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Watch it, y'all former head coach may apply for this.
Don't mean to seem like this guy, but they should hire Lane Kiffen or Les Miles.
At least it wasn't whiskey bottles like what Bear Bryant faced 1962. He had to wear a helmet in 1964 when Bama returned to Atlanta.
That maybe but Hurts will be improving and working with OC Sarkisian. I would love to see Tua Tagovailia give Hurts a run for his money, it might just make Hurts actually work harder.
Our defense this year was better than last years, but if we would've had the offense that we had last year, the game would've turned out differently.
Here's the problem with that theory, defense won the game against LSU, yes, our offense that game only scored 10 points, but it was our defense that kept LSU from scoring. You are also talking about the defense who scored 11 defensive touchdowns, our special teams have scored 4 touchdowns. We understand we gotta score, but making sure the other team doesn't score makes a big part too. Remember, Auburn could only get field goals on Alabama this year. I'm not saying the game will be a walk in the park, but Bama will be ready, no matter what issues we face.
And the two unsportsmanlike calls were on Jalen Hurts, who was not on the field, and a non-existent player #98. Anyways the head ref was from the Big 10, so go figure.
alcompto does make a good point, albeit, LSU did play in the national title game in 2012, but so did Bama. The reason why the playoffs were formed, was because people whined about Bama being in the National Championship game over Big 12 conference champions, Oklahoma State. Watch none of those who complain in 2012, complain this year if Ohio State makes it. Hypocrisy, much? If Ohio State makes it, it is due to fact of having a better record, Bama made it into the 2012 BCS game because of a better performance.
I know he wasn't too happy about half of the Alabama student section leaving after the half.
"When you get in the endzone, act like you've been there before" - Paul William "Bear" Bryant
You look though, that boy has broke his leg and his arm, and still performed when it counted. RTR!
It also has to do with when they plan these games, New Years Eve for the semifinals and the NCG on a monday?! Come on folks, plan your games better CFP Committee! They need to be on weekends and on local channels, then watch the ratings shoot through the roof
And also put it on the local channels
2010 BCS NCG, he picked Texas, in 2012 BCS NCG, he picked LSU, in 2013 BCS NCG, he picked ND, and this last game was Clemson. A trend or coincidence? You decide
Wow, if that the case, ol' Lee is best preserved zombie I've ever seen lol
Hey, little man and fat boy were to different sizes, but just as powerful. They're our little man and fat boy! Roll Tide Roll! #16! God bless the Crimson Tide!
If ain't broke, don't fix it! We don't need the flashy uniforms to recruit, we let our stats do that! ROLL TIDE ROLL!
That wouldn't be bad at all, going reto and it still be traditional!
I think they might even have a tough time with vandy and Kentucky. As for any team in the SEC west, good luck Navy, you will need plenty of it.
I know this is a mute point, but I wonder if it just a model from nike, or they actually had freshman DB Ronnie Harrison wear the uniform?
Thanks Kirby for the 8 years as DC, you will be missed, hopefully we can send you off with a big bang! Roll Tide Roll!
I respect that, who you think would?
Watch it, Mizzou or South Carolina will pick Richt up, and my personal opinion if they want Smart, but Pruitt has worked underneath Smart, just move Pruitt, not trying to sound like a moron here.