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Miami won't let the Seminole War Canoe Trophy out of retirement because they know they'll never get it back.
Let's beat UM and get that Seminole War Canoe Trophy back!
Never made sense why states allow out of state University license plates. I guess as someone mentioned earlier it's for the state to raise money through vanity plate sales. Guess that means Auburn fans just don't have the same purchasing power as other SEC school fan bases.I support a UCF "National Champions" tag before an out of state school tag in Florida.
Reading the first part of this article had me whispering to myself "holy sh*t." Great summary of Sunday's events and the craziness that unfolded in the SEC. "It Might Mean Too Much."
Strong statement. I only wish he went a step further to have this apply to coaches who leave a program citing "time with family and health recovery reasons," only to become an ESPN analyst and then HC of Ohio State less than a year later...
They look cool at night with the lights off, but last time I was at the Swamp for a night game, they had lights on, if so will they be drowned out and not pop as much? Excited to see the stadium upgrade and catch up with other programs, but the grittiness of the stadium used to be its hallmark. As one sports writer said, "The Swamp isn't there to impress you with modern amenities and cushy seats, it serves one purpose: to watch great football."
Call me superstitious, but the white helmets are cursed for UF. Including 7 suspensions, chalk this up as an L for UF and the end of our Week 1 win streak.
I agree, more SEC rivalries and traditions need to be preserved, but as I posted in the "Corso article" I think if they did change the venue, it should be a three-year rotating schedule of Athens, Gainesville, then back at Jacksonville. I for one would like to watch a game in Athens to complete my bucket list of going to every SEC stadium to watch the Gators, but I would say save the WLOC if it was down to the wire. The only time I hear UGA fans complain is when they lose to UF, but whenever they win, they sure do love being in Jacksonville to gloat...
Wish this article had more about why it did not happen, but if UM didn't want to go forward with this then the argument of "UF scared to play UM every year," is wrong. UF won't give up home game revenue and UM wants a neutral site game but thinks Orlando is more of a "home" for UF, while there is no other stadium aside from Tampa that could hold the game. Even though UF and UM play each other in 2019, the rivalry trophy is not up for grabs because UM contends it is reserved for an "annual series" not the one off games. It's time to bring back the annual rivalry so that way UM can stop dragging their feet over semantics and bring back the Seminole War Canoe Trophy out of retirement! Also, it would be nice to have an actual three-way race for the Governors Cup Trophy instead of FSU being the only team able to win it every year (minus the 2019 season)....
I like the idea of ATL and Jacksonville, but Jacksonville and the Cocktail Party are part of the tradition of this great rivalry. I for one would like to see a three-part rotation. One year in Gainesville, next year in Athens, then the next year back in Jacksonville. And then keep this rotation of home-home-Neutral (Jacksonville).
I agree no one wants ACC teams in their recruiting field and yes Mizzou was not really a great fit for the SEC, but they have earned bragging rights so respect where it is due. Right now there is no interest in expansion, but when the media contracts end in 2023/2024, there is going to be new interest in teams from the Big 12. (This has been talked about in an SDS article that was phenomenal breaking it down.) While Nebraska was an exception, the Big 10 only takes teams that are part of the AAU, so in that case, I think the next expansion teams for the SEC are going to be OU (and then bring in OSU in by default) in which case I argue Bama and Auburn would move East. Texas will most likely hold out as an independent, but depending on how streaming services battle it out for viewership packages, they may be forced to join a new conference or be left without a chair when the music stops...
Maybe I missed this, but what happens to out of conference rivalries, UF/FSU, UGA/GT, USC/CLM, UK/UL? Don't forget the loss of those awesome cross conference first week matchups like we saw in 2016. Also a 13 conference schedule seems like a bit much considering conference championship, then possibly 3 CFP games. Coaches are already upset about the length of schedule, not opting for more games. I like the suggestion of SEC leading a change up, maybe just knock off two games in this model for outside conference non-cupcake teams.
