Alabama Tin Horns

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The minute you have a "Playoff" and every conference cannot be represented, you have a problem. It was doomed from the start. It needs to be 8 teams, 5 champions and 3 at large. If you want in, you have to join a conference if you are an independent.
Of course not. LSU is top of the hill. That said, let me ask you one question. Who would you rather play? Georgia or Alabama again?
For the last several years, the strongest conference has been the SEC. To be more specific, the Western division. Additionally, if you go with "divisional champs should have sole consideration," then you totally eliminate the Big12 because they have no division. When you eliminate any group solely based on where they fall in the conference, then it is flawed. A few years ago, Northwestern had 5 losses and was playing Ohio State, had they won it, it would have been another issue in itself. I personally like the 4 BEST teams. That is until they expand the playoffs to 8 teams. Then take the 5 champs regardless and three at large teams based on whatever criteria or rankings they want to use.
I think what it really says is that some conferences are simply better than others. The Big12 and Pac12 are weak conferences. Other than Clemson, the ACC is just as weak if not worse. While Alabama lost the game against LSU, anyone who watched the whole game saw Alabama shoot themselves in the foot the entire first half, have difficulty stopping LSU in the second half, yet still have a chance right down to the end against the #1 team. Does that close loss mean that all the other 1 loss teams are better than Alabama now? I don't think so and that goes for those that should win their conferences like Oregon/Utah and Oklahoma/Baylor. The way I look at it, it should be the BEST 4 teams, not necessilary the best 4 champions. In fact, the only two ttime a non champion has made it in, they both won it all.
Tim Brando is an idiot who hates Alabama because Nick Saban left his precious LSU. He has shown his bias numerous times with his comments on The Paul Finebaum Show, his negative comments on television and his anti-Alabama stance in all of his articles. He is simply a loudmouth has been that is trying to stay relevant by trying to capitalize on a rare Alabama loss. Nice try Tim. Better luck next time!
I guess Va Tech, Clemson, Wisconsin, Michigan, USC, West Virginia, Louisville were not enough for you? As I am sure your teams know nothing about scheduling big opening games, you don't either. Once you show people you are willing to play anyone, many teams don't want to play you, hence the Duke game. Try again, Arkansas fan! LOLOLOLOLOL You cannot even beat those teams you mentioned! LOLOLOLOL
The amount of football knowledge Paul has would barely fill up a thimble. That said, his level of keeping things stirred up with stupid statements is monumentally huge!
I think the general consensus is to keep them out. The nation wants Alabama out so bad that they are willing to completely drop them out for losing a game like this, but not punish other teams for losing games to unranked teams. It is a double standard based solely on a personal agenda. We shall see as the season rolls on. Good luck!
"UGA has Alabama by the throat?" Your level of ignorance of historical fact is mesmerizing and borderline insanity. If you want to be taken seriously, stuck with the facts, not stupid statements you cannot back up!
If you are being an honest football fan who has watched Tua over the last two years, you see what happened. Several uncharacteristically dropped balls, an inability to move out of the pocket requiring a huge increase in balls thrown away and playing a better team was the issue that kept him 20% below his average completion rate. That said, he still threw for over 400 yards and his career shows a much much higher accuracy rate. Congrats on the win and good luck in the future but don't make yourself foolish by stating that they are the best secondary in the country. They are not even in the top 30!
Am I the only one who thinks it is funny that a fan of a team that has not been relevant since it took a 5th down to help them win a game 30 years ago is on a Saturday's Down South page telling everyone what is and what ain't gonna happen? Sound like he needs a job with Danny Kannel!
He is showing his inability to think logically. It must be that mile-high Colorado air!
I can agree with some of that argument. My question for an LSU fan would be, who would you rather play? Alabama again or someone else? Not taking anything away from LSU and their win last night, I think they would rather not have to face Alabama again.
I agree. Probably because they have made the most of it when they got the chance.
Learn to read then tell me where he makes the statement that he "Aint good." Burrow has not been good for a couple of years and is doing great now. Tua has done great for two-plus years now. Support your team on a good win and stop being an embarrassment to your team by opening your mouth!