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Unless their 'top tier' coach is Schiano... you're safe from falling to our depths. Still, Gus is a victim of his own success and that is the world we live in.
It was a beating for sure and no-one likes that, but there is no call for idiots doing stuff like that to opposing teams.
Not sure that I would categorize my comment as bragging so much as trying to find something positive out of a laughable situation, but thank you for the constructive feedback. Best of luck to you and your team this season.
I posted last week that there no chance UT would beat Auburn...glad that I was wrong. Well here's hoping I am wrong again. There is no chance that UT beats Alabama this week. Still, Tennessee can at least take solace in knowing that even though Alabama is likely to push their all-time record against the Vols to 55-38-7, those 38 wins are more than any other program against Alabama.
He is hands down my favorite player on the Vols. The energy he brings is awesome. I played football with T.O. in college and Jennings reminds me of him. I most certainly mean that as a compliment.
To quote Jim Carrey, "So you're telling me there's a chance!". Seriously though, I love the Vols but they will not beat Auburn. Auburn could lose, but they would need to beat themselves for that to happen. Tennessee's goal (beyond trying to win) should be to play a clean and effective game. Minimize errors.
100% agree. Guarantano has done wonders considering the lack of protection he gets. It seems to me though, on those rare occasions where he has been protected, his throws are spot on. There are few QBs in the country that would do well behind UT's oline performance to date.
Not trolling, honest question. There are 12 or 13 seniors starting for UK this season, assuming that Snell leaves for NFL, how good will next year's UK team be compared to this year?
It's the same people that think the NFL sack rule is good for the game.
Sucks for that young man. Hope he doesn't have to miss too much time.
Wish you and your family the best of luck and hope your home is fine when you get back.
Agreed. It was good for the team to build a little confidence and finally have some fun playing football again, but there is a ton of work still to do just to get close to SEC level again. As much as I get bored watching Power 5 teams play cupcakes, I am also glad there is another one on the schedule before UF comes to town. UT needs the practice.
Appreciate the kind words and best of luck to your team. However, many of us feel that suffering through 10 years of mediocrity after 15 years of near excellence has shown plenty of patience. Understanding the reality of the situation and and being okay with it is something many of us cannot do. We will continue to cheer the team on, because that's what good fans do, but these kinds of losses are beyond old. Once again, best of luck to your team and those of the other fans that have had classy sentiments regarding the debacle that UT fans continue to face.
Personally, I don't think so. It doesn't make sense that a coach with that much prior success, would suddenly forget how to coach. I think it was a combination of key injuries, a horrible offense that couldn't stay on the field, and not getting to have the staff that he wanted. I would expect to see a resurgence for him at MSU.
Agreed, it is a tough schedule, but that is the case every year. It doesn't help that UT's schedule for the last few seasons also always seems to be against that top two West division teams. While I also agree that 6-6 is a logical probability and definitely better than 4-8... I don't think I could ever call it "good" or be happy with it. Best of luck to your Dawgs this season.
Totally agree. I also will not be 'elated' with losing six games. What fan would? It is getting pretty old, reading sports writers 'speak for UT fans'. UT fans recognize that Tennessee is in a great/tough conference and there are a lot of questions about the players. There are two in particular; staying healthy and living up to their recruiting rankings (which was actually pretty high). We recognize that the odds of UT winning a national championship anytime soon are slim to none, but that doesn't mean in the least that we would be "happy" or even "content" with UT just making a bowl game. The only scenario where a UT fan could possibly be happy with six wins would be if those wins were against Alabama, Florida, Georgia, USC, West Virginia, and Auburn, but we also know there isn't a shot in hell of that happening. There are only four games on this schedule that I absolutely expect UT to lose. There are four that I expect UT to win. The remaining four are toss ups that have too many variables to comfortably pick one team or the other. No matter what happens, we will cheer on the players.
A sad day for Vol fans. Used to love listening to John Ward.
Interesting article. However, it appeared that Chryst's best games came against lesser opponents. Let's face it, Oregon today is not Chip Kelly's Oregon. He will have to prove that he can handle pressure against solid teams. I would personally rather see JG win the job because it would mean that the Vols are more likely to have the same QB in Helton's system for a couple of years. If Chryst wins the job, I would not be surprised in the least to see JG transfer immediately. That would leave the Vols with having to break in a new QB again.
While I don't agree with Seat that "most fans" don't want Shrout, I do agree that 25 interceptions to 27 touchdowns is concerning. However, keep in mind that there are three quarterbacks already on the roster, with playing experience. Even if one of them transfers away, odds are that Shrout won't see any playing time this coming season and UT will have time to find other QBs coming out of high-school. Hopefully Shrout will show improvement in his control.
Somehow, I think UGA's roster will survive this, but it would be nice if he ended up at UT. Can never have too many good players.
Yes, there are some unfortunate fans within the UT fan base. Fans that the bulk of us wish would not speak. However, that is true for every fan base. And since UT has a much larger fan base than many other schools, there will be more than some others. However, I have not seen many UT fans on here going to the pages of other schools and bashing them the way you see it happen on every article about Tennessee by other school's fans. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but twice in the last two months have I searched this site for evidence of UT fans going to other pages and bashing other SEC schools and did not find any. So, while I will not argue that there are no ignorant UT fans, that would be a losing argument. I will argue that there seems to be an inordinate amount of hate towards UT that doesn't appear to be justified. IF you have to get your joy in life by bashing a down program and making general insults about an entire fan base based on a few individuals, then more power to you. I wish you all the best.
It's nice to see a player show loyalty to the school and more importantly, his teammates. Not a comment against, Fournette. He was battling injuries and made the decision that he felt was best for him. It's just that a college player only has so many opportunities to suit up for their school. Seems to me they would want every one of them. I know I would have loved to have had a few more.
It's a shame. Hate to see any player forced to quit something they love for reasons out of their control.
Oh don't worry, I will cheer whomever it is on as well. It's ingrained in my DNA. Just very disappointed with this search. I was of the mindset that you start at the top and work down, not the other way around. I do know that because this hire will not be the splash hire that UT fans wanted, the coach is going to have to produce and produce fast to keep our fanbase happy - right or wrong, it is what it is.