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Why should State release him? So LSU, Auburn, or Ole Miss can snatch him up?
You missed one of the best plays. Even though the Redskins lost, Preston Smith sacked Aaron Rodgers in the end zone for a safety. Now I question the rest of these stats as well.
So, Mississippi State is listed at 4-2 which is correct, but the blurb says "The four bowl victories were good, but the four losses were not so much." Do you guys proof-read at all?
I still think Dak is the best. Look at the numbers and then imagine if Dak had any semblance of an offensive line and a serviceable running back.
I think we should probably add State's pass defense to the dud list as well.
Yeah, that's because everyone expects alabama to win. How much do you guys need your ego stroked, really?
0-3? Do some research. Dak has only played in 2 games against Alabama. He was the back up in 2012 and scored states only touchdown; he went 4/6 for 40 yards and had a 96.4 QBR. He was injured and did not play in 2013. In 2014 he through 3 ints and still almost led the Dogs to victory.
As Beardo mentioned, that is because of Fournette, not Harris. Harris went 9/14 for 71 yards. Fournette had 28 carries for 159 yards and 3 TDs. Your post is pointless.
Wow, I'm surprised no one here is calling for her to be kicked of the squad or saying she's trash. That nonsense is all over other threads about this video. On a side note, all I can think about watching the video is that she reminds me of a bird. It's like she's trying to take off. Watch it again but make cawing noises when her taunting occurs. Hilarious.
alcompto, Dak's first start against Bama came last season at Alabama. Ann Alabama team that was much better than this years version. Three interceptions where only one was his fault; one was tipped because of throwing across the line to a short receiver, the other was missed pass interference. Bama won by five.
Also, Q7 needs the good coach, but needs to do a better job of game planning and in game adjustments option.
Some of these questions need more options. Q4 needs the don't care option especially.