Philo101. One time, re-wrote one of Beethoven's notes in Pathetique, Sonata in C. Is all about the Community. Row Ty!

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A modern day Joe Namath .... Spent the Ole Miss @ UA game day morning on Paul W Bryant Blvd, Sorority row to find a small gathering of gaggling and googling Ole Miss brides showcasing their "Coming Out Party!" dressed to the hilt in Corral gear, gushing with smiles. Seemingly, Matt understands "The Process," while being groomed by One of the Masters of QB-offenses. May he keep his knees, and we just might find a Super Jo in waiting, no fox-fur required. Alabama.Brian now, this morning, "What Yawl Tink?"
To MS_State Bulldog AXTON, Today, we're playing our cousins. I've never met a Bulldog fan that didn't treat us right; that goes for both, UGA Bulldogs and MSU Bulldogs. Yes, WE hang together (that's "decipher-code" to include our War Eagle kindred.) Might as well include the Bayou Bengals and the Rebels. There B 5 of us who LOVE each other until the EOT (end of time.) Today, we're just practicing against each other in "a Little Game of War." We B the same folks took down DeSoto, together, 1500's. May there be "No blood shed, today." May we all come away intact ... including those who just might "Bourbon a Rail INDY dome." (that's code for tumbling over a balcony rail.) Skip Hoover. We'll host ALL of US in Clanton, AL, half-way 'tweenst Bhm - Mont, I-65, "@ The Peach." 'sides, bout time we shared ourselves with all you mucks. My place. 2 mi S of The Peach. Alabama.Brian RT
re: above. Kenny Stabler ain't gonna be on the bus.
Preparation. Pray no injuries during a light week of drills, moderate practices, and studious review, discussed amongst Coaches and Players. Then, a Good night of sleep pm 30Dec2021. Quality nutrition, moderate exercise, quality meditation/mindset, close comradery amongst light jest, comfort upon arrival, and ability to ramp to 10,000rpm AND hold that through 60 minutes. By the way, evening gametime, potential knowledge of Championship opponent via Dallas, almost assured. Last but not least, in regards to Evening StartUp: may the boyz NOT "Burn mind and body the Day of the Game!" Overthinking just might run the lube out the cogs of the brain. Brains drive the body. Whichever team can do that, as ALL the Players have experience from probably somewheres close from age 8 - 10, the best having pushed limits from about age 3, someone(s) athletically gifted granting their time to each youngster. This ain't no OverNight thing. It's about Emotion and Brains amongst the trained athletes! Let me see these men on the sideline, about gametime. We'll be able to see who's skeered v "Who Knows he gonna be drinkin' the Champaigne. penned by an indian. Just wanting to see another Overtime!