That being said, Go Gators, I hope we make it to ATL to get that 2nd in a row East title, Bama just be gentle.....
Any team to the East over Tennessee is fine by me, even if it is UK, cause then again, who wants to go get man handled by Bama?
Congratulations FL and GA, you have now found a way to unite the two schools for a change.....
That information you can take to the bank!
Soooo this is classless, but on every weekend promo for UF v. LSU game you see LSU fans roasting gators on the grill or in the smoker to be eaten at a tailgate. What about those young gators (young because their size necessitates they have to fit on the grill) cut down so early in life to end up as food for drunken LSU fans!? It's a rivalry, it's a mascot, and it's overblown.
I am confused about this "arrogance" of national championship talk. Did Florida talk smack before the game and get burned, yes. Should the team have come out and said "Hey we lost the second half of the game because we didn't make corrections or play like we did in the first half," yes ABSOLUTELY. Every team talks smack. It is the passion that so many people love about college football. It's what gives us great rivalries. Coach Mac was right to say they can talk as long as they back it up. However, they didn't and as a Florida fan, they should definitely be eating more than their fair share of crow. Hell, go back for seconds. But, you mention them bringing up the national championship and say that a team is being arrogant? I guess teams are not supposed to play the season with the hopes of reaching the highest level of competition. When did you ever see a movie or hear a coach give an inspirational speech to his squad saying "Welp, pack it in boys, this is the end." Harping back to 2010 to make your point. This is an entirely different team, with new staff, players, head coach. But, I guess the 2015 chewing out Coach Mac gave after the throat slash penalty was forgotten during your rundown of Florida's "arrogance," maybe that just didn't qualify under your definition. Or perhaps this is another one of those opinion articles to drive clicks and comments by overzealous fans such as myself.
@ETVol2003, I have come to eat my words, congratulations for snapping the streak.
Pro tip: When the game is on CBS with Gus and Vern, put the TV on mute and tune into your team's radio broadcast.
The only "wow factor" Tennessee fans will get is when VT beats them at Bristol and when UF bumps up that Florida over Tennessee record to 12. Tune in Sep 8 & 24 to see if I eat or double down on these bold predictions.
While it wasn't after a home game, my freshman year at UF was the year we beat Alabama for the 2008 SEC Championship game and students rushed into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field at the Swamp. (Before the addition of Steve Spurrier-Florida Field). The student watch party left the basketball stadium and partied at the corner of Buckman Drive and University Ave, when people started yelling "GO TO THE STADIUM." And thousands of students starting running to the stadium with cops frantically trying to follow and block us off from the entrances, but we kept running around the stadium till someone found an open gate and we all flooded in. It may not have been after a home game, but we rushed the stadium at night, fresh off a victory over the Crimson Tide.
SDS, I like the matchup with Clemson, it would be cool. But Miami and Florida deserve to play each other way more than Miami and Georgia. UF, FSU, and Miami should play each other every year. The fans want it, there's a trophy for the winner of the three-way contest called the Governor's Cup and there is also a trophy between UF-UM (Seminole War Canoe) that UM won't bring out from retirement until UF and UM play annually again. #bringbackthecanoe
As the famous line in the Old El Paso commercials goes..."Why not both?"
Marco, just stop, we've been fine without your remarks, we will continue to be fine without them. Sincerely, Florida.
They should give the fans what they really want, knock off a cupcake from the schedule, and make this an annual series. Bring back the Seminole War Canoe Trophy, Miami won't release it until its an annual series again. Time to restore a great rivalry game and trophy. It would also allow a team other then FSU a chance to win the Governor's Trophy. FSU is the only team that plays UM and UF every year, therefore if they beat both teams they get the trophy regardless of Miami and Florida not playing each other since 2013.
Please Alabama just bring the national championship back where it belongs. SEC! SEC! SEC!