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Swap out Marlon Davidson for Marquis Haynes and I think this is just about the best list you can put together..could even get away with Fitzpatrick at QB too
I've always been told and read that it's unwise to eat past 8:39 but I feel like he's packing on healthy weight so good for him. I consistently tried to get past the 175 hump and reached that by eating about 8-10 small meals a day from 630-830. Eating a steak and 2 whole potatoes at midnight would kill my stomach haha!
Dak is a great QB and saved my fantasy season but he wouldn't have had his shot had Romo not gotten injured. I don't think he ousted him exactly but he definetly made him consider retirement and go through with it. Fletcher Cox rightfully gets the nod because he's been one of the best at his spot consistently for a few years now. Revisit this article in a couple years and yes, Dak hands down will be number one though
That's awesome. Alford could have been a great asset to the are els secondary but his future was always with baseball
While very much unlikely it would be the most Ole Miss thing ever for the team to go undefeated with the post season ban. South Alabama should be a victory but Shea Patterson and Co better put up a lot of points if the Defense hasn't improved
BamaTime, you saying look at the QBs who transferred out and their lack of success just proves the point he was trying to make. Also, look at the last two QBs who took Bama to the Natty, a Florida State backup and a guy that had to switch to running back to even have a shot st the NFL. No one is doubting Hurts is a great player but he isn't the best. His offensive numbers won him SEC OPOTY and Chad Kelly's stats last year were way better. Hurts is benefitting from a stacked Bama team and there is nothing wrong with that or admitting it
It's hard to feel bad for Kelly..I thought he played well enough and showed enough NFL traits to get him in 2-3rd consideration, maybe even sneak into the first if there was a QB needy team, but after his Buffalo night club incident he should have kept himself together. While I think the Mia Khalifa, being on the field during his brothers his school scuffle and him being photographed at a table with marijuana incidents aren't THAT bad, you have to know that people are looking at you under a microscope. Kelly has had success at almost every level he's been at, how he handles potentially going undrafted and being a back up will be a good measure on if he really has what it takes IMO
Pretty cool idea here or even draft. I know it's make believe but in no watch should LF7 be drafted before Bo or Hershel. Also, Joe Namath that high? Most overrated QB in history.
I don't mean to hate on Dobbs because he is a really good guy with a great head on his shoulders but Mcshay and Kiper are really just trying to make headlines right now. If they think Peterman is a second round pick this year and Brandon Allen is a 6th round last year then that shows you just how weak this QB class is. Prescott pre draft last year was still a much better prospect than Dobbs is right now and while I'm honestly rooting for Dobbs, It's not fair to compare him to Dak.
Adams State seems like a small school but nonetheless I'll be the first to admit that I would go maybe 1-38 on extra points. Kicking isn't easy. I'm guessing she's a soccer player and some of those ladies have can smash a soccer ball
Careful with laughing at a coach who missed the best recruit in his state..we just whiffed on Cam Akers.
Scrimmage isn't really a true test to show how well Fitzgerald has progressed. Wearing a green jersey and no QB runs takes away his strongest talent. I'm thinking Fitz has another strong year
These are hilarious. Bjork was kind of asking for this type of response haha
I still don't buy it. His statement seemed almost threatening by saying if you're done eating you should leave. While maybe he truly was looking out for Watson, seems like he gave him a passive aggressive piece of advice. And the video of him yelling doesn't seem to contradict my thoughts
I'm just not seeing the value of taking Howard at 6.
Eh, 40 times mean nothing for a pass rusher, the 10 yard split is a better tell. And while Moses has potential, I feel like Marquise Haynes should get the nod on the speed aspect, he's pretty consistent and shows great speed off the edge.
Tennessee has it rough opening against Georgia Tech. Option teams are tough on a defensive front 7. I can't wait for Bama vs FSU. Glad it's a neutral site game. I want to see Cam Akers against Bamas D and I want to see Najee Harris against the FSU D..
I think honestly it's just coming back from an injury weight..harder than most believe coming back from injury but if he wants to keep making money, losing the weight will be a good indicator on how bad he wants it
If Moses is as freaky good as his EARLY ENROLLED FRESHMAN numbers seem to indicate I can see him being a Patrick Willis or Navarro Bowman type linebacker..however, the money, longevity and demand is in for pass rushers so I imagine he will want to do that. Either way, Alabama may have an insanely good young linebacker core this year
As a Jaguar fan, I liked him because he was bad in coverage and also drew an unsportsman like conduct penalty at a crucial part in the game that allowed the jags to get a first down and eventually win the game in 2013
Man, if Dobbs was just a natural QB, he'd be the best in the NFL. Perfect head on his shoulders, never have to worry about him getting in trouble and you know he will be in the film room constantly and always prepared. I hate he doesn't have the prototypical build for a QB or he'd be a top pick. imagine his brain on jamarcus Russell's body
Yes, how dare former coordinators from your rival school speak out in defense of their former boss
I thought Evan Engram's 40 alone moved him from 3rd round to possibly mid 2nd to maybe even late 1st (Doubt 1st round). OJ Howard for sure helped himself a lot if that was possible, same for Garrett. Everyone is forgetting about Carl Lawson though. He put up similar numbers to Garrett and in all honesty, he's really the only guy I've ever seen give Laremy Tunsil issues in pass blocking
I was working down in Biloxi the weekend of the Miss State Texas A&M game in '14 and unexpectedly got the day off on game day and drove to Starkville (I know, I missed out on the Alabama Ole Miss game but I had to be back pretty early) and was hanging out at a friends tent when Kaylee came walking through the Junction. We fed her and she hung out with us for a little bit. Very cool person, even got a picture with her. Best of luck to her. Will miss her on Saturdays
Im not condemning anyone for throwing a hat, I just wasn't a huge fan. But watching him speak, you just got the vibe that he wasn't the brightest. A month later after being awarded free college and to play football, he proved me right
He didn't throw the deep ball this year as well as he did in 2015 but I think some of that was due to his off season hernia surgery. Still makes questionable throws at times. Some of his interceptions over the last two years (I Can think of at least 5 off the top of my head) were due to the ball hitting the WR in the hands and it going through and into a defenders, but there were also some that were absolute head scratchers. I think it will take him a few years to develop but he for sure has the arm. Dak just always took better care of the ball and that's key in the NFL
I knew instantly which signee this was about before clicking the link. Just listening to his press conference before he threw the hat (which I wasn't a fan of) I knew he didn't have much sense
While I don't care much for Mullen for obvious reasons, haha, I have to agree with him and respect him. He does seem to find gem after gem. Some of these smaller school athletes don't have the exposure or means to go to all these camps. To find Benerdrick McKinnely was impressive. His high school plays my old one and I remember watching him play as a senior when he was like 6ft 185 and I remember thinking this kid would be an absolute star if he had the size and lo and behold, he gets to State, works his tail off, gets to be like 6'4 240 and is now a good linebacker in the NFL. Some of these 5*s have all the talent in the world but they are use to coasting through high school because they are just bigger and more talented but it evens out in college. Hats off to you Mullen.
Because Cam Robinson is almost a sure 1st rounder and Kelly was never going to be, even with a stellar combine. Plus Cam only had one issue. Even though Kelly's Buffalo night club arrest was dropped, he still made bad headlines and Robinson had a fall guy for his single mishap