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You are correct. It could be worse, any of our past three head coaches could still be there. That doesn't mean Steele is a good choice. I see him as the VFL version of Pruitt. Whomever the new AD is should not hire Steele as the HC until each of the other 6 or 7 better options tell us "No". And yes, they probably will. It would be more embarrassing to just accept things as they are and continue down the current path than it would be to, at least, trying to make things better, no matter how unlikely those chances are.
That would be disappointing (not the firing Pruitt part, that is needed)... but you are right, Steele being brought in to replace him is not something to be surprised about.
whoa there buddy, let's not get anxious - realistically, Pruitt would need 20-25 years.. remember, he has to develop them too.
Well crap... but Army is much more deserving anyway.
Seems like that may be only way to get Fulmer to pull the plug. Even then....
Bet he's already on the phone with Butch. Feel bad for the kid. I like him but he just never progressed. Best of luck to him elsewhere.
Being a Vols fan these days is like a kid waiting excitedly all year for Christmas, but when they finally open the present they get nothing but discount underwear...sure you're glad to have them but it's still a big disappointment. Time for someone new to fill the presents.
With the ever-increasing popularity of the transfer portal among players, I am curious how the NFL views the players? Do they see the players as making a smart business decision solely motivated by getting an opportunity to showcase their talents? Or will they see it as a tantrum where the player didn't like the situation and just quit. Not making a judgment here, just posing the question.
Don't see it happening. Kiffin seems to be someone that 'needs' to be liked by the public. I think it ate at him that most UT fans hated him for leaving. I base this on him seemingly going out of his way to find ways to compliment the UT after he left. I don't see him jumping ship from Ol Miss because it would be a repeat of UT. In any case, he appears to be doing some really good recruiting for Ol Miss - I am not looking forward to playing them next season...lol, there's not a lot of teams I'm looking forward to UT playing next season.
I would love for this to be an actual game, but it's much more likely that Kyle Pitts sets a new SEC record for receiving touchdowns this game. I hope I am wrong, but UT's only chance at another win this year is versus Vandy, and that is not for certain.
Yep, the only way that there is even a remote chance that Pruitt gets fired this season would require him to do something egregious off the field or for blowout losses the rest of the year, including Vandy. Unfortunately, this is not completely out of the realm of possibility. Most likely, the Vols put up enough of a fight to finish 3-7 and Pruitt gets one more year to try and turn it around. Fulmer picked him so he has a vested interest for Pruitt to succeed. I don't expect a change this season.
Nailed it. Not sure if I should laugh or cry. Wonder what the odds are that Covid can cause delays in all games except Vandy... not saying the Vols would win that game, but I think it might actually be a good game at least.
The main argument that I keep hearing from CJP is that JG gets us into the right play... who cares if he doesn't have the talent to run that play?! Josh Dobbs was the third string QB...twice. He only got to start after two other QBs got hurt. This tells me that he probably wasn't as good at practice as Worley and Peterman, but he sure as hell could ball when he got in the games. I say play Bailey or Maurer the rest of the way.
That sucks for him. Wishing him a quick recovery.
Agreed. I would add that while I am happy to see improvement with UT, until they actually beat UF, UGA, or Bama more than once a decade (or longer) they aren't back. Really wish these reporters would stop hyping the team up before it is really deserved. That being said, I hope that I am pleasantly surprised by a UT win this weekend.
Inconsistency.... wish there was an edit option here
Agreed. While UT has shown improvement, they have shown consistency. In addition both wins have come against teams yet to win. UGA will be the first true test. I'm not expecting a win, but a competitive game would confirm the improvement is real.
Agreed. Love my Vols, but until they can show consistent play at QB and stop letting receivers get behind them at the end of the game, I don't believe any Top 25 ranking. Still cheering for them though!
Generally speaking, I don't have a big issue when eligibility waivers are denied, especially when it is obvious that the player is transferring because they got mad they weren't starting. I am not saying that happened here, I don't know the situation with Brooks. In this case however, in this season, why in the H3LL would anyone get denied. This young man should be allowed to play. If no one loses a year of eligibility, then no one should be denied.
Might want to rethink that statement. Neyland was Army... Props to all of our armed forces.
Who knows. I would hope so. Some of the big names can just sit back and wait for the draft, but I am sure there are quite a few other seniors that banking on a big year to earn some recognition and hopefully become a late round draft. That is gone for them now.
Transfer portal is about to get real busy since they have it set up for players to be able to remove their names if they want. I would expect to see a lot of juniors and seniors test the waters while they wait to see what the other big conferences do.
Don't be surprised if both seasons are cut to 10 games or less for that reason. It will effectively kill the small programs that rely on the 'Money Games' each year to fund their athletic departments. One year, they might be able to survive, but I don't see all of them making it two years.
I see your point, and I may be wrong, but it seemed to me that JG was fine in the middle of the field - he seemed to tense up every single time he got into the redzone. I would love to know his numbers outside of versus inside the redzone. Against UI, he was moving the ball down the field great but as soon as Tennessee got a first inside the 20, he started chucking everything into the endzone regardless of other players being open or the target being triple covered. LOL, maybe CJP should let JG run the offense only between the 20's and bring in a specialist for redzone play.