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Are you MissState fan? Because your comment has to be the most unbiased and truthful comment from a fan of another school that I’ve read to date! I’m that way, I love my Bama but I wouldn’t want them to get preferential treatment. I want them to earn it honestly and if I see bad officiating against anyone I want it called. If we didn’t go by the rules it would be anarchy.
I love how the Auburn fan who lives in the same exact state points out the no teeth of Bama fans Your implicating yourself there buddy. You live in the same state. Vegas owns the football landscape in the pros and college. there’s gonna be favoritism in every game. Alabama if anything is held to a higher standard. The refs ,if paid are very stupid because we get more penalties and calls against us than for us by a large margin. Let’s take into account the defense. If we payed the refs off ,why is it that even when we had the best D in the league there was hardly ever a holding penalty called against opposing Offense? And if we’re really being honest , Auburn shouldn’t be pointing fingers and complaining about officiating. With all the grace the officials give you guys when your playing us. Giving you a chance to come back on the field and kick a field goal that eventually won you the game when you wouldn’t have had time to snap the ball and get a kick off only having 1 second left on the clock. It was so bad that they had to make a new rule that says you must have 3 seconds on the clock to attempt a field goal in that circumstance. Every team no matter the conference or state uses the rules to their benefit. No team is immune to this. We get everyone’s best game. Because everyone wants to be able to say they beat us. Every team we play it’s like their super bowl. If anything the officiating favors the underdog.