DB. Ole miss is either Greg Little or Eric Sweeney. Little showed promise but needs to improve. Sweeney could have been the feature back for the Rebs but needs to stay healthy. I'd say for State with Rankins being a potential first rounder he should be omitted and maybe Aeries Williams be added instead. He does have massive potential. I think Whaley is going to be great this year so no worries for him replacing Williams. Cowart i think is never going to be the guy for Auburn. I think you should add Stidham. Oozing with potential but is still a huge question mark. Texas A&M should be whoever is at QB. That's about one of their only missing pieces.
This is ridiculous. Tons of teams already use the *insert word* up phrase and the hand gesture is the Shaka from Hawaii and i can almost guarantee you Hawaii (the state not the college) will try to do something to prevent this. They are very zealous and defensive with their culture.
Switch Fitzgerald with Stidham and I think it's a solid list. Fits would have been a serious contender for Hiesman if he played for Alabama
Minkah is an amazing player but I think teams will try to avoid him this season which will hurt his chance for DPOTY. Marquise will I think play more OLB to help his draft stock this year. My bet is for any front seven Bama player
You're absolutely insane for listing a TE, no matter how good, for Ole Miss instead of Patrick Willis. Rebs are pretty solid at WR (which is what SDS stressed Engram was more like in his career) and PWilly would be an absolute blessing to have right now.
That's odd considering Jackson is only 2 hours from Starkville but good luck young fellow. He looked like he would come in and contribute a lot so that has to sting for Miss State. Maybe it's a blessing for Ole Miss
Swap out Marlon Davidson for Marquis Haynes and I think this is just about the best list you can put together..could even get away with Fitzpatrick at QB too
I've always been told and read that it's unwise to eat past 8:39 but I feel like he's packing on healthy weight so good for him. I consistently tried to get past the 175 hump and reached that by eating about 8-10 small meals a day from 630-830. Eating a steak and 2 whole potatoes at midnight would kill my stomach haha!
Dak is a great QB and saved my fantasy season but he wouldn't have had his shot had Romo not gotten injured. I don't think he ousted him exactly but he definetly made him consider retirement and go through with it. Fletcher Cox rightfully gets the nod because he's been one of the best at his spot consistently for a few years now. Revisit this article in a couple years and yes, Dak hands down will be number one though
That's awesome. Alford could have been a great asset to the are els secondary but his future was always with baseball
While very much unlikely it would be the most Ole Miss thing ever for the team to go undefeated with the post season ban. South Alabama should be a victory but Shea Patterson and Co better put up a lot of points if the Defense hasn't improved