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Double duce33, yep and Bama will finish Ga. On saturday. Just like the time before that and the time before that and the time before that, and the, well you get the picture.RDT
Don't worry about it. Jawja has been looking for a win over Bama the last 2 times we played y'all. It didn't happen then and it ain't happening Saturday. Jawja hasn't been relevant in 38 years. I don't see anything changing anytime soon. Bama 45 jawja 38
Nature Gator, dream on brother. Vast majority will vote against the evil empire Demoncrats. It's not necessarily a vote for Trump but a vote against an ungodly bunch of socialist pigs.
DbTexas this is the same piece of crap that wanted to take away all gun privileges in the U.S. the same piece of crap that openly supports BLM a known terrorist organization. You are the piece of crap that needs to crawl back under your rock. You'll be waiting a long time for your liberal ass evil demoncratic party to every have a victory. Much less a landslide victory. The American people are sick and tired of the evil Demoncrats trying to shove big government down their throats. Other than of course idiots like you.
Dr quest, If UF is full of atheists and homosexuals and child murderer's I don't want to graduate from there. If it changes you into an evil liberal lost person I'll just stay stupid. You can keep flashing
Nature Gator.You're the ignorant one. Anyone who has issues with God or the Bible is nothing but an ignorant fool. I'll pray for you to see the light before it's too late. Nay God have mercy on your soul.
Lol now that's funny! I guess mine f______ is a delusional Demoncrat that doesn't know the difference between good and evil. Lol lol lol
What does the Demoncratic party do. They are a lot more like nazism than Trump. Trump would be fine if all the spend happy Demoncrats would leave him alone and let him fo his job. Instead they spend millions of dollars on Trumped up charges to get him impeached and when it comes to trial they have no evidence and are laughed out of the hearings like the clowns and jokers that they are. As far as Trump being a nazi Trump us against all the evil and perverted things that the Demoncrats support. Like same sex marriage, abolishing prayer in public places, murdering of unborn babies and let's not forget the Demoncrats latest agenda the terrorist BLM movement. So yeah look around before you compare Trump to Hitler or nazism the real nazi party is the Demoncratic party bud.
How smart are you to support a vile and evil party such as the Demoncratic party? A party that believes in everything that is contradictory to the Bible and the word of God!! Same sex marriage, abolishiment of Prayer in public places, murdering of helpless unborn babies and their latest agenda the terrorist organization BLM.. you are filth and you have no moral structure sir. Anyone that can support all those ungodly agendas is beyond help and you have my sympathy.
The despicable one is you,and all the other Demoncrats on here blaming Trump for all the ignorant people that would not wear mask and protect themselves. Trump can't hold these idiots hand and watch over them like a mother hen. The man has a country to run and has done an incredible job considering he had to fight the low lifespan in Washington and deal with false and bogus impeachment proceedings the majority of time he's been in office. Leave the man alone and let him run the country and you'll get your money's worth. BTW Biden is a clown and the Demoncratic running mate is nothing but an ultra liberal B!t€h!!! Trump 2020..
It should be a good game. But Tennessee is not quite ready for prime time. Bama should win by 10+ in that game. Nice to dream though:)
Hmmmm, how can Bama start 0-1 when Missouri is going 0-10 this season? You math just don't add up partner.
Ok Connor ole buddy ole pal. You had me thinking you were the second coming of Christ for most of your article. Yep, right up until you got to the week 4 prediction. Please explain to me how you think Kirby Smart and Georgia without a quarterback with any experience, is going to waltz into Tuscaloosa and beat Alabama.a team with a hopefully healthy defense, and 2 really good quarterbacks in Mac Jones and Bryce Young. Not to mention how Mick Saban would rather do without little Debbie cakes for 5 years rather than lose to Kirby Smart. Yep Saban hasn't forgotten how his boy Kirby, who he trusted to do the right thing back stabbed him on his way out the door to take the Georgia job. Bama may lose a game this year. They may lose 4 or 5 games this year. If the covid virus hits a lot of the team. But if Bama stays healthy and all the other opponents stay healthy you can bet on one thing Kirby won't beat Bama.
Don't be poking fun at the goat now. Worry more about Arkansas and their coaching staff. That should be enought to keep you up late nights trying to figure out that hot mess.
Snapshot: don't pay willybob any attention. He is simple minded fool that gets all his insight from Nancy Pelosi.
Coloradeaux tigah: why would he nees tiger insurance? I mean he and the tide kicked that ass what 8 years in a row? I think Oregron needs to take out some Elephant insurance it will be a long time before LSU wins another game vs Bama.lol and lmao and smh
Kg321: Yeah it seems that way every year. It just never happens. I think UGA is doomed by some sort of curse or something. Lol, always close but no cigar.
He may end up better than Moss. It seems hebalready makes betterbdecisions than Moss did. I love how jealous all the Ga fans are because Jadon saw the B.S. on the wall and indirectly told Ga to stick it. Lol lol lol
That's another joke. Fields is twice the qb Fromm is. I'm glad Fields saw the the B.S. on the wall and got out of Dodge when he did. Without wastin another year of his life backing up a clown like shakey Jake Fromm. Kudos to him for a wise decision.
That's another joke. Fields is g twice the qb Fromm is. I'm glad Fields saw the the B.S. on the wall and got out of Dodge when he did. Without Easton another year of his life backing up a clown like shakey Jake Fromm. Kudos to him for a wise decision.
Hahaha I'm glad you did too. He had better sense than too throw 3 years away at a B.S. stop like Ga.
Oh he's not not worried he's getting away from that B.S. bunch at Ga. That's all he's concerned with. I don't blame him. I think he'll be able to play big boy football as you call it. He's made everybody in the nation his footstool this past year.
Makes sense to me. If you're not going to be there don't make a bunch of false statements especially since you're not going to be around to keep your promises.
I'm just glad he didn't fall for kussin Kirby's B.S. the kid shows good judgement at least.
Brian Kessler, Problem is as bad as Bama played we had almost as many yards as Clempson did. As far as being a new king in college football I think you may want to rethink that comment. Bama has won 2 Clempson 2 that tells me they're dead even. We'll see next year who takes the lead. As for the media sucking I think you may want to take a look in the mirror first. Because your comments definitely suck.