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“Their campus is on an interstate and we happen to buy outdoor advertising in high-traffic areas like interstates.” As a UK fan and former Louisville resident, I see this sentence as an obvious dig at UofL for being nothing but a commuter school in an urban setting.
While irrelevant, it's still fun to follow. This kind of logic was legitimate in middle school lunch debates.
"Just wait until basketball season" is a common saying around Lexington in the fall.
Like Joker said, just make plays. If the uniforms help our o-line actually block for once and our receivers to not drop easy passes, then go ahead. Black it out.
The good news for us is that basketball officially starts tonight.
Have to say that I was very interested in this analysis. I'd like to see the powers-that-be (sports, government, any industry) take a step back, take time to understand economic fundamentals, and then use some common sense.
Love this article. Couch and Craig Yeast were the first players to get me excited about UK football growing up. Let's take care of business this weekend against little brother. Go Cats!