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Tom Mars all in his ear. I hate he didn’t want to make it work here. I wish Breon the best but I have the same feeling towards him as I do Deontay Anderson..both couldn’t find playing time on one of the worst defenses in the SEC. best of luck wherever he goes. As for Anderson..the only memory Ole Miss will have of him will be when Fournette put him in the dirt
Big 10,” SEC is not the best conference, we are!” As soon as players are able to transfer, One of the historically better Big 10 schools immediately flock to take players form the SEC West’s second to last place team. But in all seriousness, I wish each one of these kids the best. Hate to see Shae leave but there was no guarantee he’d win the QB competition this spring with Ta’amu playing like he has been. Shae would instantly make Michigan scary. Anderson, Jarron Street and Tre Nixon weren’t guys that were getting playing time so I’d imagine they would have transferred anyway. Street always seemed to dislike he was moved to DB and not RB. Nixon just couldn’t get on the field. Anderson was a bust. Van Jefferson is one we will certainly miss, but with Brown, Lodge and Metcalf all coming back, the WR Corp will be stacked. Braylon Sanders really stepped up the little he got to play after Jefferson went down with injury. Do I wish we could hoard all these guys? Yes because whether or not they were good or bad, they were still a part of this team. I’m only salty that we may lose these guys to Harbaugh...what a joke
Calm down everyone it’s just a visit. I don’t think he signs with Florida because of the system mullen runs. That’s not a knock on mullen at all. I think this guy is just exploring his options for a school that places more emphasis on passing the ball. Ole Miss has the offense to let any qb shine right now
For the record, I hate Alabama and I try to leave bias out of who I think should get in. I personally would have liked to see UCF in the 4th spot but I understand how things work. People rag on Florida State this year but they would have been a completely different team with DeAndr Francois playing. Bama whipped them with Francois. It wasn’t like he got hurt on the first drive, Blackmon ended up playing only like two plays. I still think it’s moot this year regardless. Oklahoma is my pick to win it, Mayfield is that guy.
I stated earlier that I’m not as worried about the bowl ban anymore. Yes, they are fun and an extra bowl game is great for the fans but how many talented guys are starting to skip the games? A lot of high profile NFL athletes are skipping. even if we were bowl eligible next year there is always the chance that Brown, Metcalf and Patterson could sit out. Fresh recruits won’t be affect much either m
One extra year isn’t back breaking. I expected a team least one more year of no bowl. I don’t think the transfers will be a big problem. We don’t have that many high profile players. I think SHea leaves but thats about it. High draft picks are sitting out of bowl games now anyway.
I wish him the best. He wasn't very good though. He wasn't able to play much even on this poor defense. I can see him going to Texas or Houston though, close to home and good programs
I am a but neutral on the hire. I feel many others would have been an upgrade but at the same time, the players absolutely love the guy and he was able to get them up and win 6 games. He was our offensive line coach last year so he was very inexperienced and it showed big time during a couple games. When you look back, the season could have turned out very different. The Rebs could be sitting at 8-4 had Luke not blown the Ark and Cal game. I think if he's given some time to learn, he could become a competent coach. If not, it appears as if he's the lowest paid SEC coach so we can always part ways if it doesn't work out without a huge buyout
Please watch the replay of Fitz getting hit..pause it before his ankle is rolled up...but if you watch the replay you will see he actually hiked the inside defender and made him fall down..the inside juke allowed the outside guy to hit him and it was just an unfortunate incident all the way around. Are there some people that were happy Fitz got hurt? Yes..but those people are lower than scum. No one wanted that Grissom injury. And stop saying Ole Miss only won because Fitz was out. He wasn't exactly playing like an all SEC player before the injury in that game. And if I recall correctly, Ole Miss was on their second string QB too..sorry our depth was better than yours. It certainly appears that after Fitz, your guys team wasn't very good talent wise..DLine is nasty but the DBs were getting abused by allowed Ole Miss to have their first 1k rusher in 8 years. Without have Simmons and little else.
Holy cow, Stategrad..relax. I've never seen someone so salty after a loss. As much hell as State has put Ole Miss through, as much as Leo Lewis took every opportunity to rub salt in Ole Miss wounds and you still rag on these kids at Ole Miss for showing emotion during a rivalry game. Ole Miss doesn't have clean hands, but the NCAA and others dirtied their hands even more to burry the program. Sorry your team felt the brunt of Ole Miss' frustration. Take your lumps and see you next year
Did you really just say AJ Brown was undersized?
