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Agreed. I am curious as to how Huepel and Danny White will handle it. Unfortunately, catching the culprits will be unlikely, but if they do, I hope those fans are banned from all games.
Yep. The defense has been significantly better than most expected and once the offense got moving it was solid. If UT can get some depth, they will be a challenge for any team next season. Problem is, with people acting like that in the stands, I wouldn't blame a recruit from marking UT off their list. Ole Miss' offense is legit. I qould not be surprised if they won out.
Yes, except for behavior of many idiot fans. Hope at least some of them can be found and banned. Corral ran all over us.
Bunch of drunk frustrated idiots. I know, were gonna get ripped for that unacceptable behavior that will unfortunately overshadow a really good game. Getting ripped for it is deserved. Kiffin's post game was classy. I hope Coach Huepel calls out those fans in attendance. I didn't like a lot of the calls either but that was embarrassing. Good game Ole Miss.
lol - I think the last 15 years has made me a bit pessimistic. Need to see consistency. The Vols do appear to be on the right track, but want to see it against really good competition. Sincerely hope the Vols defense dominates... I do think I missed one consideration in my first post - the stadium should be rocking. No idea how Ole Miss' offense will handle that.
Think this one comes down to which offense makes the fewest mistakes and special teams. Not sure how much of a difference either defense will make - they seem fairly equal.
Odds are already against UT pulling off a win. I don't see it happening at all without Tiyon. Ole Miss' offense is too good, UT will need all of its horses to keep up. Should still be a fun game regardless of the outcome!
I agree that turnovers and controlling mistakes on offense will be the key to this game. As much as I hate to admit it though, I think Ole Miss has an edge there. Tennessee's offense has looked great for a couple of games now... in the first half.. they will have to do that for a whole game to pull of a win in any of the next four games.
The last two games have been fun. UT beat two teams by a wide margin when they were expected to lose one and be close in the other. It has been a long time since the Vols have exceeded expectations. In the past, because expectations were too high, but that hasn't been the case for the last 4 or 5 seasons. Considering the mass exodus that UT had in the offseason, these wins should be enjoyed. That being said, the next four weeks are likely to be very rough. I am just hoping for an upset somewhere in there or at least, not to be completely embarrassed in all four. Odds are in UT's favor to reach a bowl game this year though...that is at least moving the correct direction again.
First half was a blast to watch, the second, not so much. Still, gonna enjoy this win while I can as next few weeks will likely be rough. Hope the guys can get healthy and continue to improve.
Hate for that to happen. Hope be has a speedy recovery.
Probably just give it back... you know, to be polite, not because we aren't very good yet.
I'm expecting UF will get a short field more often than not due to quick 3 and outs and a couple of UT turnovers. That will allow for UF to push the score up higher. Hate for it to happen and as I said in my original post... I hope I am wrong. Even a close loss where the Vols showed improvement and that they would be an actual challenge to the rest of their opponents (other than Bama and UGA) would be something that I would be happy about. Go Vols!
This completely depends on whether or not Huepel's offense can avoid a ton of three and outs. I'm not talking about who wins, that will be UF. I'm talking about how bad it will be for UT. Hope I am wrong, but 52- 10 UF.
I agree partially - yes, correcting overthrows can be a mechanical thing - but CJH has already said that Milton is hitting those throws in practice. That makes me believe that the issue is mental, not physical - he has issues during the pressure of the game. Not sure how much the coaches can do about that.
Yep. I can't fault the coaches for playing who has shown that they have done the best job in practices - I'd really question their intelligence if they didn't. However, at some point you have to recognize that some players are not gamers - they can't handle the pressure. That's when you have to make the change. CJH is going to hear it more and louder from many fans because it's something we have already seen repeat in with the last 3 staffs.
It pains me to say it, but losing to Florida is pretty much guaranteed this season, regardless of who starts at QB this week. I would love to be wrong though.
I would argue that Pitt wasn't necessarily better (QB excepted, he was better) but Tennessee beat themselves with stupid mistakes. Take either the penalties or the overthrown balls and UT wins. Granted, that could be said for a lot of teams... the difference was, there were so many of them in one game this time.
Should be a good game. I am looking forward to seeing how they actually match up. Good luck to both.
I hate it, but you're not wrong. Based only on this week's performance and competition, I would have begrudgingly placed USC and Arky ahead of UT. However, if Milton and the rest of the passing attack can get their act together against Pitt this week, I would happily reverse that ranking.
I'll admit that I would have really like to have seen both HB and HH more in the second half, but I do agree that Milton should get a bit more time. I base this on the first two drives. His throws were good and he got them out fast. I think that was the key - the moment he was no longer running scripted drives - he became timid and indecisive. Thus he stood in the pocket for way too long waiting for that perfectly wide open receiver. If I'm CJH this week, I put Milton on a timer each snap - tell him he has to make a decision to throw within 2 to 3 seconds or run.
Yep. The whole game was not something to get excited about. But there were some bright spots. Keep in mind what UT's offense has been for the last 3 seasons. Even against BG, last season's UT would not likely have done what they did tonight. Finding the joy where I can.
RBs were great! O-line, other than a couple of holds was also great. They opened holes amd gave Milton a ton of time. The problem was, Milton took a ton of time. He didn't play horribly by any means, but if he thinks he can take that long to find receivers against the rest of the schedule he'll get demolished worse than JG. Passing game has to get fixed asap. Defense was a nice surprise. I don't expect that success against better teams, but they still performed better than expected. Lots of room for improvement but a win is a win and I will enjoy it.