John, you have valid points in your article but I have to disagree with you. when people ask what sports I love to watch my top two are always college football and the NFL. I use them as two separate sports because that's just what They are. In college, we know the Alabamas are going to recruit to maximum effiecency year after year with no worries to a salary cap which is always going to cause a massive talent gap between the teams like them and the rest. The NFL is balanced. It goes more into game plan and preparation than college. There are a ton of extra things going on behind the actual NFL game but it's actually pretty easy to tune it out and just watch football. As for CTE, the NFL is taking drastic steps to improve but EVERYONE needs to get on board. Russell Wilson took a shot to the dome the other week and the ref immediately made the right call and made him exit the game and go to the tent. Russell pretty much slapped the NFL and their protocols in the face but simply standing in the tent, lowering it and immediately exiting and entering the game. This can't fall on the shoulders of the NFL every time. My last bit, I'm a Jags fan. Born in Jacksonville as a navy brat and I'm ecstatic this year that they are good. I'm not going to not watch because people want to bring politics into it. Also, there was no "Brawl," between AJ Green and Ramsey. It was a lot of mouthing and Green lost him temper and threw punches. Ramsey did nothing to warrant an ejection
Some people make me want to bang my head through the wall. You know how many ICU patients I've dealt with in the burn unit who are there because they were smoking while on oxygen? 6/10 are ones I've seen multiple times for the same thing. As I stated earlier, this strikes me as an entitled person who isn't accustomed to being treated like a normal person.
Not sure man..the video just doesn't convince me that she wasn't in the wrong. You can hear here screaming but never once does it seem to me that she's actually doing what she says she was. Unless there is a longer video out there, I'm going to just assume she was being kind of an a hole
Can't believe the Rebs pulled it out. Benny Snell was a hoss out there today tho. Didn't realize how big he was
Pretty happy with the rankings..being stationed in Ohio it's maddening the homerism for Ohio State. I mentioned to a guy on shift how with Oklahomas losing to Iowa State (them having beat two top 5 teams at the time) that Oklahoma should be ahead of OSU. I won't say what words were exchanged. Glad to see Georgia getting respect but I think who's number 1 or 2 will be resolved in the SEC champ game so no issues
I'd bet money it's sadly neither him nor Skip Bayles. I'm getting a gut feeling that based off this source it's going to be people that the majority of the viewers like. Sadly, Jemelle Hill will be safe. ESPN can't afford another backlash online like earlier. And I don't dislike hill for her Twitter comments, her show is absolute garbage.
Solid list, really no arguments. I like how Jordan Wilkins for Ole Miss has been playing lately. Showing some power and elusiveness that wasn't there against the opponents in the first three games. I think he has a chance to push for a top ten spot by the end of the year
2nd bullet of his pitch and he already used higher for hire.. off to a solid resume there Heath. Attention to detail is something you lack..remember when you were predicting Seattles Ws and Ls the beginning of this season but were using last years schedule lol
Start a GoFund me and I'll Box this guy and gladly take a beating. I'll call it a moral victory if I land a solid punch or two
I seriously doubt you could handle any defensive lineman at any level. Move along
Well..not that I was expecting a win but was expecting to stay within 28. Frustrating game to watch..Patterson was getting harassed all day so how does coaching counter this? Send the back in motion out of the backfield and give them an even easier time rushing the passer. The only small silver lining is that Wilkins looked good even before the game got out of hand.
If they played on Alabama, best QBs in the country. Patterson was running for his life
No way OSU should be over Auburn imo
I'm sure I'll get destroyed from this but I don't think that was intentional. Yes it was CLEARLY helmet to helmet..but Adams was fighting for more yards still. He came in and was very obviously and rightfully penalized and should definitely be fined but I see this as a normal unintentional hit. The only reason everyone is up in arms is because Adams left on a stretcher. Trust me I hope he's okay..this was just a linebacker trying to clean up a play. Fine him and move on, this happens every game
I'm just confused at how Hurts was rated so highly. I'll trust PFF but seems Hurts wasn't the best QB this week regardless of the competition
Stidham over Patterson? Okay...first game of the year. He DOES look better than Jeremy yeah, so far so good for Auburn
Okay let's settle down now BBQ. He had a great game, no doubt, but Larry Fitz 2.0 after 5 catches in two years? Put the orange koolaid down